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FetLife Review

FetLife Review
About Site
Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 620 500
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 7.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process is quick and free.
  • There are more than 8 million users on this platform with bizarre sexual excitement and desires.
  • The efficient and active customer support team is always at the service of the users.
  • Undoubtedly, the FetLife site is a legit site for kinky sex or one-night stand lovers.
  • Users cannot register with the website using social media accounts.

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You might have heard this common saying, “make your passion your profession.” This is the golden truth about FetLife. FetLife came into existence in 2008 by BitLove Inc. The real inspiration behind the site’s foundation is the sexual interest of the developer and the entire support team. No doubt the website is going to be a gem of the place. If you are a lover of kinky sex, BDSM, or fetishism, then FetLife is a paradise for you.

The site is different from conventional casual dating sites. To arouse your sexual pleasure, the FetLife site offers most of the features at a zero rate. However, they have few privileges that are exclusive to members who willingly pay to the site. Unlike the payment system of other adult dating sites, FetLife suggests a bulk offer against the traditional monthly payment schemes.

With over 8 million members worldwide, the FetLife site has become a hub for all pleasure seekers who want to go wild. When we said about high-quality communication, we meant it! The group conversation services and private messaging options allow users to thoroughly delve into their desired partners for initiating the sexual drive. To explore the world of sexual pleasures, keep reading ahead of this FetLife review.

FetLife Summary

Discovering a perfect partner on the digital platform who can turn your nights insane and can make you experience both heaven and hell on Earth is complex. However, the FetLife review might help you to pass away from this challenging situation. Get a wholesome experience of the most prominent hub of kinky sex lovers and alluring fetish seekers. Here is the synopsis of the most popular features of the website.

Registration Process

Registration Process

Fill in your basic information like nickname, gender, sexual preference, date of birth, email address, and few more fields. Once you are done, click done, and your account is created. It is easy, quick, and safe. The website will ask for your mobile number to send you the email verification link to verify that the mobile number and the email address are yours. Once it is verified, you can log in to your account.

The only disadvantage of the registration process is that it does not allow users to register to the website using their social media profiles. However, users can add the link of their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles in their FetLife account edit section.



The possibility of fake account and scammers are much more on such dating sites. However, the FetLife site has an efficient customer support team that scans the new members of the website and closely monitors the activities of the existing members. The members should also be careful. They must report fake and fraudulent profiles to ease the job of the support team. Since most of this platform’s users are looking for sexual partners, the chances of scams or being fraud increase. Therefore, genuine users need to be careful.


The overall design of the website gives classic devilish vibes. The brand’s logo is a red heart with devil’s horns that depicts the mischievousness associated with the website. The home page of the website has a pretty simple design without any alluring image or video. All you will come across will be lots of information about the portal. To join the portal, users need to click on the join now option.

The overall design of the website is dull and not at all attractive. It is time for the website to renew their black theme of the website. They can also add images or videos on the website’s home screen to attract a huge fan base.


Good news for the Android user! There is a FetLife app available exclusively for Android users. However, it is not available on the Google PlayStore. Ambitious users can download the APK version of the application to run it on their mobile phones. On the other hand, iOS users can use the browser version of the website to wander in the streets of dominance and submission with a burning fire of sexuality.

Based on the data, more than 70% of the users prefer accessing the website through phone. However, due to the absence of an official app, users are unable to enjoy the elixir of life. The APK version has not yet gained enough popularity among mobile users. On the other hand, the desktop and PC version of the game is ideal for users who are more homesick people. Moreover, it is easy to handle the desktop version than the mobile version.

Audience Of FetLife

Audience Of FetLife

With more than 8 million users across the globe, FetLife is a hub of like-minded individuals who are actively seeking men and women who can satisfy their sexual desire. The website’s user base mainly consists of members who want to explore BDSM, fetish orgasm, and Kink.

FetLife site is top-rated among the United States of America. There are more than 4,500,000 users from the USA. When it comes to age group, the average age group of the website is 25-34 years. It won’t be a big surprise to see the millennial generation looking for pleasure after modern technology belongs to them. However, you should not get surprised if you come across profiles of more than 50 years of age. As per data obtained from the FetLife site, the male population dominates almost 3/4th of the website. However, the percentage of women population is also significantly rising with the society more opening up to explore the desires of sexualities and fulfilling the fantasies.

FetLife Features

FetLife Features

When it comes to features, the FetLife site is no different from other dating sites. The regular features make the website easy to understand for experienced users. However, the only that distinguishes the website from other adult dating sites are:


Fetish is a unique feature of the FetLife site. It offers the website members to choose their favorite or desire fetish from a range of 60 different varieties. When you click on the choices of the fetishes, you are redirected to groups and friends list from where you can discover other members with the same interests.

The regular features of the website are:

Search Option

The search option is available at the top left part of the FetLife page. You can search members by name or by the other filter if available. You might come across many profiles, but do not fall into the prey of fake accounts; a user must verify and check the profile properly before carrying forward your plans of communication. A user can view all the images and videos of the other members for free. All they need to do is visit the profile they want to view, click on the videos and images tab and check out all the users’ content. Users looking for a sexual partner nearby can use the Perv Kinkster Nearby to discover the most alluring men or women located nearby. Once you are accustomed to the interface, you can spend every night with someone.

If you are on this portal, you must be familiar with the fact that you might come across nude or explicit content videos and images. After all, members need to display themselves in order to attract men or women. If you feel uncomfortable, you can simply shift to any other account that suits your taste.

Communication Methods

Unlike other dating websites, FetLife site offers free messaging options to all the members of the portal. Now members can text and interact with other users without purchasing any premium account. All you need to do to send messages to other users is by visiting their profiles, then click on send message, and type your message to send.


FetLife is known for the low-budget premium packages that they offer for users. Though most of the website features are free, premium account users get more benefits than other profiles. The pricing of the packages are:

Duration Costs/ Month Total
6 months 5.00 USD 30.00 USD
12 months 5.00 USD 60.00 USD
24 months 5.00 USD 120.00 USD

FetLife site offers a wide range of payment options like Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Paysafecard, GiroPay, Direct Debit, and Credit Card. The most exciting part of the payment system of FetLife is that the money paid by users is not a premium account. Instead, it is a token of “support” to the site by donating a certain amount of money.

Advantages of Paid Account

  • Premium users own a sexy I Support badge given by FetLife for their profile pictures.
  • Users gain access to Perv today’s exclusive loved images and videos.
  • Premium accounts are boosted by 25x in other search feeds.

Possibilities of Free Account

Possibilities of Free Account
  • Users are free to text other users.
  • Users can view the photos and videos of other users.
  • Free account users can conveniently join groups.



FetLife site comes with an efficient support staff who also share the same interest as the website developer. Therefore, they are dedicated to the website. The support team monitors the various profiles of the website from time to time. They also scan the new accounts to verify that all the details are legit. To maintain online harmony in the dating community and offer various safe environments, the website asks the user’s mobile number to send the verification code to confirm all the details and create the account. FetLife site also believes in transparency with the users. They have clearly defined their privacy policy on the website and the guiding value principles of the website.

Besides the steps taken by the website authority, the members of the portal should also be careful while exploring. The user must report the suspicious profiles. Though most users are open-minded, it is better not to disclose private information on the website.

Scam Charges

When any suspicious activity is detected on the website, the customer support team of the FetLife site takes immediate action. The support team will ban the website’s profile and ban the complete account of the user from the site. With so many years of experience in the online dating world, the website’s authority assures all the site members to protect them from any fraud or scam. It is also the responsibility of the members on the platform to immediately report fake accounts.

Contact Information

Company: BitLove Inc.

Email: [email protected]

FetLife site offers different email addresses for various issues. The users can support reports at [email protected], and legal requests can be mailed at [email protected].


Now that we have come to an end of our FetLife review, before calling it a day, here are the Frequently Asked Questions about the website and its services:

Is FetLife A Legit Dating Website For All?

FetLife site is a safe, secure, and legit dating website for users who are looking for a sexual partner. The site comes with an efficient support team that has years of experience in the dating world. The support team looks after all the issues of the website. Therefore, the users of this platform are safe from any scam or fraud.

What Is the Cost Of FetLife?

Though most of the services and features of the website are free, few features require a premium account. However, the money that users pay to the website is not for updating to premium account, but for supporting the website. The price packages are:

Duration Costs/ Month Total
6 months 5.00 USD 30.00 USD
12 months 5.00 USD 60.00 USD
24 months 5.00 USD 120.00 USD

FetLife offers users a wide range of payment options. Now users can deposit their money to purchase premium packages. The methods are Credit card, Paysafecard, debit cards, credit cards, Paysafecard, GiroPay, and many more.

Does FetLife Offer Users With An Application?

FetLife app is available only for Android users. However, they cannot directly download it from the Google Play Store. The users need to download the APK version of the game. For iOS users, they can enjoy the browser version of the game from their phones or tablets. The app version of the game allows users to create an account or access their default account.

What Does The Demographics Say About FetLife?

As per the demographics of the FetLife site, the average age of the portal is 25- 34 years. Therefore, millennials have almost captured this 8 million user base site. However, there are few accounts above the age of 40 years. FetLife caters to the needs of everyone. As per the data received from the website, 3/4th of the website user base is dominated by men, but the percentage of the female population is increasing with time.

How Conveniently A User Can Sign-up With FetLife?

The registration process of the FetLife site is similar to the other dating sites. It is easy, quick, and convenient for anyone. As soon as you visit the homepage of the dating site, you will come across the word “Join Us.” You need to click on it to open the details filling box. Fill in all the fields, and then you need to put your phone number to verify the inputted data. Once the verification is done, your adult dating account is ready to seek partners for kinky sex or bondage nights.

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