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Babel Review

Babel Review
About Site
Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 21-40
Profiles 950 760
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Have a large membership base
  • Absolutely free
  • Doesn't have any chat limits
  • Provides a fulsome flirting experience with the exchange of photos, likes, and comments
  • Increases self-confidence by showing the number of visitors to the page after a recent upload
  • People are more concerned about relationships than each others' wallet sizes
  • Easy registration
  • Encourages newcomers to communicate confidently
  • Aesthetic interface
  • Provides Babel app for mobile users
  • Bugging adds, especially for those who do not sign up
  • Blank accounts
  • Loose control over scammers
  • No systematic match-making
  • It looks like an unorganized store of 'products' where you always feel the upcoming may be better

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Babel is a free dating forum with global recognition. People meet here to chat, befriend, trade, share interests, and of course, date. The number of users on the website is consistently on the increase. This speaks of its usability and authenticity. Most of them join in to build a lasting relationship and settle their life.

The Babel site doesn’t require any enrollment and is popular in France and other European countries. For the users, it’s fun to enjoy all the perks which they have to pay for on the other platforms. Moreover, they use these features to get a chance to find a partner who may complement them.

It is a huge platform, thus facilitates its multilingual users by three linguistic versions. You can have it translated into Arabic, French, or English.

It doesn’t use a systematic way to match; instead, it leaves this to the users. And we feel it’s the best way to do it accurately. They can better design a set of questions to judge the personalities. It’s a straightforward system and allows the members to make free choices. Our Babel review will discuss this detail and also answer your questions in the FAQs section at the end!

Babel Summary

Babel Summary

Babel app and website are based in France. The milestone for this site was laid in 2013 and is a middle-aged site in the dating industry. Many other dating sites are older than Babel, but Babel competes with the top-most forums in this world.

Many reasons account for this popularity. Above all, it is free of cost. Even for premium features, you will not have to pay a single penny. A company named 123MULTIMEDIA runs it.

Although the site is based in France, with the French users constituting a significant portion of its pie, Babel has global clients. Most of its users are from Italy. Spain, Australia, the US, UK, Japan, and other Asian and European countries. They join the forum to find partners for relationships and share culture, traditions, and ideas with people from other regions.

For Babel, all the audience are equal and have even chances to contact others to find love. It leaves the choice of registration to its users and provides them with free features. It tries its best to reach the expectations of its members by providing them quality service.

Like other free dating websites, you will come across many blank profiles and irritating people on the Babel site. However, you will have to use your scrutiny spectacles to tell the right from the wrong.

It is always advisable not to share your personal information and photos with anyone and stay vigilant to check fraudulent profiles. Report if you have a mishap with any member. You will get an instant auto-reply. And your concern will also be addressed within 24 hours.

Babel offers several features for shy users. They may choose to stay online and enjoy chatting with the other users about anything. It introduces conversation starters like sending a heart to the other users. It becomes a great beginning of a relationship. Let’s now look at some of its pros and cons:

The Audience of Babel

The Audience of Babel

Babel enjoys the diversity of the audience. Millions of people have downloaded the Babel app on their mobile devices. The platform successfully brings its members together for casual dating, nightstands, and lasting relationships.

The site doesn’t make registration mandatory and claims to have over 25,000 members on the board any time you open your account. It translates into always having someone to talk to, regardless of the time of the day.

Let’s have a closer look at the Babel audience:

Sexual Preferences

Babel site embraces everyone – males, females, and anyone coming in between. You may pick your gender while creating a profile.


There isn’t any restriction on any ethnicity either. You may meet people from any race here. It becomes quite exciting for the users to find people of their race in their locality.


We learned in our Babel review that the website doesn’t have an affiliation with any special faith. People from various religions sign up and find their partners here.

Babel Site Features

Babel Site Features

Babel offers some useful features to its members. Let’s look at the most salient ones:

Regional Search Option

Isn’t it exciting to meet someone who resides in your vicinity? It is quicker than meeting someone from another state. Babel allows you to set the filter to search locals for dating. And of course, it is a better way than searching for someone in your local club. It has more variety and is time-saving.

Video Profiles

Babel allows its registered users to add a video to their profiles. Thus, it attracts more people to your profile and adds authenticity compared to the profiles with photos only.

Block and Report

Another useful feature at the Babel site is blocking users who bug you by sending private messages. This feature especially comes in handy when unwanted members bombard you with annoying messages.

Usable Design

The Babel app and website are simple to use. The application version looks different from the website, but the menus and tabs are located at accessible places.

The Greeting page shows who is online. The side pane at the side has a rundown menu that opens a search tab for the users. It coordinates with the filters on the site. You may apply different filters such as Fun, Serious, Friendship, and Date to speed up your search.

As for aesthetics, the Babel site scores low. When you open the site, you feel a lot is happening, and the font is also small. It could have been made better.

Simple Functioning

Babel works efficiently. There is no mandatory registration. You may check the menu to see who is online and start communicating. The site doesn’t follow any scientific procedure to complicate match-making. Instead, it keeps things simple and shows the profiles randomly. And you may pick anyone to talk to.

Multiple Search Options

The basic way to search on the Babel site is to see the pictures and click them to initiate conversation. However, it has an advanced search for those who are picky for their partners. Various filters are available. The popular among them are region, age, gender, nickname, etc. You can also fine-tune your search and base it on the content written in the profiles. Another interesting filter is to search for the profiles with photos and videos only.


Babel is free for its registered and unregistered users. Yes, you heard it right!

So, no worries about the pricing! If you want to enjoy the chatting feature, you may open the site and become a part of it without registration. There are a few features that Babel site restricts to its registered users only, But again you will not have to pay anything for it. Let’s check the benefits you can get as a free and registered user at Babel:

Advantages of Registered Account

Advantages of Registered Account

As told earlier, there is no paid membership on this website, unlike other sites in this dating world. They charge their users for even petty reasons like contacting other members. That is why Babel appears to be a gush of cold wind to many users. It doesn’t earn through its customers’ hard-earned money. Instead, it earns through ads on the site. Not a deal-breaker!

Our Babel review found no indication that it will start charging its clients. And we hope that the site will remain free for its users.

As a registered member, you can enjoy the following premium features:

  • Can decide a nickname for you
  • Maintain a collection of your photographs and videos
  • Add other members to the List of Favorites and keep track of the users you share your interests with
  • Use advanced filters like region, hobbies, interests
  • Blacklist the contacts who are fraudulent or irritating

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

The Babel site manages to remain entirely free for its users. It lives on the ads running on the site. Although they become a bit annoying sometimes, they should be bearable when you get plenty of perks against them.

For this reason, many users love Babel and prefer it to the other forums, which locks even the basic features for their free users. They enjoy free chatting with the people sitting in the other corner of the world and make meaningful connections. These seemingly temporary partnerships sometimes end up in long-term relationships.



Babel is safe. It makes users’ privacy its concern and claims that the information you provide is safe from hackers. For enhanced security, its developer provides encrypted connections. In addition, the website doesn’t sell your information to any partner. It just uses cookies and the like technologies to send the advertisement to your browser.

It’s true that, like all free sites, Babel lacks protection against scammers. However, you can always judge people using your intuition. The service provides a Block and Report feature too. You can always use it for the members who drag you into the conversation about your bank account or send you obscene pictures and blackmail you.

Customer Support

Babel has an active support system. It responds to your complaints and concerns within 24 hours. The moderators evaluate the reported profiles keenly and immediately block the users who are found breaking the rules.

The site also provides a safety guide to its users in its Contact Us section. In addition, it encourages the members to voice their concerns so that the site remains free from all the scams.

It is advisable to make sure that the issue you report is genuine. Sometimes, the users report transitory issues, which cause a lot of hassle before the real reason (glitches) is discovered.

Scam Charges

We found no scam charges to include in the Babel review. It is a legit dating platform and serves its users without any cost. It has all its premium features open for its registered users. The site has won the trust of its users over the years.

The developers pay special attention to scam prevention and encourage the users to cooperate with them by reporting about the dubious profiles. They then scrutinize and resolve the scam issue by eliminating these profiles from the site for good.

Contact Information

Company Name: 123MULTIMEDIA Company

Office Address: 123MULTIMEDIA BP 73675 – 31036 Toulouse CEDEX 01, France

Contact Number: +33 978 232 425

Email: [email protected]


The following list may be of help to you:

Is Babel a legit dating site or scam?

Is Babel a legit dating site or scam?

It is legit and serves the individuals in making connections. It is for dating and making relationships in the real world and for those shy users who want to befriend others online.

It uses SSL to protect users’ data. The moderators keep a keen check on the registered profiles. They ban suspicious users from the site and keep the waters clean on the site. Besides, they do not share data with third parties.

And above all, they have responsive Support to turn to if something untoward happens.

How much do I have to pay for a premium account on Babel?

The premium account on Bebel is free. So you can enjoy all the features for no cost at all.

Can I use Babel on my mobile phone?

Can I use Babel on my mobile phone?

Yes, by downloading the Babel app, The application can be downloaded on Android or iOS. It isn’t a heavy app and bites only 15MB of your phone space. The application variant is simple to use and has a similar navigation process as on the website.

The interface is easy to use for new users. It has a rundown page with a tab named Online. You use it to search for the users who are available to chat. As an unregistered user, you will have many promotions and ads popping from left and right. You may register for free if you want to get rid of these irritating ads.

Which kind of people may I expect to meet at Babel?

Which kind of people may I expect to meet at Babel?

You will meet people of all ethnicities, beliefs, and sexual orientations. The site welcomes everyone.

Does the sign-up at Babel take long?

No. It’s is quick. Most importantly, there is no need to sign up with the site if you want to use only the chat feature. However, if you want to move a step ahead and enjoy the premium features, you may go for a registered account and sign up to give the basic information about yourself.



So, does our Babel review recommend this site? The answer is Yes. The reason being it’s replete with features and has users from the whole world. Secondly, it is completely free and allows you access to all the features you may have for a high cost on the other dating platforms. So, why not give it a try!

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