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Minichat Review

Minichat Review
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 62%
Popular Age 22-38
Profiles 460 170
Reply Rate 48%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 6.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can meet users from any place in the world
  • Design is very user-friendly
  • You can access the platform via your browser or your phone
  • The website is optimized to function smoothly as an app
  • You don’t have to pay to use
  • An ever-growing number of users globally
  • The focus is chatting and not searching endlessly
  • Signing up is no big deal
  • Plenty of ads if you don’t have a premium membership
  • You need to acquire a membership to access some important features
  • Profiles are not super detailed

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Minichat is an app-oriented dating platform that connects people from all around the world. Its focus is on conversation, just as the name suggests. On the app, the main attraction is to chat through video and text and find out who is the perfect match you want to take out on a date.

Minichat has been in the market for only a few years compared to more traditional dating sites and apps. It was released in October 2016, and its goal is to help users find a serious relationship that can end in marriage.

As of now, over 40 languages are available for users. However, the app continues expanding and soon should be available for users of more countries.

One great feature of Minichat is its cloud storage, meaning that users can store videos and photos they receive on the app itself instead of filling up their phone’s memory with tons of media.

Minichat Summary

Minichat Summary

Before entering into the full review that will inform you of the most specific details of Minichat, checking the main pros and cons of the platform will do you good. That way, you can have a panoramic view of the app.

The Audience of Minichat

The Audience of Minichat

Right now, there is no official data regarding the number of members registered at Minichat. Even so, it is safe to say there are thousands of men and women on the app looking to find new interesting people to talk to and take on a date.

Since the app is available in more than 40 languages, there are people from pretty much all around the world in there. You can set your preferences to display people around you or from other countries too if you want to talk to them.

Currently supported languages at Minichat are: English, Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian Bokmål, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese.

Considering that the app is focused on video chat and texting, it is no surprise that the vast majority of users are young folks looking for fun (dating, hookups, etc.). Occasionally, older people are found in the app too, but these are still rare. Most members are below 30 years old.

As for the percentage of women and men, things are pretty balanced. There is no official data about that, but taking a good look at the app, you can find a good number of both men and women.

Minichat Site Features

Minichat Site Features

Since Minichat is heavily focused on chatting, it is not one of those apps overloaded with features. It is clear and concise, offering only enough to keep you interested for a long time, finding new people to chat with, etc.

However, some of its features are worth noticing. Let’s check which those are.

Anonymous search

You can look for profiles without people knowing that you visited them. It is annoying on dating sites when you check profiles, and then members come looking back for you. Sometimes all you were doing was just see if there were beautiful photos or if that person met any of your criteria. On Minichat, it is you who decide if you will hit people up.

Find friends

This feature is what allows you to look for people. Usually, you will see people near you. Sometimes you might stumble upon someone you already know who lives in your city and recently started using Minichat.

However, you don’t need to look only for people nearby. You can choose the country you are looking for, which is helpful if you visit another nation. Furthermore, you can select the city, male or female, and age.

If you are looking for someone based on name, you can enter a name in the search bar and check what the site fetches.

New Photos

This feature displays photos of various members. It is pretty random, so you can’t make sure if pics showing up are of people nearby or from other countries.

In the end, this should be a fun feature but ends up being a disappointment. Perhaps the site developers could tweak it so you can choose to view photos of people who are nearby. That way, you can refine your criteria to click on profiles and start chatting.

Video Chat

Video chat is also a random feature. You need to allow your computer or phone’s camera, and then you will be able to video chat with random people. On this one, you can at least choose to chat with people from your own country. You can also choose to chat with people from other countries.

VIP Lounge

VIP Lounge is where you can acquire a premium subscription. The premium subscription allows you to start sending messages and adding friends to create a network.


Nowadays, every dating site or app has some features locked behind a paywall called “premium subscription” or something similar. On Minichat, that is the VIP Lounge. To access the VIP Lounge, you need to pay $9,99.

Payment can be made through PayPal, debit and credit cards, or any other national payment method that Minichat has incorporated in your country.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

A VIP Lounge gives some benefits to Minichat users. Those benefits, though, don’t quite match the price. Here is what you get with Minichat’s premium membership:

  • The ability to send up to 30 messages daily
  • The ability to follow up to 30 users daily
  • Get top-ranked in your country
  • Top position in search results
  • VIP badge

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

With a free account on Minichat, you can do most of the things that are available throughout the entire app. Sure, you can’t send plenty of messages, but you can still look for profiles.



Minichat is among the positively safe apps nowadays. It isn’t highly popular, but still developers take care of it so that existing users can feel safe when using it to chat with new members.

Sure enough, eventual scammers can find their way through the app and try to talk to you. Because of that, it is important that you do not inform too much about yourself to other members right away. The best is to make sure they are legit by making them send you another profile of theirs.

All members on Minichat need to have a Facebook or VK account to register, so this is minimum insurance that most members are real people looking to connect with others online.

Scam Charges

Scam Charges

There are few, if any, scam charges against Minichat. Looking for reviews of users online, you can see that most people complain about technical issues or casually not getting answered by other members.

Sometimes, it is expected to not get texted back, so that is only a part of the social network game.

On the other hand, there certainly are some people you should keep your eyes open for. Every social network attracts badly intentioned people, but in 2021 most young people already know how to deal with those: just block and report.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Developer: CrescentAxis Inc.


This FAQ was put up to help you find quick information regarding very important matters. If you perhaps skipped most of the article to get here, you will not be disappointed. In case you read everything, the FAQ will help you decide whether Minichat is worth your precious time.

Is Minichat Trustworthy?

This is the main worry anyone has before signing up for a new social network or dating site. After all, if not many people around you are using it, what are the odds the site will be any good? However, Minichat is a legit site founded with the goal of connecting people. You can chat and laugh with people you never thought you’d met before.

Minichat allows you to meet people from your city that you might have overlooked on Facebook or VK. Or you can meet people from other places and become friends, or have a trip date to go visit them.

What Is The Cost Of Minichat?

It costs $9,99 per month to access the features of VIP Lounge. Otherwise, it is free for everyone.

If you acquired one month of VIP Lounge and don’t want to keep using the service, make sure to go to configurations and deactivate the automatic renew. This is also valid for any other dating service with a premium membership.

Is There A Minichat App?

Yes, it certainly does. In fact, the mobile app is the way you should use Minichat. If you access it on your browser, you will notice how it feels “empty.” That is because Minichat was made thinking about the phone screen.

All features of Minichat are available in either version you choose to use. Using it on the phone allows you to chat with anyone while on the go.

Minichat is available on Android as well as on iOS. You can download the app on your favorite smartphone and start chatting.

How Are The Members On Minichat Like?

How Are The Members On Minichat Like?

There are people from all countries in the whole world, that is for sure. You can change your preferences and see for yourself.

Also, when you are looking for people to chat with on the app, you will notice that most users are young. This is a young-focused dating app, but it also functions as a social network since you can meet new people to become friends.

There are no limits regarding sexuality. The app doesn’t ask you about that when registering, so you can look for men or women, or both.

How To Sign Up At Minichat?

Minichat is one of the easiest apps to sign up for. All you need is to first have an account at either Facebook or VK. The app is not invasive, though. It says that it won’t collect your personal information but only use your already existing account at FB or VK to confirm that you are legit. It is similar to using your email, but this way, it already gets your profile picture directly.

Even if the app requires you to have Facebook or VK and connects with them, it doesn’t grab a lot of your information. If you want to enhance your profile, you need to add the info manually.

The same applies to pictures. To build a nice-looking profile, you can add your best images, but you have to do all of that manually. Unfortunately, you can’t import any photos from Facebook, VK, or Instagram to Minichat.

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