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TGPersonals Review

TGPersonals Review
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 21-45
Profiles 670 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 8.4
Popularity 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • All the great features are available for free;
  • There is a friendly and nice community among the website users;
  • There is a decent mobile-adapted version;
  • Search and filtering features allow you to browse the users of the TGPersonals app depending on your every preference.
  • Some people may call this website a bit buggy;
  • The protection against scammers is not the strongest on this platform;
  • The site's design doesn't look modern;

TGPersonals is a famous dating site that lets people discover exactly what they are searching for without fear of being mocked by others. This platform has been developed to offer a chance at love for transsexual persons and transgender people. They can get the portion of communication with an open-minded society, who won’t judge. The platform’s functioning is not just for the above group of individuals; it also includes women and men who search for the same thing or want to have some fun.

TGPersonals Summary

TGPersonals Summary

Mike Kasper founded the TGPersonals site in 1999 to help members of the transgender community locate appropriate people. Over 189,000 users have expressed pleasure with the platform after joining to meet partners with whom they may share their lives. We have created the TGPersonals review to help you learn more about such crucial dating site aspects as registration, anonymity, and safety, prices, and other things so that anyone considering trying this site out may learn everything they need to know.

The Audience of TGPersonals

The Audience of TGPersonals

TGPersonals is a dating platform for LGBTQ+ persons headquartered in the United States. Even though it specifically targets this demographic, it attracts people from different kinds of backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you are a heterosexual person curious about this community or a couple looking to experience the joy of their lover; this platform is a fantastic place. The TGPersonals has a leg up on the competition. With over 200000 members worldwide, it offers all the features you need to experience adult dating at its finest.

The users of TGPersonals site are very diverse; there is equality when it comes to gender statistics. The average age is 25-30, but many people are from different age groups, from youth to 50-year-old seniors who want to find love.

You won’t get surprised by the profiles’ requirements. The TGPersonals site users are outspoken about what they expect from their potential matches. You can include your ambitions, sexual preferences, stuff you want people to learn about you, and much more in your profile’s bio. Each profile has pics and some even a whole gallery of images. If you want to check out the photos, you can do that easily and without the need to pay. All the profile pages left sidebar also includes additional features for interaction. You will be able to find all the basic information, such as a person’s age, location, gender, and so on.

Some of the user profiles will appear a little incomplete. The main reason for this is that most individuals miss posting a photo after registering on the platform. Friend request sending is also optional because you are not required to add a user member to start chatting with them. Many TGPersonals users choose to use the Blog function to start a dialogue.

TGPersonals Site Features

TGPersonals Site Features

TGPersonals, just like any other matchmaking app, requires you to signup and create an account. However, their approach is unique; the site does not ask you to go through email verification during the procedure. Therefore, it would be best to create a username that will serve as the name for your profile and protect it with a strong password. Then, you’ll get a chance to communicate and connect with anyone you’re interested in.

There are three main methods to engage with other users; they are all the distinct features that allow interaction.

  1. The first one allows you to add a person to the “Friends” list. You may add somebody as a friend to learn about their daily activities and thoughts. Your TGPersonals dashboard will show you the complete information.
  2. There is also a “crush” list. You may add a person as a crush if you feel like you have an interest. This move will allow them to learn more about you. A person will get a notification to their phone the moment you move their profile to this list. If your sympathy is mutual, you’ll be added to each other’s list of “crushes.” That will allow you two to start a chat.

You may communicate with people via messaging. While browsing profiles of the TGPersonals community members, you will find a “send a message” button. If you click on it, you will see the field for your message. Every profile has this same button. Locate it to start with your wonderful trip.

TGPersonals also offers a “blog” page for people to publish their ideas or stories in a created forum. The advantage is that you may write about whatever you like following the criteria you establish. In addition, you may spread the word about this blog and gather people with similar opinions to discuss your post. This feature will assist you in connecting with others who may be of interest to you.

In terms of search features, there is a wide variety to suit every taste. The following are the primary choices available:

  • The “Matches” and “Search” tabs;
  • TS Local Dating;
  • Users’ activity;
  • Newest members.

The TGPersonals “Search” tool is a primary feature where you may specify your preferences for the potentially perfect partner. However, the filtering system is not as effective as one would wish. You won’t be able to specify your search criteria with such things as “income level” or “education,” or “favorite genre of music.” you may refine your search by indicating gender, location, and age criteria.

The “Matches” function is similar to many dating sites’ features. Slide left or right to select probable matches.

The “Newest members” section allows you to search for people who have recently signed up on TGPersonals. This feature will display profiles you might be interested in using alphabetical order, as well as the most popular users and members who are currently online.

One more hidden treasure is called TS Local Dating. This feature is designed as an interesting quiz that should help you find more mates. It does, however, immediately redirect you to some other platform. The activity tab provides a feed with the most recent other users’ online activity. You can find good matches here too.

As for the forms of communication, you’ll be happy to know that these options are free of charge just like most of the features. TGPersonals allows you to get in touch with any user using any option, thanks to its extensive feature set. Messaging can be done via private chat, instant messenger, or by interacting via video. But keep in mind that you must first sign up before you can enjoy the best of private chat. You may also check any user’s Photo Gallery and leave comments under the pics you loved the most. Finally, don’t neglect using special hashtags to raise your profile’s activity and receive more comments. You can also use hashtags to search for specific stuff.



Most of the options, including all basic features, such as, for example, messaging, are free. However, you can benefit from using a Gold subscription plan to enjoy the complete experience after finding the LGBTQ community TGPersonals can provide. See the pricing below.

1-month plan $29.90
3-months Gold subscription $68.70
6-month Gold subscription $101.40

The payment mechanism is standard and does not employ any novel techniques. Credit cards can be used to pay for the platform’s benefits (both Mastercard and Visa). It is also possible to pay with a cellphone number or a PayPal platform.

Advantages of Paid Account

  • You can create a profile video that will allow other members to get to know you a bit better;
  • Your profile can be added to the Priority List so that much more people can see it.

Possibility of Free Account

  • Signup process;
  • You can view all profile photos;
  • You can browse users’ profiles;
  • Filtering option:
  • You can start messaging;
  • The blog section of the website;
  • An. Interesting matching game.



TGPersonals complies with its Terms and the Privacy Policy. All newcomers go through a specific check and have to be accepted by the site’s management. In addition, the website does ID verification. As a result, we highly recommend you take control of your protection. Do some homework and check the site’s safety measures to avoid any harmful events. TGPersonals has a whole page with information about the identification of fake profiles. If you notice any questionable behavior, please get in touch with the site’s administration to report such users. Do not give out any personal details that might lead to your actual identity. Nevertheless, generally, TGPersonals fosters a welcoming and safe environment.

The TGPersonals team automatically gathers information via cookies to guarantee users’ safety. You may also encounter captcha while registering on the platform. This step assists in distinguishing bots from genuine users, preventing fraudsters from stealing any info.

If you have any queries about the site or your profile, you may find the answers in the section called “FAQ.” Unfortunately, it is not well structured, and it is easy to become disoriented. There is no such thing as customer assistance. You may only leave a comment for the admin in that same section. Predictably, your inquiry may be unanswered. This is a huge disadvantage of this decent dating service.

Scam Charges

This is an issue on many popular dating sites; you will find a certain percentage of fake profiles on TGPersonals too, not all of those will be active, but there are some scammers whose goals are to defraud individuals through specific tactics. The latter profiles are fewer because support team professionals do regular checks if they detect a profile that seems to be automated or has been low inactivity. The company cautions users of the presence of the so-called ‘romance scam.’ This scam is created by cybercriminals who try to get people engaged in their profiles full of sexualization and fake information and try to make those people send some personal details in exchange. That’s why in this TGPersonals review, we would like to highlight once again that it’s dangerous to share your personal information or money with strangers.

Contact Information

The support team of TGPersonals works day and night to increase the overall safety among the platform’s users. They monitor fake and inactive profiles to keep the company’s reputation on a good level. If you have any desire to learn more about the social profile of this company, you can always check them out on Twitter (@transgendr) or Facebook. If you need some help or advice, the support team is always available by email: [email protected].


Is TGPersonals a trustworthy platform?

TGPersonals team worries about their users’ safety; that’s why you will have to go through the email verification process during registration. You won’t find many fake profiles here; nevertheless, since this platform positions itself as just a hookup site for the LGBTQ community, you might find some scammers trying to take advantage of people. Remember, though, that a matter of your online safety depends strictly on your wisdom and behavior.

What are the prices for TGPersonals extra features?

Access to the premium features of TGPersonals will be available only if you buy a Gold subscription; there are different plans available; you can buy it for a month or even for half a year. The prices vary from $29.90 to $101.40, depending on the subscription period you choose.

Is a TGPersonals app available?

Yes, both iOS and Android users can find an app version of TGPersonals on AppStore or Google Play, respectively. There, it goes by the name «transgender.» The download is free, so you have nothing to worry about.

What is the TGPersonals users’ age and gender?

When it comes to gender, there is complete equality. Both men and women use this platform regularly. The age group varies, but most of the members are between 18 and 45.

Will it be difficult to create an account on the TGPersonals website?

You can use the platform’s basic features even without the need to sign up; the registration itself will take up to 3 minutes. After that, you will have to add some basic information, such as your username, email, the password for your login, location, and what you are looking for on TGPersonals site.

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