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eHarmony Review

eHarmony Review
About Site
Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 74%
Popular Age 22-45
Profiles 880 350
Reply Rate 56%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 7.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The platform is the first dating service using matchmaking algorithms, and registered users can meet truly like-minded people who match their preferences the most.
  • The users’ activity is high enough. Furthermore, most registered members understand what they are seeking on the site. Profiles are detailed enough so that users could understand whether your preferences match or not.
  • New entrants may enter the platform through their Facebook accounts, speeding up the registration.
  • The questionnaires help new entries to meet like-minded users, as the system bases matchmaking algorithms on their answers and advanced technologies.
  • Despite the balance between male and female profiles, this dating platform is mainly useful for signed-up members from 25 to 55, as more 85% of profiles fall into these age ranges.
  • Despite the diversity of free options, the unlimited messaging feature is fee-based. Furthermore, members lack a variety of communication features.
  • Registered members may meet scammers on the platform, and owners of fake accounts solicit money.

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While talking about world-known dating platforms, eHarmony is among the most recognizable brands globally. Such a website is truly effective for diverse dating purposes. Most signed-up users are looking for serious relationships there. Meanwhile, newcomers with friendship and hookup intentions are welcome as well.

eHarmony Summary

eHarmony Summary

The history of one the most visited dating platforms roots back into 1995, when an American clinical psychologist Neil Warren, together with his son-in-law, ran a seminar company. On August 22, 2000, the company was transformed into a fully functional dating service called eHarmony.

The platform attracted $3 million of investments and started to develop rapidly. 12 years have gone, and in 2012 eHarmony occupied more than 14% of the US market of dating sites. In 2018 the company’s ownership changed – eHarmony had been sold to the German corporation ProSiebenSat.

As of today, the number of active subscribers is more than 16 million singles looking for their perfect matches. An average visitor spends at least 7 minutes on the platform, browsing 9 or more pages. Such a dating platform occupies the 37th position in the ranking of the most visited dating services globally.

The Audience of eHarmony

The Audience of eHarmony

With more than 16 million active users, this platform is among the most eye-catching dating services. The first and foremost concern lies in the geographical distribution of signed-up users. Which countries are represented by the largest number of users? The USA leads this ranking with 93.29% of the overall audience. The top-5 list includes the following countries as well:

  • Canada (1.09% of subscribers);
  • The United Kingdom (0.83%);
  • India (0.46%);
  • Australia (0.37%).

As for other countries outside the top-5 list, members face numerous hurdles and headaches looking for like-minded people.

The distribution of male and female profiles is almost equal, as 47% of signed-up members are women. The two dominating age ranges for both genders are 25 – 35 years and 35 – 45 years.

According to statistics, the vast majority of profiles belong to educated people; this is why eHarmony is a perfect choice for successful members. The website matches heterosexual singles, as more than 99% of users are straight. On the other hand, the platform enables newcomers to specify their gender and sexual preferences.

eHarmony Site Features

eHarmony Site Features

The first step lies in the necessity to sign up for the platform, and such a service offers newer entrants rather quick and straightforward registration. The following steps are mandatory:

  1. Open the official website or mobile applications.
  2. Specify your gender, sexual preferences.
  3. Inscribe your email.
  4. Create a strong password, and click on the orange ‘Join Now’ button.

Choose the Facebook registration option to skip these steps. The system imports all the mandatory information from your profile automatically.

New entries have to undergo a compatibility quiz. This stage is required to enable the platform to find some like-minded people who match your preferences. The quiz consists of a number of questions that are related to your preferences, lifestyle, cultural views, and more. Newly registered members specify their own points of view and then choose options they want to see in his (her) special one. After the quiz, new entries are asked to specify some more personal information and upload their profile photo. Furthermore, the platform offers beginners to fill in three detailed fields, telling more about themselves.

When you’ve finally penetrated the platform, activate the preferred matchmakers to let the system know your preferences. The available filters contain information about age, height, drinking and smoking habits, kids, religion, ethnicity, and other important criteria. Note that some advanced filters are accessible for premium users.

The system displays profiles that match your preferences. Open a profile to access more information. Furthermore, members may see the eHarmony compatibility score for you two. The following communication features are available when a person catches your eye:

  • Send a smile.
  • Send an icebreaker.
  • Type a new message.
  • Initiate a video date.


The premium subscription is not mandatory for eHarmony members, but a free status limits your opportunities. Furthermore, the most effective communication features are not available for basic accounts. Press on the orange ‘Upgrade to Premium’ button to unlock all the listed features.

The following packages are available:

Price for 1 month Total cost Savings
Premium Light (6-Months Subscription) $45.90 $275.40
Premium Plus (12-Months Subscription) $29.90 $358.80 35% off
Premium Extra (24-Months Subscription) $20.90 $501.60 55% off

Furthermore, newcomer users who’ve signed up for the eHarmony platform may purchase all the packages with a 50% discount. Such an offer is available on a one-time basis. For instance, beginner members may purchase the Premium Extra subscription, paying $10.45 only per month. The discount is available for 24 hours after the registration moment.

While purchasing the premium package, users may divide the package into several payments (members may cancel the subscription after a certain period). A credit card is the only payment method to purchase a premium subscription. Choose the payment option (number of payments) and inscribe the mandatory information to complete your purchase.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

The premium eHarmony account enables members to get the following advantages:

  • The premium subscription empowers a user to view photos of other members.
  • Advanced search filters are accessible for premium subscribers.
  • Your account upgrade unlocks the unlimited messaging feature. Furthermore, a user may initiate video dates that are more effective to understand whether your interests and views correspond to each other.
  • Premium subscribers get the right to browse eHarmony anonymously.
  • The system unlocks more matches outside subscribers’ preferences.
  • Premium users may see who’s viewed their profile, sent smiles, etc.

This said, the premium subscription is inevitable; otherwise, the system is useless for newcomers. The experts recommend starting with the minimum possible package: divide the 6-Month Premium Light into 4 payments and test the first 45 days of premium access.

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

When you’ve just created an account on eHarmony, the system grants you access to the following features:

  • Undergo the welcome quiz, answering the questions related to your personality, views, and interests.
  • Fill in the profile information and edit fields if necessary. Upload your profile photos.
  • Activate a set of standard filters to narrow your search.
  • Open users’ profiles and look through the given information.
  • Send 5 questions specifically generated by the eHarmony team.
  • Add other users to your list of favorites.

On the one hand, the list of standard features is extended enough; meanwhile, users cannot send messages and access other effective communication options. This is why newer members are forced to purchase premium subscription packages.



The eHarmony team takes enough measures to provide newcomers with the highest security measures. When you enter the service, the team informs you that the highest protection level is among the top priorities.

The new security feature is available for newer entries. Signed-up members may activate the two-factor authentication in their profile settings to ensure that no one else will enter his (her) account.

What is the 2FA-authentication method? When you enter the service, eHarmony sends you an email or SMS with a code. Inscribe this code in the special field to access your account; otherwise, the entrance is impossible. The sent code is valid for 6 hours.

This is why you need to indicate a valid email address while creating an account on the platform or within mobile applications.

Scam Charges

Scam Charges

One cannot imagine a dating platform without scammers, and eHarmony is not an exception – according to members, they meet fake accounts from time to time. On the other hand, visitors need to know which protective measures are taken against scammers and how effective those measures are.

The first barrier lies in the registration process peculiarities. Scammers need to answer about a hundred questions, and this procedure is rather annoying for money solicitors. This said the vast majority of scammers decide to start looking for other dating platforms. The platform unlocks the messaging feature for premium users only, while the subscription is rather expensive.

When a user considers an account as suspicious, there is a possibility to report a member. Click on the menu button in the upper right-hand corner – choose the ‘Report Match’ option, select the reason, and give a brief explanation.

Contact Information

The eHarmony platform is exceptionally straightforward and convenient for users; meanwhile, problems and headaches are inevitable, especially for newer entrants. Users have questions related to payment details, premium features, scam reports, and many other issues. What are the available methods to contact the support agents?

Open the Help section placed in the footer of the website to access the possible ways to contact customer support. Press on the ‘Contact Customer Care’ to access the feedback form. Inscribe your email, choose your subject, and describe your question in detail. The eHarmony team is going to answer within 24 hours.

Furthermore, subscribers may contact support agents through the following options: 1-855-290-5575 (for US subscribers), 1-844-696-4819 (for Canadian members), 844-527-7421 (international phone number). Users may send their questions to [email protected].

The FAQ section placed on the eHarmony website is detailed enough, helping users find answers for most problems.


Can users call the eHarmony platform legit

Can users call the eHarmony platform legit

In most cases, this question sounds controversial; meanwhile, eHarmony is entirely legit, helping users meet their like-minded special ones. The platform uses a set of diverse matching mechanisms and advanced technologies to make users’ dreams come true. Most newer entrants are looking for something serious, but flings and friendships are possible as well.

As for scammers, members sometimes meet fake profiles, but they are not frequent. The team takes users’ reports into consideration, detecting fake profiles to ban those as soon as possible.

What are the prices on eHarmony?

Such a dating platform is among the most expensive ones. While upgrading their account, users have to select among three packages: 6-months, 12-months, and 24-months subscription. The minimum price is $275.40. These prices sound too expensive for newcomers, and there are several ‘buts.’

When a member purchases a certain package, he (she) gets an opportunity to divide that package into four payments. When eHarmony services don’t correspond with your expectations, cancel other payments. Furthermore, all the newer members get a 50% discount for all the packages, and the minimum monthly price drops down to $10.45.

Are there eHarmony applications for mobile devices?

Are there eHarmony applications for mobile devices?

This website is among the platforms that offer apps for on-the-go users, and this factor is among the important advantages from the viewpoint of signed-up subscribers. Apps are available for both Android and iOS devices, but your smartphone must correspond with the system requirements. The requirements are rather strict:

Android devices iOS devices
Compatibility 6.0 Android version or later 13.0 version of iOS or later
Version 8.25.0 8.25.0
Size 108 Mb 73.7 Mb
Rate 3.9 4.2

When compared to other popular dating platforms, eHarmony apps require more free space on your smartphone. Applications are exceptionally in-demand. The number of downloads exceeds 5 million.

Both applications are available on official stores (Google Play and App Store); this is why enter the preferred store, type the name of the eHarmony app, and download it for your device. Applications are even quicker and more convenient.

What are the most widespread eHarmony demographics groups?

If we dive into the age ranges represented by female profiles, the following situation takes place:

  • Under 25 years: 8%;
  • 25 – 35 years: 35%;
  • 35 – 45 years: 31%;
  • 45 – 55 years: 16%;
  • 55+ years: 10%.

While talking about the distribution of registered male accounts, the following age ranges dominate:

  • Under 25 years: 6%;
  • 25 – 35 years: 38%;
  • 35 – 45 years: 32%;
  • 45 – 55 years: 19%;
  • 55+ years: 5%.

This said eHarmony is mainly useful for people aged from 25 to 55 years. On the other hand, advanced matching algorithms give pretty many chances for other age ranges as well.

Is the eHarmony sign-up process straightforward or difficult?

On the one hand, the sign-up process is exceptionally simple, as users need to indicate their basic info. On the other hand, the system requires newer entries to answer about a hundred questions, and those are mandatory. This stage helps advanced matching technologies to find like-minded people for you.

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