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Gleeden Review

Gleeden Review
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 70%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 1 890 340
Reply Rate 53%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website is managed by women. Female customers can register without paying.
  • There is an option for women to evaluate men.
  • There is a credit system. Male users pay for the services they need.
  • The site's population is high. There are nearly seven million people from one hundred countries around the world.
  • The service is available both on desktop and mobile devices. The matchmaking app is offered for Android and iOS users.
  • The platform has strict safety measures.
  • The service is free for female members.
  • The site design is straightforward and looks attractive.
  • The presence of a credit system removes the need to pay costly monthly subscriptions.
  • Purchasing credits is optional.
  • Male users have to purchase credits to access the website features.
  • The site monitors photos and comments.
  • The site does not cover some nations, and there are few people from the United States.
  • There is no video chat service.
  • There are few unique features.
  • The mobile app lacks unique features.

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Gleeden is the dating platform developed by women; this site is the leading online place for married people. In addition, the site targets people who are unhappy in their relationships.

Hence, if you have problems with your partner and wish to have fun with like-minded people discreetly, the site got you! There are customers from various regions around the world. Moreover, the platform ensures that members meet their matches securely.

The website does not permit using real names or any details that may reveal who you are. The safe platform does everything possible to keep customer’s information secure. You will not even need your real name to make payment. This fact guarantees that no one suspects that you are cheating on your partner.

The Gleeden online platform has almost seven million users worldwide. It welcomes anyone interested in extramarital affairs, and there is an equal amount of male and female members. However, most people want relationships with commitments. Others have saved their marriages but still having great fun on the website. Such users prefer casual hookups.

The site differs from other online dating platforms since females evaluate men. The service is also free for women. Men have access to a credit-based system to pay for the features.

The website highlights four significant values. They are:

  • Quality.
  • Anonymity.
  • Safety.
  • Freedom.

The platform does not reveal customers’ secrets. So you can get all the fun you want knowing that you are anonymous.

Security is a common problem for most dating platforms. Still, Gleeden has a 24/7 moderation procedure to ensure no scam profiles.

The service emerged in 2009 when several unhappily married women decided to introduce the service that can save marriages and bring something new into routine life. The process began in France and later extended to other nations. The site population comprises married people, divorced individuals, users who are still dating, and others willing to start a relationship. Keep reading this review to know everything about the website.

Gleeden Summary

Gleeden Summary

Gleeden online dating platform is the perfect place for people who wish to spice up their daily routine. Members feel loved again, thanks to this site. In addition, the website eases the process of meeting like-minded partners discreetly.

If your marriage is boring, or you don’t want to be single anymore, or maybe you wish to try new things – the site was created for you! It is also the best place for women to feel free.

Men also don`t feel ignored. There are many free features to help users find compatible partners. You have nothing to worry about on this site. Users can express their feelings, flirt with anyone they like, and have all the fun they need without judgment. The site has unique features such as private books and virtual gifts. The former requires you to spend one credit for a request and two credits for accepted submissions. The presents come at different prices depending on the item.

Gleeden service can be a perfect replacement for couples’ therapy and able to save failing marriages.

The Audience of Gleeden

The Audience of Gleeden

The dating platform was developed in France. After four years, it spread to over one hundred European nations. Even the US got the service though you might not see the US on the supported countries list.

The site keeps gaining fame as time goes by. Currently, it has almost seven million members interested in secret relationships.

Out of the seven million users, two million are from France. The site accepts adults interested in any kind of relationship, regardless of their marital status. So, whether you are married, single, separated, divorced, cohabiting, or into anything else, you can join. There are no sexual orientation limitations either. Bisexuals, gays, lesbians, and heterosexuals can use the platforms.

According to most reviews, the website gets admiration from both men and women. So, the ratio of the genders does not differ much. Most users are from 25 to 45 years.

Another notable feature is that two-thirds of the site’s population has a college degree and one-third are postgraduates. So, the website is full of intelligent individuals.

Gleeden Site Features

Gleeden Site Features

The website has many features to enable customers to have an exciting, discreet, and stress-free dating experience. These features are listed below:

  • Gifts: Customers can buy virtual presents for their matches to show fondness.
  • Crush alerts: This is a beautiful way of alerting users that someone likes them.
  • Favorites: The list comprises the people you like.
  • Secrete notes: This is a notepad located on the left section of the site. Users can leave notes there.
  • Panic button: The feature is in the upper left website section. The option instantly redirects you to a safe site, whereby Google (the default website, but you can change it). Users can access the feature fast by clicking the escape button twice.
  • Evaluation: The website is for women. They can evaluate men after communicating with them. They do that by opening the profile and clicking the evaluate option located on the bottom left section. You can pick three keywords from already written templates that describe a man in the best way.
  • Search: The option has many filters. It is the perfect way of ensuring accurate results. Users can search by age, profession, relationship status, body type, height, location, income, amount of kids, and more. Customers can even choose whether it is essential to have public or private albums.
  • Communication: The contact option on the website is the messaging feature. Customers can exchange private messages or chat with active users. The service is free for women, but men need to buy credits.


Gleeden’s website pricing differs from other dating platforms because there are no fixed paid subscriptions. Instead, users only buy credits if there is a need. In addition, the service is free for women. So, only men need credits.

Available packs are below:

  • The discovery pack offers 25 credits.
  • The seduction pack gives 100 credits.
  • The temptation pack offers 400 credits.

Men need to pay for each message. Needs determine the amount of required credits.

  • Messaging: Customers require five credits for the initial message and three credits to read each received message.
  • Chatting: The first session requires four credits. Men need three credits to reply to requests. The site requires having credits for each session.
  • Private book permission: Each requires one credit. Validating requests for access requires two credits.

Purchasing credits:

Users have to visit the section for managing credits at the navigation bar. This action brings a dialog box requiring you to choose your payment option. It can be a Visa Card or Paysafecard, and the former does not show the website’s name in the financial statement.

Men can get discounts if they have promotion codes. Members can get pack promotions. You receive one coupon to enhance your balance and a code to gain free credits. When you buy the pack, you can see your balance since the available credits appear in the upper section of the page.

The cost of credits:

25 credits 14.99 $
100 credits 39.99 $
400 credits 99.99 $

Advantages of Paid Account

Credits give men access to the following features:

  • The chat feature.
  • The messaging option.
  • You can send virtual presents.
  • You can view private albums.

Possibility of Free Account

Examples of free website’s options are below:

  • Sing-up and fill in a profile.
  • Send interest alerts.
  • Go through other people’s profiles.
  • Add the people you like to your favorites list.



Gleeden’s website prioritizes user safety. There is a support team, which moderates and approves pictures and profiles. The site has strict anonymity guidelines to protect customers’ identities.

The private album also allows you to keep pictures away from strangers. Only members to whom you gave permission can view your pictures.

Another safety measure is not using actual names. This action protects users both inside and outside the website.

The name that appears on the payment statement also gets altered to prevent suspicions. You can block and report any user that goes against the site guidelines.

Scam Charges

Scam Charges

The strict safety measures on the Gleeden dating platform prevent scams. However, besides site protection, users also participate in ensuring a safe environment. For instance, you need to be sure you are interacting with a real person. So, you have to check whether a profile is genuine before contacting the owner of this profile.

You can easily avoid fakes because profiles have detailed information. For example, there is information about lifestyle, physical appearance, personality, hobbies, and more. Customers also upload pictures.

Another way to stay safe is by avoiding suspicious members. If a profile looks too good to be true, keep your distance.

All that mentioned above ensure a scam-free dating service.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Company: Blackdivine LLC

Address: 60 broad street suite 3502, NY 10004, United States

Email ID: [email protected]

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/gleeden?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gleeden_En


People often ask many questions regarding a dating service. Below are the most common questions and their answers:

Is the Gleeden matchmaking platform legit?

Is the Gleeden matchmaking platform legit?

Yes. The website is authentic and unique. The first characteristic that sets it apart from other dating platforms is that women rule it. Only men pay to access various features. Everything is free for female customers.

The Gleeden is one of the earliest international dating services for married individuals. Users meet and interact with each other without lying about their relationship status.

The website aims is to provide a judgment-free environment where singles and couples meet and interact with like-minded individuals worldwide.

Another thing that makes the site ideal for married people is privacy and safety. Users can date whoever they like anonymously. In addition, profiles go through verification to ensure a safe place without scammers. Gleeden has everything that a good dating service needs to have.

How much do users need to pay to enjoy the Gleeden website services?

The website does not have monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions like other dating companies. Male users need to purchase credits.

The amount of needed credits varies depending on the services. Prices are below:

  • 14.99 USD to purchase 25 credits.
  • 39.99 USD to acquire 100 credits.
  • 99.99 USD to buy 400 credits.

Is there an app for Gleeden users?

Is there an app for Gleeden users?

Yes. You can access the cheating service from iOS or Android devices through an app. You only need to download the app from the App Store or Play Store. The next step is to install and register.

The mobile app has all the features that the desktop version offers. However, the app centers more on pictures and not text sections. Thus, privacy and safety are guaranteed too. In addition, the app provides a convenient way to connect with cheating partners.

What about the Gleeden dating website’s demographics?

The site was launched in France and later spread to over one hundred European nations. It is even available in the US. The overall population is almost seven million.

There are no gender or sexual orientation limits. Anyone above eighteen years can join. Even your marital status does not matter. You can be married, divorced, single, separated, or anything else.

The number of male and female users is almost equal. Age ranges between 25 and 45 years.

How to join the Gleeden dating website?

How to join the Gleeden dating website?

The registration on the site takes a few minutes. You can sign up for free by filling out the registration form. The steps you should follow are below:

  • Join with an attractive user-name since the site does not allow using real names.
  • Specify your gender and gender of your potential partner. You can select both genders at the same time.
  • Specify your country and your date of birth. The website only accepts people above eighteen years.
  • The last step is to enter your email ID and create a secure password.

Customers must also accept the terms and conditions before they will get access to the platform. The sign-up process at the Gleeden website gets completed by verifying your email address.

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