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Muddy Matches Review

Muddy Matches Review
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Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 83%
Popular Age 28-50
Profiles 1 690 430
Reply Rate 69%
Ease of Use 9.4
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Niche dating site for folks used to the country life
  • The site still welcomes city people
  • Searching for users who meet your preferences is easy
  • Moderators need to approve your account before you start chatting and dating
  • A largethe essential number of members in the UK
  • Members on the site are looking for a serious relationship
  • You can fill your profile with plenty of details
  • Signing up is comprehensive
  • There is an app for smartphones
  • Subscription is necessary to access the chat
  • You need to fill out a lot of personal info when signing up

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Muddy Matches is a dating site created by sisters Emma and Lucy. When they moved to London, they found it hard to meet people with more of a countryside mentality, and so they wanted to create a space where “muddy” people could meet and fall in love.

Sure, people who are more “townies” can enter the site too, but the general focus is on men and women who love country life.

In this review, we will check what types of features you shall find on Muddy Matches. Also, you will learn whether the site legitimately helps you find a partner for life or at least a partner to enjoy good nights together.

The Audience of Muddy Matches

The Audience of Muddy Matches

As of 2021, there is data informing that Muddy Matches already counts with more than 200,000 users from the UK. There are also members from Ireland, but since Ireland is not in Great Britain, but on the sister island, members from the country might find it more arduous to meet members they find online.

Recent data showed that more than 50% of members are women. That is a rare statistic for a dating site since these sites generally feature plenty more men than women. That can be read as a sign that the site is trustworthy, and women feel safe to register on it and find a loving partner.

When it comes to age, there are people of all ages. You can easily find young people between the ages of 18 and 30, and older people looking for romance too.

Even though the site’s goal is to bring singles together and help them find love, many members are looking for friends who also love country life. That way, they can go to events together. That is especially useful for people who moved into large urban zones such as London and then find themselves without someone to talk about farm stuff.

Muddy Matches Site Features

Muddy Matches Site Features

This is the exciting part of the review where you can learn what makes Muddy Matches different from other sites. Well, sure, it is already different because of its very singular focus. Even so, let’s see what else the site has for members.

Safety Advice

The sisters who created the site are aware that the internet is not always safe and that people with bad intentions can get into Muddy Matches to try and scam other good-faith members. With this notion in mind, the site has a Safety Advice section where everyone can read about how to protect themselves inside the platform. That is very beneficial for people who are not familiar with online safety protocols.

Dating Advice Blog

Not everyone is a dating expert, and developers behind dating sites know about this. Since they want you to be successful in your conversations and when you go out on a date with people you met on the site, Muddy Matches has a Dating Advice Blog section. There you can find some tips on how to proceed if you feel like you need a little push. Sure, not everything applies to everyone, so you can use your wisdom and filter what sounds useful and what doesn’t.


Muddy Matches is very concerned about its users’ safety, so this is one more section where you can read about how the site protects you and the data you share. GDPR means General Data Protection Regulation.

Success Stories

This feature goes out to people who are curious about the success of the site in real life. In this section, you can find plenty of stories of couples who got together through the site and are now happily married.

Muddy Townie Quiz

This feature is a fun quiz you can answer when you are bored. It has some questions about things you like, your way of life, etc., and then it shows you how muddy or towny you are. You can use this to break the ice when talking to someone new on the site.

Country Calendar

This feature is straightforward. The Country Calendar helps you keep up with country events happening near you. That way you can arrange a date in one of these events, or go to one of them in the hope of meeting someone special.

Countryside Online Dating

On the site, you can find great articles to read about dating with country folk. They are engaging and informative, so take your time to wrap your head about them. Included are:

  • Farmer Wants a Wife
  • Farmer Dating
  • Equestrian Dating
  • Love in the Countryside
  • Gay Farmers Dating
  • Dating Country Lovers
  • Countryside Dating
  • Dating Horsey People



Nowadays, it is common for dating sites to offer a premium account on top of your regular account. It gives new features (sometimes essential features) for you to better enjoy the site. Price varies from site to site, so check below how much you pay for a premium subscription on Muddy Matches:

1 month 24.00 GBP
3 months 45.00 GBP
6 months 69.00 GBP
12 months 90.00 GBP

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

The paid subscription gives you access to the most essential feature in any dating site: the chat.

This might sound like a bummer, but many dating sites charge a subscription if you want to have access to the chat feature. That is, in fact, a way of ensuring that all members using the chat are in good faith and genuinely looking for a relationship or friendship.

Scammers are always targeting dating sites because it is easy to register and lure naive people. That way, a paid subscription to access the chat is pretty fair. Scammers will have to try harder or just get lost.

Possibility Of Free Account

Possibility Of Free Account

With a free account at Muddy Matches, you can access all features already described in this article except, obviously, for the chat. You can check as many profiles as you want and discover what people are near you, if any of them is looking for a relationship, etc.

Unfortunately, there is no forum or other interactive space where you can talk to people outside of the chat feature. If you find a profile that appeals to you, the only way to send a message is if you acquire a paid membership.



Muddy Matches is one of the safest dating sites you can find right now. Developers of the site have full awareness of the fact that scammers exist, and they acknowledge the dangers of signing up at a dating site to meet people you know nothing about.

Because of that, the site gets filled with information that helps you protect both within it and at other online places.

If any profile harasses you, it is easy to block and report. That way, you need only interact with pleasant people and make your time at the site a joyful experience.

Scam Charges

Scam Charges

There are no scam charges against Muddy Matches whatsoever. The site is very safe, and if any profile you find is fake, you can report it immediately. However, the security staff is always taking care to ensure that you do not run into those.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected].

Address: Paddock View, Grange Farm, Bozeat, Northamptonshire NN29 7HJ, GB

Phone: +44 1536 413424


In the FAQ, you will find quick answers to the most asked questions. If you jumped through the article here, you should find some very essential information to let you know whether Muddy Matches is worth the effort.

Is Muddy Matches Trustworthy?

Is Muddy Matches Trustworthy?

It most certainly is. With a plentitude of dating sites out there, it is expected that users or potential users worry about legitimacy. However, Muddy Matches was developed by two people who wanted to connect with other “muddies.” The idea got big, and now plenty of people are using the site.

There are more than 200,000 users within the UK, so if you live in any country pertaining to it, you can create an account and try your luck. There won’t be a shortage of people to talk to.

What Is The Cost of Muddy Matches?

The price for a premium subscription changes according to how much time you are planning to use the premium features. There is a progressive discount, so if you choose to go with a 1-year plan, you will pay much less per month than if you choose a 6-month plan.

In this article, there is a section detailing how much it costs to get a premium membership at Muddy Matches.

Is There A Muddy Matches App?

Is There A Muddy Matches App?

Muddy Matches offers an app version of the platform for users that are usually on the go or simply prefer to access the dating space through their phones.

The app is very similar to the site, so there is no need for adaptation. All you can find in one version; you can find on the other. It is clear and straightforward, delivering a great dating experience.

Users of iOS and Android alike can use the app. All they have to do is download from the proper app store. Since it is available on Android, Chromebook users can use it too in its app version rather than the web version if they feel like it.

The app makes it easier for users to upload pictures, as you can upload them directly from your gallery.

The app lets you turn notifications on so that you always know when something new is happening, such as recent events nearby got added or someone is hitting on you.

Who Is Using Muddy Matches?

The demographics on Muddy Matches are very well balanced all the way through. Many dating sites nowadays are filled with men, but on this site, there are more women than men, however only a few more. That way, everyone has a fair chance of meeting a great loving partner.

All sexualities are accepted into Muddy Matches, meaning that you can enter to look for men or women regardless of your gender.

All ages are well represented. At some dating sites, you will find only young people or only older people. On Muddy Matches, you find men and women of all ages. This is heaven if you are up for meeting partners of different ages.

How To Sign Up At Muddy Matches?

It is very easy to sign up at Muddy Matches. It might take a bit longer than on other dating sites because Muddy Matches asks for plenty of details. However, the site is aimed at building serious relationships that should result in marriage. That way, it is comprehensible that you should fill it with the required details. This is common for dating sites of such sort.

The registration process has five steps. In each step, you inform a certain array of info. It goes from how you look (how you would describe yourself) to location, dating preferences, what your experience living in the country is, etc. All of that is supposed to help you find the perfect match within the site.

One unique question Muddy Matches will ask you once you are signing up is how much of a towny or muddy you are. You can answer 100% of either, 50% of each, or anywhere in between on this Muddy Matches quiz.

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