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AdultSpace Review 2024

AdultSpace Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 79%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 750 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Broad geography. Users can find matches anywhere in the world. This development is convenient for individuals who travel frequently or looking for a traveling companion. It's never advisable to confine oneself to a local neighborhood, where you may likely know the individual in person. Rather, pick the most appropriate location and go for it!
  • Quick result. If you're looking for an instant result, AdultSpace is the place to go. This dating site saves members time and effort by avoiding unnecessary online discussions. Here, on the AdultSpace app, you can schedule a meeting with someone the same day you created an account.
  • Easy registration. The registration process is brief and straightforward. The app does not conduct personality tests, mandating users to answer numerous personal questions.
  • The site is similar to social media. Many previous and current users agree that the AdultSpace site feels and looks like Facebook, except that it is specifically designed for adults with very specific goals. Nonetheless, such a visual experience allows consumers to quickly adapt to the service and get the most out of it.
  • Both desktop and smartphone versions are available. It is very important to be able to access the AdultSpace app at all times. You may never know when your love interest messages you back.
  • Scammers — can be found just about anywhere, and AdultSpace is no exception. Despite the website's best efforts to secure its facilities, some fake individuals still manage to find their way into the platform. While chatting with strangers online, ensure to follow online safety rules and trust your instincts.
  • The AdultSpace app serves those looking for a quick hookup or a good time in an online chat room. You may interact with people online or meet them in person with AdultSpace. Nonetheless, most people who join the site aren't looking for long-term relationships.
  • All users on the AdultSpace site should be prepared to open their wallets and pull out their credit cards. Only the most basic functions are free; all other services, including messaging, are premium and come at a cost.
  • Not suitable for children, teenagers, or anybody under the age of 18. The app has a limitation that prevents users under 18 from joining. Still, some youngsters are incredibly resourceful these days, and they can even use their parents' gadgets and credit card information to gain access. Keep a watch on them and keep them away from the AdultSpace app, as the content is intended exclusively for adults.
  • Personal information is shared. Although AdultSpace keeps your profile short, you must still provide your location and date of birth. On the one hand, it is necessary to follow the safety regulations. Still, if you want to remain anonymous, you must be extra cautious if you are concerned that it may harm your reputation.

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AdultSpace is a dating site for adults to interact and meet individuals who share their ideas. On the AdultSpace site, users can bump into charming members from their location or other parts of the world.

Adultspace is commonly referred to as the “second MySpace” or “Facebook.” It resembles a social media platform, and this similarity contributes to its popularity among users. AdultSpace began operations in 1999 and has a proven track record of over two decades. Its reputation speaks for itself. Over one million users have already placed their trust in this service in their search for a match. The company’s most recent annual revenue totals over $7 million, indicating that many people trust and utilize the service frequently.

People can access the AdultSpace app via PC or mobile devices. Regardless of which device one uses, the site has promised to provide the best dating experience to its members. Previous and current users have given many positive reviews of the dating site. These reviews, to an extent, prove that AdultSpace is worth the time and money. Keep reading to learn more about the dating platform.

The Concept of AdultSpace

AdultSpace, as a hookup site, aims to make your dating experience as easy as possible by bringing together people from your area who share similar sex ambitions and preferences. However, be cautious of the people you interact with to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

AdultSpace’s developers strive to give members the best possible dating experience. For this reason, they constantly monitor all activity on the AdultSpace site to provide a safe and enjoyable setting for all registered users.

To explore the site to meet people, members can use free or premium services. While free members have limited access to the site’s features, premium members can use virtually all of the app’s numerous features to their advantage as they strive to find what they are looking for on the platform.

Member eligibility:

Only members aged 18 and above can join the AdultSpace site

The platform welcomes individuals of various sexual orientations: straight, lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual singles and couples.

How AdultSpace works

  • AdultSpace was created to be amazingly easy to use.
  • It’s free to register. After creating an account, members have to verify their email addresses. This approach is necessary to prevent the influx of fake profiles on the AdultSpace app. It is best to create an incredible profile that can attract other members.
  • The 29 million profiles on the site give members a lot of options to choose from. With the help of the search, users can find like-minded individuals that match their criteria.
  • The platform also has an algorithm that generates match suggestions based on members’ profile details.

You have the option of deleting your profile from the website at any time. To delete your profile:

  • Enter the Captcha code on the account overview page.
  • Click the “Delete My Profile” button.

These actions will delete your entire profile and images permanently. If you are a premium member, keep in mind that you must cancel your subscription separately.

The Members at AdultSpace

The site has about 29 million members from around the world. However, as an adult dating site, only members above 18 are allowed on the site.

AdultSpace Site Tools

AdultSpace is unusual because it is a true social network with the explicit goal of connecting for a sex date. The service is very popular among swingers, and there is a lot of feedback from those who use the internet only for that purpose. AdultSpace has a diverse spectrum of users, allowing you to find someone who shares your interests.

Continue reading this AdultSpace review to discover the features that can help members get fast results.

Searching Options and Filters

It is quite simple to find out who is online and open for a chat. The AdultSpace app search option helps members look through a list of users who meet their criteria. Once you find someone you like, you can use the different communication methods available on the platform to have conversations with them.

Communication Methods

AdultSpace provides a variety of communication possibilities, including:

  • Chat — This feature helps one to initiate a conversation and get replies from their love interests. Here, one can also exchange images.
  • Video messaging — A more intimate feature for having a conversation is video messaging. With this feature, you get to see who you are messaging. You can also see what the person you are chatting with looks like on the AdultSpace site before meeting in real life.

Special features:

  • Favorites list: It helps you keep all of your important connections in one location and contact them whenever you need them. You can also make changes to the list by adding and removing subscribers.
  • Icebreakers. This feature will appeal to those who are shy when it comes to initiating a discussion. A few ready-made variants will assist you in avoiding any awkwardness. Select the one that best suits your mood and send it to any member you like
  • Status. Publish and alter your status on the AdultSpace site according to your mood. Let others know how you’re feeling and what you’re up to. You’ll get closer to possible interlocutors this way.

The Pricing System of AdultSpace

Many of the features of AdultSpace are available for free; however, the service also provides premium membership options for extra features. The following choices were available:

  • One month subscription for $29.95
  • Three months subscription for $44.85

Payment methods:

Credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Discover, Maestro

Benefits of Paid Memberships

Premium Membership Features

With a Premium account, you will be able to:

  • To send unlimited gifts and messages
  • To get a Karma Boost and premium badge
  • Use the Icebreaker tool
  • Reply messages

The AdultSpace app provides decent functionalities for a reasonable fee. While users can explore the platform using the free membership, it is always best to subscribe to premium membership.

Functionalities Available to Free Members

Most users with a free membership find it difficult to get the most out of the service. When using AdultSpace for free, you may find that you have restricted access to or limited capabilities for some of the most important site services, such as messaging.

Free services

Once you’ve signed in on the AdultSpace app, you can see for free:

  • live cam shows,
  • photographs,
  • videos,
  • blog articles, and
  • pinboards
  • Adultspace will not charge you for expressing an interest in someone. However, if you are waiting for someone to initiate, you may not find success on the platform.

Adultspace’s policy is straightforward: if you meet someone or express your interest, write a message.


It’s always a difficult question when it comes to dating and explicit content. AdultSpace is concerned about its members, but it is best to trust your instincts while chatting with strangers on dating websites. Act on your instincts if the conversation starts to feel awkward.

Safety tips

While meeting new individuals is exciting, one should always exercise caution when having interactions with strangers. Even though you can’t influence people’s behavior, there are some tips you can apply to ensure your safety while using the app.

  • Sending money or sharing financial information is never a good idea!

Even if someone claims to need help urgently, never send money, especially via wire transfer. You can’t reverse a wire transfer or determine where the fund went once it’s been sent. Also, never share financial information with anyone. If another member asks for money from you, please report it immediately.

  • Keep your data safe.

On the AdultSpace site, do not share your work address, school address, or social security number with a stranger. Limit the details you share on your account’s profile page and in the early stages of communications.

  • Do not leave the platform.

While making acquaintances with someone, ensure to keep the conversation on the site. So often, members with bad motives try to immediately take the conversation to email, messaging apps, or phone.

  • Report offensive and Suspicious Behavior.

Don’t hesitate to contact the AdultSpace customer department when you have unusual interaction with someone on the platform. Always report suspicious incidents to keep yourself and other members of the dating community safe. Below are some instances of violation:

  • Underage members
  • Request for donations or funds
  • Threats and abusive messages
  • Fake profiles
  • Attempts to sell products

Scam Charges

One of the main dangers you can encounter on naughty dating sites is fake profiles. Indeed, whether these are created by malicious people who are looking for new prey to scam or by the platforms themselves to attract new users, fake accounts are common. However, AdultSpace introduces several levels of scam moderation that eliminate the occurrence of fakes and bots. Firstly, after creating an account, members have to verify their email addresses. This approach is necessary to prevent the influx of fake profiles on the AdultSpace app.

Secondly, the site offers you the possibility to block and report suspicious users. In case you notice any user spreading hatred or violating the community guidelines, you can let the customer support know about them. You are free to report an AdultSpace user by clicking on the three-dot button in their profile, next to their name if you see this profile in your feed or in-chat. Then, specify the reason for your report, and the team of experts will take measures to check this individual.

Finally, the AdultSpace app resembles a social network where people share dating experiences and tips. The service itself offers a convenient FAQ section and a blog with safety advice that warns users about possible risks. The provider kindly asks users to stay on alert while taking many measures to prevent scam activity.

Company’s Contact Details

Dime Argyle, Lottumseweg 43, 5971 BV Grubbenvorst;


Email: [email protected]


This section of the AdultSpace review answers some of the frequently asked questions.

How Real Is AdultSpace?

Adultspace is unique because it is a genuine platform with the explicit purpose of meeting someone for a sex date. The AdultSpace app is particularly popular with swingers, and there is a wealth of feedback reports from people who use the website exclusively for that purpose. In contrast to many other dating websites, Adultspace is a free website, and therefore a lot of punctualities could be taken lightly. Furthermore, it welcomes a diverse user base, allowing you to connect with someone who shares your interests.

How Much Do Premium Members Pay?

  • One month subscription for $29.95
  • Three months subscription for $44.85

What Is the AdultSpace App Like?

AdultSpace meets the needs of both those who choose to use the traditional web versions and those who prefer to stay mobile and utilize the app.

AdultSpace was formerly exclusively accessible on Android; however, it was recently updated to include an iOS version. So, regardless of what kind of device a member uses, they can access the AdultSpace site.

The mobile app offers the same features as the web version, and the user interface is fairly similar. Using the web or mobile version is a matter of habit; there are no meaningful distinctions.

What’s the Nature of AdultSpace Demographics?

The site has about 29 million members from around the world. However, as an adult dating site, only members above 18 are allowed on the site.

How Easy Is It to Create an AdultSpace Account?

Anyone can easily register on this website. Go to adultspace.com, and the homepage will prompt you to join for free.

Because AdultSpace contains pornographic material, you must be 18 or older to register. You must also specify that you do not endorse any prostitution. Below is the basic information you need to provide during registration

Whether you’re a guy, a woman, or a couple

Whether you’re looking for a man or woman on the AdultSpace app

  • Date of birth
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • A valid email address
  • Username
  • Create a password
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