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ABDLmatch Review

ABDLmatch Review
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 68%
Popular Age 25-48
Profiles 1 650 280
Reply Rate 57%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Narrow target audience, united by a common interest
  • Each profile contains photos
  • Convenient search filters
  • Nice interface and design of the ABDLmatch site
  • Several subscription plans with different costs
  • SSL certificate encryption for user security
  • Lack of information about the owner of the site
  • A large amount of false profiles
  • Inability to exchange personal data to communicate outside the resource
  • Even after unsubscribing, you may receive fake messages
  • There is no ABDLmatch app, and there are no plans to develop it
  • The price of the subscription is quite high

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Some adults enjoy wearing diapers in their daily routine and sexual life. ABDLmatch site is created to unite single ABDL fans and help them to create a couple or build a family. It is a kind of role-playing game that uses other things designed for babies – rattles, diapers, powder, baby clothes, in addition to diapers. Such games will not necessarily be sexual; some adult kids just want to satisfy their need in parental love.

ABDLmatch Summary

ABDLmatch Summary

This online dating platform is designed for those who find it difficult to meet their match because of their addiction to diapers. It is hard and unpleasant to explain to your partner every time why you need it, to answer uncomfortable questions, and even harder to face the misunderstanding of the person you love. In order to feel comfortable and avoid misunderstandings, ABDL fans look for dating on special resources, one of which is the ABDLmatch site. What does this site offer? First of all, it is an opportunity to find like-minded people and stop hiding your lifestyle! Here you can freely discuss the topic of diapers in a circle of like-minded people, find a sexual partner and even love to start a serious relationship. You can learn more about the important details, pros, and cons of the platform, membership conditions, main functions from this ABDLmatch review.

The Audience of the ABDLmatch

The Audience of the ABDLmatch

Everyone can have preferences that seem strange to others, and that’s okay. The target audience of the ABDLmatch site is ABDL fans who do not want to face condemnation and discrimination in society and therefore are looking for like-minded people to communicate, make friends or have sexual relations online. The total number of users is about 2 million people of all ages who love diapers and are not ashamed to admit it. This site is open to people of any sexual orientation and is known for its absolute tolerance. ABDLmatch site offers to finally stop being ashamed of your interest, but instead communicate with a lot of other participants without any obstacles, find friends, build relationships, and even marry. At first glance, everything looks perfect. Without a doubt, this is exactly what every fan of ABDL dreams about. But what is the reality, and what will you discover using the site?

ABDLmatch Site Features

ABDLmatch Site Features

The home page immediately offers information about the community and quick registration. All the tabs have a lovely design colored in white and blue colors, and there is a funny baby bottle next to the name of the site.

Registration is available for everyone. In addition, you can identify yourself as male, female, transgender, “mommy”, or “daddy”. Such a wide choice once again emphasizes the absolute tolerance in the community of the ABDLmatch site.

The algorithm of the ABDLmatch site is quite simple and does not differ much from other dating sites. You can find a person who has a lot in common with you using special filters and search parameters.

Basic search options:

  • Age. Limit the age range according to your preferences.
  • Regional Filter. Look for people nearby; it will be much easier to schedule a meeting.
  • Gender. Specify whom you would like to meet according to your intentions or sexual orientation.
  • Availability of photos. Exclude from the search pages without uploaded photos.
  • Online users. Hide inactive members to start chatting now.


It is hard to find a special ABDL-fetish dating site that is worthy and offers the same services as the ABDLmatch site. Therefore, it would be incorrect to compare the pricing policy with other dating sites. At first glance, the prices for premium subscriptions are not high and are affordable for everyone. But a large number of fake pages, bots, and fraud schemes that force users to pay again and again will make you wonder if the price is fair.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

Subscribing to the ABDLmatch site offers great benefits:

  • Send and receive messages without limits
  • Winking is available to express fondness and quickly attract attention
  • A list of those who have viewed your profile is available
  • Advanced filters for more accurate search and perfect matches
  • Maintaining privacy with the anonymous profile function

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

There are significant limitations for free participants. What can you do for free?

  • Create and customize your profile, upload photos, and add albums
  • View other users’ profiles
  • Send messages to participants (but it is impossible to read messages from other users)

Thus, you can only get acquainted with the functionality and assess the usability of the ABDLmatch site without buying a membership. You will have to pay in order to communicate and find new friends.



One of the most important things to consider when choosing a dating and entertainment site is security and privacy. No one wants to find information about themselves or personal photos freely available over the Internet. But you will surely avoid such consequences. ABDLmatch uses modern methods of data encryption. All connections are protected by the SSL certificate, making it impossible to intercept messages or photos. Anonymity settings are available for premium users; this feature allows to make a profile more private and hide information from unregistered members. All uploaded photos are subject to moderation and will be removed immediately if they do not comply with rules.

No dating platform can guarantee that you will not encounter scammers; it is difficult to prevent all possible scenarios of deception. That is why the administration of ABDLmatch has developed the list of rules and recommendations, which are worth to be followed for safe and comfortable communication:

  • Do not reveal your real name or details of your personal life, such as your job, exact address, or telephone number. Only discuss personal information with people whom you know well and have confidence in.
  • Be careful communicating online or meeting strangers.
  • Stop communicating with anyone who asks for your personal information that could identify you. Do not ask others for personal information, as well.
  • Report any suspicious or offensive behavior you see to the administration.
  • Be careful sending personal photos (especially erotic and private pictures). ABDLmatch does not allow to save photos, but it can be done with third-party screenshot applications. If you are sending sexual content to another member, take care to keep your face hidden. These rules will prevent you from becoming a victim of blackmail.
  • Never give out your financial data or send money to strangers, especially by wire transfer. Keep your credit card information confidential.

Scammer Charges

Numerous negative feedbacks from the ABDLmatch site’s members make you think about the number of the real audience. Most of the beautiful girls’ accounts are actually just bots created by the site to force new members to pay for a silver or gold membership. One of the proofs of the fraud is that the photos used in the profiles of these girls can be freely found on many resources over the Internet. The scheme of deception is simple enough – a person writes to you, and you are supposedly interested in communication. The ABDLmatch site displays scamming profile as an active member. The page has beautiful photos. But you can’t read the message until you pay. Only the first 15 characters of the message are available for viewing. Incredible “coincidences” are also encountered by users who have canceled their subscriptions. Immediately after canceling, they began to be interesting to others and started to receive messages from other participants whose profiles and photos are too good to be true. Thus, one can conclude that the ABDLmatch site can waste your time and money.

Contact Information

Contact Information

In addition to the fact that there is no reliable information about the owners of the site, you also will not find contact information. There is no phone number or email address posted on the site. There is a special feedback form, where you can select the subject of the appeal and leave a message in order to get help from the support service. You are supposed to get an answer to your email quickly, but sometimes you have to wait several days.


At the bottom of the ABDLmatch site’s home page, you can see the link that will open the list of answers to the user’s most frequent questions. They are conveniently divided into categories and cover any problem you may encounter. To see the answer, just click on the topic you are interested in.

The platform was created in 2013. The site is registered by a company in the UK, but there is no reliable information about which company owns the site now. The privacy policy ensures that the ABDLmatch site does not cooperate with third parties and does not transfer or sell users’ personal information. It operates in accordance with all legal norms and international law. The site values its reputation and has no connections with illegal activities.

How Much Does an ABDLmatch Site Membership Cost?

The ABDL dating platform offers two plans – silver and gold memberships. Paid trial periods are also available. During the trial period, the administration will try to convince you that you need a permanent subscription.

  • The silver trial period costs 3$ for three days
  • The gold trial period costs 5$ for three days

Pay attention that even the trial period has an automatic extension. Keep this in mind if you don’t want to find out that your card is empty suddenly.

How much will a permanent subscription to the ABDLmatch site cost? Silver membership costs 29$ for one month. It’s much cheaper to pay for several months in advance. For three months, you will be asked 57$ (19$ per month). Six months of prepaid communication costs 96$ (6$ per month). The gold membership, as well as the silver one, gets cheaper if you pay for several months in advance. One month costs 39$, three months costs 87$ (29$ per month), and six months costs 120$ (20$ per month).

What Do You Know About the ABDLmatch App?

Today, the ABDLmatch app is not available in any of the popular stores, such as GooglePlay or AppStore. Moreover, there is no information about upcoming development plans. Of course, the absence of the ABDLmatch app makes communicating outside the home uncomfortable, as the app is much more suitable for these purposes than the mobile version of the site. But hopefully, we will see the ABDLmatch app someday!

ABDLmatch review shows that residents of almost all countries of the world are registered on the site. The largest number of them is expected in English-speaking countries, such as the United States, Britain, Canada, as well as in Australia. A large number of registrations is also in Europe and Asia. There are significantly more female profiles than male ones. Age analysis shows that the majority of users join the community between the ages of 25-39. Among men, there are older people aged 35-55 years.

Long Does It Take to Register on the ABDLmatch Site?

Each new user is invited to register already on the first page. It is quite simple and does not require multiple transitions from one section to another, which means it will not take much of your time. On the main page, you can enter information about yourself, such as age, place of residence, gender (male or female, transgender, “mommy” or “daddy”) and mark the type of users you are looking for, as well as specify the email address and create a unique password. At this point, the registration on the ABDLmatch site will be over, and you can proceed to set up a profile.

Final Word

Society always accepts oddities in the behavior of others in a negative way. ABDL lifestyle enthusiasts are looking for a way to comfortably meet people like them without the embarrassment and annoyance of uncomfortable questions. The demand for such services has been around for a long time, and the ABDLmatch site took the idea of dedicating an entire platform to this topic. The developers managed to create and maintain the most comfortable and safe environment without judgment and non-acceptance. This ABDLmatch review showed that the site is convenient and safe to use, but the marketing policy and the abundance of bots are still a great problem. Another significant disadvantage is the lack of the ABDLmatch app.

In conclusion, the ABDLmatch site is worthy of your attention if you love diapers and share the views of ABDL. Maybe you will not find a partner for life here; you just can enjoy pleasant conversations with like-minded people. The idea of absolute tolerance reigns on the ABDLmatch site.

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