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Amolatina Review

Amolatina Review
About Site
Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 81%
Popular Age 21-45
Profiles 2 470 380
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Has many females from various Latin regions
  • Quick sign-up process
  • Multiple ways to show your interest in other users
  • Navigating through the profiles costs no money
  • Credit purchase system. No monthly subscription
  • 3-way call using an interpreter
  • Premium features like live cam and chat are for paid subscribers only
  • Lacks features to narrow down your search

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If you search for a secure and efficient online service for dating, Amolatina might be the ultimate choice! Founded in 1993, the site claims to be one of the pioneers in the dating world. Since its launch, the forum has found loyal partners to millions of its users.

The Amolatina site has a huge membership base with more than 17,000 girls. The website claims to have more than 160 new accounts registered daily. Most of them are women. So, if you have always been searching for a Latina girl, it’s the right place to find one.

The primary reason for the website’s popularity is that it has a variety of Latina women. Besides, the quick registration and easy navigation also account for its fame. You just need 2 minutes to register. Then comes the site’s virtual tour, which is the best way to learn about the people and the services on the forum before you purchase any credit.

Throughout our Amolatina review, we will provide you with valuable information to make an informed decision.

Amolatina Summary

Amolatina Summary

A married couple launched this unique service back in 1993. The only inspiration for them was their own successful love story. It all started on a niche dating site and inspired them to develop a forum for the service of singles. They aimed to cater to the specific needs of the users who waste their time on ordinary dating sites.

It would be interesting to know that Amolatina means I Love Latina.

Today the site has a global scope, and most of its members are based in Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and many other countries. A few members from Canada, Australia, the US, and European countries are also on the platform.

The best about the Amolatina app and website is that you will find either no or very few empty profiles and inactive users. It is because the users sign in for a special purpose – the aim to find a Latin partner and are serious about their search.

If to tell about the sort of relationship Amolatina site members are after, we should call it a mix. The users are interested both in long-term relationships and casual encounters. You may also find people looking for friendships and short-term companionship.

The forum provides you with a safe dating experience and has exciting features. All this helps to give you a quality dating service online. Check out our Amolatina review for the audience, pricing, safety, and much more.

Let’s first look at some pros and cons:

The Audience of Amolatina

The Audience of Amolatina

You will meet here the young men and women looking good. Most of them belong to Latin America and other Latin countries. However, you will meet many other European citizens too.

Anyone is welcome here, so there are no religious limits for the members.

As for gender, you will see more females compared to men. They have professionally shot photographs on their profiles. Most of them have their profile live on the website as they set their status to Available and are willing to talk to you.

Amolatina Site Features

Amolatina Site Features

Now, let’s see the prominent features you will find on Amolatina.

Apart from the common features like messaging, emailing, and sharing photos and videos, the Amolatina site has some unique features. That is why the people who register with Amolatina are greatly pleased. They especially commend the variety of communication tools. They make their stay on the site a real fun and speed up finding suitable matches. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Video Chat

Using this, users can talk to each other and watch their real-time videos too. It’s very like video calls on various messengers. The feature is open to premium members only and is a great tool to learn about the other users’ authenticity.

Online Chat

It is similar to Video Chat but doesn’t include video from either side. Online chat is more popular among the new members on the platform. But as soon as the users develop trust, they prefer video chatting.

Send a Present

It is a sort of present delivery service for the members. When the users want to show special interest in somebody, they choose a gift from the site and have it delivered to their address. This unique service brings online contact to real-life and keeps the members gripped to the site. This tool especially comes in handy on the occasions like Christmas, Easter, and birthdays.

Let’s Mingle

It’s a great feature to save your time. Let’s see how it works. When you set a filter to narrow down your search, Let’s Mingle can help you send a default note to all the members you choose.

For instance, if you search for females from English-speaking countries only, you can set the filter. The Amolatina site will send a greeting note to everyone. You may write it as a default note, and the website will send it to all the females who appear in your search results.


It is simply to boost your profile in the search results of other users. When you use this feature, your profile appears in the top few searches. It optimizes your experience on the site and saves your time.

Translation Service

The Amolatina site has people from various countries. Therefore, it facilitates its users with the translation feature. Using this, they do not find difficulty in understanding the language of the members from other regions.

Strict No-Spam Policy

Yes, this should be included in the special features as Amolatina takes extra care to keep its waters clean of any spammers. In addition, it keeps a vigilant eye on users’ activities and takes no time to ban the suspicious members.


You may sign up to Amolatina and enjoy free registration, unlike many other dating websites that charge for signing up. However, if you want to gain an optimal experience on the site, you need to purchase credits. There are various plans available. You should check for yourself what suits your wallet the best.

These plans are set to suit different budgets. As a new user, we advise you to buy a Welcome Package consisting of 20 credits. It will cost you only $9.99. The package includes free greeting messages, 10 free emails, and 10 free chats.

The details of the other credits are as under:

Credits Cost Cost Per Credit
1000 $399.00 $0.40
500 $249.00 $0.50
320 $185.00 $0.58
160 $96.00 $0.60
80 $56.00 $0.70
40 $30.00 $0.75
20 $15.99 $0.80

The minimum credits are 20 for $15.99, while the maximum credit (1000) is $399. Amolatina accepts all the major payment methods. They are all safe. However, we recommend PayPal, as while using a credit card, you are at a higher risk of having your financial data stolen.

It is essential to know what services you get for the cost you pay. For this, you should tap the tab Upgrade my Account at the top right corner of the dashboard. It will open a window giving the details about membership plans. Follow the link reading ‘Read more at the bottom of the window. It will lead you to the Terms of Use page to learn about the prices and features. Our Amolatina review has brought some details of the credits you need for a few popular services:

Services Required Credits
Regular chat costs 1 credit/minute
Regular video chat costs 4 credits/minute
Two-way video chat costs 6 credits/minute
One offline message or a message using the Amolatina app 1 credit
Virtual gifts sent through the Live Video up to 1000 credits each
Viewing a video in a user’s profile 10 credits
Email 10 credits
Animated Smileys 1 credit
Sending and Viewing pictures 15 credits
Stickers 5 credits

Using the table above, you can now easily compare the price for premium packages on Amolatina with those on the other websites. Yes, you guessed it right! The membership cost here is relatively high. However, we would still recommend the service.

Why? Because this forum will not waste your time and secondly offer you exciting features which are nowhere to be found.

Let’s continue with Amolatina review and land in the benefits of paid and free accounts now:

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

If you choose to communicate in a relatively fun way, you should buy credits (the detail is given above). It will open a list of opportunities for you. A few are:

  • Ten free chats to start a conversation with the like-minded users
  • Chat and browse without being noticed – in Anonymity Mode
  • Navigate freely without being interrupted by irritating ads
  • Appear at the top in search results
  • Unlimited exchange of emails, messages, chats, and video calls
  • Unlimited video attachments on your profile

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

Registering, chatting and browsing is free on Amolatina. So, being a free member means active involvement with the website content. As a free member, you also need to comply with the privacy policy.

The following are the services the platform allows you for no extra charges:

  • Unlimited use of Amolatina app and website
  • Listing out your bio, hobbies, and interests in your profile
  • Upload photos to your profile
  • Uploading up to three videos per week
  • Suggesting subjects to talk about during the chat
  • Online and offline chatting
  • Video calls
  • Receiving online gifts from the premium members that helps in the promotion of profiles



Safety is Amolatina’s top concern. Therefore, its strict anti-scam policy works vigilantly. Whenever the moderators at the portal receive any complaint, they open a systematic inquiry against that members. It is a quick procedure that investigates the whole thing. After the inquiry, if the charges leveled against the guilty are sufficient, the site immediately bans the accused permanently and reimburses the credits (if any) deposited by them.

Besides this, a secret force works silently through a one-screen window. This team also works under Customer Care. It monitors the website 24/7 and keeps a watchful eye on suspicious activities.

Amolatina site encourages its users to report any fraudulent action so that the scams may be strictly prevented.

Scam Charges

Scam Charges

The Amolatina review found no scam charges against the website. The site is legit and serves the Latin and the citizens of several other countries across the globe. The developers take special care to keep the site protected and thus safe for the users.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: +1 (800) 844-3978


Here are a few questions with their answers that may concern you:

Is Amolatina a legit dating site or scam?

It is a legit site serving the Latin across the globe in finding them accurate matches. Our search for Amolatina review didn’t find any low-quality profiles, fake policies, or unreasonable costs. Therefore, with several other reviewers, we conclude that the platform is not a scam.

How much do I have to pay for a premium account on Amolatina?

It has 3 prepaid packages to offer to its members. The minimum credit starts from as low as $15.99. There are many plans to choose from. The website takes special care to include a package for each budget.

Can I use Amolatina on my mobile phone?

Can I use Amolatina on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can, by using the Amolatina app. It is a great way to talk to your contacts while on the go.

It has an option to send or receive messages. It has almost all the features of its web variant. You may choose to view profiles and send videos and photographs. It also allows you the advanced search.

Through the application, you can reach Customer Service too. Although the app looks more like a mobile version of the website, it can be used very conveniently and gives a similar experience.

Which kind of people may I expect to meet at Amolatina?

Amolatina was once purely a Latina platform. It used to have members-only from the countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia. However, the site has expanded its scope greatly. It has people from the US, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, and Europe. It claims to have one million active users who look forward to finding love and more on the site!

Does the sign-up at Amolatina take long?

Does the sign-up at Amolatina take long?

No, it takes just a few minutes. It is basically modeled for those who are interested in quick access to dating. All it requires you is to enter the necessary data on the given place on the home page. Then, after the email verification, it takes you in. It’s time you can see around, check the online users, and exchange messages with them.

Amolatina allows you all this with an incomplete profile. So you may complete it any time later. It is a great feature because many forums do not let you in without completing a 100% profile. But here, you can look around and navigate through to get an ambiance before finishing with your profile details and buying credits.


Our Amolatina review concludes here with a strong recommendation for this dating platform. There are many reasons for you to try this. Unique premium features, strict no-scam policy, and quality profiles are a few to quote here.

Yes, the price might make you knit your brows.

But a closer look at the quality and features will justify that. So now, the decision is yours, whether you want to waste a couple of weeks groping in the member base of the clichéd dating sites or come straight to Amolatina and find what you want!

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