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Manhunt Review

Manhunt Review
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 28%
Popular Age 28-45
Profiles 600 910
Reply Rate 30%
Ease of Use 9.9
Popularity 6.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Most of the features on this site for the users are free.
  • It has a simple sign-in procedure.
  • It is compulsory to add a profile picture to your account. Thus, it does away with a lot of fake profiles on the site.
  • It provides liberty to its users to express themselves on their profile without a bar.
  • Users with premium members have access to multiple features that include sending and receiving calls, while others can only receive calls.
  • The Board feature allows users to put up their pictures, specifying what they want or are looking for. It is similar to Instagram stories which vanish after the expiration time. It makes the invite more appealing and engaging to its users.
  • The instant messaging feature allows sending messages and pictures faster. Additionally, users can also save their favorite chats.
  • Detailed health reports of the people are available.
  • Chat rooms allow the user to start a conversation with random strangers.
  • It has a large user base.
  • Available in over nine languages.
  • It can work over multiple operating systems.
  • There are a lot of popup ads on this site. It interferes with the chats and the features of the applications.
  • Some of its features look like advertisements that confuse most of its members.
  • Features like Tug Tubes are only restricted to premium membership users.
  • Push notifications do not work over the given site.
  • Email verification option is not available.
  • The profiles may be deceptive.
  • It restricts the chats to 10 messages a day for unpaid users.

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Dedicated to the explicit gay community starting in Boston in 2001, Manhunt boasts of over 6 million users. An initiative of Online Buddies Inc., from the very start, did not cut corners. The application is exclusively dedicated to men; it identifies itself as a hookup platform where men are generally looking for casual dating or a one-night stand. This platform offers over nine language options with a base expanding across the globe.

The given site leaves no ambiguity when it comes over to their credibility. Manhunt has a lot to offer when it comes to free sign-in and the features available. The search options available provide a larger pool of choices allowing more people to come in touch with. Some of the unique features that make it stand out are the video chat option available for people interested in each other’s profiles. Further, the users are provided with a choice to upload their pictures with no bar. They may make them public or private, depending on their preference. Thus, one may expect explicit nudity over it and many more.

However, some restrictions like limiting the chats to 10 per day hinder the experience to a large extent.

Manhunt is a great platform for all the boys and men out there. It is an excellent application that not only looks out for your safety but also your health.

Local search options and filters are available to make sure members get the right men for themselves.

To help the people keep in touch, it also provides video calling. With a variety of features for its users, it gives a complete experience for its members.

Manhunt Summary

Manhunt Summary

Manhunt aims to provide an exclusive user experience to all its members. The application does not limit itself to dating; users having premium subscriptions have to access other resources that range from various porn videos online to save your favorite conversations by keeping track of all the previous discussions you have had. The full-fledged search filters available help you to choose the one right for you. Some of its unique search filters also segregate out the currently online users, and another lists out the members whose conversations you had previously starred.

For people on the lookout for no-strings-attached relationships, this is one of the best platforms available, with over 80% of the users in this category. Most of its members are US residents. The geolocation feature of this site is another option that has piqued the interests of many users. Instead of tapping on the computer or mobile phone for location, Manhunt asks its members to provide pins for the area-specific. Thus, help in delivering them matches locally.

Additionally, it has a unique set of questionnaires that does not limit itself to interests and hobbies but strays further, asking about their current health status and HIV test reports and penis size if the user is cut or uncut.

With an impressive base of 4 million active users a day and unique filtering methods, Manhunt assures us to find a perfect match for anyone on the lookout for a date. Additionally, you can always keep track of all the users visiting your profile, and you can, in turn, make your profile visible to them or not, depending on your choice.

The Audience of Manhunt

The Audience of Manhunt

The audience here is mainly based on the gay community was the primary objective of the founders of the website. Over time, the website saw a surge in the number of users, approximately 9 million as of now, with over 6 million active users daily. Thus, in turn, it assures the members to find a perfect match for them.

The community here is global, owing to the multiple language options available. But the majority of its users are US locals. A survey over this website suggested that more than 80 percent of its members are interested in casual dating or makeout. Thus, it is a great place to vouch for anyone on the lookout for a hookup.

One of the drawbacks here is that the site does not verify the email address of the users. Thus, they shouldn’t go for profiles with no personal information and wait until they upload at least 15 pictures of themselves. This platform also provides an option to block the accounts as well.

Manhunt Site Features

Manhunt Site Features

Manhunt has been able to surpass its competitors in some of the prominent features available on this website. It has provided an edge above its competitors.

Some of these features include:

  • Manhunt provides a user-friendly interface that aids in the easy sign-in process.
  • The sign-in process asks for the email address of the user and their profile picture. It helps to do away with fake accounts and catfishing to a large extent.
  • The site does not limit itself to common questions. But for the safety of its users and preventing the spread of STDs, they ask about their HIV reports. Additionally, details regarding their body and built status.
  • An unpaid user is allowed to message 50 users a day. However, they would be limited to 10 texts per day.
  • Users with the premium packs can access the Tughub feature of this website. It includes gay porn videos and content which get updated from time to time.
  • The profiles can be adjusted at any point in time.
  • The Tracklist option tells you who all viewed your profile from time to time. One can choose to appear on their profile tracklist or not.
  • The 1-to1 video feature allows the users to make audio and video calls to one another. It is not possible to type content as it is only for multimedia. This feature is a part of the premium packages available.


1 week plan $7
1 month plan $12
3 months plan $35
6 months plan $55-65
1 year plan $99-124

The membership comes with the facility of a one-time paying or non-renewal facility. Both these facilities can be availed depending on personal preferences. The non-renewal facility does away with the re-registration over the application on the website again and again.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

One of the main features that come with membership is access to unlimited 1 to 1 video chat. Premium Membership also allows users to apply different filters while searching for the kind of people they want to talk to. Other features include the ability to change usernames and edit profiles over time, an ad-free experience, and the ability to view unlimited conversation history. Apart from all these advantages, there is a porn website named TugHub.tv that is exclusively available only to people with premium membership.

The membership cost is worth it for the number of features to the people with the premium membership. The two options provided, namely, auto-renew and auto-resign, make it even more convenient for users to try Manhunt for a short period or to continuously use it over a long time, especially for the users who are on a lookout for frequent change in partners overtime and one night stands.

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

Free membership only addresses a limited number of features on this platform. These features range from signing in and setting up your profile, viewing the profile of other users, and connecting to other individuals. The option to save the favorite chats is also accessible to the users without the premium plan; however, if the conversations are more than two weeks old, they are removed from the account.

Right after signing in, the users get access to navigate other profiles for free without a bar. They can set filters to help them narrow down their search over time. The flexibility provided over this platform is seldom found over other sites.



Emphasizing the safety of its user, Manhunt asks for a valid email address of the user. It asks the member to upload a profile picture for cross verification purposes, without which they cannot proceed.

Additionally, they have also partnered with local health organizations under their initiative called ‘Manhunt Cares.’ Each of these profiles serves as an intermediate profile and allows the users to know about each other’s sexual health and judge the chances of contracting STDs.

Though the application markets itself as a hookup application, it serves as a source of spreading awareness about sexual health among its users. Thus, making it stand out in its league promoting safe sex.

Scam Charges

The co-founder of Manhunt, Jonathan Crutchley, had made it into headlines in March of 2008 after it was revealed that he had aided in the presidential campaign John McCain and reaped profits out of it. Disclosing an income worth 23,000$ made through this process, he later resigned from his post at the company’s board.

Contact Information

Sending and receiving messages is free for everyone on this platform. One can directly send over the live location and pictures through the chat by the instant messaging feature.

If someone unlocks their private pictures for others, they will be notified about it. The multiple filters available under which you can filter out users if they are online or not or if you have starred their conversations helps to get in touch with them again.


Some of the frequently asked questions and queries are given as follows.

Is There a Legal Validity of Manhunt ?

Yes, the website/application is legit and has been in the market for more than two decades. The reliability and validity of this application have been verified multiple times, with a user base extending over 6 million.

What Is the Cost Involved in the Registration Process of Manhunt ?

Depending on the plan the user has taken access to, the cost of using this application can range from 7$ to 145$ based on the period of the plan they are opting for. The users can also opt for a free membership which can cut down on some of the features.

Is There a Mobile Application for Manhunt?

Yes, Manhunt has a mobile application that works over multiple operating systems such as iOS and Android.

What Does Manhunt Website Demographics Look Like?

What Does Manhunt Website Demographics Look Like?

Manhunt’s website has a user-friendly demographic, including a panel of options available over the top of the page. The user can choose over the multiple options and features available to them. The page comes in subtle hues, which are largely monotones and are soothing to the eyes.

Is the Sign Up Process User-Friendly and Convenient on Manhunt?

Is the Sign Up Process User-Friendly and Convenient on  Manhunt?

Yes, the procedure to sign up on the site is simple, exceeding five minutes. The server asks for your email ID and requests you to upload a profile picture for this purpose. The verification process sends over a confirmation mail to you then you are ready to go!

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