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Livelinks Ultimate Review

Livelinks Ultimate Review
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Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 82%
Popular Age 18-38
Profiles 670 190
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 7.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Established brand - Livelinks has been around since 2005 and since then has proved itself as a reliable and popular platform among those looking for serious relationships or just one-night stands.
  • Quick sign-in process - The service does not have a usual registration process. All you need to do is to go to its website and get your Livelinks number. It will connect you to other singles in your area. If you want to try a different location, you can choose the number of that area and find singles there.
  • Free trial - Very few platforms offer a free trial, so Livelinks is beneficial in this regard as well. You can test all the features of this service for the whole week and decide whether you should get a premium membership.
  • The platform is free for women - That is exactly right! If you are a female, you can use all the features of Livelinks for free with no limitations. However, the pricing for men is affordable.
  • Voice calls - The main feature of this platform is connecting with other people via phone calls. Even though it also has live chats, voice conversations allow you to get to know the other person better, understand their mood and emotions. This way of communicating brings members closer together and increases the chance of engaging in serious, long-lasting relationships.
  • Safety and security - All calls are secured, so you do not need to worry about your privacy as you choose the direction in which the conversation goes and control the information you share. For your own safety, you can hide your name and other personal details until you get to know the other person better.
  • Complete freedom - The owners of the platform have created a community of open-minded people who will never judge others. The members of the service have different purposes - some are looking for just interesting conversations, some want to find a quick hookup, and others want to find a soulmate for life. You can fulfill your deepest dreams here, and no one will laugh or judge you.
  • Connecting with others at any time - You are not limited as to when and where to make calls. Whatever the time or day is, just dial the number, and you could be talking to someone special.
  • Real people - As you do not need to create a profile and upload pictures, the chance of fraud and scams is minimized. The platform is entirely safe and reliable as the administration goes above and beyond to weed out any suspicious activities.
  • Greetings - You can record a greeting where you present your hobbies and interests, and other people will be able to call you if they like your description. As you listen to other people’s greetings, you can connect with someone who caught your attention.
  • Excellent voice clarity - The quality of calls is extremely high, so you can enjoy chatting with singles with no interruptions of the connection.
  • No app - As there is no Livelinks app, it can deter the younger generation that prefers to use apps from joining. Desktops are much less popular compared to mobile phones among young people, so it can prevent the platform from growing faster. You can use the service by going to its website or using a mobile-friendly version on your phone.
  • Not free for men - While women can enjoy all the benefits of the platform for free, men have to pay. Even though the pricing is quite reasonable, some complain it is not fair that only men need to pay. For these purposes, you can take advantage of a one-week free trial and decide whether Livelinks is something you would like to pay for.
  • Not an ordinary online dating platform - Livelinks is very different from the majority of other similar services that help to find long-term relationships or maybe one-night stands. It could prevent younger people from joining as they are more engaged in the impersonal nature of communicating. The younger generation is more used to texting than making calls.
  • Not enough geographical coverage - The platform is aimed at Canadians and Americans, so those from abroad cannot take advantage of its full potential.
  • No partner search - Unlike other dating sites, Livelinks does not allow to set preferences to look for a partner. You can only choose location and gender.

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This service was created in 2005 and since then has united more than 200,000 people from Canada and the United States. Livelinks has been around for many years, and it has gained a reputation as a trusted and reliable platform for those looking for one-night hookups or even long-term relationships. This platform has got it all so that users get to know others who could potentially be their partners. The service has a very clear and neat interface and a simple registration process. Everything has been developed for the members to find exactly who they are looking for. The platform also offers a one-week trial period that allows you to see if this is what you need. To help you decide whether this platform is your best go-to, we have created a Livelinks review that has highlighted all the advantages and disadvantages of the service, its features and peculiarities, as well as pricing and safety.

Livelinks Summary

Livelinks is a truly unique dating service as it emphasizes connecting with other people through voice calls. Such a way of communication is much more convenient than texting, as you can understand the genuine emotions of the person you are talking to instead of trying to decipher what was the mood of the text message. However, this platform also provides live chats if you do not feel like talking over the phone. Livelinks was established in 2005, and since then, it has created a community of people looking for either one-night stands or long-term serious relationships. With more than 200,000 users located in the United States and Canada, your chances of finding a partner are extremely high. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of Livelinks to see how convenient and up-to-date this platform is.

That said, Livelinks is an excellent platform for those living in Canada or the United States of America and looking for fun and meaningful conversations, one-night stands, or a soulmate for life. You can take advantage of high-quality voice calls with no interruptions and noise from a well-established brand. The platform is free for females with no limitations, but the pricing for men is fairly affordable. Moreover, men can enjoy a one-week free trial to understand if this service is something they are looking for.

Livelinks has attracted more than 200,000 users who can connect with each other 24/7 and get what they are searching for. All the calls on Livelinks are secured, so your safety is guaranteed. You do not need to upload your pictures or specify your name to the person you are talking to if you do not want to do so. You can also record a greeting briefly describing your character, interests, and hobbies and listen to other people’s greetings to determine if the person is right for you. At Livelinks, you can experience the real emotions and moods of another person instead of trying to decipher the emotions of thousands of text messages.

However, Livelinks has a few disadvantages that can deter people from joining. The biggest deal-breaker for most is the absence of an app. Fewer and fewer young people are choosing to spend their free time in at their PCs while they could just lie in bed or go outside with their smartphones. Livelinks is very different from other dating services where you need to create profiles and upload pictures. At Livelinks, there is no partner search function, and the only parameter you can set is a person’s location. Also, the platform does not have wide geographical coverage as it is aimed at those living in Canada or the United States.

The Audience of Livelinks

As Livelinks allows you to register only if you are older than 18 years, the age of users ranges from 18 to 80. The majority of users are from Canada and the USA, and the most popular age is 25-28, but you can find numerous greetings from those over 60. As there are no profiles to create, the chance of scams or fraud is minimized. All users of the platform are open-minded and not judgmental. At Livelinks, members can find any type of connection, from a fun conversation to serious, long-term relationships.

Livelinks Site Features

Livelinks’ main service is voice calling, but it has many other features the users take advantage of daily:

  • Leaving messages – If someone’s greeting has caught your attention, you can leave them a message or invite them to have a private conversation.
  • Recording introductory messages – Everyone who wants to use the platform has to record a greeting. You are free to say whatever you want and get creative. Your greeting can be short or long – there are no limitations. It is up to you whether you just say your name and age or present your whole life story. If you make your greeting more appealing and unique, there is a higher chance of finding your true love.
  • Ice Breaker – You can prerecord a message you can use to send to someone if you do not feel comfortable introducing yourself every time.
  • Hotlist – If you liked someone’s greeting, you could add the person to the hotlist, and the website will let you know when they are online so that you could call them.
  • Private conversations – The members of the platform can invite other people to have a private conversation. All the calls are secure and private – they are never recorded, and you can control the information you share with another person.
  • Sending messages to offline users – Even if the person whose greeting has caught your attention is offline, you can still send them a message and invite them to chat later.

As you can see, the Livelinks site has a wide selection of interactive features. The main goal of the service is to make the calling experience fun and stress-free. You can use the website’s full potential and increase your chances of finding the Mr. or Ms. Right.

Luckily for women, the platform is absolutely free for them with no limitations. If you are a woman, all you need to do is to record your greeting and dial the Livelinks number to take advantage of chatting with singles in your area. At the same time, men need to sign up to a paid plan to use the service. Let’s dive into the pricing of the calls for men:

10 minutes $4.99
60 minutes $9.99
120 minutes $29.99

Compared to other similar services, this platform has above-average pricing. However, it offers a 7-day free trial for men to see if this is something they are looking for. All the purchases on the platform are non-refundable. You need to buy packages in advance in order to be able to make calls. All financial transactions are secured with SSL encryption and are made with credit/debit cards or through PayPal.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

For men to be able to make calls and use the platform, they need to buy packages. The features paid accounts offer include:

  • Recording greetings
  • Leaving invitations to have a private conversation
  • Adding accounts to the hotlist
  • Sending ice breakers
  • Listening to other people’s greetings

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

The free account is possible only for women. All men will have to buy packages to make calls and use the platform’s features like recording or listening to greetings, sending ice breakers or adding people to the hotlist.



Livelinks is a completely safe platform as all the calls are secured with SSL encryption, so your data is not given to third parties. Over the years of its operation, Livelinks has made itself a household name and has gained a reputation as a trusted and reliable website. All calls are private and not recorded. All financial transactions are carried out through the latest software and can be made with a debit/credit card or PayPal.

Scam Charges

Scam Charges

Livelinks was founded in 2005, and since then, there have been no accusations of fraud or illegal activities. Since there are no profiles to create, there is no possibility of the leaked information. All calls are private, and you can control the information you share with the other person. However, if you come across some impolite interlocutors, you can block them and report to the administration, which will take care of the case.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Should you have any questions to the company, you can reach it at:

In the United States:

Teligence 1685 H Street, Suite 615

Blaine, WA 98230

Fax (604) 678-9368

In Canada:

Teligence 303 Pender Street, Suite 300

Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1T3

Fax (604) 678-9368


Is Livelinks a credible service?

Livelinks is a completely legit and safe voice call platform that uses 128-bit SSL encryption and the latest software for its financial transactions. All voice calls are private and not recorded, so your data is never transferred to third parties. Also, as there are no profiles, there is no chance of having your information leaked or coming across a fraud. If you come across an impolite or suspicious caller, you can report them.

For men to make calls, they need to buy packages, which include:

10 minutes $4.99
60 minutes $9.99
120 minutes $29.99

All the purchases on the platform are non-refundable. You need to buy packages in advance in order to be able to make calls. All financial transactions are secured with SSL encryption and are made with credit/debit cards or through PayPal.

Livelinks does not have a mobile app designed for iOS or Android devices, but it has a mobile-optimized website version.

Livelinks is aimed at people living in Canada and the US looking for a fun conversation, one-night stand, or a long-term relationship. The minimum age required for registration is 18, so the age ranges from 18 to 80. The majority of users are in their late 20s or early 30s. However, there are numerous users who are over 60 years old.

You do not need to sign up for Livelinks. All you need to do is go to the website and get the number you can call. It is a phone-based service, and you will need to record your greeting that will be played to other members.

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