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ChatFriends Review 2024

ChatFriends Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 18-30
Profiles 620 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Simple interface;
  • Quick registration process;
  • Equally good for dating as well as friendship;
  • Anonymous chatting ensures privacy;
  • Some chat rooms don't need registration;
  • Users can attach photos to messages;
  • Video chatting feature available on the ChatFriends site;
  • More than 200 chatrooms;
  • Moderated chat rooms for maintaining high audience quality.
  • The free version of the ChatFriends site limits usage and feature access;
  • Too many ad disturbances;
  • Only available to the UK audience;
  • You can’t even use VPN to access the site;
  • No ChatFriends app version for iOS users, it is only available on Android;
  • A browser version is available for mobile and tablet users;
  • Slow-loading website.

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ChatFriends site is a modern look on the age-old dating practice of making friends through a chatting platform. Even though it’s very new, this chatting platform managed to gain some attention last year, compared to the established dating sites popular today. It created buzz for being a platform with the perfect mix of classic and novelty. But that was not all. While quite a percentage of people were getting depressed during the lockdowns, the ChatFriends site’s emergence into the market served to be like a blessing for many in the UK. And even though there are similar sites around, this one managed to get some limelight because of a few reasons missing elsewhere. Follow the ChatFriends review to find out all the reasons that make it such a craze choice for people online.

ChatFriends Site: Introduction


The ChatFriends site has been on the internet since 2015, which means it is not very old. But surprisingly, the user base is still one of its major strengths despite being available in the UK only. And since it is a chat site, the number of online users is what truly counts on the site. However, chances are you will never be disappointed since the numbers vary from hundreds to thousands in any given time across the chat rooms, which are many. Two factors work in favor of the ChatFriends app mainly, one is its reach in the country, and the second is the rising number of nocturnal users. Another highlight that sets it apart from other dating sites is the presence of chatrooms for adolescents, which allows teenagers as young as 13 years old. But that is not all! The variety of chatrooms is another specialty of the ChatFriends site; for example, the chat rooms are based on races, ethnicities, interests, age groups, etc.

ChatFriends Review: Audience Demographics and Distribution


The ChatFriends review highlights the diversity of the audience base on the website. The chat platform has quite a great user base. However, the exact numbers are difficult to trace since the audience on a chat platform keeps changing with time. But the ChatFriends reviews across the internet are evidence that each chat room on the platform has hundreds of online users at all times. Furthermore, the audience base is diverse in terms of interests, ethnicity, and origin despite the ChatFriends site being only available in the UK.

  • Sexuality

When it comes to the sexuality diversity on the site, you might be happy to know that this dating platform has no restrictions or preferences for sexuality. Anyone with any gender and sexual preferences can join the platform and enter a chatroom. The main home page of the ChatFriends app site has several chat rooms listed for different sexualities. It is the reason why the site has managed to attract a handful of LGBTQ+ audiences.

  • Age

Unlike dating platforms which only allow people above 18 years of age, ChatFriends site gives access to anyone with a minimum age of 13 years. Even though the chat site has no restrictions to the maximum age group, the ChatFriends app doesn’t show numbers in the age groups above 25 years. However, since the site is comparatively new, the trend is expected to change in a few years. Another highlight is that the teenage groups only allow people between 13 and 18 years to protect the sensitive age groups from problems.

ChatFriends Site: Unique Features


Like all chatting platforms, the ChatFriends site has a simple interface to ensure maximum user-friendliness to all types of users. However, being comparatively new to the industry, the makers have introduced quirky colors to give ChatFriends site a modern and attractive look. Besides, a modern site means upgraded technology. That is why ChatFriends doesn’t allow members to use VPN to hide their location. Since the platform is only available in the UK, any person trying to create an account from elsewhere is immediately blocked, even with a VPN. And that is not all; the upgrade has made registration easier via other social media.

One of the many reasons the ChatFriends app site has gained popularity is the modern use of media buttons. Besides allowing the users to send written and audio messages, you can also send a video chat request. Besides providing different modes of communication, the ChatFriends site lets you stream YouTube and Radio stations on the site. The modern integration of apps that today’s youngsters love and popularly use aids in communicating on topics that matter to them. That is why users enjoy chatting.

While the desktop version of the ChatFriends site has gained extreme popularity with modern users, there is no mobile version of the ChatFriends app. However, the site has a web app version that you can open with your mobile browser. Mobile users can also experience the simple interface stacked with unique features on the go.

ChatFriends Review: Paid Membership Cost


The ChatFriends app site is not free but offers a free version for users. It indicates that the registration comes at no cost, similar to most dating platforms, but the access to the features is limited for a free account. However, the cost of a subscription is not very high and can rather be called pocket-friendly. The yearly price of the membership is around 30 Pound Sterling. You can use your Visa and MasterCard to pay for the membership aside from other popular e-wallets as payment modes.

Advantages of Paid Membership On ChatFriends App Site


Despite a free version of the site, ChatFriends review reveals that the paid version upgrades the user experience to the ultimate level. And here are all the reasons you need it:

  • Ad-free: Get rid of the disturbing advertisements that poke you at every step.
  • Media Attachments: From sending audio files to attaching photos and gifs, a paid account on the ChatFriends site makes conversations more interesting.
  • Recover Profiles: Since a paid account on the site is registered with an email id, it makes it easy to recover forgotten passwords and old profiles.
  • Video Calls: You can request video calls to other paying members online on the ChatFriends site.
  • Chatroom: Once you pay for the membership, you get the option to create your own chat room where you could be the moderator or add other moderators as well.
  • Media Integration: ChatFriends site also allows you to send and share YouTube videos, Gifs from Giphy, or a drawing using the paint palette.
  • Radio: Paying up also opens up a long list of popular radio channels that you can browse and listen to online and talk about in your chatroom.

Possibilities with A Free ChatFriends Site Account


Even though a paid account means a better experience undoubtedly, a free ChatFriends app account makes it absolutely possible for users to have fun and join amazing conversations online. ChatFriends review reveals users with a free account can enjoy many things on the platform:

  • Guest user: People can register as guest users and chat using text messages in several chat rooms.
  • Free registration: They can also sign up for free and use the platform with limitations without upgrading their account to a premium one.
  • Media access on chats: Viewing and listening to videos and audio files is possible with a free ChatFriends app account. However, accessing each of the media files shared by paying members means paving the way through advertisements.
  • Chat rooms: While the number of chat rooms available with a free account is limited, the variety is not present.

Safety On the ChatFriends Site


Since the user experience is the highlight of the ChatFriends site, safety is one of the main components affecting user experience, and the makers take it seriously. To ensure safety, each chat room is moderated constantly. If users find any comment abusive or hurtful, they can report it to the ChatFriends site support. The support team promises to get back and look into the matter within 24 hours of the complaint. Also, on finding trolls on any of the chatrooms, the users are immediately banned. The site does not allow users with VPN to ensure that the banned users do not come back with a new name. However, moderation is controlled by the ChatFriends site only till the conversations are made in the chatrooms. Since the personal conversations are discreet, the makers cannot take responsibility. It hence warns users to be careful while disclosing personal information in a private chat. One has to remember that no verification is done on the ChatFriends app site. The registration process too only asks for a nickname.

Do Scams Cause Problems On the ChatFriends Site?

Even though the users are not verified, the ChatFriends site takes several steps to verify that the user is a real human and not a bot. In addition, the algorithm running on the chatting platform can also track abnormal behavior and is quick to ban the account in such a case. However, the ChatFriends site is not just a great place for individuals. The ChatFriends reviews on various online sites reveal that it is equally good for companies as well. Similar to social media platforms, a company can use the platform to create their community and engage in conversations without scamming them.

Furthermore, the platform warns users from following links provided by users in chat rooms because you may risk revealing your location. It also warns users not to give money to any member met on the platform since it is not a trading site, so it may lead to cheating. And while the moderators help minor users with priority, the ChatFriends site also has a feature for parents to block the account of their minor kid to protect them. All in all, a membership successfully bars the scammers from reaching the paying members and altering the user experience on the platform.

Contact Information of ChatFriends Site


The contact information of the ChatFriends site is readily available on the website. While connecting with the team on social media is a click away on Facebook and Twitter, you may write to them through the help section from the ChatFriends site.

Organization: Chats Friends

Origin: Spain

Support: Help page on the website

Social: Active on Twitter and Facebook


The ChatFriends review states that the platform maintains transparency at every step and is legit. The makers warn the users of the ad sponsorships for free accounts and provide VIP members with a protected payment system. The platform does not make automatic payments from the card used by the member and does not charge extra for hidden reasons. Even though the age allowance is flexible compared to other dating sites on the Internet, the ChatFriends site does not allow anyone below thirteen years. Knowing that minors can be a sensitive age group, the platform allows parents to remove the minor’s account and ban them from using it again. The moderators on the ChatFriends site also ensure the quality and safety of the chat groups.

How Much Does ChatFriends Site Cost?

ChatFriends app site offers a yearly membership of 29.99 Sterling Pound, which may change seasonally with offers.

Does ChatFriends Site Has A Mobile App?

The ChatFriends site does not have a mobile app for iOS, but Android users can download it from Play Store. However, iOS users can conveniently access the site from their browser. The web app version of the ChatFriends site gives access to the complete site without missing any features to the mobile users.

How Does The Audience Demographics Of ChatFriends Site Look Like?

The members on the platform are quite varied in terms of age, ethnicity, race, sexuality, location, and interests. While the minimum age group to be seen on the dating chatting platform is 13 to 18 years. There is no cap on the maximum age. However, the major popularity of the ChatFriends site is seen amongst the younger age groups till now. Besides the age balance, the sexuality of the users is diverse, with a thriving community of LGBTQ+ community in several chat groups. And since it is only available in the UK, you can’t find international users. However, it has a great reach in the country, which shows in the quality of the user base.

How Easy Is It To Sign Up On The ChatFriends Site?

The registration process is quite simple on the ChatFriends site, similar to most chatting platforms, especially if you want to have a free account and use it as a guest user. The site lets you be anonymous with avatars and nicknames. Only when you upgrade your membership to VIP you are required to add a few details. Even then, social integration allows you to quicken the process with a button click to complete the registration with Facebook or email. Ideally, the process takes less than a minute to complete on the ChatFriends site.

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