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Adam4Adam Review 2024

Adam4Adam Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 6.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A free feature of the site is the ability to create an account.
  • The website has a mobile-friendly version.
  • You can download the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • The experience of viewing a website on a mobile device is nearly identical to that of browsing the desktop version.
  • The site includes unique elements such as sex stores, movies, and so on.
  • Adam4Adam has a sizable user base.
  • On your profile, you may choose to conceal your last seen.
  • Upon registration you receive 120 credits.
  • The Adam4Adam website's mobile version isn't very modern and appealing.
  • The mobile app misses some of the features that distinguish the website and make it more user-friendly.
  • Because the majority of the essential features are only accessible after upgrading to premium membership, there are just a few freebies available.

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It’s not a bad idea to sign up for a free account on the Adam4Adam site, particularly when you consider how many unique features it has to offer. The straightforward registration process allows you to create an account pretty fast, and requires you to provide the absolute minimum of information needed to complete the registration process. Though you may skip the email verification step, it is recommended for a full and genuine profile.

In addition to providing users with possibilities for sexual encounters and casual dating, the Adam4adam website also offers them entertainment alternatives. Besides being able to buy sex goods via the website’s online store, you can also purchase or rent movies through the same place. Although the option to upgrade to premium membership is totally up to you, there are a number of advantages associated with this choice as well. Infinite profiles are shown in five distinct grids, and the program notifies you of who is nearby, who is new to the site, who is actively using it e.t.c. Another great thing about Adam4Adam gay hookup site is that it has a mobile app, available for free download both for IOS and Android. Moreover, you should have no difficulty discovering your perfect mate if you use the 27 free filters that are accessible on the site. Not only can you communicate with other users via text messages, but you can also send them pictures.

There is a lot of things to say about Adam4Adam, so let’s not waste any more time, and see what this gay dating site can offer!

Adam4Adam Summary


Adam4Adam website is considered one of the most popular online dating services for gay men in particular. The vast majority of homosexual men who visit the site seek short-term partnerships or hook-ups. With the ability to establish a Home and Visitor profile quickly, you have the chance to explore a broader range of choices than you would otherwise. The value of the service is apparent from the Adam4Adam reviews that the vast majority of users write on the site, in which they express their delight in their interactions and encounters with other users via the site. Moreover, Adam4Adam site provides users with the opportunity to take advantage of the built-in live stream service as well as the sex store. Adam4Adam is free to download, but you need to upgrade to Premium to fully enjoy all the features of this platform. And again, it’s available for both Android and Apple users.

Adam4Adam has a straightforward, user-friendly website. The website’s UI is predominantly white and orange in color. On the site’s left, you’ll see a picture of a homosexual guy, and on the right, you’ll find a form that you can fill out to become a member of the website. There are two ways to register: manually, filling out the registration form, or linking your account to Facebook. On the top, you’ll see a slew of symbols such as Love Cams, Sex Shop, and Movies. As you browse down the webpage, you’ll learn more about the website and the free services available. The three terms that best characterize the site’s offerings are “browse,” “chat,” and “meet.” All of the symbols on the site are organized in a manner that makes it simple for even the least tech-savvy user to navigate the site.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to the website, which you will discover once you begin utilizing its services. The following are some of the benefits and drawbacks of membership in Adam4Adam that you should be aware of:

The Audience of Adam4Adam


Adam4Adam is a dedicated dating platform for men seeking other men to satiate their sexual and emotional desires. Here, the majority of the users come to casual flings and one-night stands.

This gay dating website has 440,000 log-in daily from users. It is interesting to see that Adam4Adam is equally popular amongst gay men across ethnicity as approx 53% of male users are non-white, despite the fact that 63M user base is from the US. 70% of users are men, and the remaining are transgenders.

Adam4Adam Site Features


As you will go through the website or read the Adam4Adam reviews, you will realize that there are multiple features, which indeed sets Adam4Adam apart from other regular gay dating sites. Here is an exhaustive list of them:

Live Cams

Adam4Adam LIVE, Adam4CAMS, and A4ALIVE are options that allow the members to watch umpteen online members on the live streams. Not only can you watch them, but you can also hit them up to initiate chat. However, there arises a requirement to create a diverse account for each channel. Not to forget, you need to pay a fee to watch these videos.

Sex Shop

Adam4Adam’s website has an online place, where members can purchase toys and so many more.


Members on the site have an option to watch pornographic movies on Adam4Adam .tv. You can do this in three diverse ways. “Pay-per-minute” allows you to purchase a time package whereas and when the movie plays; time gets deducted from the account. In case you go in for “Rentals,” you have an option to rent a film for two days and watch it multiple times within a period of 48 hours. The “Downloads” option lets you “own” the film for seven days, thirty days, or for good at different charges.

Underwear Club

The Adam4Adam monthly Underwear Club is another unique feature of the app. With it, you receive some designer underwear every month at prices as low as 10 USD for your membership’s first month. You get underwear from international designers that will suit your style and size.

Plan a Trip

This particular feature lets you announce to the other members about your upcoming travel plans. The feature enables you to share your itinerary and helps you plan your hook-ups.

Party Ad

It is a page on the website that allows you to announce an event. Not only is this feature public but also free. But keep in mind that you can only advertise small parties on the page, and the announcement about your party is displayed 30 days due it, and removed after 2 of the event.

Health Resources

Adam4Adam compiles a handy list of all the accounts of the health counselors. The plan is replete with websites for questions about STDs, clinics, and testing sites, harm reduction for methamphetamine. Also, it contains multiple US helplines.



Adam4Adam has a within normal range pricing. Though there are multiple features, which are available for free, you can still upgrade your membership either to pro or VIP. VIP membership costs 6$ per month, and pro is for 20$ per month.

Advantages of Paid Account


Not all of Adam4Adam ‘s features are accessible for free usage. Premium membership provides you with unlimited access to a variety of features, but you must upgrade your membership to do so. The following are some of these key paid features, which may enhance your overall dating experience.

  • Premium members can have an unlimited number of friends on the site
  • You can ban as many people as you wish
  • Members have the option to access the desktop and mobile versions of the site that are entirely ad-free
  • It is possible to store up to two hundred chats and exchange almost two hundred messages using the ProAd function.
  • It is also possible to promote your services with the aforementioned feature.
  • Members have access to 10 saved searches.

Possibility of Free Account


Everyone who wishes to register with Adam4Adam will have access to a plethora of free services. The following are some of the features that are offered at no additional charge and are immediately available to you as a user:

  • Option to create a profile on the site is a free service offered.
  • You can not only search for other users, but you can also view their profiles.
  • Free users can send messages to other users.
  • Members have the ability to receive and read messages from other users.
  • You can both find and post events.
  • Adam4Adam allows you to save up to 20 conversations.
  • You can find and post events.
  • Free members can send up to forty messages.



Many Adam4Adam reviews from the users often state that this is a pretty safe website, and they rarely come across shady people. However, no matter how safe the site is, you must always be cautious. There are numerous ways by which you can ensure your safety on the site. E.g., If you are being bogged down by someone with spam emails or experiencing harassment – all you need is to report the profile as abuse. The Adam4Adam support team will then look into the issue and will block the person.

Scam Charges

So far, Adam4adam has been considered a trusted website, as there have been no reported cases of scams. Hence it continues gaining popularity amongst the gay fraternity.

Contact Information


In case you need to contact Adam4Adam website for any concerns, there are multiple ways to do so. You may visit the website’s customer support page and shortlist the mode of communication that best suits you. One of the primary ways of contacting customer support on the website is by writing an email at support@Adam4Adam .com.

Their HQ is located in Canada, and Adam4Adam’s snail mail address is 1800-500 Place d’Armes, H2Y 2W2, Canada. You can also contact them at (714) 907-1029.


Even after reading the above Adam4Adam review, you must have some more questions. So let’s take a look at some of the most common ones!

Is Adam4Adam Legit?

Yes, Adam4Adam is indeed a legit website. The site has been providing services to the LGBT community for about two decades. As a result, it is one of the most trustworthy online dating sites. However, since there is no rigorous email verification procedure, anybody may create their profile account. Thus, increasing the chances of coming across scammers, bots, and fake profiles.

How much does Adam4Adam cost ?

Overall, Adam4Adm is not an expensive platform to use. They primarily offer two pricing models. VIP membership costs just 6USD per month, and Pro membership costs 20 USD per month.

Does Adam4Adam have a mobile app ?

The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

  • Exclusively for VIP members, in-app purchases are available.
  • The app is accessible in a variety of languages.
  • The app’s design isn’t very intuitive and needs a lot of UI/UX improvement.

You may download the Adam4Adam app for free on your mobile phone, regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an Android device. You may buy a variety of special features on the app if you are a VIP member. However, the app is not visually attractive and is devoid of many features. When you use the app, many of the aspects that make it distinctive are inaccessible. On the small screen, all of the icons are near to one another, which makes it difficult to read them. However, if you use a mobile browser to visit the site, you will have greater access to the features and functionalities.

What’s the Adam4Adam demographic like?

Since its launch in 2003, the website meets the needs of sexual encounters for gay men and is undoubtedly a pioneer in online dating platforms for gay dating. More than 10 million users actively use the site. Around 6,300,000 members on the site are from the USA alone. The majority of active users on the site belong to the age bracket of twenty-five to fifty-five years. The website boasts of monthly 1M unique visitors. Approx. 53% of the male users are non-white.

Is it easy to sign up on to Adam4Adam?

Registering on the site is a free feature

  • There are two ways to sign up on the site: regular and via Facebook
  • You can register using the website or the mobile application
  • Photos you upload are reviewed by a team on the website
  • You need to be at least 18 years or above before signing up on the app
  • You need to clear an email verification test, but it is not mandatory

By following just two simple steps, you can create an account on Adam4Adam. After providing your email address, you need to create a username and password for yourself (Remember to make the password unique, to ensure safety!) Next, you need to agree to the website’s terms and conditions by clicking on a checkbox assuring the website that you are eighteen years or above in age. Next, you need to create a profile by filling in some important details like your age, gender, location, and profile photo. After this, you need to verify your application by clicking on the captcha box. You also need to click on three other boxes to certify your age once again and ensure that you agree to all the terms and conditions. You can skip the email verification step as it is not mandatory. There is an option to register on the site using your Facebook account. That way you’ll speed up the registration process and skip manual steps requiring you to fill in details and upload pictures.

Needless to say, Adam4adam is a great online dating platform for gay men looking for casual relationships or sexual encounters. Creating an account on the website is free and easy, and it has a lot of features you’ll surely love! So consider giving Adam4adam a try – we’re sure that you’ll love it! Happy dating!

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