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Amino App Review 2024

Amino App Review 2024
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Active Audience 78%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 18-30
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 7.5
Popularity 9.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The application is free and available for iOS and Android;
  • There are numerous topics to talk about;
  • There are a lot of members active daily;
  • It is possible to find a lot of young people to get acquainted with;
  • Users come from different parts of the world;
  • The online service allows its members to remain anonymous.
  • The Amino app seems to have a lot of bullies;
  • Even though the online service is focused on teenagers, there is still inappropriate content;
  • There are ads.

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The idea of the Amino app appeared in 2012 at Anime Boston, where Yin Wang and Ben Anderson were surprised by how the audience was enthusiastic and active. Thanks to this, they realized that they could make a kind of online convention that does not require people`s attendance or a certain ticket to participate. They decided to develop an online service where people could discuss different things regardless of their location.

The concept was not brand-new due to Reddit, but it was designed for computers, which means smartphones were out of the picture. That is why Ben and Yin launched a K-Pop app and Photography app for mobile devices in 2012. These applications were developed for certain groups of people that had to create the community themselves. The idea was to divide individuals into a few independent apps. The platform itself was a social web with private messages, posts, followers, and public chats. The community was growing quickly, so Amino added more apps by 2014.

These days, the Amino app has more than ten million downloads and a lot of positive reviews, while its average rating is 4.8. So, let`s learn more about this platform.

Amino Site Summary


The mobile application connects teens all over the world. The only thing which is required is access to the internet. The platform allows its users to express themselves by interacting with people who have the same interests. They can also upload photos or use avatars of celebrities and characters they like. In short, the Amino app is a social network created for teens. Even though older people can utilize the online service, the bigger part of the members are teenagers. Therefore, the platform’s features and design are teen-focused, so it does not appear to be attractive for individuals over 20 years old.

Teenagers can get acquainted with each other thanks to this online service because communities gather many people. According to the Amino review, there are a few paid features, but there is no need to pay to communicate with others. The reason is that the basic functions it provides its users with are enough to get a nice user experience.

There are several options when it comes to the registration process. The first thing you need to do to join the community is to download the application. The reason is that signup is only possible through the app though there is a website. You can get registered with the help of your mobile phone number, email, or Facebook account. At this stage, you need to specify your age, which must be at least 13. It is also required to select your gender.

When the necessary details are provided, you will have to get your account validated. Thus, you will get a verification code on your phone or email, depending on what you provide during the registration process. After that, the code must be typed on the Amino app, and you can continue. Note that it is necessary to type the code and not copy and paste it.

As soon as you log in, you are going to see the recommendations of stories and communities. If none of them is suitable for you, then you can explore new chats and communities. It is not difficult to find what you like on this online service.

Profiles on the dating platform are fascinating to look at. You can see some information about the person there, but there are not too many details. When you view a member’s profile, you can see their photo with a selected cover behind it. There is the username before the profile picture, along with the level and two buttons. One of them is to chat with the member, while the second one is to follow them. It is also possible to see the person’s achievements, and you need to click on the trophy icon for this purpose.

Right under the mentioned basic information, you can find the reputation of this Amino app user. Therefore, you can learn how many people they follow, the number of the received visits, and how many members follow this person. It is also possible to read the biography, a short text about anything members think others should know about. You are also allowed to see the posts that members share, and there is a wall where you can leave comments. People can use this space to write good things about you, for instance.

The Audience of Amino App


It is not possible to figure out how many members the Amino app has. The reason is that the operators refuse to provide this information. At the same time, if you analyze the App Store and Play Store, you will see that the mobile application has been downloaded a few million times.

Since the online service caters to teenagers, the bigger part of its users is under the age of 30. Most members are teenagers from the United States. There are also many people who come from Canada and the United Kingdom.

Amino Site Features


As the mobile application is developed for teenagers, they tried to make it as modern as possible. When you open it on your mobile phone, you can see the homepage, which has a lot of things:

  • There is a bar on the top, and you can use it to change the language;
  • There is a bell on the right side of the search bar, and there you can see notifications;
  • It has an icon that leads to the store, and it is located on the left side;
  • The homepage also has four icons, which can be used to discover chats, communities, and your profile;
  • Discover by default, and it appears on the Amino app homepage when you log in. There you can find the recommended stories and communities.

All these icons happen to be extremely intuitive, so you will not get lost. If it is necessary to access any configuration details, all you need to do is to open your profile. The mobile application looks sharp and user-friendly. It operates well on any mobile phone and mostly relies on a stable connection to the internet.

One of the best things about the online service is that everyone can access communication features. There are two options that you can go for to interact with others: private and public chats. All users can join a public chat, while an invitation is required for private chats.

To become a member of a public chat, you need to open the Side Menu and select the necessary tab. There is a rating system based on recent activity for all public chats. Thus, you can learn the name of the chat room, a description, who organized it, and participants of the chat. As you select the “Join Conversation” option, you are one of the members.

You can use the “+” button to invite other Amino app users. The organizer of this chat is allowed to moderate it or pass this title to another person. It is possible to turn notifications off by clicking “Do not Disturb.” Also, you are free to pin the chat or leave the conversation.

The main goal of the dating platform is to make it possible for teenagers to express themselves in various ways. The first thing they can do for this purpose is to create or join communities. There, they can interact with like-minded people.

One more special feature is stories, which are short videos that teenagers can quickly make with the help of their cameras. This feature is very similar to those on other social networks. The difference is that these stories can be seen on the main page.

There are chats where members can join and communicate with many people simultaneously. Themes define these chats in the Amino app, so there are Adventure Time chats, k-pop chats, etc.

There is one more unique feature, which is shop. Users can buy many things there, such as chat bubbles, profile frames, and stickers. They need to use Amino coins for this purpose. If you want to get these coins, you will have to spend real money.



The Amino app offers a paid subscription called Amino+. New members are provided with free premium membership for one week, and they can get it activated by visiting the store or their profile. When the trial period is over, members can either keep the premium plan or cancel it. If they are willing to continue, they can pay with coins or with a credit card.

You can purchase a one-month premium subscription for 3.89 USD, or you can get a membership for three months, which will cost you 8.99 USD. Another option is a one-year premium plan, and you can buy it for 33.99 USD.

Users who decide to acquire a membership with coins will not get any discount. The price ranges from 4.99 to 99.99 USD, depending on the number of coins.

Advantages of Paid Account


Members of the community who pay a premium subscription unlock a few new features that can improve their experience. Here are these Amino app features:

  • More stickers. Thanks to the membership, people receive a lot of new stickers, and they can even create their original sets;
  • Moods. It is possible to update moods all the time;
  • Custom chat bubbles. Premium members are allowed to use new beautiful chat bubbles;
  • Cool badge. These users get a nice-looking badge, which is visible on their profiles;
  • High-resolution images. Premium users are allowed to post pictures with the highest quality that can be up to 2048×2048 pixels.

Possibility of Free Account


Standard users of the Amino app use the platform with only less customizable content compared to premium members. There is no need to purchase anything to utilize chats or communication features, for instance. Therefore, they can chat, meet new friends, follow others, and have fun.



There are different opinions when it comes to the safety of the Amino app. There are a few things to say regarding this topic. There are complaints about swearing on various topics and communities, as well as about sexual content. It is regarded as abuse, and the safety team of the online service offers a few tools to avoid this kind of situation.

Also, all communities are moderated by one or more members. Thus, if there is suspicious or abusive behavior, members can report it to moderators. Parents are advised to be alert about what their children see on the internet and who they communicate with. If kids are taught how to be safe online, they can protect themselves.

However, there are still complaints that users who should monitor the Amino app do not adequately do that. To sum it up, the mobile application does not appear to be very safe. Even though many teenagers use it with no harm, there is a great potential of coming across malicious people there.

Scam Charges

The Amino app is free of charge, and there is no strict verification process. In addition to that, the online service does nothing to check whether its users are real people. Consequently, there can be a lot of fake profiles and scammers.

Contact Information


Company name: Amino Apps

Address: 22 W 19th St., Floor 8 NY, NY 10011

Zip Code + City: 10011, New York

Country: USA

Customer Support Email: [email protected]


Before they start using the Amino site, people tend to ask a few questions. The majority of these queries are the same, so they can be gathered and answered. Further, you can find several frequently asked questions.

Is the Amino App Safe?

Even though there should be one or more moderators in every group who must block abusive members, it is barely possible to say that the Amino app is safe. It is easy to get registered, and it can be used without any premium membership. Therefore, there can be a lot of fake profiles and scammers.

How Much Does the Amino App Cost?

Standard users can access the bigger part of features, but they can purchase a premium membership to improve their experience. The price ranges from 3.89 to 33.99 USD. The good news is that it is affordable.

Does the Amino App Have a Website?

There is a desktop version, but if you want to get registered, you will have to use the Amino app. That is why people download the mobile application and communicate with its help.

Who Can I Meet Using the Amino App?

According to the Amino review, the mobile application caters to teenagers. Therefore, it is possible to meet teens from all over the world there. However, older people can still join the community.

Does the Amino App Have a Hard Registration Process?

No. The registration process is extremely easy. Moreover, you can use your mobile number, email, or Facebook account to sign up. Also, the Amino app does not require a lot of personal details.

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