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BlackDatingForFree Review

BlackDatingForFree Review
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Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 63%
Popular Age 25-48
Profiles 2 870 360
Reply Rate 48%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Straight and queers are welcome here because it believes 'love is love' and everybody is entitled to it, irrespective of their sexuality.
  • It provides free membership to everyone who registers and is not engaged or committed.
  • It is more secure than other similar online match-making organizations. One has to provide their entire bio-data and either email or sign up using social media handles like Facebook. BDFF's inclusion of quite many details and linking their mail or social media handle guarantees the members being genuine in most cases.
  • Besides the website, it also offers a well-designed app for easier access. It lies at your discretion to use the website or the app.
  • Its app can be downloaded free of cost on any device, be it a mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop, irrespective of whether it is Apple or Android.
  • One can communicate with the others for free through the chat option, public chat rooms, or forum pages.
  • One can send 'winks' to a person they feel attracted to, which can be done for free.
  • Signing up is quite lengthy and time-consuming as it asks for more details than other similar sites/applications. It does this for the sake of security, but it can be quite boring for some.
  • Its design and infrastructure are not very eye-catching, as it does not take money from its users and runs wholly on donations. Thus, it is designed in quite a simple way as compared to its rivals.

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In case you have never been on a dating site before and are a bit confused about how to start your online romantic life, BDFF is meant just for you. The process of building relationships online is simplified and brought to your fingertips by this site. Many people are enthusiastic about finding love over the net, but they step back on the thought of falling into trouble due to bots or any other such problems. BDFF is almost completely free from this issue due to its quite strict registering procedure. To know elaborately about these things, scroll and go through the entire article.

BlackDatingForFree Summary

BlackDatingForFree Summary

The BlackDatingForFree site provides a platform for black straight, gay or bisexual singles, mostly Americans, to interact and build a love connection online. Although it is primarily designed for colored Americans, a person from another nationality is welcome here. But here is a catch— the only criterion required to become members of it is to look for a black mate. It is amazing and is moving speedily towards popularity due to its impressive no deposit benefits. So it is time to say goodbye to your lonely life and kick start a love commitment through it. Its pros and cons are well listed below.

The Audience of BlackDatingForFree

The Audience of BlackDatingForFree

The United States people comprise the majority of its users. Still, there are quite many other race members, like people from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Japan, Ghana, Nigeria, and Taiwan. Moreover, there are more straight members than people of other sexualities. In the case of the gender proportion, the male count here is more than that of the females. Mostly young adults join it, but people from other age groups are present here too.

BlackDatingForFree Site Features

BlackDatingForFree Site Features

Ebonies and other race people looking for commitment must join it to ensure time-investment in genuine people. Some of the amazing features that make it worth giving it a try are as follows:

Sign up details

  • Joining can be done absolutely free of cost.
  • Anyone who is 18 years of age and above looking for friendship or relationships with blacks is entitled to join it.
  • Its signing-up process is safer than other dating organizations present over the net. It asks for lots of details of the new member while registering and creating an account, including their location and email ID.
  • It asks for more details than other similar organizations for making the process more authentic and secure.
  • Providing a profile picture during the joining process is not mandatory.

BDFF app

It offers a proper application besides its website, which can be installed on Android and Apple mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Moreover, the storage space acquired by the app is also very low, thereby being quite suitable for downloading without worrying about device space running out.

Free site/app

Opening an account and accessing the app or site can be done without any payment. It is the only one that managed to offer all its features and services for free, starting from chatting to sending each other winks.

Details regarding profile

Putting up a display picture in your profile is optional. It is up to you if you want to put it or not.

  • Creating a profile by inputting the required details is enough for someone to judge your personality. By reading someone’s personal interests and sexual preferences, you can understand if they are compatible with you or not.
  • There is a space for listing hobbies and interests and a separate section for including information regarding your religion and church activities.
  • Options for customizing your profile are also present – you can describe yourself and provide relevant information about yourself in the space allotted for writing personal information.
  • One can also control who can contact them by setting criteria such as age, smoking habits, religious beliefs, etc. This ensures your options for an ideal partner are limited and precise.

Design and usability

  • As it is a free platform, its design is very basic; nothing to be boasted about. It runs on donations and tries to keep everything freely accessible to everyone. Thus it has a very simple yet captivating design that appeals to the new members for its ease of use.
  • Deleting your account is equally easy as joining it. One can do it anytime by just going to the Profile Settings and deleting the account created.
  • Their support team may also be contacted in case some assistance is needed regarding anything.

Varied chatting facilities

Interaction is quite efficient here and is one of its specialties.

  • Chatting: Its members get the privilege of doing unlimited chatting with one another through messaging. One can also send a like to someone without any monetary charge, indicating that the person is interested in them and would like to initiate communication or form a bond with them.
  • Chat forum: One can join the chat forum and participate in some ongoing discussion about dating, relationships, or anything else. If you do not like the discussion topic, you may create a different one and wait for others having similar interests to join. In this way, like-minded humans get to know each other better.
  • Live chatting: There is even a live chat room that allows one to interact with online members. Discussion on some topic may occur here, or one may simply introduce oneself to others and informally interact. They may even discuss their interests and demands regarding their future partner.


Signing up, profile creating, and accessing every feature can be done for free in it. There are no charges levied for any kind of premium facilities. Nothing like a premium version or extra benefits exist. Getting to read each other’s biodatas, chatting with somebody you feel attracted to, and sending winks to them can be done without any payment. Even the ones you dislike can be blocked or reported, based on your reason for disliking them, and the administrative team can be consulted in case of some problems or queries, without spending anything. Now, isn’t that impressive? All its amazing characteristics can be enjoyed by paying absolutely nothing. It is one of the prime reasons for choosing it over its rivals.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

The foremost advantage of having used it is that it provides you with every necessary facility without paying anything in return. It operates completely on donations. You can register, chat, and take advantage of all its other characteristics without worrying about money matters. There is no provision for the creation of a paid account and get any extra benefits.

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

BDFF tries to provide all its facilities without costing anything. Downloading the application and creation an account here or on their official website does not require money payment. Even setting up your profile in your way, by including details about yourself that you want to, is equally simple and cashless. You can send winks or likes to someone to make them understand that you are interested in interacting with them. This feature, too, is free.



It is extremely safe and more secure than other online match-making organizations. One has to provide their entire bio-data and either email or sign up using social media handles like Facebook. BDFF’s inclusion of quite many details (more than any other similar organizations) and linking their mail or social media handles with their created profiles guarantee the users being genuine in most cases. Due to their strict signing up system, the creation of a fake profile is very difficult. In case of some problem, you can get in touch with the guidance team for help.

Scam Charges

Scam Charges

In its case, the safety and security of its users come first. If someone feels uncomfortable by a person’s way of talking or any other behavior, or if they feel they do not get along well and are unwilling to continue the conversation with them, they can just block them. If things go way out of hand, then it provides an option of reporting the person. In that case, the administrative team takes care of the situation. Even though it has a highly safe system, if someone manages to create a bot, it will be immediately removed by their administrative team once it gets detected. Hence, it ensures the proper security of its members.

Contact Information

Its support team is available 24*7 and can be contacted if one faces any kind of problems or wants to clear one’s queries regarding BDFF. One can go to the Help section or even send them an email or use the phone number present on the Contact page to reach them.


Is BlackDatingForFree match-making organization legitimate?

Yes, it is legitimate and trustworthy due to its high security. It is very difficult for bots to exist as new profiles get approved individually through email verification or by linking their Facebook or other social media accounts.

Does BlackDatingForFree require any cash deposit?

BDFF provides amazing features for black people finding love over the net. The most impressive thing about it, which makes it different and more preferable than other similar organizations, is that it does not cost a single penny for using it. No such thing as a premium membership exists in its case.

Does BlackDatingForFree have a proper app for the blacks who search love on the worldwide web?

Does BlackDatingForFree have a proper app for the blacks who search love on the worldwide web?

Yes, it does have a well-built BlackDatingForFree app for the love-searching blacks. Just like the website, the application can also run on any device – Apple or Android. All the facilities provided to the people using it from their desktops are also enjoyed by the people who prefer mobile dating. Being less space-consuming and having a simple design accounts for the application’s success. The app also has a decent design to help even beginners understand the features of the site. Hence, if you have never tried dating on such sites before, they have made things simpler for you.

What is the current demographic trend of BlackDatingForFree?

Although this is not one of the most popular online love connection building organizations on the web, it is fast growing due to being completely free to access without any monetary deposits. Most of its user population comprises people of the U.S. Besides the American blacks, people from other nationalities are present too; the highest number of members among them belong from the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Ghana, and Nigeria. Based on sexuality, the proportions of straight members are the most, and based on gender; males account more than females. Also, the maximum number of users are found between the age group of 18 to 34, which includes young adults. The latest demographic graphs have shown the number of members decreasing with an increase in age.

Is it easy to register on BlackDatingForFree?

Is it easy to register on BlackDatingForFree?

Yes, the registration process is quite simple and devoid of any monetary obligations. First, filling in the necessary details— one’s biodata, sexual preference, and interests should be done. Next, email should be mentioned, and then it should be verified. Another way is by linking one’s social media accounts like Facebook and then filling in the necessary details and completing the process. However, putting up a profile picture is completely optional. One can skip it and do it later or not do it at all if one wishes to. Although the process is highly secure, it is a bit lengthy as it asks for a lot of information while signing up.

As a whole, it can be said that virtual dating is simplified with BDFF. It allows black singles to meet their ideal type over the internet, set up offline meetings, and then see if they are your soul mate. It is a very easy-to-use and genuine internet lovers’ uniting organization. So what are you waiting for? Install it and get going as soon as possible. Tell us your experience once you have finally registered and started your love venture. Also, do not forget to share this article with your friends and encourage them to join too.

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