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MuzMatch Review

MuzMatch Review
About Site
Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 78 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 6.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free dating possible
  • Strict verification
  • High-quality profiles
  • Safe online dating experience
  • Good intentions of people
  • User-friendly app interface
  • MuzMatch App available for Android and iOS devices
  • A very high success rate
  • Active customer support
  • One of the best apps for Muslim marriage
  • Free video calling
  • Keep your identity anonymous till it's a match
  • Custom hide your photos from strangers
  • No website version of the MuzMatch app
  • Only Muslims allowed
  • No keyword search feature

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If you are a Muslim and looking for a match, no wonder you have landed up here looking for MuzMatch. Because the platform we are talking about is one of the biggest dating platforms for the Muslim community across the world. The dating site has managed to create a pious platform for the religious Muslim population who have rather strict endogamy requirements from their partner. In other words, the MuzMatch site helps the community find like-minded people for long-term relationships. Since dating is not very acceptable, MuzMatch gives Muslims a great opportunity to find a match for themselves and try online dating without committing any sins. Despite sounding all win-win, there is no reason to trust an online platform blindly without looking at the reviews. So wait a few minutes before you start the registration process to read the MuzMatch review below.

MuzMatch Summary

Launched not long ago in 2015, MuzMatch is a modern dating platform for the Muslim community. Despite keeping the tradition, the design and features assure users of a fun experience. MuzMatch is one of those dating platforms existing online today that, despite its cool image, choose to help people find partners for marriage and real relationships. It’s not shocking to see the resemblance with Tinder, but the really impressive thing about the site is its novelty. However, the design and functionality are not the only good things about the site; there are plenty. While we cover the pros and cons in the next section, it is worth mentioning that the MuzMatch has a freemium design that lets you enjoy dating even without paying. Although there are limitations, it is still possible, which is why the tagline of the site says free and fun online dating experience. Let us take a dip into the MuzMatch review to find out everything about the niche dating platform for Muslims across the world.

MuzMatch Summary

The Audience Of MuzMatch

The member base on the MuzMatch site is very strong. The genuine profiles from different countries, age groups, ethnicities, race, etc. is the reason behind the popularity of the dating platform. Even though the userbase show quite some diversity, the majority is formed by US Muslims. When considering the age group, it is rather surprising to see the popularity of the app across all age groups. Even though if numbers are considered, it would show that the late 20s and early 30s are more. However, the other age groups follow close on MuzMatch, which is what makes the real difference. Also, the gender distribution is absolutely balanced. The report on the member base itself is enough to reveal the amazing profile quality that awaits you on the MuzMatch app, and that too, irrespective of your location.

MuzMatch Site Features

With the amount of uniqueness and quality the makers try to put into the MuzMatch dating platform, it is not abnormal to expect great features as well. Here is a list of a few of the features that you should look forward to using when joining the MuzMatch dating app:

Premium Membership Free Trial

The MuzMatch site allows users to try the platform for free. Even though the dating platform is premium, meaning one has to pay for a subscription plan to get access, the free trial for 7 days gives away the access. However, one person cannot use the trial multiple times.

Community Ratings

Members on the MuzMatch site can be rated for their good behavior by the people talking to them. The process helps people to get more credibility and trust from their potential partners online.

Dad Approval

A unique feature on the MuzMatch is a button called Dad Approval. The button indicates the person’s intention to take the matter ahead to the family and get approval for the relationship. The button can be pressed irrespective of the user’s gender. Soon after pressing the Dad Approval button, a video call is arranged between the family or the father to have a word and see if the match is good.

Selfie Verification

Most dating platforms suffer from having attacked by fake profiles, but MuzMatch fights the problem with a simple process of selfie verification. The dating platform makes it a compulsory step to upload your selfie to the platform. The photo is then manually verified with the profile picture posted on MuzMatch. The selfie verification feature has proved to be so good that the results can be seen in the quality of profiles you get to see on the MuzMatch.


Chaperones are even though an old concept, it has never been introduced to online dating before. The chaperones feature allows members, especially females, to introduce a third person as a moderator when the communication between a single man and woman occurs. It is particularly helpful because Muslim women have a lot of restrictions which include Pardah. In addition, talking to a man alone may seem wrong to many Muslim families, which can be avoided with the involvement of chaperones.

MuzMatch Site Features


Even though the MuzMatch dating platform can be used for free, some features are available at a cost. The dating site also has a premium membership that can be purchased against a price to enjoy complete access to the site for a limited period. While the available membership plans and their pricing are mentioned below, you can use your credit cards or PayPal account to pay for it:

MuzMatch Premium Membership Plan Pricing

Credits/Validity Cost

Total Price

Premium Membership

One Week 4.88 USD/week 4.88 USD
250 Credits 0.05 USD/credit 12.99 USD
400 Credits 0.05 USD/credit 19.99 USD

Advantages Of Paid Account

Even though the pricing indicates that there won’t be many features under the paid benefits list, you will be surprised to see the reality. Although the premium features may not be the most important ones on the site on which your experience would rely, they are still the ones that could change it considerably. So check out what you would be adding to your dating journey by spending a few dollars on MuzMatch.

  • Instant Match
    It allows you to talk to someone on the MuzMatch platform without waiting for the match.
  • Advanced search filters to set preferences
    Upgrading your account to premium enables you to set your preferences from the settings. For example, you could choose your favored height, age, etc., for much better filter results.
  • Unlimited swipes
    The premium membership on MuzMatch removes the limitation on the number of swipes.
  • Change reactions
    You can rewind and undo the reaction that you gave on the last profile.
  • Ad-free interface
    Once you start paying, there is no reason to see ads for the revenue of MuzMatch, so your interface becomes free of them.
  • Profile boost
    MuzMatch premium membership gives your profile a boost and shows your profile to more people for better reach, reaction, and matches.
Advantages Of Paid Account

Possibility of Free Account

The MuzMatch dating platform is essentially not a paid platform. It only offers a few features in exchange for some credits besides offering optional premium membership to enjoy the site without the credit system. It indicates that you don’t miss the important features required to start dating online on MuzMatch with a free account. Here is a list of all the free features available on the niche Muslim dating platform for you to see what we are talking about:

  • Registration
  • Selfie Verification
  • Profile Setup
  • Explore
  • Invites
  • Communicate using texts and video calls
  • Reset Swipes
  • Chaperones
  • Dad approval button
Possibility of Free Account


The MuzMatch is one of the safest dating platforms on the internet today. And it has been able to create such an environment with the use of simple technology. The special attention to the safety and security of the users helps it gain a few extra brownie points. It is because the religion it is dealing with is very sensitive, especially when it comes to protecting the dignity of women. An experience gone wrong on the site can have a deeper impact on the membership of the MuzMatch site. Realizing the factor has helped the dating site excel in this department with regular updates in encryption and features that protect users from a bad experience. There are so many levels and features that it becomes really difficult for a sob story to enter and cheat without getting reported. It brings us to acknowledge the fast action taken against any reported user.

Scam Charges

There is actually no dating site cleaner than MuzMatch. The MuzMatch review is so good that it is hard to believe that the dating site is real and not imaginary. But it is all the more important to realize that an experience so great is actually possible on an online dating platform, and yet we don’t get it easily. However, the members on the site, especially women, are still warned to be careful before sharing their personal information. If we had to sum up, we would rate MuzMatch the highest for being completely scam-free.

Contact Information

  • Website: www.MuzMatch.com
  • Company: MuzMatch Inc.
  • Location: 249 Cranbrook Rd. Ilford, England, IG1 4TG
  • Email: [email protected]
Scam Charges


Is MuzMatch A Legit Dating Platform To Get Registered To?

The MuzMatch review confirms the authenticity of the dating platform to show that users can trust the site. It is also the safest online dating site to exist in the current times.

How Much Does A Premium Membership On MuzMatch Cost?

The cost of the MuzMatch site membership is quite on the lower end. Also, the membership is entirely optional, and you can do without it. However, if you wish to add the number of benefits you receive on the MuzMatch site, you could either purchase a weekly plan at 4.99 USD or credits at 0.99 USD each. Although, the credits can only be purchased in the set of 250 and 400. Additionally, you can enjoy a seven-day free trial of the premium membership plan.

Is There A MuzMatch App Available For Download?

The MuzMatch app is the only way you will get to access the dating platform. There is no website version of the platform, which could be bothersome to some people. However, the growing member base doesn’t seem to be having any problem with the mobile application version. You can download the MuzMatch app for free for your Android or iOS device from the Google Play Store and App Store. You could also visit the official webpage of MuzMatch to find direct download links of the app suitable for your device.

Is There A MuzMatch App Available For Download

What Is The MuzMatch Site’s Audience Demographics Like?

If we had to describe the audience demographics of the MuzMatch app, the word diversity seems like a must. Despite it being a niche dating platform for the Muslim community, the app, with its presence in 190 countries, caters to every Muslim community across the world.

How Easy It Is To Signup On The MuzMatch App?

The MuzMatch app lets you quickly signup using a Facebook login. However, it also offers a manual option as an alternative that requires you to fill in a small form to create a MuzMatch account for free. However, irrespective of the process you choose, you cannot skip the selfie verification needed to create the MuzMatch account.

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