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BeeTalk Review 2023

BeeTalk Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 62%
Popular Age 18-30
Profiles 50 000
Reply Rate 67%
Ease of Use 7.5
Popularity 5.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • All features are entirely free for the users,
  • Various matching options, including location-based,
  • No ads displayed on the homepage,
  • A personal profile which can be filled out and changed anytime,
  • An extended user database with fifty million users from all over the world,
  • An appropriate platform to find friends and casual dating matches,
  • Very active and friendly community,
  • An available chat room,
  • Profiles and photos are visible to everyone,
  • Notification on phones for new messages and connections,
  • User-friendly and attractive interface,
  • Available to download for both Android and iOS users.
  • Low user percentage from the USA,
  • Not very detailed and informative profiles,
  • Offered contact suggestions are not refreshed frequently,
  • Available only as a mobile application
  • There is no age control. Even teenagers may join this app,
  • The administration does not control the posted topics. Everyone may post whatever they want.

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BeeTalk is a famous dating app for having an enjoyable dating experience. It is not a secret that technological advancement has its influence on any aspect of time. Dating is not an exception, and technology has had its tangible effect on it too. Online dating is much more convenient for many singles. They do not need to spend their valuable time on various dating experiences that may not be continued. Instead of that, they will join any dating site, provide some basic information and wait for matches to be offered.

Since its foundation, BeeTalk has gained a lot of popularity among users. The features that it offers may make your dating much more incredible and remarkable. It is somehow similar to WhatsApp and Tinder. The system of this dating app is designed in a way that singles may find matches near their residences without much challenge. You need to provide all the necessary information, and the app will find some optimal match options for you. One of the advantages of this dating app is its ease of use. You may download it onto your phone and enjoy its features whenever or wherever you want. There is no need to waste your time sitting in front of computers and waiting for the responses of your online friends. You may be busy with other jobs and at the same time keep in touch with your online friends. BeeTalk app allows you to enjoy its features anywhere and anytime you want.

BeeTalk Summary


Very soon after its foundation, BeeTalk managed to gain over ten million users from all over the world. It became one of the popular and fast-growing mobile dating applications in the world. This application is free to download from AppStore and Play Market. It is considered one of the best ones, thanks to the incredible features that it offers. It provides a mixture of other famous similar dating apps, such as Tinder, WeChat, Snapchat, Messenger, Viber. It has roulette-type matching like Tinder, Shake Discovery Approach like WeChat, Story posting and self-deleting like Snapchat and Instagram, secret messaging with auto-deleting like Viber and Messenger. BeeTalk is much more popular in the countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Taiwan. The most active users of the application come from these countries, making the majority of its population. Surprisingly, this mobile application is not promoted in the USA, and there are not many users from that country. It was initially created for Thailand users; however, it has immediately become popular in the world. It is not surprising that the application is so popular globally because it is offered in three languages like Chinese, English, and Thai. If you are interested in this application, you may join it free and without any problems. The registration on BeeTalk is very straightforward. Once you download the application, you need to provide your phone number to activate it. Then a verification code will be sent to your account. The application will automatically synchronize your contacts, and the ones that use this application offered to become friends here, too. You may add photos, add personal information, search for other users, etc. There is no BeeTalk site, which means that this brand is offered only as a mobile application.

The Audience of BeeTalk


As stated earlier in this BeeTalk review, soon after the launch of this dating application, it gained popularity. Most active users of the platform are women and men under age 35. The gender ratio is equally distributed; both female and male users make up 50%. The majority of the users, 75% of the whole population, come from Southeast Asian countries like Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, etc. The people joining this site are looking for casual hookups and relationships. However, this is not the best platform for finding a partner for a long-term and committed relationship.

Moreover, teenage users looking for international or local friends are also present on this platform. Meeting new people and starting friendships is highly recommended by the BeeTalk app. Forums, various events, and threads are brilliant examples of this policy. Some users may also join it to find a partner for a nightstand. One of the disadvantages of this site is the posted content is not controlled by the administrative group. Everyone may post whatever they want, and the presence of users under legal age may lead to undesirable outcomes. The registration process on this platform does not require a lot from the users. You need to provide a phone number, and a validation code will be sent to it. Once you register, the BeeTalk site will offer you to invite your phone contacts to connect on this platform too. Most of the useful features are free of charge, including messaging. Moreover, it offers a chat room option for its users.

BeeTalk App Features


BeeTalk is a combination of many unique features of other popular network sites and dating platforms. However, it offers some other unique features that make this platform quite popular among many users.

Joining Clubs

You may encounter various clubs to join built by fellow users. Most of the time, each of them has a special interest to advocate. Clubs have many users, and the administrators may decide to let the user join it or not.

Look around and Radar

Although Look around and Radar are different features suggested by BeeTalk, they have almost the same function. Look Around offers you matches that are near your current location. Radar suggests the ones who are much closer to you.


It is a roulette-type feature, which is quite popular with Tinder’s users, too. If you like a user and they like you back, you will be automatically added to each other’s contact list. This feature allows finding out the mutual likes and making better connections with other users.

Whisper Mode

If you do not want your message to be saved in other users’ chatboxes, this feature will help you. You may set the time, and when that time is over, the message will disappear from the chatbox. This feature also offers end-to-end message encryption, which means your privacy is guaranteed. You may set a time from 1-15 seconds.

Forums and Threads

If you are interested in Threads offered by BeeTalk, you may find them in the Discovery tab. The most popular ones are “Selfie” and “Introduce yourself.” Moreover, you are offered several various forums where you answer and ask questions to other users.

This is not all the list that this platform offers to the users. So, if you want to have an incredible experience, you may join it and check on your own.



BeeTalk is an entirely free dating site to join. It offers all the features for free for its users. So, you may have an incredible and remarkable dating experience without thinking of wasting your money uselessly. The features that it offers are completely enough to make your dating incredible. Moreover, unlike other free platforms, you may not encounter any irritating advertisements here. Its homepage is free of any ads and disturbers. It also has a messaging feature that many free applications and sites lack.

Advantages of Paid Account


As stated earlier, BeeTalk is entirely free for its users. You may join and enjoy all the features without worrying about money. Although many free dating applications may not offer some useful options like messaging, chat room, and so on, this platform has all the necessary set of features. Therefore, you may use it without any limitations and worries.

Possibility of Free Account


As BeeTalk is a free service, all its features are offered free of charge. So, if you are interested in the features that this platform offers, you may join it right now and check. The features that it offers may make your dating much more exciting and full of memorable moments.

Instant messaging

This is one of the useful features that are essentially important for any dating platform or application. It gives an opportunity for the users to get to know each other better and find common topics to discuss. Although this is not a fancy feature that BeeTalk offers, it is quite important for any user eager to find a friend or a partner.

Roulette-type matching

Like other dating sites, this application also uses a matchmaking feature. It means that your personal information is used to offer you partners that match your dating expectations. If you like a person, and they like you back, you appear in each other’s contact lists. This feature facilitates the dating process and finds partners that might like you back. Before initiating a conversation, you may not have a fear of being ignored by the other user.

Sending cute stickers

You may use this feature to show the other user that you are interested in them. Then, if they respond, you may freely start a conversation with them.

Sending doodles and drawings

If you have a talent for drawing, you may send personalized doodles to the user that you like. They will probably appreciate that deed and respond.



Safety is one of the essential features that any platform needs to pay attention to. BeeTalk has taken all the necessary measurements to ensure its users have a safe and stress-free journey with it. Your personal information will not be shared with third parties unless you do it on your own. It is not recommended to share any personal or financial information with users that you do not know well. The platform is full of scammers and fake users who may try to use the website for their benefit.

Moreover, if you encounter a user with suspicious behavior, you are encouraged to report them or block them. After blocking, they will not be able to see your profile or send you annoying messages. One drawback of this dating app is that many teenager users are registered on it, and the app team does not strictly monitor the posted content.

Scam Charges

If you have encountered any user with strange behavior on BeeTalk, you should immediately report them. The team will go over the profile, and if they find something unusual, the account will be terminated. Moreover, they guarantee that your data is kept safe and has end-to-end encryption.

Contact Information


If you have any burning technical or any other kind of issue, you are welcome to contact the Customer Support Service of BeeTalk. The friendly and considerate team members will answer all your questions as soon as possible. Furthermore, since there is no phone number to call, you are welcome to send them a personal email. This is also a quick way to express your complaints or get the answer to your question. The team works 24/7.


If you have a technical issue, you may find the answer to some of them in the FAQ section. However, email the team if you still could not find it, and they will reply to you.

Is BeeTalk legit to Join?

BeeTalk is one of the legit dating applications, and its services are offered all over the world. Since the first year of its foundation, it has managed to gain a wide user database that indicated its popularity.

Is BeeTalk Entirely Free to Join?

Yes. This platform offers all its features entirely free of charge. The offered features are various and may serve as useful tools to have an enjoyable dating experience.

Does BeeTalk have a Mobile Application to Offer Its Users?

BeeTalk is a mobile application. It does not have a separate website. It is much more convenient for many users to use the mobile app than the website. You may use it anytime and anywhere you want.

Who Is the Main Audience of BeeTalk?

This is an international dating app, which means that everyone interested in casual dating and hookups may join. Although it was initially created for Thai singles, currently, its services are available for everyone.

Is the Registration on BeeTalk Straightforward?

The registration on this platform is very easy and quick. After downloading, you are required to provide your phone number. The validation code is sent to it. Once you register, you may freely use all the features that BeeTalk offers to its users.

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