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Kasidie Review

Kasidie Review
About Site
Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 650 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 7.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The user base is very active, and you can get enough information about the changes and other events on the website.
  • It is effortless to find users who have the same ideas and fantasies as you do without judgment.
  • A diverse amount of sexual preferences are also available on this platform. You might even find someone who has the same taste as you and your partner.
  • The Kasidie app is perfect for those who are looking for short-term engagements and hook-ups.
  • The Kasidie app is perfect for those who are looking for short-term engagements and hook-ups.
  • The entertaining individuals can avail themselves of the short-term engagements even if they are in a faraway city or even different countries altogether.
  • The Kasidie app can provide the same amount of facilities with the free registration period with a trial session of the user.
  • The safety of the users can be considered as one of the weak points of this site. More than one account is marked as fake, and many other suspicious activities are also be traced.
  • The swingers have more acceptance which might give the singles a tough time.

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Kasidie is one of the communities which comes with a dating option for couples who are sexually adventurous and even the singles who are looking for erotic interests in their lives. The site’s tagline goes like this, “Remember my name; you’ll be screaming it later.” It reflects significantly upon the reputation present for the website for seeking erotic adventures and how these are fulfilled. Let’s check out the Kasidie review.

Different types of activities that can cater to the needs of those who are sexually active can be found here. The swinger parties, along with other social events, have made the site even more adventurous. Despite these solid erotic influences, the site encourages members to date, hang out for meals, movies, clubbing. Sexual activities for singles are also available here.

Spontaneous fun is made very easy with the help of this website. There are different types of social gatherings which might help to bring out the best in you. We have taken a look at Kasidie to find what are the specific types of dating opportunities that you can find here. The sexual adventures of this site, according to the reviews, are very common and exhilarating.

It was pretty standard in the past to find love and then settle down for families. However, the times have changed drastically now, and many people are no longer interested in giving away enough time for relationships. Easy and affordable solutions are looked at everywhere so that the job is done without much hassle. Millennials are no longer interested in the shackles of monogamy. The people of today’s world are quickly getting into open relationships and marriages. It has come along with a strong desire to change with society and keep the norms right. This is where we look into the Kasidie review.

Kasidie Review

Kasidie can be described as a site for people interested in exploring and broadening their horizons regarding sexual relationships. The site is directed at the needs of swingers, and they are helpful to those interested in polyamory. The article can provide you with an in-depth Kasidie website review. The site is sexually social, and it will help you to find a good time. It might seem to be challenging to understand such relationships before. Here we have provided you with a Kasidie review just for your needs.

Kasidie had initially been developed as a dating game that came into existence in the year 2006. The niche had been established for the swingers and those interested in polyamory with the gradual participation of these members. The target audiences are swingers which have made the site develop itself accordingly. The site is created by real-life swingers and is quite popular among audiences because of its efficiency. Customer satisfaction is relatively high in this case, and the audiences’ satisfaction is verified when they sing praises about the site. A few fake accounts were also found in Kasidie, and these were removed very quickly by the moderators. These facts have made Kasidie a perfect area to enjoy the sexual experiences you desire in a trustworthy manner.

Kasidie Summary

Kasidie has been in the field of dating for quite a long time now because it has been on the market since 2006. The entire platform has been able to establish a strange type of niche for couples who are interested in swinging and polyamory. This is considered to be a trendy swinging website because the entire functional estate is based on online swinging fashion. The site is verified by genuine swingers who have found the platform to be perfect. Kasidie site is very good at what it promises over a long time.

Customer satisfaction on the pry of this website is excellent. The users have found more than a few fake accounts on this platform. These were dealt with the help of Kasidie moderators as well. The site has been proven to be a very reliable website in terms of sexual experiences. You can get whatever relationship you want on this platform, although the niche is for Swingers.

It is effortless to get into Kasidie because the process of registration is swift and efficient. The steps which are associated with Kasidie are straightforward, and it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to sign up.

The site will ask every registering person to get the details of their names in the field. The name might not be your own, and you might use a fictional location for yourself as well. The city name and the type of gender with which you identify must be mentioned as well. You must upload an authentic image. It can be a single image, or it might also be a couple of pictures with your partner. This website also accepts other profile pictures like landscapes or pets.

Kasidie site supports hook-ups only when you can answer the questions about your likes and dislikes, in this case. The questions can help to find the partners of your choice who might be ready to have the same experiences as you do. The steps which are asked by the website must be followed to make sure that you have a compatible partner.

The city name might turn out to be troublesome when you are getting into the website. The consensus has a particular domain in which only a few names of cities will be recognized. The users should enter one single Alphabet at a time to get the drop-down menu about the type of city they reside in. You can also choose the city which is nearest to you.

This is the only place that can create trouble for the user. The registration process will be conducted efficiently with the help of this method.

Kasidie Summary

The Audience Of Kasidie


There are several users on this platform and out of which there are solely 150,000 users from the United States of America only. The large member base in the USA ensures the members’ activity on a rigorous scale. There are about 50,000 active users on the platform as well. This is quite appreciable for a website that offers different activities to the users.

Age Distribution

Different age groups are readily acceptable in the platform as well. It has been found that 30 % of the population is between the age group 36-55, 10 % are 55 and more. A significant chunk of the population is 60 % in the age group, 18-35 years old.

Gender proportion

It has been found that most of the couples on this website are looking for hook-ups rather than regular relationships. There are a more significant number of female singles on this website in comparison to the make singles. The niche audiences are the swinger couples on this website. This makes up for more than the majority of the population, but the female singles are greater in number as well. This is quite significant in terms of gender ratio as well. Kasidies is one of the websites which offers excellent options for users. There are different types of international listings which are available on this platform as well. The emphasis of the site is on sex life rather than intimate relationships.

The Audience Of Kasidie

Kasidie Site Features

There are several features that Kasidie offers, and it is entirely different from the other sites from the competitors in this domain. Some of these features can be described as follows:

The Kasidie site is made for single members, and some couples are looking out for single activities. The different types of features available with the website design are added to help the users avail these features.


The feature of parties and events can help the users set up events within a particular area to meet the interested people. International events can also be organized with the help of this feature.


This is one of the unique features which can enable users to make travel plans and create a calendar with the help of these dates. You can also hope to find some users who have the same ideas as you do to make plans together.


There is an open platform on Kasidie site that can allow the users to discuss their comfortable things. The issue doesn’t need to be sex. Trending topics can be addressed as well.

Club Listing

This can act as a local directory that can help find the different types of swinger clubs near you. This will help to find the relative clubs in the vicinity of your location in a particular city.


This is one of the features that can help find the meet-up dates and other such features on Kasidie.


This is yet another feature that can help users use various sex toys and erotic things on the site. You can usually use this feature even in the absence of a paid membership.

Kasidie Site Features


1 month $19.85
3 months $45.00
6 months $75.00
12 months $129.95


Advantages Of Paid Account

Benefits of free accounts are:

  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Sending a friend request and accepting others as well
  • Flirting with the members
  • Posting details on Rendezvous
  • Joining the forums
  • Using chat rooms and instant messenger
  • Having access to more pictures and files uploaded by others
  • Hosting and also join parties hosted by different members
Advantages Of Paid Account

Possibility Of Free Account

The standard account can give you the following benefits:

  • registering with Kasidie for free
  • creating an impressive profile
  • uploading a profile picture
  • searching for potential swinger matches
  • social networking
  • receiving and replying to emails
  • acquiring and also accept friends request
  • searching for others
  • attending parties


Safety and privacy can be considered one of the first concerns associated with the users on this platform. Different types of hook-up sites can provide a certain amount of discretion for the users. Kasidie site has some privacy and security measures that are way more significant than the other dating sites. However, in the case of Kasidie, the company has the right to send the links to third-party groups online. If you click on any of the third-party links, you will be able to move to other websites. This must be used at your discretion.

Scam Charges

Kasidie can inform the details of suspicious activity on the practice vigilance on the website. You can cancel your membership without any problem on this website.

Contact Information

In case you have any questions, open queries, or concerns, you may contact the Kasidie team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of questions that a lot of prospective members tend to ask. Hope these questions provide you with the requisite information too.

Is Kasidie a Legitimate Website?

Yes. Kasidie is indeed a legit website. You can meet different types of individuals of the same mindset and go ahead with the information without any fear of judgment. There are some alternatives as well, but this is the best website for your platform as well. A sexual-social platform can be the best option for open-minded couples interested in different sexual adventures with minimum scam charges and fake profiles.

How Does Pricing of Kasidie Look Like?

Kasidie app has some of the best features for its members free of cost. However, still, there are few that come with a premium cost. It is how this cost looks like to its users.

  • The cost of one month is 19.85 USD.
  • Three months will cost you 45.00 USD.
  • The entire cost of a six-month membership is 75.00 USD.
  • One year — a total of 129.95 USD.

Payment can be made via all credit cards/debit cards/Paypal.

Is there any Mobile App for Kasidie?

Kasidie has no kind of service which is based on the mobile app. Since the mobile application is absent, it is best to use the website with the help of mobile browsers on laptops or computers. The server is entirely developed in the absence of the app as well. The interface is designed so that the users do not feel the need for the mobile application.

How Does Overall Demographics Look Like On Kasidie?

There are people from different age groups on the Kasidie app as well. The significant age group is between 18 to 35 years. Even with the majority of couples, there are a large number of female singles on this website as well. Therefore, whether you are a couple or a single on this platform, you are bound to find someone who has similar tastes as you do.

Is the Registration Process Easy on Kasidie?

It is straightforward to get through the process of approval. It takes only 15 minutes to get the entire registration process done on this platform. The moderators take care so that none of the fake users get into the platform. The platform needs to be updated now and then. Kasidie makes sure that any users do not judge you on the platform. This makes the entire prospect of finding compatible sex partners more accessible than usual on Kasidie.

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