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SpicyMatch Review

SpicyMatch Review
About Site
Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 62%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 400 450
Reply Rate 65%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 6.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It connects people who have the same taste and choices.
  • The signup process is quite easy to understand
  • You can find people who like your interests and share them.
  • It is available as a mobile application
  • This site allows users to make profiles and browse the sites without any charge.
  • In other dating apps, you need a premium membership for chatting with people, but SpicyMatch allows you to receive and send messages with a free account.
  • The target of this site is not heterosexual singles.
  • You need to upgrade to the premium subscription for blocking people.
  • Video chatting options are restricted to free accounts.
  • For a new user, there are lots of terms and conditions put forward.
  • You need to upgrade to the premium version to access all features.

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In today’s dating world, other people start from a swipe right, and the best platform you can find is SpicyMatch. In simple words, it’s an online platform for open-minded people where one can meet their match by finding out their interests and knowing them. This is the soul mate for bisexual females; no other app shall be more perfect for them than this. But, on the other hand, it has fallen short for straight males. It’s like looking for water in the desert. Well, it is not one of those apps where you look for a commitment; it’s just for casual hookups. SpicyMatch is a dating site that is also available as an application on both Android and iPhone.

It is not a general dating app like the others; it’s a site for swinger men and women. It isn’t easy to find matches for straight people over here. Though we stand in the 21st Century yet, people find Swinger’s lifestyle bizarre and absurd. Some people now even find it as a disease that they feel can be cured. SpicyMatch is mainly created for these people. In other dating apps, you find such matches, but it’s mainly for straight people. Every community should have a platform where they can feel free to talk to people who shall not judge them. Well, that’s the scenario over here, the majority of users who are swingers would communicate with each other, and they can relate to one another. SpicyMatch is primarily used for casual hookups where one need not worry about a commitment.

It is a very open-minded concept, and people who respect that idea use this app. The main motive of this app is to provide the Swingers community with a virtual platform of their world. So leaving back those cuss words about Swingers, this is a site where people can find their matches in a very easy way. In terms of SpicyMatch Review, I would like to say people wanting to have a hookup with no such thought of committing to a relationship can give it a shot.

SpicyMatch Summary

SpicyMatch Summary

In short, SpicyMatch is not just a classic dating app; it’s also a platform where people can share their interests and know people matching their tastes. The best thing is people here won’t judge you, and you would be heard out, accompanying some pieces of advice. It is a unique idea to create a platform for these swingers. The main focus is the bisexual people so that they can meet their matches and also have a little fun of their own. But, even after this bright picture, there is some darkness. Well, it’s, of course, a legit site, but it’s not good enough for a straight guy.

This site is surely wide-ranging and also a very good one for hookups. On the other side, the very little scope for straight guys adds a flaw to it. This website utilizes the information provided by the user to analyze the usage of the site properly and try to offer the best guidance and services. Prohibition of spamming, harassment, and threats is made sure on this site. It is expected from the users to provide facts about themselves. As it’s a casual hookup app, very personal information is not asked by the site except for the interests and choices of the user. If it’s caught that any user has given fake information and is creating problems in another user’s profile, steps shall be taken accordingly.

The Audience of SpicyMatch

The Audience of SpicyMatch

You should explore any site or app when you use it, and SpicyMatch, in those terms, has a very good picture. If we talk about the audience of this app, it’s quite a good number. Every month there are 12,000 and more visitors to this app, mainly from UK and Italy. Users having a membership willingly join this platform where they find a range of options which makes it easy for them to find their match. The number of users of this platform is decent, and every day the number hikes relatively well. New people register here, making it easier to have a lot of people to interact with.

SpicyMatch Site Features

SpicyMatch Site Features

The SpicyMatch site provides numerous features. Some of them are:

  • There is an attribute in this site that is User’s Profile Vs. Their Match’s Profile. While scrolling down the profiles, it’s shown there whether your choices and interests match or not. It makes you understand if your match is suitable for you or not.
  • A Show Interest button is there; it looks like the shape of the heart and is located beside the profile. This feature provides a clue to the user you find attractive. If they are interested too, it can be a match. It’s an amazing way to start a conversation and learn more about them.
  • You can broadcast your webcam and see other people’s performance in real-time.
  • It is possible for a user to befriend others and add wall posts to the profile.
  • It provides access to social media walls, newsfeed, options of accepting and declining requests, speed dating, and many more.


Now, if the kinds of users can be elaborated, it would be of four kinds. First, the Standard Members do not have any such official validation and have not even subscribed to the premium membership. Second, the Verified Members do not have any subscriptions and are having a free account. Finally, the Trial Members have access to almost every feature as they enjoy their trial period, which ends in a very short time.

One week subscription $5.16
Two weeks membership $10.05
For One Month $20.59
Subscription for a lifetime $271.58

Lastly, the premium members who have taken the subscription have access to the features for the respected period of which the user has chosen.

Payments can be made through Paysafecard, Wire Transfer, PayPal, and credit card. When the session expires, the app automatically auto-renews the subscription. One can change the settings and disable the auto-renewal.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

SpicyMatch provides all the users with having a premium subscription, a wide range of facilities. The user will have access to all extra functionalities. They can make groups, control the privacy of their profiles, block users. An unlimited number of pictures can be posted, and photo albums can also be created. A feature is there for the premium members to find new people in their area through GPS location. There is a picture contest where you can participate and benefit yourselves from the features. Users can engage themselves in video chat and improve their communication.

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

There are many facilities provided to the users who have a free account on SpicyMatch. They can fill up their profile details, search for members who use primary search options, join different groups, create publications on their profile, and can also comment on the wall of other people’s posts. The one thing that is not available in the free account is blocking other users. Communicating with other users, sending those files, and uploading pictures can also be done in the free account.



SpicyMatch app ensures total safety while one uses it. The personal information of the users shall be kept private from third parties. The option is also available on this app to choose who can view your profile and pictures. Well, it’s advice to the users not to share sensitive information with the people they chat with online, not even at their insistence. If the user’s data is kept safe by themselves, they can be sure that SpicyMatch will never create any issue in their experience.

SpicyMatch respects the anonymity of a user. It will not allow anyone to view your profile unless you want them to. Your data and information are sent to the site via an SSL connection, where another user can’t intercept your private messages. Your account will get deleted automatically if you don’t log into it within 180 days. Before deleting the account, all the personal information is erased from the database. So you can rely upon SpicyMatch and also can be sure about the fact that the site will surely help you out if you face problems.

Scam Charges

Scam Charges

In case of scams, immediate action shall be taken. For example, if a user feels a user’s profile with whom they have been chatting is a fake profile, they can report for further investigation. In case you are not sure about reporting, you can block that profile. Our site prohibits all these scam activities, but even after that, if people face such problems, they shall be resolved by SpicyMatch.

Contact Information

SpicyMatch even facilitates its members to contact their customer support. The company name is provided in the app, which is “SpicyMatch Ltd.” The address provided on the site is 12 Kennedy Business Centre, 2nd floor. The ZIP code and the country and city name are also given, “1087, Cyprus-Nicosia”. The email id of the site, [email protected], is also made know to the users. They can even contact through social media profiles like – Facebook, Twitter, and SpicyMatch Blogs.


SpicyMatch is a dating website for adults where they can meet their match, have conversations and even have casual-hook ups. One can spend quality time with another without having a fear of commitment. You should not think about the complexity of the functions; as time passes, you will get used to it. It may be a little bit confusing at first, but there is a Customer Support team who will guide you regarding all these. Many members sometimes face technical problems which are swiftly resolved by the team of SpicyMatch.

How much legit is SpicyMatch?

This site is legit and bona fide. It’s suited for swingers, the community who are associated with intentions of shared sexual experiences. Well, for straight men, it might not be that successful. But, on other grounds, it is a safe and secure site. SpicyMatch is used by thousands of people who are willing to find matches. Privacy of the users is also maintained, and personal information is not shared with others.

In conclusion, we would say SpicyMatch is legitimate. People must try it out because it has a unique thought of standing as a platform mainly for the swingers, which must be appreciated. The site is also providing a lot of services which has made this site quite popular.

What is the costing of SpicyMatch cost?

The prices are set according to the categories. There is a discount on the membership and another one with no discounts. Under discounted membership, for one year, the cost is €45; for six months, the charge is €30; for a lifetime membership, it will cost €200. There is a standard membership where the user needs to pay €98.95 for a year, €64.95 for six months, €38.95 for 3months for only one month it is €18.95, and for the lifetime membership, it is €250. Users can also have a free account and enjoy limited features.

Is SpicyMatch available in the form of mobile app?

SpicyMatch is available on both iPhone and Android. The app keeps you notified so that you don’t miss anything. It is the same as that of the website, and all the processes, features are identical. The terms, policies, facilities, guidance, and everything which users received on the website, shall be the same in the case of a mobile application. The app’s size is also not very huge; you just need to keep the app updated to enjoy new features that might get introduced later.

What does the website’s demographic structure look like SpicyMatch?

Even standing in this era, people hesitate to speak about their sexuality. Despite that, this site is quite popular and mainly amongst the youth. It’s very uncommon to find middle-aged people using this site; it’s a rare case. This site is for people above 18 years old, and we have a lot of users from the range above 18 to 35. The young generation is more open about their sexuality, which is why we have thousands of members who visit our sites.

How easy is it to sign up on to SpicyMatch?

Yes, it’s quite an easy process and a speedy one too. Our community believes that your profile is the biggest opportunity of presenting yourself beautifully. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to sign in to SpicyMatch, mainly because of accepting the terms and conditions laid down by SpicyMatch. Then, after visiting the homepage, you need to fill in basic information like your gender, your interests, and lastly, you need to give your email along with a unique password. There you start your new journey on the SpicyMatch site, and that’s superbly an easy process.

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