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Blendr Review 2024

Blendr Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 77%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The app makes its members happy with many free features.
  • The mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • The desktop site allows browsing the site’s content without registration.
  • A massive pool of potentials looks engaging.
  • Many users are active and of interest for communication.
  • You can attach a video clip to present yourself.
  • The design and layout are convenient to manage your account, browse, and exchange messages.
  • High ratings on Google Play.
  • The app has a desktop version.
  • The Blendr interface supports dozens of languages.
  • The app doesn’t allow you to go outside the location, in fact. So, it isn’t suitable for international relationships. Those looking for long-term international relationships might be an exception, but there are few of them on Blendr.
  • The matchmaking system considers physical attributes mostly.
  • Most users are into flings. You may spend months seeking soul mates or life partners.
  • No video chat or video calls.

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Many young and mature daters have heard about Grindr and wanted to join this app. But the trouble is that it is for gays only. Fortunately, Blendr appeared in 2011 with the same functionality but was designed for people of various sexual identities. However, many questions may still arise if you are not familiar with this platform. For example, is the Blendr service perfect or just trash? Well, it’s hard to say until you know about its free and paid features.

Actually, this app claims to be created for all online dating fans. Still, many sites state the same but run scamming activities. Like every blooming niche, online dating is overcrowded with low-down offers, making you attentive while choosing the right resource.

Even a parade of the best sites might seem hard to choose from because of the variety of offers. Hence, the Blendr review reveals true facts and highlights the app’s key features. The unbiased research will save your time to allow spending it on exciting dates rather than going through the independent quest.

Blendr Summary


Our exhaustive hunt targets one of the best dating apps for no-commitment and serious relationships. The experts went beyond multiple reviews and explored the Blendr website from the inside, relying on personal impressions and experiences. In this way, you can get insights about worthy and weird options, the site’s pros and cons. Moreover, you’ll learn about audiences’ tastes, desires, and behavior. Are they active?

So, you’ll be aware of the slightest nuances since professionals provide data based on real conversations with Blendr members. All that stuff makes it possible to understand how well this app handles the stiff competition and whether it has a decent success rate.

Well, the review deals with a free platform launched in 2021 by Joel Simkhai. Not only Grindr but also Badoo affected the site’s appearance and options. Moreover, it is Badoo that powers Blendr, making it subject to the same working principles.

Therefore, what is Blendr all about? This is a mobile application and a website designed for those seeking like-minded friends and partners in their area. Although the app covers hundreds of regions, it delivers geo-based matches. This approach caters to people who want to set real dates without further ado.

The Audience of Blendr


The Blendr audience is diverse, having a wide range of sexualities and coming to the scene with diverse goals and desires. While someone is looking for friends with benefits, another dreams about an eternal flame of love. So, different audiences are looking for various relationships with folks from all ages and social groups. Yet, young guys and girls dominate. Generally, the age distribution looks as follows:

  • 18–24 years old: 10% women, 15% men
  • 25–34 y. o.: 20% women, 30% men
  • 35–44 y. o.: 9% women, 6% men
  • 45–54 y. o.: 4% women, 6% men

As you see, seniors are not present on the app.

When an average age is obvious, users’ religions are not clear. It’s hard to say about people’s beliefs since profiles don’t contain this information. Besides, most members use Blendr for no-strings-attached meetups and one-night stands that exclude the religious factor by default.

Since Blendr is a dating app, most uses are single or divorced. On the other hand, the majority hangs out here to find hookups; that’s why they lie about marital status and hide relationships to jump into affairs. So, apart from relying on the information on profile cards, it’s better to disclose your desired type of romance to meet adequate partners.

Speaking of users’ activity level, it is very high. All members are very responsive. They like chatting, flirting, discussing various topics, and having a nice time online. In addition, they are willing to set a date in the real world and check your chemistry in person.

Blendr Site Features


The Blendr mobile app is notable for its appealing design that allows people to make a minimum of swipes to get to a specific section or use a particular option. Besides, this app is tablet-optimized, while many standalone mobile projects work on smartphones only. Moreover, you can register on Blendr and start dating from your personal computer or laptop. Speaking of the desktop versions, it looks great. The website leaves room for online dating and provides lots of informative posts at the same time.

What about Blendr’s digital performance?

It should be said that both the mobile app and the website operate without a hitch. Although people post controversial reviews, no complaints about technical problems have been found. You can toggle between options instantly and experience no issues with uploading photos and videos.

How many features does Blendr have? Well, there are enough perks on the app despite the lack of video sessions:

  • Who is right here now?

The People Nearby feature allows finding partners at the shortest distance from your location. It helps save time and set a hot date within a day or even a couple of hours.

  • Hot or not?

The Encounter option is a swiping game to like or discard people based on their photos. Once the app generates a potential match, choose the relevant icon to tap and accept or reject the suggestion. If you like this person, just click the photo to access a profile card, learn a bit more about his/her personality, and start messaging.

Both People Nearby and Encounter tools serve your interest in finding connections. Do you want to get more accurate suggestions? No problem since you are free to sort out search results according to your preferred age and area. Note that you should wait for a response to your first message before sending the second one.

  • Surprise!

The Blendr app also allows sending virtual gifts to attract someone special, remind about yourself, cheer up, entertain, or express your feelings.

  • Pay a little to get more.

Suppose you want to place your text on the top of the addressee’s incoming emails or make your profile visible in search results. In that case, it’s possible to buy credits to pay for such attractive extras.

Note that any Blendr user has access to your profile and photos, whether you have mutual matches or not. Speaking of profiles’ quality, it’s quite decent. The card shows the member’s location, goals, interests, and personal info like sexuality, relationship, etc. In fact, the personal dashboard looks clear, having the following tabs and sections:

  • Photo galleries
  • Profile videos with self-presentation
  • Popularity ratings
  • The number of credits on your balance
  • Membership status
  • Occupation and education
  • Languages you know

The left part of the dashboard lets people understand whether you are a verified user and your general score. The latter grows as long as you make more and more friends at Blendr and get positive comments from others.



The Blendr is more than just affordable. Prices are low, and the app’s real value is great. So, you can boldly test the app to check its options for relevance to your needs. Your adventure has no reflection on budget. So, consider choosing one of the subscriptions on offer:

  • 1 week: $2.99 per week
  • 1 month: $7.99 per month
  • 3 months: $6.66 per month ($19.99 for the period)
  • 6 months: $4.67 per month ($27.99 for the period)

Besides, the app offers to buy credits and pay for additional services like your appearance in top search results, sending virtual gifts, purchasing unique fun stickers, and others:

  • 100 credits: $2.50
  • 550 credits: $12.49
  • 1,250 credits: $24.99
  • 2,750 credits: $49.99

If you want to upgrade your account, it’s possible to use credit cards, PayPal, or your mobile device.

Advantages of Paid Account


If you want to benefit from the site, you definitely need to buy a premium package. Your privileged status results in many perks:

  1. You can undo your choice in the Encounter game. This is a great feature that corresponds to the human factor. Agree that we often act emotionally and then tend to reconsider.
  2. You can switch on the incognito mode and browse profiles privately without showing your interest in the public.
  3. Users who put you on the list of favorites become visible.

Apart from basics, some extras are also available to premium users. For example, they can place their messages on top, boost their profiles, and get access to newly registered users to invite them for chatting.

Possibility of Free Account


Free functionality is not impressive but has practical value. First, you build your presence, i.e., describe your personality, attach photos, and upload a video record. Then, you can search matches and look through all profiles.

However, the best thing is the opportunity to exchange free messages.



The Blendr is a “white” dating site with detailed WHOis information on the Web. The platform is completely safe for users and their devices. Of course, it may harm you if you share personal information with strangers and disclose sensitive information about your family members, friends, etc.

Speaking of scammers, they’ve always been in online dating and always will be. Just avoid blank profiles and suspicious photos and stick to genuine users who send human creative and funny messages. Besides, follow common privacy practices for the Internet.

The Blendr system requests a photo and phone verification during registration, but users can skip this step. At the same time, it’s recommended to verify your identity and get a dedicated badge to gain more trust and attention from other members. Once you decide on the procedure, just attach a photo and verify it with your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account.

Scam Charges

Blendr is not a scamming platform. On the contrary, the site works and delivers actual matches from genuine users. That’s why no scam charges have been revealed yet. Besides, the company tries to struggle with fake accounts by implementing automated systems on the mobile app and the desktop site. Apart from software, actual moderators monitor users’ activities and delete those violating Blendr’s rules and policies.

Contact Information


Company: Blendr LLC

Website: blendr.com

Email: [email protected]

Postal Address: Los Angeles, California, United States


If you are new on the online dating scene and prefer to hold off on downloading the Blendr app, you can use more details to gain confidence for your final decision. So, keep reading and consider the following information to learn about primarily important things.

Is Blendr legit?

The Blendr is legit and works within the law in many countries. The Badoo-powered app has a decent set of tools and options to provide members with communication and all joys of online dating. Real connections and success stories prove the app’s workability. Besides, PayPal onboard witnesses the site’s legitimacy since this payment service doesn’t work with “black” dating websites.

If you have more questions or have trouble with Blendr, its customer service is at your disposal around the clock. Just send a request and get a prompt answer within a day. Besides, Blendr provides community guidelines and tips on online dating. Yet, it would be great to contact managers via a live chat or phone hotline.

How much does Blendr Cost?

The Blendr dating app is free to download and join. However, it comes with the paid pack, like any decent dating platform on the Web. Don’t worry about expenses! The service costs almost nothing compared with many other similar resources. Did you know that many established brands require more than $300 per year? Things are different on Blendr. You won’t be disappointed with your opportunities for just 28 bucks for half-a-year subscriptions.

Does Blendr have a mobile app?

Blendr is primarily a mobile app designed for smartphones and tablets powered by Android and iOS operating systems. Of course, Blendr has a desktop version that is also suitable for dating. Still, the website is not as popular as the app for now. However, the demand grows fast since the website is very convenient and easy to use.

What’s the Blendr website’s demographics like?

There are several million people on the Blendr site. Still, 5,000,000 are from the USA. The rest of the audience is from Great Britain and other English-speaking countries, Europe, and some Asian regions. The app is very popular because 87,000 new Blendr accounts appear every month. People love Blendr for its democratic view on dating and versatility.

There are 60% of male and 40% of female profiles on the app. This disproportion is not critical, providing mostly equal chances to find partners for both men and women.

Is it easy to sign up on to Blendr?

The registration is intuitively straightforward on Blendr. First, you should download and install the app available in Google Play and App Store. Then, it’s necessary to fill in the application form or sign up via your Facebook or MSN accounts. The entire process takes no more than 5 minutes.

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