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ChatAvenue Review

ChatAvenue Review
About Site
Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 600 250
Reply Rate 59%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 6.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • As this site has been in the market for over decades, it has got a good reputation.
  • A member can send images, videos as well as audio to the other member.
  • There is no such vulgarity allowed on the platform.
  • Every single room accompanies the related emojis and other avatars that keep the users indulged in chats.
  • If you are interested in any specific member, you can also send them private messages.
  • The best part is no such charges are requested from you while signing up at the platform.
  • You can interact with some people via a video chat feature.
  • The minimum age group available at the ChatAvenue site is around 13 years old. That is why some adults prefer other sites.
  • You can't search for anything in the chat.
  • The platform has vast loads of fraud profiles, which makes it challenging to find a genuine one.
  • Every woman should be alert while using the platform because of some guys.
  • With some chats, you are free to enter as a guest.
  • The active members in the platform are high, which means once you send 'Hey' to any room, you will receive a plethora of messages in the inbox.

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ChatAvenue is one of the prominent chat services that let you connect with people globally. Here, you can find a soulmate for you. Yes, this app is not for the ones who look for casual dating. Instead, this ChatAvenue site has made it possible to find a partner to share their emotions and feelings.

It’s effectively surviving in the market for 20 years. There is no compulsory registration as you can use the app by signing it directly. All the members are free to talk as well as connect. The platform focuses explicitly on relationships, marriage, and friendship.

Each chatroom associated with the ChatAvenue site deals with different topics. So, whether it is a teen or an adult, everyone can connect with the app members and build strong relations with them. In addition to this, they have an easy to use and quick service. So, don’t think twice about entering the site as dozens of members are waiting for you.

ChatAvenue Summary

ChatAvenue Summary

ChatAvenue app is the place where you will find dozens of chatrooms. So, you can also start with a flirty conversation in whatever way you like. The option of private and a group chat is there. Also, keep in mind to avoid sharing any personal information of yours.

You can chat with random people in a fun way rather than being serious. Other than this, whenever you feel the need to talk with someone or know more about them, you can directly enter the chat room and start your discussion concerning what you like. The oldest platform has never disappointed people in finding a partner for a hook-up or a serious relationship.

The site has a legitimate equilibrium of functionality, interface, and user experience. The chatroom holds special effects based on the chat. Like in a sports room, you will find related games. While in adult chat, you will find different content. However, you will better see more about ChatAvenue in this ChatAvenue review.

The Audience of ChatAvenue

The Audience of ChatAvenue

The ChatAvenue app focuses on uniting all the random people from the world in one place. You will find every chat room that is based on age as well as topic. In short, the platform consists of universal members. The minimum age of a member required to register at the ChatAvenue site is 13. Also, the platform is filled with people of different religions, ethnicity. You will also notice gays, bi, and lesbians at the same.

According to the measurements, most site members belong to countries like the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Poland. The platform receives 5k+ monthly visitors that register themselves at the site. Once you register or visit the site, you will observe that all the members remain keen to communicate.

Some chat rooms on the platform include College Chat Room, Teens Chat Room, Mobile Chat Room, Singles Chat Room, Sports Chat Room, and much more. Thus, whatever your interest is, you can join the chatroom appropriately. As the site ultimately values its users’ privacy, no one can identify how long the member is active at the platform, whether a male or a female.

ChatAvenue Site Features

ChatAvenue Site Features

When it comes to specifications, the ChatAvenue app is an extraordinary one. Apart from such, there is no need to use any filter to look good when sending pictures. Also, you will find the person of every community. It is how you can get to know about other communities, too, if you seek interest in them.

Thus, you will find dozens of unique features at the site, and some are shared below:

  • Private chat: If you want to connect with all members of the ChatAvenue app, you can enter the chat rooms that interest you. While, if you personally like someone and want to communicate by keeping your privacy, you can use the Private chat feature and connect with them privately.
  • Account improvement: You are allowed to refresh or improve your account whenever you want. In basic words, you can add your profile description, an attractive picture, status, and so on.
  • Block button: If you find someone who continually creates a nuisance or using wrong words or anything negative, you can directly block them. It is how you can protect yourself from such fraudsters.
  • 24 x 7 Availability: When you enter other dating platforms, you find it challenging to communicate with members every time you want. However, in the ChatAvenue app, you can talk to interested members anytime. As a result, all the people remain active, which means getting bored at this platform, is zero.
  • Random Live Video: You can use this’ Random Live Video’ feature if you seek to know more options besides chatting with a specific person. With this, a user can access video chat randomly with anyone.
  • Media sharing: You can send your images to your online friends. Besides this, you can also receive pictures from them and further build a connection by discussing different opinions.


Though users can use the platform free, some prefer taking premium membership to get access to the site’s full features. Thus, the VIP membership charge varies as per the chosen chatroom. Several chatrooms don’t ask for bucks. While some charges. The pricing is accordingly categorised in 3 forms.

Let’s have a glimpse at that.

Lesbian Chat, Dating and singles chat
Cost of multi-month $5.00
Cost of 90 days $10.00
Cost of a year $15.00
Lifetime access cost $20.00

Live chat
Cost of multi-month $3.00
Cost of 90 days $5.00
Cost of a year $10.00

Adult Chatroom & Gay Chatroom
Cost of multi-month $5.00
Cost of 90 days $10.00
Cost of a year $20.00
Lifetime access cost $25.00
Lifetime access cost $15.00

If you observe, you will notice that the ones that are promising long terms accompany low charges. However, if you purchase such a ChatAvenue app subscription, you are probably saving a ton of time.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

Once you purchase the premium membership, you will get access to full benefits that make your investment worth it.

  • You can create your specific room.
  • You can add an attractive image.
  • You can put the VIP icons to use that you’ll find near to your nickname.
  • You can get access to view your past activity.
  • If you wish, you can search via invisible mode.
  • Your profile will show a premium membership badge.
  • Whenever anyone searches for the right partner, you will outclass the list.
  • You can get access to the photo album without any hassle.
  • You can share voice clips as well as post gifs.
  • You are free to add a gradient to your name and make it look amazing.
  • If you are up for a private chat, its capacity extends to hold 1000+ messages.
  • You can even post your videos directly from YouTube in the ChatAvenue app.
  • You will notice your profile to show a diamond.

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

If you don’t want to spend money, don’t worry. Free membership also consists of several features, while some as shared as under:

  • You can easily create your account.
  • You can add friends, remove them, or if found nuisance, can block them.
  • You can secretly send messages to any connected individual from the ChatAvenue site.
  • You can also ‘Whisper’ them.
  • There is no such limit available to send messages to any member of the platform.
  • You can also change your profile picture without spending money.
  • You can use the music feature being a free user.
  • You are free to add your favourite members to the friend list.
  • You can set up your profile whenever you want and, accordingly, customise it.



It is obvious to be concerned about safety before registration. However, you will feel relaxed to know that the ChatAvenue platform is extremely safe to use. It is safe for all those who prefer connecting with other strangers and raising a hand of friendship.

Though you will find some security threats, the customer support of the ChatAvenue site keeps a close watch on everything and accordingly maintains safety. Before you use the platform, keep reading the terms and conditions linked with the same. Whenever any molester or abuser is found at the site performing wrong activities or misusing the platform, the administrators take strict action against them.

The site is protected because there is no personal information asked of you. You also have the option of using the platform as an anonymous member. The site takes the privacy policy strictly and ensures the safety of members. Also, they don’t even share your details with any third party. One thing you as a member have to follow is not sharing any personal information with any untrusted app member.

Scam Charges

As register at the profile and further communicating with other members is not mandatory. The chances of fake scammers tend to increase. Though you are versatile enough to send private messages to anyone, you need to keep in mind to avoid sharing personal information.

The chat mediators constantly work the chat rooms. But, sometimes, they can’t identify the specific fraudster or scammer. That is why you also need to keep your privacy while using the platform and not let a con artist trick you in any way.

Contact Information

If you look for any support from the ChatAvenue site or contact them for any query, you can find their contact details in the next block.

However, if you need to ask for any business-related things, you can contact them via email at [email protected].


Finally, you have read the ChatAvenue review. Now is the time to look for the questions that generally arise in every user’s mind.

Is ChatAvenue Real?

Is ChatAvenue Real?

Indeed, the ChatAvenue site is a real one. Any member can date any interested person without spending money. Here, kids and adults can both register and further use the platform. The site accompanies different chatrooms based on other interests like lesbian, dating, kids, and sex chat. In addition, small kids can discuss school and homework-related things.

In contrast, adults can discuss other things. The chat administrators continually manage the rooms and remove the scammers from the site. So, by using the platform, you can meet like-minded people.

How Much does ChatAvenue Cost?

The ChatAvenue site holds different costs as per the features. However, some of them are as follows:

VIP membership:

3-month plan $5
1-year plan $10
lifetime plan $15

It is easy to pay via Card when purchasing the ChatAvenue app subscription. You also have the option to pay directly on the website by putting your details.

Does the ChatAvenue Site Hold a Mobile App?

For sure, when you go to the play store and search for the ChatAvenue app, you will find it there. Whether you use the iPhone or Android version on any device, you will notice this app running smoothly. There is no compulsory registration for the ChatAvenue platform. The application has a cordial interface, and it is mobile responsive at the same time.

What’s the ChatAvenue Site Demographics like?

What's the ChatAvenue Site Demographics like?

Several users available at the ChatAvenue site belong to countries like the United States of America, and some are from European countries. The site possesses 50,000 subscribers every week.

Besides this, the age group of 13-55+ years participates actively at the site. However, the majority is around 18+ years of members. The site has 70% of males and 30% of females. So, you are free to find that special partner among thousands.

Is It Easy to Sign up onto ChatAvenue App?

Is It Easy to Sign up onto ChatAvenue App?

Yes, signing up at the ChatAvenue app is very easy. Whether you want to register at the platform or use it as a guest member depends on you.

If you look to register at the platform, you need to enter the essential details.

You should enter your username, mail ID, password, and other details. Once the registration gets completed, you can log in and join the variety of chatrooms available at the ChatAvenue site.

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