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Dating4disabled Review

Dating4disabled Review
About Site
Active Audience 66%
Quality Matches 69%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 650 430
Reply Rate 73%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a great place for disabled people to find someone like them, who can understand them well.
  • The site is meant for people seeking love interests and people who want to make new friends, connections, or networks within the disabled community.
  • The site provides extensive features like instant messaging, posts, forums, and match options to help its users interact with each other.
  • The admins verify every person’s profile to ensure there are no fake profiles or scammers on the website, making the site more safe and secure.
  • Its user-friendly and easy-to-use interface makes it convenient for disabled people to use the site.
  • The site is easy to navigate, and there are no complex features that can confuse the users.
  • The help guide and customer support are very effective and helpful.
  • Forums are very active.
  • It asks a lot of questions while logging in, which can be irritating for some people.
  • The registration process is too complex, and disabled people may find it difficult to sign-up.
  • The website’s aesthetics are quite dull and give away a sad vibe, which is not suitable for a dating website.

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Dating4disabled site is an online dating and friendship site specially designed for people with disabilities. It is not just lovers, but you can find good friends here too. It provides disabled people a chance to socialize with other people with disabilities, know their stories, make friends, connections, and dating partners online.

Even most confident people lose their confidence when it comes to dating, but it can particularly break down all your self-confidence and make you feel inferior if you are a person with a disability. According to a survey, 80% of disabled people do not find their ideal match and end up with someone they either don’t like or want to be with. The reason being their inability to either go out or get social with other people.

The site doesn’t intend to help you find hook-up partners but long-term serious relationships. So, if you are looking for a casual thing, it is not your right place to be. Only disabled people can access the site. The sign-up process is quite difficult and boring to make sure there are no fake profiles on their website.

It provides its users with extensive features like posts, matches, and chats to help people socialize and connect with each other and share their reviews or experiences as disabled people. Let’s dive in to know Dating4disabled review .

Dating4disabled Summary

Dating4disabled Summary

Dating4disabled is a great platform for not just those who want to find their soulmates but also for people who want to socialize within the disabled community. The sites allow you to select the purpose for which you are using the site, whether it is to find an activity partner, a date, make new friends, find a long-term serious relationship partner or find a partner for marriage purposes, etc. The site is not meant for hookups and casual relationships, though. You should clarify what you are looking for while signing up to Dating4disabled; it will help the right people approach you based on your preferences.

A complete profile is a key to get more of people’s attraction on the site. You can post up to four pictures on your profile, so make sure you take the best advantage of it. The site’s guidelines let you post pictures of animals, flowers, or aesthetics instead of your own to respect your privacy, and you may post such pictures if you are not comfortable showing your face. But posting your photo will help you get out of your inferiority complex and make your profile look more humane and genuine. So, consider posting your photos, especially if you’re using the site for dating purposes or other people may lose interest in your profile. The site is safe and secure. Their strict and difficult registration process makes sure there are no fake profiles or scammers on the website, so it is outstanding to share your pictures unless they don’t break the community guidelines.

Along with pictures, it is essential to fill up all the details on the profile such as your interests, background, appearance, disability information, hobbies, location, ethnicity (if you want to), your current job or studies you are pursuing, your likes and dislikes, etc. The site provides you with an advanced search option to look for a user by their name, personality, location background, and so on. So, it is essential to keep your profile complete to show up on the right searches and find people with the same interests as you.

You can find various features on the Dating4disabled app through which you can socialize with other disabled people. The site provides its users with blogging or posts options. If you like writing or want to try a hand at it, then you can even create a blog module on the website. Even if you are not a writer, you can share your thoughts or experiences through the posts. People who like reading may find a lot of blog posts on the website created by other disabled people on various distinct topics, from food blogs to travel, from sports to politics. You can find a lot of blogs that interest you, and you may find people with the same interests or mindset by reading their posts. You can check forums and newsletters to get information about the new community events. Events are a great way to interact with other disabled people.

For interaction purposes, the site provides an instant chat option to its users. You can sort people out on your chat list just like you do on LinkedIn or Facebook. You can sort them in filters like they approached you or accepted your request, their friends, activity partners, your special friend, etc. You can also blocklist the people you don’t want to interact with. Also, you can determine who can view your profile, information, or pictures.

The customer support of the site is great. You can reach out for help anytime you want. They also provide a helpful guide for new users. You can either use the manual or reach customer support if you find it difficult to access or operate the site.

The Audience Analysis of Dating4disabled

The Audience Analysis of Dating4disabled


The website is US-based, so 85% of its users are from the US. People from other countries can join the site too, but it may be difficult for you to find a person from any country other than the US. The site is intended to provide disabled people a convenient way to socialize. Still, because of its geographical ratio of profiles, it may be challenging to meet a person in real life you met on the site if you belong to another country. Most of them are from the US, and traveling for disabled people may be very inconvenient. But if you are comfortable with long-distance relationships, the site is perfect for finding one.

Gender & Sexuality

The site intends to let the people who are left out in society socialize, so putting restrictions on genders and sexuality is pointless. The site accepts all genders and sexualities and greatly supports LGBTQ+. You can find people of distinct genders and sexuality on the website.


One needs to be 18 or more to register on the website. So, most people on the site are between 18-40 years of age. Usually, young people are mainly into dating, but you may find a mix of oldies and youngsters on the website.

Fake Profiles & Scammers

The admins run various scanning and verifications on each profile, so it is most likely to not find any fake profiles or scammers on the website. 95% of the profiles on the website are genuine. Still, for the sake of security, you may talk to people with complete profiles as that would be safer.

Dating4disabled Site Features

Dating4disabled Site Features


The site provides forum features to its user where all users can publicly discuss various topics with other community members in threads. You can comment on other people’s posts. You may also share your thoughts or experience or even how you are feeling. This feature helps people meet and interact with new people with the same mindset or interests.


The posts on the forums can be short or long based on the topics, and it is mainly focused on the discussion while the blogs are more detailed ones. You can share your experiences, story, interest, or any special talent you have. You may also share your favorite recipe or review of your favorite book, etc. Blogs are also effective in finding people with the same interests.

Instant Messaging

The instant messaging feature provides the users with an option to text people on the forums or website. You can set your status as online, busy, or offline, and you can also text the people who are online when you feel like talking. You can also contact people who are offline, and they’ll reply to you when they come online.


It is the same as the instant messaging feature but is more private. You can text your friends and the people you know privately through the chat option. You can also personalize your chat by setting various filters such as friend, date, etc.


One can choose who can view their profile and information. You can change your settings to only friends or private if you don’t want others to see your profile, but that may restrict your profile from appearing on searches. You can also block a particular person if you don’t want them to message you or see your profile and posts.


Prices for paid account of Dating4disabled are as follows:

  • $10 for a one-month subscription.
  • $25 for three months subscription.
  • $50 for six months subscription.

Features of a Paid Account

Features of a Paid Account

The paid account benefits its users with an ad-free experience. You can send instant messages, posts on forums and blogs without getting intercepted by any ads or banners on the website. The paid account gives you full access to all the extensive features of the website.

Features of a Free Account

Features of a Free Account

The free account gives limited access to the features of the website. You can use the free version for a month without paying any money, but it is just a demo of the features you will get in the paid version. You can still send messages to people on a free version, but you will have to get through irritating long ads every 5 minutes, and an advertisement banner will be displayed on the lower part of your screen permanently.



The website’s strict registration and login procedure ensure that no fake people or scammers enter the site. And even if they do, the admins review and verify each and every profile on the website to remove scammers or fake profiles from the website, if any. The site also ensures that no minors, i.e., below 18 years of age, enter the website to keep minors out of adult dating experiences. The site is safe and secure for disabled people.

As for privacy, users can choose who can view their profile and information. They can also block anyone if they don’t want them to be able to approach in any way.

Scam Charges

The site makes sure there are no scammers on the website. But suppose they find anyone breaking the community guidelines. They may permanently remove or restrict the person’s account and blocklist their registered mobile number or email id to avoid them from again joining the community.

Contact Information

Dating4disabled site has very helpful and quite efficient customer service. You can contact them by going to their official website (dating4disabled.com) and clicking on the Contact Us button at the top of the website. A new page will appear. You can type in your email id and message in the box provided, and they will reach out to you as soon as possible.


Is Dating4disabled a legit dating service?

Is Dating4disabled a legit dating service?

Dating4disabled is a great site to find a long-term relationship, marriage partners, friends, chat-buddies, activity partners, dates, etc. Its easy-to-use interface and safety make it convenient and safe for disabled people to socialize within their community.

How much does Dating4disabled charge for the services?

Dating4disabled App provides an ad-free full features experience in its paid version. It costs $10 for one month, $25 for three months, $50 for six months of subscription.

Does Dating4disabled offer a mobile application?

Does Dating4disabled offer a mobile application?

Dating4disabled provides a desktop version to use on the browser and an app version to be used on Android and iOS. The application provides a seamless experience to users.

Who use Dating4disabled?

Who use Dating4disabled?

Dating4disabled offers an easy-to-use interface which makes it very convenient for disabled people to use it. It is easy to navigate and does not have any complex features which may confuse its users. It provides simple but effective texting features and advanced search options to help people find other disabled people based on their preferences.

Is it easy to register on Dating4disabled?

The sign-up procedure is quite tricky as they ask too many questions while signing up and run various verification and scanning to ensure the authenticity of your profile. Although it effectively keeps scammers and fake profiles away from the site, it can be inconvenient for disabled people to sign-up at Dating4disabled’s website. If you read Dating4disabled reviews online by users, you may find a lot of users complaining about the same.

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