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LargeFriends review

LargeFriends review
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 78%
Popular Age 21-40
Profiles 1 650 380
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 9.4
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is based on the niche of body positivity, and there is no discrimination on who can register and use the website. Plus-size men and women are allowed on the site as long as they are respectful and love such people. Inclusivity is the main theme of this dating website.
  • The LargeFriends website gives a 3-days free trial to decide if the app is the right one for them.
  • One can not only find their love interests on the website, but they can also find like-minded people with who they can create friendships.
  • There are many positive reviews for the website, and many claim to have found their "one" from it. The website also has a good rating for its services.
  • Customer support is also available 24/7 to address any issues one may encounter.
  • The pictures gallery for most dating sites is very adulterous, but the LargeFriends site has a very family-friendly pictures gallery. It only promotes their inclusivity theme.
  • As usual, features are limited to standard accounts. In addition, features like messaging and chatting are only available to paid members. As communication is really necessary, this feature makes the website largely a paid dating website.
  • After the free trial period is over, one is charged immediately and does not give the member the choice of continuing or discontinuing services.

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LargeFriends site is an online dating platform that specifically serves plus-size men and women. It helps the BBW (Big Beautiful Women) and BHM (Big Handsome Men), who may have faced rejection in their life when trying to find love interests, can easily use the LargeFriends website as a haven. Furthermore, it helps individuals who are specifically on the heavier side of weight to find like-minded people and enjoy their time with a partner. One can form long-term, meaningful relationships through this website and find suitable partners for themselves according to their preference.

This LargeFriends review is intended to help anyone who are considering joining the website and becoming a member of this community.

LargeFriends Summary

LargeFriends Summary

LargeFriends is a niche dating platform that is curated only for plus-size men and women. The site was initiated in 2002 by a company known as SuccessfulMatch, which wanted to create a community that largely focuses on the niche of body positivity. It is more of a community of like-minded people than a dating site, and it also has many positive user reviews. Many users have reportedly already found their soulmates through the site and met many friends who believe in body positivity.

Members who are real on the LargeFriends site and have used it for years may encounter fake profiles very rarely. It is a bonus for new members as it sets it apart from other similar niche dating sites.

They boast of a monthly 60,000 users, and almost 15,000 members log in weekly. Most members are from the U.K. and USA, almost 350,000.

The Audience of LargeFriends

The Audience of LargeFriends

The audience of LargeFriends consists mainly of men as they cover almost 56% of people on the site, and the rest is women. Most of the members are from the USA and U.K. But there are also international audiences. One can find singles, couples, and swingers on the website. The site is best suited for people looking for long-term relationships; one can also find casual hookups. Also, sexual preference is no bar for being a member on the site to find one of similar sexual preference.

LargeFriends site Features

LargeFriends site Features

LargeFriends site has many unique features which make it stand out in the crowd of niche dating sites. Some of these features are:


The Spark feature reduces the problem of scrolling through long picture galleries with thousands of various pictures. This feature allows a member to concentrate on only one member and look at only their pictures. It helps two individuals to create a sense of trust in themselves. It also has a Like feature where one can like the picture of another member, wait for them to like them. If they like back, it’s a sign of mutual likeness and can move forward from thereon.


The LargeFriends site has a dedicated Blog for all members. It is a dating advice Blog and also explores topics of body positivity through the blogs. They are loaded with information and are helpful for individuals. Also, it is really rewarding if a member writes blogs, participates in the community, and refers the website to a friend. It is especially for people with standard accounts as they can avail features with these rewards.

Reverse Matches

It is a very interesting feature as this is not available on any other dating site. With the help of a smart algorithm helps members find partners who have similar hobbies and interests. So one can find someone out of the blue. Moreover, it makes the website more interesting.


LargeFriends app and site have both free and paid membership. The free accounts have limited features only, so a paid membership is best to use the website optimally. The paid membership is available for a month, 3 months, 6 months, and a year. The billing is charged on PayPal or a credit card. For an annual subscription, the website asks to send in a cheque or money order. The pricing is varied for each month, like:

  • A month’s subscription is $29.95,
  • A 3 month’s subscription costs $19.95/month, and the total cost is $59.95,
  • A 6 month’s subscription costs $15.99/ month, and the total cost is $95.95,
  • A year’s subscription is $12.00 per month, and the total cost is $143.25.
  • It might be a bit on the pricier side, but it is worth a shot.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account
  • The website is a paid membership website, as the best features are available with the paid members only. Members with premium accounts get access to do everything on the website. For example, one can view the full profile and details of another member with a premium subscription. They can also open each photo and view them in full size and watch videos.
  • The best feature about the paid subscription is that there is an advanced search option which is very helpful to find people according to preferences. Those which are applicable are appearance, religion, marital status, hobbies, tags, etc.
  • Unlimited messaging is also available with a premium membership. As communication is very necessary on an online dating platform, these are all very helpful features. One can directly send messages or reply to messages with premium membership will stop.
  • There is also a feature where one can browse anonymously on the LargeFriends site. It means that the other member will not realize who has viewed their website.
  • One can also view which members have visited them all viewed their profiles. This way, one can understand if the other person is interested in them or not. But if someone has viewed the profile anonymously, then the names will not show up.

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

The website has the best features with a paid membership; a few features are available with a free standard account. These features are:

  • Registering on the website is completely free. The registration process is very simple, and one can create an entire profile for themselves with all free accounts.
  • One can send winks to other people. It is a great way to show the other person that one is interested in them. With the free account, one can send up to 50 wings.
  • Several photos and videos can be uploaded with a free profile. It is not available for a lot of other similar dating websites. So this is an advantage on the LargeFriends site.
  • The basic search Feature can be used with a standard profile. With this, one can only perform the basic searches by name and by location. But the best thing about this feature is that one can search by location to take their communication out of the digital website to real life.
  • If all premium user has messaged someone with a standard account, the individual with the standard account can reply to that message. It is the best feature of the LargeFriends website as no other website allows messaging in any form without paying.



LargeFriends Site have very strict measures of safety, so one does not need to be very worried when using the website. One can do a simple Google search about the website and can find out all information related to the website. A lot of times many dating sites are very sketchy which is why no information can be found about them. A lot of times the websites themselves cannot be found until and unless the exact URL is used. In that way, the developers of this website were really transparent with their members as all such information can be found online. The best thing about this site is that it provides a lot of customer support and Technical Support. There is also a process of verification for registering on the website. This makes the LargeFriends website of a very safe place to use since there can be no fake user with a wall of verification. The website also states that the information which is uploaded by an individual along with the photos, blogs and credit card number is all private and not accessible by any third party. This is because it uses an encryption method.

Scam Charges

Scam Charges

The LargeFriends site takes any scam charges very seriously. They have a dedicated customer support base who is always ready to help their members. Customer support is available 24/7. In addition, they have resolved any issues that may arise from any other member. There is also a very detailed questionnaire present only website that one can go through if they face any person trying to scam them or defraud them.

Also, when a scammer is found and their phone number is reported, the number is blocked right away. So they also cannot create an account the second time. So the developers of the LargeFriends site are under the impression that scammers will usually not get on the new phone number to scam on our website. But even if it is done, the number will be blocked and cannot be used to create an account ever again on the site. So it is a very good defensive measure and makes the members feel safe on the website.

Contact Information

The owner of the LargeFriends website is SucesfulMatch.

Based in California, USA.

Customer Support email: [email protected]

Phone number: 1-416-628-1072


Is LargeFriends is a real site?

Is LargeFriends is a real site?

Yes, the LargeFriends site is a real website. One can find the app on Google store and see a rating of 4.67. They also have many customer reviews where many have said that they found their life partner through this website. It is also famously said that one may not find true love only website but can surely Find a like-minded friend.

How much will it cost to get a membership on the LargeFriends?

There are various membership plans to register on the LargeFriends website. Deep cost for a monthly subscription is 29.95 USD, three-month subscription costs 19.98 USD per month, which amounts to 59.95 USD, six-month subscription costs 15.99 USD per month, which comes to 95.95 U.S. team, a year subscription costs 12 USD per month, which is a total of 143.95 USD. These are the entire subscription plans, and one can feel that it is a little bit pricier than other similar dating sites. But since this is very real and our website has very few fake profiles, it is worth trying.

Is there a mobile app for the LargeFriends website?

Yes, the LargeFriends has its LargeFriends app, which is available on the Google Play store. The platform is very technologically advanced and adds power with most dating sites today that are tapping into the mobile user audience. To download the app, one needs to find it out on the Google Play store and click install. The developers have also stated that the iPhone users will soon get the app on the apple store. But, for now, the mobile app is free to use by Android device holders.

What kind of people use the LargeFriends site?

What kind of people use the LargeFriends site?

People who use the LargeFriends site usually belong to the BBW and BHW communities. The abbreviation stands for big beautiful women and big handsome men. It is in the niche for plus-size dating and has also established its reputation indie CBW community. Most To use the website are in the age range of 23 to 36 years old. So do most of the members are from the USA and U.K., it also encourages people from the international community to join the website. 350,000 people are members from the USA on this website. It also has members from countries like Singapore, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, etc. Most of the members on the website are men, which makes up over 56% of the website, and the rest is women. The website reportedly boasts 15,000 active members weekly.

How to sign up on LargeFriends?

The process to sign up on the LargeFriends site is easy. The registration process takes only few minutes. There is no need to take this subscription first as it is free to register and create a profile. As the landing page is a couple of questions one needs to answer, it is mandatory to do it in order to sign up it only takes so very little time and it is usually a survey to understand the need for signing up on the website. The questions usually are gender, what kind of references a person has – age, body type, style it said trump. Then to register one needs to state their location and place of residence. The only verification process is through the phone number it is a mandatory process as without verification it is not possible to register on the LargeFriends website. So it is recommended that the correct phone number is given and verified accordingly. As soon as the verification process is over one can get their free account on the website. It must be mentioned here that by the privacy policy of the LargeFriends site the phone number is not disclosed to any third party or other members.

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