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BeautifulPeople Review 2024

BeautifulPeople Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 830 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The signup process is quick and easy.
  • The BeautifulPeople has a user-friendly design and navigation.
  • The platform comes with a standalone mobile app compatible with various devices.
  • You can see your rating to measure the chances of meeting someone special.
  • The site is jam-packed with useful extras.
  • A multi-million community offers an enormous pool of beautiful people.
  • International romances are possible.
  • The BeautifulPeople uses are active and want to meet in person as soon as possible.
  • All members can share views in forums.
  • A Beautiful Mentor feature helps people become even more beautiful than they are.
  • The site’s management arranges many exciting and romantic offline events.
  • Pricing is surprisingly reasonable.
  • It takes time to be approved by BeautifulPeople.
  • Not all ordinary people manage to join the community.
  • The system removes a profile from BeautifulPeople if a person doesn’t meet the site’s beauty standards.
  • All useful features are paid for.

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Founded 17 years ago, BeautifulPeople claims to be an elite online dating platform created exclusively for a captivating audience that is aesthetical enough to shine and attract others.

BeautifulPeople reminds elite restaurants and tables or rooms for VIP guests. The site presents the premium-class online community on its web pages, restricting access for people with common or, on the contrary, too specific appearances. Yes, it is your face that is a determining factor. And this is the site’s most controversial feature, talked about thousands of daters worldwide. For example, many males and females state that beauty has a deeper meaning now because makeup and loads of beauty corrections distort reality. So, is BeautifulPeople’s policy a sort of standardization? In fact, no. The site has its unique focus, like many niche dating resources. While some apps are fostering the sex appeal of, for instance, plus-sized people, BeautifulPeople has made appearance its main quality criteria.

BeautifulPeople Summary


BeautifulPeople corresponds to its idea of prioritizing beautiful people in every detail. It comes with a sleek and modern design, having a subtle look due to a luxurious dark-color scheme. The profile quality is great because of the stunning photos. Besides, you’ll find information about users’ date of birth, sex, postal code, and location. Personality descriptions also reveal sexual orientations and people’s goals. While reading a profile card, you will learn about users’ jobs, education, weight, body type, and other parameters.

Now, what’s about the site’s work? In this case, everything is clear. You have to fill in an application form to sign up for BeautifulPeople. Then, upload photos and wait to get approval. Once moderators and other users have welcomed into their ranks, set filters and start getting matches – choose your favorites to interact online and set real dates.

The Audience of BeautifulPeople

BeautifulPeople brought together a bit of a motley crew under its virtual roof. And that’s great! It means that every person can find a match, regardless of sexual identity, religion, race, citizenship, etc. Thousands of members feature a wide scope of interests, tastes, and desires. For example, mature men will easily find younger partners because 25% of girls want to meet older men on the BeautifulPeople site. Generally, the average age of all daters is from 30 to 45. So, many daters are still young, looking for hot meetups, and mature enough to value quality partners, regardless of relationships they want to build. Will it be a no-strings-attached romance or love for the rest of your life? In any case, you’ll find a perfect match on BeautifulPeople.

Apart from the diversity, the community features a pro-active approach to dating. The site’s visit rate is very high. People are enthusiastic about setting real-life dates rather than chatting online for months, and just a few swindles have been noted on BeautifulPeople.

The BeautifulPeople website lives up to its name since the audience is really beautiful there. Whether you like dark or light-skinned, bleu or brown-eyed people with black or fair hair, you’ll find an appealing person that corresponds to your preferences.

BeautifulPeople Site Features


The BeautifulPeople platform is easy to register but a bit challenging to hold on there. The site doesn’t approve newly registered members automatically or according to typical requirements of any dating site. Instead, other users vote for you and decide on your relevance. So, you are in, having enough poll numbers on BeautifulPeople.

How is the selection carried out? A novice submits a photo in the profile to current users of the opposite sex. Then, it’s just necessary to wait for 48 hours and see enough votes in favor are onboard. The polling process is straightforward and reminds Tinder’s swiping. Users see a newbie on their dashboards and just swipe it left or right, or click the relevant button to approve or decline an applicant.

If an applicant is lucky enough to deserve the community’s good graces, the service accepts the request and lets you in. Those who failed to break through judges’ hearts have to leave the website. However, approved members should keep up their images throughout their membership. Otherwise, the system will throw them out. Don’t be upset in this case since BeautifulPeople allows many attempts to become a part of its community.

Does it seem too much? Honestly, it’s not that serious since the community is not reduced but continues to grow, making steady progress.

Well, the site’s picky character is not its only unique feature. Once you join the service, you’ll see many surprisingly exciting options not typical for online dating:

  • Do you want to become famous?

For example, BeautifulPeople cooperates with modeling agencies and other similar organizations. In this way, most outstanding members get the chance to enjoy the benefits of the fashion industry.

  • How to give birth to beautiful children?

Besides, BeautifulPeople has a personal virtual sperm bank to allow women who want to have beautiful children to make their dreams come true.

  • Do you want to have fun?

BeautifulPeople regularly arranges glamorous parties crowded with handsome guys and gorgeous ladies. So, if you want to meet real love and have the hottest date in your life, you should grab the invitation.

  • Have you any questions?

The BeautifulPeople service gives VIP members their personal, beautiful mentors. A virtual assistant is a real person, actually, who helps a user shine through the provision of fashion or beauty advice. The consultant also comes in handy when daters experience difficulties with personal growth or have insecurities. In this way, BeautifulPeople members make the most of their personalities and find relevant matches pretty quickly. According to real-life reviews, the service’s personal growth courses are very efficient. People tell others about their lives improved due to confidence, good manners, and a unique style.



The BeautifulPeople site offers below-average prices for their plans, making the resource budget-friendly and affordable for all applicants.

  • 1 month: $24.99 per month
  • 3 moths: $16.99 per month ($50.97 totally)
  • 6 months: $12.49 per month ($74.94 totally)

The BeautifulPeople service accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro credit and debit cards. In addition, it is friendly to PayPal. Note that all packs have an auto-renewal feature. It means that the system prolongs your subscription automatically at the end of its period.

Advantages of Paid Account


The premium account does BeautifulPeople work in your interests since those paying for subscriptions can reach out to other users and initiate conversations.

Get messages and respond to them.

Look through private photos.

Visit online chat rooms and forums to meet new people and expand a social circle.

Access your rating score to see how popular you are and take measures (if necessary) to fix the situation on time.

See who likes you and votes for your membership.

Get the opportunity to look through pictures in HD quality.

Follow other users.

Check people who have added you to their favorite lists.

As you see, BeautifulPeople welcomes both private and group communication. It engages people into making new friends and creating their virtual inner circle of beautiful and interesting people.

Possibility of Free Account

Although the BeautifulPeople site requires payments, it allows free membership and provides several features to use without paying a dough. Therefore, standard members can sign up for the service, create a profile, attach photos, and even send winks and vote for other users. However, that’s all. Real communication is possible for premium users only. Hence, a free membership is a great feature for those testing the site to understand its relevance and efficiency. Once you want to use all BeautifulPeople benefits, it’s time to switch to a paid account and buy a subscription.



The BeautifulPeople stores and encrypts tons of personal information, including emails, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, etc. They protect profiles full of sensitive data like sexual orientations, romantic desires, and preferences. The team tracks users’ accounts and uses email verification to ensure their identity.

The BeautifulPeople service conducts manual moderation of photos called the veracity check. You can upload any picture you like. Yet, if moderators are not sure about its authenticity, they will ask you to present a photo with your name and the date today attached. So, admins take measures to reduce the number of irrelevant users and fake profiles.

Along with activities, your financial transactions are also safely made through reliable payment services. Besides, BeautifulPeople ensures responsive customer support to keep people both secure and comfortable. In this way, you may rely on the site’s protocols and firewalls to enjoy dating hassle-free.

Scam Charges

BeautifulPeople has a spotless reputation and a decent success rate. It is a real site with genuine profiles and strict verification. Millions of people worldwide rely on its algorithms and software, feeling safe and relaxed.

Interestingly, BeautifulPeople’s past is not as cloudless as it may seem. Actually, the elite site was attacked twice. Still, only one attack was real, while another one was just a weird marketing ploy. So, what’s the story with hacks?

The first problem related to mistakes in databases configuration that made the personal information available from the Internet. Over 15 million private messages leaked! BeautifulPeople management was capable of fixing things and improving the site’s security system. Fortunately, the scandal didn’t lead to data breaches, and the personal information remained locked within the site’s system. Dater could save their passwords and privacy.

Another cyber-attack was a rather arguable PR action. The BeautifulPeople company stated that the Shrek virus attacked its website. But as it turned out, the management wanted to attract the audience’s attention in this way. Oddly enough, such a reverse advertisement has played a positive role in the site’s promotion. Thousands of new visitors flooded the website, heated by curiosity and interest. “If hackers are onto BeautifulPeople, this is a worthwhile site,” they thought. As a result, the community continues to grow, and the service scores through the roof.

Contact Information

  • Сompany: Beautiful Networks LLC
  • Address: 16192 Coastal Hwy Lewes, DE 19958, US
  • E-Mail: [email protected]


Are you still hesitating about BeautifulPeople? Of course, you need more information when it comes to online dating. Hence, just consider the following information and make sound conclusions based on facts rather than impressions.

Is BeautifulPeople legit?

There is no reason to doubt in BeautifulPeople’s legitimacy. The site has an official operating company called BeautifulPeople Network, founded by Robert Hinze, Kasper Lausen, and Kasper Hjort. Greg Hodge is the service’s managing director. The managing company has a valid postal address and phone number specified on its official website. Moreover, BeautifulPeople is not a family site but a standalone project created with unique features and options.

In addition, the site provides client-oriented policies. It allows people to delete their accounts, cancel subscriptions, edit profiles, and make more adjustments that prove the service’s transparency and efficiency.

How much does BeautifulPeople Cost?

The BeautifulPeople site has paid plans that are not expensive. It will cost you from $24.99 to $74.94, depending on the pack’s duration. Premium membership gives you access to all features and tools regardless of your plan’s lifespan. So, you get all perks, whether you buy a month or semi-annual subscription.

Does BeautifulPeople have a mobile app?

The BeautifulPeople platform has a native mobile app to use permanently, occasionally, or register on the service. One can download the app to an Android or iOS device and enjoy the same functionality as the site’s desktop version has. In other words, you’ll get the right to exchange messages, vote for other novices, track your ranks, and use all sear filters to get accurate matches. The only flaw is the lack of forums and announcements about upcoming events. So, you should enter the desktop site to be aware of the latest news.

What’s the BeautifulPeople website’s demographics like?

There are 7.500.000 registered profiles on the BeautifulPeople dating website. As the site is available worldwide, you’ll find users from dozens of countries located in North and South America, European, Asian, and African regions. Speaking of the female audience, it is rather specific because of the site’s requirement for ladies’ appearances. As a result, most girls are from Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Argentina, and Brazil. In addition, you’ll find hundreds of hot women from Italy, Denmark, and Portugal. German and Irish cuties are also on the list.

Is it easy to sign up on to BeautifulPeople?

The BeautifulPeople registration process is simple but notable for strict rules. While some nightclubs put a dress code into practice, the site makes applicants pass face control. So, you should meet several standards of beauty to join the community. In fact, the procedure is not stressful or problematic as many people think. So, you shouldn’t worry about getting a handsome status once you pass the test.

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