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OkCupid Review

OkCupid Review
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 85 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Time’s Magazine listed OkCupid dating site in the top 10 Dating Websites just three years after its launch in 2004. OkCupid is owned by Match, the same company that launched Tinder, Hinge, and POF (PlentyOfFish). The OkCupid site has gone through various changes or rebranding ever since its launch, making it better day by day and attracting more audiences on the platform. The site’s algorithms are designed in a unique way that focuses more on matching people who have the same interests and preferences or those who are compatible for real, making it different from various other dating sites available on the internet.

The site makes its users disclose their preferences and various other information about them and their personality at the start of the registration through a detailed questionnaire. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship, short term relationship, long term relationship, hook-up, casual relationship, penfriend, online friend, or a real-life friend, the OkCupid app can help you find a perfect compatible match according to your preferences. Check out our detailed OkCupid review to know more about it.

OkCupid Review

OkCupid Summary

OkCupid is a perfect place for you if you are looking for a compatible partner or just a friend with the same interests as all the profiles on the OkCupid site is almost complete because they make you fill all the required information during the sign-up procedure only. The sign-up process on OkCupid is relatively easy but long, so one needs to be patient while registering to the site. You can register yourself to OkCupid by two methods, either through your Facebook account or by using your email id. Using your Facebook account for the sign-up procedure will make it more convenient and faster for you to register on the site.

During the sign-up procedure on the OkCupid website, you will have to provide your details such as name, location, zip code, etc. Then, you will have to select a gender that describes you: man, woman, and more. There are around 22 options in the more gender section. Once you have done that, you will have to specify what kind of relationship you are looking for, i.e., long-term relationship, short-term relationship, hook-up, or a new online or nearby friend. After this, you must choose the gender of the person you are looking for and remember to specify an age range for the person you are seeking for more accurate results.

The next step for completing your profile setup is to provide a descriptive paragraph on your profile displayed to others when they visit your profile. It is essential to keep it short but detailed and brief. You can describe yourself using your interests or a few adjective words. Make sure to keep it eye-catching and exciting to read to drive the attention of other users. You will also have to add a profile picture of yourself that must not be greater than 400 X 400 pixels. Avoid uploading group photos that will remove focus from you, although you can upload pictures with your pet as it won’t confuse anyone and, of course, make you look cuter and more caring. The more pictures you upload, the more chances of getting a match as your account activity increases.

Now that your profile is complete, you will be asked a few questions. It is optional to answer all the questions in the questionnaire, but it is recommended to either of them or a few of them to help you find a perfect match for yourself. The match percentage of your profile and the other user will be determined through these questions only, so make sure, to be honest while answering these. The questionnaire on the OkCupid app comprises two parts, and both parts contain questions about your personality, preferences, hobbies, nature, habits, likes, dislikes, e.t.c. You can get to know more by reading our OkCupid review further.

OkCupid Summary

The Audience Of OkCupid


OkCupid has a diverse audience in terms of geography. People from every corner around the world can be found on OkCupid. You can also share locations on the OkCupid app with your partners. However, it may not be so effective for small towns or cities.

Age Ratio

Users of all ages can be found on the OkCupid site, but its colorful and enthusiastic aesthetics attract more young people. Most of the users on the site are between 18-35 years of age, taking up to 60% of the user-base, while 30% of users are between 36-55 years of age and 10% are 55+ of age.

Gender And Sexuality

OkCupid offers over 29 sexual orientations and about 12 gender identities. You can find people of different genders and sexual orientations on the website. The site dramatically supports LGBTQ+. Even their cover advertising pages and website home page comprises girl dating girl or men dating men pictures.

The Audience Of OkCupid

OkCupid Site Features

Messaging And Chat Feature

OkCupid’s messaging and chat feature makes it stand out from other regular dating platforms. Many females keep on complaining about the creeps who keep on texting them over and over. OkCupid has resolved this issue for females and made it more secure for them. Although free users can send or receive messages from other users, one cannot text you unless you guys are a match, which helps keep creeps away.

Swipe Feature

The OkCupid app recently introduced a new swipe feature just like Tinder. It is like a quick match feature that lets you like or dislike one’s profile quickly by just glancing at their profile pictures. You can swipe right if you want them and swipe left if you don’t.

Advance Match

The site provides a questionnaire during the registration process, which is optional to fill. Still, we recommend you to fill up all the answers in the questionnaire as it will help you in matching with an ideal compatible partner. They use the answers you have provided to find out the match percentage of your profiles through various advance match filters.

Advanced Search

OkCupid has an advanced search option with various filters such as age, location, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, etc., to help users find what they are seeking.

OkCupid Site Features


OkCupid offers two types of subscription, the price list for both are as follows:

A-List Basic Subscription

  • 8.95 USD for a one-month subscription and 8.95 USD in total
  • 6.35 USD per month for three months’ subscription and 19.05 USD in total
  • 3.95 USD per month for Six months’ subscription and 23.70 USD in total

A-List Premium Subscription

  • 24.90 USD for a one-month subscription and 24.90 in total
  • 22.90 USD per month for Three months’ subscription and 68.70 USD in total
  • 19.90 USD per month for Six months’ subscription and 119.40 USD in total

Account boat is also available at OkCupid site; the price list for it is as follows:

Boost Charges

  • One credit — 1.99 USD
  • Five credits — 1.89 USD per credit and 9.45 USD in total
  • Ten credits — 1.69 USD per credit and 16.90 USD in total

You can make payments through credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, UPI, GooglePay, e.t.c. The OkCupid site provides its users with easy and hassle-free online payment methods so that they can enjoy the benefits of premium or paid accounts sitting at home without worrying about the payment.


Advantages Of Paid Account

  • You can see who viewed or liked your profile.
  • You will receive a notification whenever your message is seen.
  • You won’t have to bear with annoying pop-up ads and permanent advertisement posters.
  • Advanced searching is available for paid accounts with various filters.
  • Auto-boost daily.
  • Other members prioritize messages.
  • You can view public queries.

Possibility of Free Account

  • You can create the OkCupid account for free
  • Free members can receive and send messages to others, but you can’t message someone unless you guys match.
  • Basic searching is available for free accounts.
  • You can view a list of people whose profiles you have liked.
  • The basic matching algorithm is also available for free accounts.
  • You can browse through pages.
  • You can utilize the Double Take feature.
Possibility of Free Account


Yes, OkCupid is one of the safest dating platforms available online. They follow strict community guidelines and privacy and security policies. The site claims that they do not share any of the user’s personal information with a third party other than the government agencies as per the law. They also claimed to have an extreme version of firewalls and servers to protect user data and privacy from hackers.

Most of the profiles on OkCupid are already completed as they make users fill in all information at the time of registration only. No user can text another user unless they are a match, which helps keep creeps away from genuine users and is exceptionally safe and secure for female users.

Scam Charges

The OkCupid site follows very strict policies for user data protection, privacy, and security, and if they find anyone violating the community guidelines, the site moderators immediately delete their profiles and ban their registered email id or Facebook account to make sure that they do not again register themselves to OkCupid in future.

Scam Charges

Contact Information

Interestingly, there is no customer care number, where-in you can call and resolve your queries. However, you can drop them a note at [email protected].


Here is an exhaustive list of frequently asked questions, which can resolve your majority of queries and apprehensions related to register or become an effective user at OkCupid.

Is OkCupid App A Legitimate Site Or A Scam?

It is indeed a legit website. OkCupid is worth investing money and time in. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship, short-term relationship, serious relationship, casual relationship, new friends, OkCupid is a perfect place to find an ideal match that matches your vibes and energy. It’s easy to use interface, and website design is convenient for people of all ages to use. No matter how tech dumb you are, you won’t suffer while using OkCupid as it is easy to navigate. Its colorful and cheerful aesthetics represent joy and love and its liberal nature of support for the LGBT community. Their questionnaire provides an opportunity for users to share their intellectual, political, and other thoughts and preferences that can help them think out of the box and not just focus on faces but intellect and find someone with the same mindset and interests as you.

Is OkCupid App A Legitimate Site Or A Scam?

How Much Does the Subscription Cost for OkCupid Site?

The OkCupid site offers two types of subscriptions: basic subscriptions and premium subscriptions. The price list for both are as follows:

Basic Subscription

  • 8.95 USD for a one-month subscription and 8.95 USD in total
  • 6.35 USD per month for three months’ subscription and 19.05 USD in total
  • 3.95 USD per month for Six months’ subscription and 23.70 USD in total

Premium Subscription

  • 24.90 USD for a one-month subscription and 24.90 in total
  • 22.90 USD per month for Three months’ subscription and 68.70 USD in total
  • 19.90 USD per month for Six months’ subscription and 119.40 USD in total

Is OkCupid App Available for both Android and iOS As Mobile App?

Yes, the OkCupid app is available for both Android and iOS. It can also be used in phone browsers, as the OkCupid site is highly mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.

What are the Demographics For the OkCupid site?

There are around 29 sexual orientations and 12 gender identities available on the OkCupid app. It greatly supports the LGBT community and has a diverse user base in terms of gender. It allows people of all ages who are 18 or more to register with OkCupid. You can find people of different sexual orientations and ages easily on the website.

Is it easy to Register on OkCupid app?

We went through OkCupid’s sign-up process while writing this OkCupid review. We realized that the signup procedure on the website is easy to understand but is quite long as it also includes the profile completion along with it. While signing up with OkCupid, you will be provided with two options; you can either sign up through your Facebook account or with your email ID. Signing up with your Facebook account will make the signup process faster and easier for you. You can also fetch photos to upload on your OkCupid profile from your other social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook.

So when are you registering yourself at Okcupid?

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