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Alua Review

Alua Review
About Site
Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 1 690 720
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has an interactive and visually appealing interface
  • The widgets are at accessible locations; therefore, it is easy to navigate through the Alua site
  • The website has a large user base
  • It allows a customized search. You may find a partner in your locality to meet tonight
  • It allows unpaid subscribers to receive messages from the paid users
  • It has a sympathetic gesture towards free members and allows them to exchange hearts for no payment
  • Alua app is available for both Android and iOS users
  • At Alua, you can expect to meet and talk to popular people on social platforms. Most stars reply to your messages
  • The website is safe for dating
  • Alua app has only basic features. It is not a complete alternative to its web version
  • You will have to purchase a paid plan to enjoy even the basic features. It charges for sending messages and viewing photographs
  • It lacks advanced search options
  • Alua charges you for the number of characters in your messages. So, long messages cost you a very high amount

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Alua site may be better named as a paid messenger. You will find it the best in the town. Do you know why? Because it is for everyone – those who are hunting for a casual fling and those who want to settle with a partner for a long time.

Besides this, it is secure for dating, unlike many other sites in this world. Another reason for it being the best is that it welcomes everyone or anyone under the sun. You will meet people here from a range of geographical and ethnic backgrounds.

Then it has users of all sexual orientations. Therefore, no sideways glances if you belong to an LGBTQ community!

So, you can register, fill in your profile information and start exchanging messages with the one you like to meet. If we have convinced you to get started with Alua, our Alua review will help you a great deal throughout your stay on the site. We will tell you the details of the free and paid subscriptions, the main functions, and tips for making a successful profile. So, gird up to find the one you have been fawning over lately!

Alua Summary

Alua Summary

The Alua site is not older than 5 years but has a vast audience worldwide. The dominant needs on the website are sex and romance. However, many people are interested in partners who help them sharpen their social skills, practicing the art of flirting, and learning something new.

It’s a great place to communicate with like minds and build useful social contacts. So you can register with this site to befriend people and have a happy life.

Alua promises to provide a safe dating experience to its clients. It has vital features and reliable customer support to live; besides, it adds fun to the platform by providing handles for social media. It’s a unique way to relate experiences to the members and spend quality time on the site.

The Audience of Alua

The Audience of Alua

Let’s now check the users of the Alua site

Geographical Background

Alua site is based in North America. However, you will meet a variety of users here. The member base consists of people from Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia.

The forum is committed to providing humans equal chances to find their love. The users appear to be pleased with the service and spend memorable time with their partners at Alua.


The male-female ratio at Alua is roughly equal. And the best part is that the forum is open to the genders falling in between. Therefore, you should be ready to meet a lot of people here. Therefore, it’s highly satisfactory to choose from a plethora of users available on the site. Your partner search is further facilitated by the interactive interface and smart algorithm at the site. Both these features speed up the search.

Sexual Orientation

Alua app is open to lesbians, bisexuals, queer, gay, pansexuals, and trans. You may choose your orientation while making your profile. It is highly relieving for the LGBTQ community and does not feel weird during their stay. This all-inclusive ambiance of the Alua app accounts for its global recognition.


The minimum age to sign up for the Alua site is 18. Most of the people you will meet here fall in the 20-35 age bracket. Alua understands that exposing adult content can result in potential harm for immature minds. That is why it takes special care that no member under 18 signs up for the service. It removes such members right away and keeps the adult themes on the Alua app away from them. It is rare to find people who are above 50 years.

Ethnic Background

Love is the only ethnicity at Alua. However, you will find the website embracing people from diverse races. The forum avows to help everyone find a match, regardless of their background. You may use various filters as a paid member and find the people you are interested in.

Alua Site Features

Alua Site Features

During our research for the Alua review, we learned that the website has some special features which make it stand from the rest of the platforms in this world. Let’s see what they are:

Attractive and Simple Interface

The site, as well as the Alua app, has an easy-to-use interface. The users do not feel any trouble while using it for the first time. The app is highly intuitive and appealing to the eyes. It shows the members with their clear pictures that make the search process even easier. Register today with the platform and find your partner either for a serious relationship or a few nights. At no step will you find Alua too complicated to proceed further.

Breezy Registration Process

For your search, you first need to be through the sign-up procedure for the service. But do not worry. Alua has a quick registration process. All it requires you is to enter a valid email and password for the necessary verification, and voila, you are all set to search for your soul mate!

Now grab a unique username as it piques the curiosity of other users and makes them initiate the conversation. And more messages from users mean more people to choose from. Choose your gender and the gender you are interested in.

You may get back to your profile and add the details like a note about yourself later. But do not forget to affix a pretty photograph with a plain background to your profile. Just like you do not want to talk to a silhouette, no one else would. In addition, the paid members will have an option to add a video to their profiles. It is highly recommendable as it adds to the authenticity of your profile and increases your chances of finding great matches.

A unique feature of the Alua site is that it provides users with easy access to social media stars. If you have always been dreaming of communicating with the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook models, it’s time to realize your dreams.

This specialty benefits the models, too, as they get a chance to expand the list of their followers and fans. Many life coaches, mentors, and actors communicate with their fans through this platform and grow their businesses. Professionals like photographers and event planners find many clients here.

Mobile Version and application

Alua has a mobile version of its website. You will find this version easy to use on your mobile phone. A better option, however, is the Alua app. It’s very like a messenger and compatible with both Android and iOS phones.

When you log in using the application, your status will always be ‘Online.’ You can send and receive messages instantly using this messenger. The app also keeps sending you push notifications to keep you updated about your search.

Instant Support

While browsing through the profiles at Alua, if you happen to meet people with weird behavior, you should take no time to report. One way to spot such people is that they always drag you to the conversation about financial details. The Alua site has instant support that actively weeds the scam profiles’ site and keeps it clean.

However, this is not a common practice for Alua. Most of the users here are genuine, and they are seeking real love and serious relationships. Therefore, you need to be meticulous and check the accounts carefully. Contact the verified profiles and those who have synced their accounts with their social media accounts like Facebook.

Besides recommending like-minded people regularly, the Alua app allows you to set various parameters for your search. Thus, it makes your search speedy and customized. The popular filters are location, on-site status, and physical appearance.

Using these options, you can plan to date with the people who are in your vicinity. In addition, the Status filter comes in handy when you request an instant reply from a user at the other end, as it allows you to scan the site for online users.

Multiple Communication Methods

Perhaps it’s the most exciting feature of the Alua site. It allows you to write a filtering message and send a heart to indicate that you are interested in contacting. Besides, you have the option to send an audio or a video message too. It enhances your credibility and adds fun to your relationship.


Let’s now talk about the most-awaited thing – pricing. The paid membership at Alua entitles you to send and receive messages, add pictures, and exchange voice and video clips with the other paid users. Here are the details of the prices:

Credits Cost
1350 $249,99
520 $99,99
250 $49,99
100 $19,99

Unlike other dating websites, the Alua site doesn’t charge automatically when your subscribed period ends. Instead, you will have to purchase more credits when your subscription expires.

Another important concern could be whether you can use the service for free or not. We will shortly answer this question in detail and tell you what you can have as a free member. For now, let us tell you precisely that the free features are quite limited, and the site encourages you to buy credits to enjoy all the premium features.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

The paid membership entitles you to:

  • View photos of other members
  • Send unlimited messages
  • Appear at the top of searches
  • Elevated profile authenticity
  • Use emojis to start a conversation

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

As told earlier, a free account is possible on the Alua site. However, unpaid members do not have much to do on the forum. The site puts many restrictions on its free users and keeps most of its features closed to them. You even cannot view other users’ photos and videos. You can also not send messages to others and nor ban annoying users.

As a free member Alua only allows you to:

  • Send hearts to other users
  • Read their messages
  • View your brief updates

However, this phase is very important. It allows you to inspect the whole thing as a silent observer and know the ins and outs of the service you will pay for.



Make it a rule to read the profiles you are contacting first carefully. Secondly, do not ever pass your bank account information or social security number to anyone. Be very careful with any information you pass on to the other members. Lastly, notify the moderators of suspicious profiles. It will clean the platform of scammers.

Besides these precautions, the Alua team is always there to keep you protected. For example, the personal information you share on the site is saved on protected servers. In addition, Alua uses SSL technology to keep all your transactions encrypted.

Moreover, there is always active customer support to turn to. You may contact Support via email, phone, or fax and get a response within 24 hours.

Scam Charges

Scam Charges

Alua is safe and doesn’t have any scam charges to its name. Most of the users on the forum are registered for serious relationships and are genuine. So the service is legit, and you can easily put your trust in it and pay for registration.

Contact Information

Company: Jewella Privacy LLC Privacy ID# 14369572

Address: 5860 Citrus Blvd, Suite D, #172 70123 Harahan LA

Phone: +1.5043550545

Email: [email protected]


Here are the answers to the possible questions coming to your mind about the Alua site:

Is Alua a legit dating site or scam?

Is Alua a legit dating site or scam?

It is legit and serves millions of individuals worldwide in finding their matches. The site is more popular among users seeking long-term relationships. However, some members are interested in a temporary partnership for a nightstand and sharing ideas.

How much do I have to pay for a premium account on Alua?

There are different credit plans on the site. The most common are the following:

Credits Cost
1350 $249,99
520 $99,99
250 $49,99
100 $19,99

Can I use Alua on my mobile phone?

Can I use Alua on my mobile phone?

Yes, you may use it on your mobile very conveniently. For mobile users, Alua offers a mini-website version and an application. It’s easier to use the application as it is more like a messenger and keeps you connected and updated. Android and iOS phones both support the Alua app.

Which kind of people may I expect to meet at Alua?

Precisely, anyone on the planet! The forum is for all geographical, ethnic, and religious communities. Furthermore, it caters to people from all sexual orientations.

Does the sign-up at Alua take long?

No, it is instead quick and requires basic email verification. The About You section can be filled in later.


With this, our Alua review comes to its conclusion.

In sum, Alua claims to link the ordinary users with the high-ranked people. The majority of the users use it for their search for love and long-term relationship. A few are there searching for a fling too. The involvement of social media handles on the site gives it a nice tinge. Its app is more friendly than the site version. You can enjoy its optimal experience only after buying a plan. We should call it worth a try!

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