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  1. Good for swingers and open-minded people SDC
  2. Good for transgenders who want to find partners TGPersonals

Dating sites for men seeking women are nothing new. They are in line with several dating services, including marriage agencies, classified ads, telephone services, and social networks. The evolution of meeting methods has adapted to industrial printing, then to the development of telecommunications. The first dating sites date from the early 2000s with the American site Match.com, which later became Meetic. Imported from the United States, the online dating model has been copied by developers around the world. However, the success of men seeking women has grown out of any expectations.

In addition to the fact that sites and applications make dating an activity within the domestic scope, they allow people to get out of the usual social networks such as school, work, leisure, associative activities. Romantic encounters and attempted hookups then take place out of the gaze of those around them. Men seeking women dating sites have the advantage of the discretion and seclusion of dating: you feel freer to seduce because it has fewer consequences. There is indeed little chance or risk of seeing each other again if it is not desired.

How to choose a site suitable for you? First, determine the meeting you are looking for. If you want to find the perfect men seeking women dating site for you, it’s important to know your goals and preferences:

  • a free or paid site;
  • a serious dating or flirtation site;
  • a site for straight people only;
  • a site for a particular type of person, etc.

You should know that there is a wide choice of services with totally crazy criteria for some. Therefore, you must let your fantasies and imagination guide you to find the men-seeking women site that is right for you.

Then, compare the best dating sites available. There are plenty of them when it comes to meeting services, and each one promises to be efficient and offer the best chance of finding an ideal match. However, it may be much more complicated to find among all these offers the men seeking women dating site that will suit your needs to make up your mind. To do this, you will need to compare the different offers or consult our review to make the appropriate choice. In any case, it is essential to prioritize quality.

Finally, register on multiple platforms to find the perfect one. You cannot be 100% sure that you will find what you are looking for on a dating site. Think about increasing your chances by registering on several services. Indeed, most of them offer free registrations, so this is an opportunity to find the ideal men seeking women dating site for you more easily.

What Are the Best Sites for Men Looking for Women?

The best site will undoubtedly be the one on which you have a high response rate. When you make a final choice, you can only take out a subscription to benefit from the various services offered by men seeking women sites. If you want to know more about quality market leaders — read our review.




  • ElitePartner stands for high-quality online dating for academics
  • About 70% of the users are academics
  • Psychological test (duration approx. 20 minutes) required to find a partner
  • The high cost for elite partners creates users with only serious intentions
  • The large magazine section of the site offers help, tips, and tricks
  • Here you can also get to know each other via video chat
  • ElitePartner is also suitable for same-sex partner searches
  • You can use ElitePartner for free


  • The response rate is low
  • Not suitable for seeking hookups


6-months membership $148 total
12-months membership $191 total
2-years membership $203 total

Registering with ElitePartner is easy and includes the scientific personality test similar to many other men seeking women sites. The free test takes about 20 minutes to complete and consists of multiple-choice questions and photo tiles. The test forms the basis of the ElitePartner principle, the mediation principle for the partner proposals presented to you. This type of matching allows you to do a very targeted search.

Above all, commonalities between men seeking women and their potential partners are taken into account. The approach includes determining the life model and interests, but also the necessary pinch of difference is not neglected. Unfortunately, it is impossible to change your answers afterward, but you can pause the test and continue it later. So, what questions await you in the ElitePartner personality test?

  • “I like to talk to my partner about the experiences of the day and our well-being.”
  • “I usually ask people about what is going inside them.”
  • “In stressful situations, I remain persistent and resilient.”

The questions in the character test are to be answered using a 6-point scale from “Does not apply” to “Applies to.”




  • Singles exchanges with a target group of over 30s
  • High member satisfaction
  • Three free trial days for all members
  • Costs in the favorable range
  • Marriage testimonials


  • Few new members as there is hardly any advertising


3-months membership $93 total
6-months membership $160 total
one-year membership $243 total

DatingCafe is an old-school dating site for men seeking women in their 30s who want to search for something real instead of superficially flirting around. There are hardly any fake profiles here, but all the more real dates. Due to the somewhat old-fashioned but loving design, there is a pleasant feel-good café atmosphere on the platform.

Although the main target group of DatingCafe is still men seeking women around 30, the audience is now very diverse. Many singles in their early 20s and several women and men in the 50, 60, and 70 are looking for partners here. There are hardly any fakes, but you can notice many profiles without pictures filled with information.




  • Almost unreally beautiful women
  • Advertises with anti-scam policy
  • App available


  • Women are believed to be paid for contact
  • Automatic translation into English sometimes fails


20 credits $3 total
160 credits $96 total
1,000 credits $400 total

The first glance at the website is very convincing for men seeking women: one Russian beauty after the other, the decision is very difficult. Founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple, AnastasiaDate has provided online Eastern European single beauties with Western European men seeking women for over ten years. Mainly women from Ukraine register here.

The profiles are nicely designed. The three text fields “Character,” “Interests,” and “Her Type of Man” is used very extensively by some women, others not at all or only in keywords. Many women cannot speak English, and the texts have either been translated or perhaps even posted by the website itself.




  • Basic functions free of charge
  • Upload unlimited photos
  • A large number of users from Eastern Europe
  • Profile verification is mandatory for use


  • Technical problems with the registration
  • Some payment options are only available in Russia
  • Non-English-speaking audience


one-week membership $9.14 total
one-month membership $13.74 total
a three-month membership $39 total

Mamba.ru has existed since 2003 and is operated by the provider Wamba. The service also appears under the name “Wamba” in many countries because the original domain was already taken. The operator’s portfolio also includes the Teamo, Tourbar, and Astrostar platforms.

At mamba.ru, there are always enough men seeking women and female users online — over 50,000 on average. There are also enough active users in the region outside of Russia. Unfortunately, most people communicate in Russian — even people who do not live in Russia directly. If you don’t speak the language, arranging a meeting will look bad.

There are few fakes around on the platform. The typical “glossy pictures” are sporadically represented but represent the minority. The main target group of the dating portal is Russian men seeking women and females of all ages who are looking for relationships, sex, or even marriage.

GOOD FOR Finding and dating an attractive Russian and Ukrainian ladies




  • International site with a focus on webcams and erotic
  • Great community character, many members
  • Erotic experiences are possible around the clock
  • Every user can become an actor


  • Lots of ads
  • Sometimes loading errors with videos
  • Men are in the majority


one-month Gold membership $39.95 total
three-month Gold membership $81 total
twelve-month Gold membership $240 total
twelve-month Standard membership $107.4 total

SexFinder is an erotic portal that focuses on webcam sex and pornographic amateur recordings. The portal is international, with many men seeking women from the United States. The main focus is on the use of erotic webcams, where women and men stream from all over the world. People are active around the clock. They erotically present themselves and like to socialize within the chat.


Dating sites for men seeking women also have particular advantages for certain segments of the population. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people use them extensively. In addition to meeting difficulties linked to numerical inferiority, they can avoid homophobic, biophobic, or transphobic behavior. Furthermore, such people have the advantage of knowing the person’s sexual orientation before committing to a seduction process. Men seeking women benefit from dating only as well.

The insularity of the sites is also useful for heterosexual women: they benefit from the discretion of this medium and thus free themselves from social representations about sex. Meeting services for men seeking women do not just value men as seducers by reducing women to the rank of “easy girls.” What else should you finally know before using dating sites?

Do Services Used by Men Seeking Women Have Apps?

Most of such sites do. The satisfaction of their users speaks for itself. Sites for men seeking women offer just as many functions in the app version as on the desktop. The providers keep up with the times with the range of their apps, because today mobile dating is more important than ever.

Can You Trust Men Seeking Women Sites?

Set a realistic goal with the dating site, and then they will work. When you are looking for love, it is vital to stay alert. You may be very disappointed if you think that in just 2 hours you will be able to find love. Not all men seeking women sites are scams. If you have at least some online experience, you will be able to tell one from another. By setting a well-defined goal, you increase your chances of choosing a dating site that meets your expectations, even the most unusual.

Dating sites manage the balancing act between high anonymity and, at the same time, a thorough check of each profile for authenticity through an identity card comparison. Unfortunately, there are also men seeking women without a fully completed profile and profile pictures. But with the advanced search, you can filter them out so that only singles that meet your requirements are displayed.

The abundance of exceptionally beautiful women on some dating sites is convincing at first glance. However, you become a little more careful on the second one: isn’t it too good to be true? Although the companies advertise that they have exceptionally good anti-fraud methods, it looks a bit suspicious. Not a single woman appears even the tiniest bit unattractive; the pictures are perfect professional shots across the board. Thus, men seeking women believe that some sites hire professional models to pose for the women’s profiles.

What Are the Subscription Rates on Men Seeking Women Sites?

Costs can arise in two different ways: VIP membership, which — depending on the selected term – amounts to between $5.00 and $20.00 in total and the purchase of the internal currency (coins or credits). The prices for the latter differ from several cents to $1 for a coin.

Should I Pay for a Subscription?

There is the possibility to extensively test all relevant functions for establishing contact free of charge on most services. VIP membership is not necessary anyway. If you cancel the subscription immediately after completing it, you are also on the safe side. The possible uses of the coins or credits are mainly limited to tools that aren’t essential. First, consider the trial period with the VIP features or use the site as a basic member. If you do not feel that the functionality is enough — you can pay.

There is a clear surplus of men seeking women at such sites. As you look for live cams or try to use other interesting tools, you will see that the men are in the majority. There is a difference between models and normal members on dating sites. The member cams are different. For instance, streaming members of SexFinder are free to choose whether they want to get naked or not. Although there are more models registered, the number of regular members is still low. Sometimes you need to pay to get more realistic search results. If you want a private chat with a model — you also will have to pay for the subscription.

The number of men seeking women who are registered to watch and to stream themselves is even lower. Most of the members come from the USA or Asia. If you need to make your search area narrower — you should pay for the premium search tools. Paid subscription offers you better personalization opportunities.

What Best Men Seeking Women Sites Are Available for Free?

Practically all men seeking women sites mentioned below are free because they do not ask you to pay immediately during the registration. Initially, ElitePartner, Mamba, DatingCafe, AnastasiaDate, and SexFinder are free.

Women are seen more often during the day on such sites, while gay couples, single men, and straight couples predominate at night. In the model area, there are the best chances to meet women. Some of these sites use models who are professional users who offer their webcam shows for money to men seeking women. You have the option to watch a free video or take part in a free chat while wearing clothes or for a fee in a nude chat. The nude chat takes place privately and should allow you to get closer to the model of your choice.

As you can see, free men-seeking women sites also offer exciting features to make your dating experience better.

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