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Tantan Dating App Review 2024

Tantan Dating App Review 2024
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Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 21-45
Profiles 400 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Verified Profiles: Tantan allows users to have a legit profile. The app verifies your data and ensures that all the information you share is correct. The verification does take a bit of time, but your profile gets a bump. That means you have a better chance of making a greater number of matches.
  • Countless Free Perks: Unlike other dating apps, Tantan allows users a lot of freedom. When it comes to the free version of the app, members can achieve a lot. Without having to part with an unnecessarily large amount of money, you can access more information than other similar apps. You are in for a win at Tantan!
  • Free to Look at Profile Pictures: What's one thing that irks users when they use a free version of a dating app? It is not possible to see someone's profile pictures, of course. That can be somewhat like stumbling in the dark and taking your chances. Tantan app allows users to see someone's profile image in the free version. Now you can know what to look for on your vacations.
  • No Screenshots Allowed: If you had any doubts about Tantan's safety, banish them. Tantan takes the safety of its members very seriously. The app does not allow users to take screenshots of other people's profiles. It allows Tantan to maintain the privacy of its clients. Read our Tantan review to learn more about the security features.
  • Less Chance of Scams: How disappointing is it when you think you match with someone online, but it turns out to be a bot? It can leave a bitter taste in your mouth with the entire online dating experience. However, you can forget that with Tantan. Anytime you match with a potentially fake profile, the app sends you a notification on its own. That sure sounds like a good deal.
  • Affordable Rates: Ever had to give up on promising dating just because of its incredible paid features? You don't have to face any of that with Tantan. The affordable pricing model ensures that everyone has a shot at finding love. You can find more about this in our Tantan review.
  • Profile Verification is Time-Consuming: Tantan allows users to let the Tantan team verify their profiles. It usually bumps your account to the cream of the crop. However, the downside is that the verification process takes a considerable amount of time to complete. Are you looking for a quick match and a date? Too bad because you will have to wait at least 24 hours for the procedure to complete.
  • Incomplete Profiles: Another downside to the dating site is coming across mostly incomplete profiles. Many users do not take the time to fill up their profile interests and information accurately. Therefore, finding appropriate profiles for dating can be a tough challenge.

Tantan is a dating app that originated in China. Founded in 2014, Tantan boasts more than a billion user accounts. Ten million matches occur daily on the Tantan app of that enormous number. It indicates that you can find eight to ten million accounts online and are ready for your swipe. However, we are here to review the entirety of the site – what works, what does not work, and more. We also answer some commonly asked questions about Tantan for you. Take a look at our report so that you can choose whether to use the site or not.

What We Approve of and Don’t About Tantan Dating App


Every dating app has its set of quirks, no exceptions. You either like it, or you very clearly don’t. Similarly, the Chinese-based dating app, Tantan also has a collection of features that users either love or outright dislike. In our review of the relationship application, we have included a list of what our experts found useful or didn’t like. You can look at the pros and cons of using Tantan to suit your dating needs. It is beneficial advice you can follow before downloading the app. Read our Tantan review to learn more!

Target Audience of Tantan Dating App


Tantan’s demographics mainly aim at the millennial section of the population. However, many Gen Z users range from 18 years of age to 24 years. The largest congregation includes those aged from 25 to 34 years of age. Yet unlike other general dating apps, older people will also find an opportunity to seek relationships on the site. People of older generations, varying from 35 years to those above 60, also frequently visit the Tantan site. The man-to-woman ratio is 2:1, where you are more likely to come across male users than females.

Tantan Dating App: Key Site Features


Here are some of the most attractive features of Tantan that we came across:

  • Moments: The Moments option lets users share a quick update or more with their matches. You may be more familiar with this activity if you frequent any social media platforms.
  • Real-Time Location: This feature allows users to share their location in real-time to their date. It helps expedite meetups.
  • Games: Who said a dating app has to be only about swiping on people? You can now play mini-games and quizzes on the Tantan app.
  • Rewind: Rewind allows members to go back and view or choose again on another profile. If you swipe too quickly on an account, Tantan gives you a chance to rectify your mistake.

How Much Tantan Dating App Premium Features Cost


The pricing module of Tantan is one of the most charming perks of the app. Unlike other dating sites, the Tantan site will not charge you an insane amount of money for a membership. Here is a look at their paid member costs:

Duration Total Price
One Months $1.99
Three Months $4.99
Twelve Months (Annual Subscription) $13.99

As you can see, the prices are sensible and will not rip off any customer. Moreover, you can cancel the subscription any time you want.

Advantages of a Paid Tantan Account


Here are the advantages one gets on a premium Tantan account plan:

  1. Get unlimited “swipes” on the profiles that you like.
  2. Get an exclusive badge that will help you stand out from the rest of the profiles. It helps offer added legitimacy to your account.
  3. Highlight your username in other members’ search results to get better matches.
  4. Change the “location” filter to widen your searches.
  5. Get unlimited “Rewinds” for countless second chances.
  6. Get 5 Super Likes per day.
  7. See how many times you passed by another member to widen your dating net.

Can You Use Tantan Free of Charge?


Are you wondering about what you can get on the free version of your Tantan account? Here you go:

  1. Like other people’s accounts that you find attractive.
  2. Send messages to people with whom you match on the app.
  3. Play entertaining in-app games.
  4. Create a profile to send and accept messages.
  5. Searching through filters that you choose for your convenience.
  6. Browse the “Moments” tab to connect with your matches.
  7. Edit your profile however you like. Remember, a complete profile ensures a better chance at making matches.
  8. Get 120 “swipes” every 24 hours.

How Safe Is Tantan Dating App?


Our team of experts on dating websites checks tons of reviews to see how safe the site is for users. When it comes to Tantan, we can assure you that this app is pretty safe for use. The app takes the issue of the security of members very seriously. Taking measures like banning screenshots and alerting users to potentially fake accounts, Tantan is very safe for use. You can count on this app and choose verified accounts for dates. Find the love of your life on Tantan, the dating app suitable for millennials and above.

Scam Charges: Is Tantan Dating App for Real?

Our band of dating advisors carefully go through each dating site to check whether they are scams or not. We put each site through the wringer to ensure they do not dupe users and cheat them. That is why our reviews look at any particular dating site from all sides. Using this approach, we have analyzed the Tantan app well. Our experts have concluded that this dating app is not a scam. The app itself uses many mechanisms to ensure that fake profiles do not flourish on its site. With no prior scam charges to tarnish their reputation, you can implicitly trust Tantan.

How to Contact Customer Support at Tantan


Navigating a dating site at first can be intimidating. If you need help, look for an option that offers solutions common to all. Or you can contact the customer support department for your queries. The Tantan app gives users a wide selection of aid, should you require any. You can visit the in-app section through the app. It offers countless pieces of advice on navigating the site and profiles. If you cannot find an answer, move on to the ‘Contact Us’ option. You can find the Tantan customer support email – [email protected]. There is no other way to contact the team, which can be quite frustrating in urgent matters.

Frequently Asked Questions for Users

As we comb through the many queries users have, we have found some of the best. Users and potential members often need to know certain things which are not readily available on the website. Our team of dating connoisseurs has complied with some of the most frequently asked questions. We have all the answers you need. Keep reading our Tantan review to learn more!

Is Tantan Dating App legit?

One of the most crucial and common questions about a dating site is whether it is legit. You need to ensure that the app protects your online presence and offers a secure connection. In these terms, Tantan is a secure app. Not for nothing does it boast so many users, along with 10 million online users per day. You can visit the site and use the free trial to ensure that Tantan is secure. Users around the globe trust the app to find a good match for them. Are you worried about the legitimacy of Tantan? Don’t be – it is a safe and secure dating website for many.

How Much Does a Tantan Dating App Cost for Members?

If you frequently visit dating sites, you must know how it works. Many sites offer pricing models which you can choose to pay for if you want. Some such premium memberships can cost an arm and a leg. However, if you want the paid version of the Tantan app, have no worries. The premium membership of Tantan is frankly quite affordable, which is a plus point for the application. You do not have to pay a pretty penny for the added advantages of a paid account. Please read our review to determine how the dating app charges its memberships.

Does the Tantan Dating App Have a Mobile App?

The Tantan dating app is making the rounds as one of the most promising relationship sites of 2021. Google Play Store reports that more than 50 million users have downloaded the site. It puts Tantan right beside Momo, yet another popular dating site. Do you also want to get in on the action? All you need to do is download the Tantan app and start swiping left and right in an instant. The Tantan website leads you to a link. If you click on it, the site will ask you to download the app before you begin. So yes, Tantan operates exclusively on an app-based platform.

What are the Demographics of the Tantan Dating App?

As you know, Tantan is a dating website made in China. While you will find many Chinese people looking for their other half, don’t worry. Since anyone around the world can download the app, there is a wide variety of users. You can meet anyone from across the pond on the Tantan site. To find out more about who uses the site, read our Tantan review. You will find a breakdown of the demographic scale in detail for your pleasure. You need to know that you might find what you are looking for on the site.

Is It Easy to Sign Up on Tantan and Start Dating?

Are you looking to sign up on a dating site that will help you find the love of your life? If you said yes, then look no further. Tantan promises to keep searching until you find your perfect match. You need to make an account and provide your preferences and filters. Does that sound too easy? It’s because it is that simple! Finding your bae has never been so effortless! The signup process hardly takes any time at all to complete. Visit the Tantan site and fill the online form with the necessary details. So go on – find your match now!

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