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Eris Review 2024

Eris Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 82%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 21-45
Profiles 300 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 8
Popularity 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • One step sign-up. It’s as simple as ABC to create an account as this dating app doesn’t utilize a complicated process. There are no endless personal questions like your height or star sign (you can add this information on your profile later on), so first-timers are more likely to follow the process until the end. To become a member, all this app requires are a name, email address, password, birth date, and gender, and once you finish filling up these, there’s no more upcoming form.
  • Translator. Along with the enhancement of the new technologies, it’s possible to talk with those in the different parts of the world. This dating app offers an in-app translator that helps the convos to flow without a hitch. To do this, you can simply click the “Enable Translator” in the chat room, and now your screen won’t be filled with strange wordings.
  • Send and Receive Gifts. Gifts come in many different ways. When you find someone that attracts your attention, you can give them virtual gifts through this dating app like roses or rings. To make it even attractive, the team makes these virtual gifts as animations so they’ll move and spin on your screen.
  • Visitors. Without leaving you wondering about who secretly peeps your profile, this app provides the “Visitors” feature that enables you to see those people. Along with their names, there are also details about their locations and ages. If you find them attractive, brave yourself and greet them!
  • Personalized themes. Placing people’s preferences in mind, this dating app offers something fresh to mobile apps – personalized themes! Thanks to this, now you can decide how your Eris page will like to be, whether it’s green, purple, black, and more. By changing its color, now you have something fresh each day, and you’ll likely stay in the app longer.
  • Personalized privacy setting. In this wild, wild world full of malicious intents, this dating app stands out for its advanced privacy setting, which you can personalize to your best preferences. Its privacy setting allows you to choose whether you want your location to be seen on the map, accept voice calls and video calls, show your age on your profile, etc. And just in case you don’t want people to find out that you’re peeping out their profiles, you too can personalize it.
  • Extra income. With this dating app, you can both find your life partner and extra income (and yes, you're reading it right). To get additional dollars to your wallet, you'll need Diamonds, which you can get from the people that are watching your live streams. You can eventually convert these Diamonds into real money when you've met the minimum requirements.
  • Not so personal. As we mentioned earlier, it takes around a minute to create an account, as this dating app doesn't require complicated details like the kind of music you hear daily. But with the lack of these details, there's no chance to know deeper about someone without properly asking. Also, you can only know that you two don't match along with the flow of the convo, which is a waste of time.
  • Improper convos. We admit that this dating app has superb privacy settings that you can adjust to how you want to. There’s also the chance for you to message other people directly regardless of whether the other person likes you too or not. But who knows that these things can lead to something negative? With the lack of message filters, everyone in the world can send you texts of whatever comes into their mind. So don't get too surprised if someday you get an inbox that says improper terms or contains adult content. To keep this, at least, to a minimum, make sure to turn off the "Allow adult content" setting, but it can't guarantee that you'll stop getting spam.
  • Not authorized tracing. Confidential details like your current location should be kept private as many scammers and abductors are creeping in these days. Especially strangers, this information shouldn’t be shared unless you have a very strong trust in this person. With this dating app, there’s a chance that your location will be seen by literally everyone on the app. Honestly, you can choose whether you want your location to be seen or not. But, if you’re not so tech-savvy, you might be unaware of this, so you might unconsciously leave it enabled. And when that happens, which we hope it doesn’t, your exact location, including the street name, will be exposed to everyone. At this point, you might be wondering about how your location will appear to anyone, so let us explain. At first, people can’t see your location details on your profile -- all they know is your country and city, that’s it. But, once they enter the chat room, they can see your detailed location through the map provided by this app, which is very dangerous! Despite the downsides, this dating app still becomes the ultimate dating app among singles to meet their life partners. On Play Store alone, there are more than 5 million downloads dominated by UK users, followed by those in Germany, Canada, and the US. What we found interesting is that according to the similar web, users are installing this app through the Play Store by searching it on the search bar rather than from the ads, which is proof that this dating app is well-known among singles.

Eris is a dating app where people freely find the love of their life. With simplicity in mind, this app is designed in such a way that everyone, especially the non-tech savvies, can enjoy this app to its fullest. It also offers a wide chance for singles to match with people thousand miles away.

Available for everyone, people of all ages can freely join the fun. Although being dominated by those in the early 40s, there are also youngsters that are looking for a date. To provide you with an even better service, the team keeps developing new attractive features so that people can use it at its finest.

Eris Summary


The age of early 40s is both a turning point and a daunting year for some people as at this age; people are commonly at their highest state where they’re working at their dream jobs and feeling more confident while at the same time, should start putting extras at their health. People are also putting marital status as their priority at this age, but finding the right ones and eventually walking at the wedding aisle is not an easy task. That’s what Eris is aiming for.

Eris is a free dating app whose main concern is to help people with marriage. This dating app has everything in it that adds fun to finding a partner, including attractive messaging, video calls, and word game. For you who needs extra dollar can also gain more as this dating app gives a reward through live streaming.

Being able to reach 12,000 km away, this app allows meeting both people nearby and those across the globe. With the personalized privacy settings, you can rest assured that you won’t get any spam calls or any unwanted adult content. If you’re ready for marriage, this app is worth giving a try.

The Audience of Eris


Most of the members are within the people of 18-55, with the gender ratio is equal. Eris dating has various members from across the world. The site opens its doors to any sort of people irrespective of location, age, nationality, background, and language and helps all members to find intense commitment with someone they desire.

Eris Site Features


So what does this magnificent dating app feature?

  • Straightforward messaging

Relying on direct messages to find a partner, Eris is not the typical dating app that you find in the stores. As simple as ABC, you can directly send messages to the people you like by clicking the envelope button in their profiles. But if you prefer the more romantic way, you can send them virtual roses through the “Send Gift” feature.

  • In-app translator

If you find those across the country can attract you better than the people nearby, then it’s good for you. This dating app can do anything to support your romantic life, including allowing you to chat confidently in the different mother tongue, thanks to the “Enable Translator” feature. So next time you’re interested in someone countries away, don’t think twice to say hi.

  • Livestream

Keeping yourself entertained is an ideal shortcut whenever you’re bored or feeling blue. When you don’t have anything to do, there’s no harm in exploring the live stream section. Here, you can both see what the others are up to and talk with new people as you can straightly send messages to everyone joining the live stream.

  • Diamonds

What’s better than getting extra income? Through the live streaming feature, you’ll get diamonds whenever people are watching award you with gifts. Later on, these diamonds can be converted into whether coins that can be used to boost your profile or real money.



When it comes to dating apps, Eris is the one you can expect to spend the least amount of money. Everything that it offers doesn’t require a subscription, including the Visitors feature. But, you can upgrade your account into VIP, which the details are provided below.

Length of subscription Monthly pricing
1 month 5.96 USD
3 months 11.72 USD
6 months 17.96

Other than upgrading your membership, you can also enjoy the premium feature by purchasing some coins, which you can see in the details below.

Number of coins Prices
500 2.08 USD
2000 5.96 USD
5000 11.72 USD
15000 29.75 USD
50000 89.60 USD

Advantages of Paid Account


By activating the VIP membership, you can get several benefits, including:

  • No ads
  • Your messages will be put into priority, meaning that you’ll likely get more replies.
  • No daily limit
  • Send unlimited video and voice notes to unlimited members.
  • Wider scope
  • Enabled country and distance filters
  • Moreover, if you decide to buy some coins, your profile will be boosted for certain amounts of time, namely a day, three days, a week, or a month.

Possibility of Free Account


So what will you get if you stay as a free account owner?

  • Send messages
  • Send gifts
  • Conduct video calls
  • Join live streams
  • Broadcasting
  • Change the app’s look
  • Personalize the settings to keep your data real private
  • Translating messages



With the extra layers of privacy that this app has, you can say that Eris is pretty safe. The adjustable settings about location and age visibility, calls, and adult content can put your mind at ease, knowing that the chance of getting kidnapped or the like is a bare minimum. Despite all of that, you should always be cautious as smart brains will always find their ways to do more harm than good – better safe than sorry.

Scam Charges

Along with the advancement of technologies, scam becomes easier than ever. As everything has gone online, people may fake their profiles to hook their victims. To avoid this kind of thing, make sure to not overexpose your confidential data and always double-check everything.

Contact Information


Whenever you face any issue, Eris is always ready to provide you with guidance. To reach the team, you’ll need to visit its website and jump onto the “Contact Us” section at the end of the page. There, you’ll see their email addresses that are always wide open for assistance.


Realizing some interesting features that this dating app offers, no wonder that people are starting to ask out of their curiosity. This app itself has answered several frequently asked questions from curious members. But if you need to read it shortly, then continue reading.

Is Eris Genuine?

If you ask about whether this dating app is worth it, the answer is “Yes.” There are reasons behind this — it’s free, easy to use, attractive, and contains a bunch of helpful features. What’s more, you can even get extra cash!

How Much is Eris Membership Plan Cost?

Whether to install it on your phone or sign up, this dating app costs you nothing. But if you feel like upgrading your account, you’ll need as low as 5.96 USD. And if you want to boost your profile through coins, you’ll need at least 2.08 USD.

Where Can I Download Eris Mobile Application?

Yes, it does. In fact, the app is both intuitive and functional, even for non-tech savvy people. The app is available in the stores for free, which doesn’t need the effort to find.

How is the Member Structure of the Eris?

This dating app is dominated by those whose main concern is a serious relationship. By opening the app, you can easily find those in their early 40s, the age of marriage. Furthermore, you can also see 18s people, which is pretty rare.

How is the Sign-Up Process on Eris?

As we mentioned earlier, it’s a blink of an eye to create a profile. Not needing the hustle process, all this app needs is a name, email address, password, birth date, and gender. Plus, you don’t have to set your profile photo with the real you as various avatars are provided.

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