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ChristianCafe Review 2023

ChristianCafe Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 21-24
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 6.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Old and inactive profiles are removed automatically by the ChristianCafe algorithm;
  • Photos are moderated and can be removed;
  • You can save your search filters;
  • High-quality audience;
  • Niche audience;
  • Free trial for seven days that covers all paid features;
  • You can see profile pictures for free;
  • Advanced search options;
  • User-friendly interface with easy navigation;
  • You can block suspicious accounts immediately.
  • No free access after the free trial ends;
  • The ChristianCafe site looks outdated;
  • Monthly membership pricing is high;
  • Some profiles are not very detailed;
  • Fake profiles;
  • Issues of money laundering;
  • The app has not got all the features from a website;
  • Not many users can be found online;
  • The ChristianCafe app is only available for iOS devices.

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Religious dating is not new. However, it is rather very common for people looking for marriage and thinking of settling down. The ChristianCafe site is one such site that provides a platform for all people with religious requirements from a partner. However, it is definitely not alone in the online dating industry to target the niche. And it is why reading the ChristianCafe review becomes a must. If you are reading this, then you are looking for a Christian partner but are confused about the dating site. Choosing a dating site can be a crucial task because it could be where you waste your time or find your soulmate.

It means that your fate totally depends on the dating platform you choose, and in this case, it could be the ChristianCafe app. So the audience and scam possibilities are two factors that need to be studied well before entering a dating site. Also, since you have a religious requirement, you may have a location requirement as well, besides many others. Check out if most of your requirement list can be met on the ChristianCafe site. The research is important before investing your time and money since it is a premium dating platform that we are talking about.

ChristianCafe Site: Introduction


Launched in 1999, the ChristianCafe site is literally one of the oldest dating platforms to exist today and maintain popularity. Unfortunately, while the design and interface are user-friendly, the platform has failed to update itself with time. So even though the features don’t seem disappointing on the ChristianCafe site, the overall look and feel outdated. However, if you could overlook that point, you may be surprised with the audience base. There is absolutely no doubt in the ChristianCafe site’s lineage, which still brings itself a strong audience base. The member base counts more than 2 million users, so you will find your soulmate for sure.

Particularly the site claims to be run by religious Christians, so it gives religious practices a lot of importance. So, don’t fret if you are asked questions like the number of times you visit a church on your profile. However, it shouldn’t be a problem since that is exactly what you are looking for, isn’t it?

ChristianCafe Review: Description of The Audience Demographics


The ChristianCafe site, despite being a niche dating platform, claims to have a huge user base, with the total number of users crossing two million. While some of them come from several countries across the globe, you can point out the majority is from the US. Furthermore, almost 100% of the audience base confirms to be Christians, which indicates that the ChristianCafe site maintains excellent profile quality. However, there is more. You will also see diversity in terms of age groups, the young users (18-35) show a slight dominance over others. The ChristianCafe site also boasts a balanced gender distribution on the platform, which is rare in dating platforms. Although it works well for the site since the majority of the users are straight.

Unique Site Features on the ChristianCafe App & Site


ChristianCafe being a religion-based niche dating site has designed its features to keep its theme in mind. It is why the dating platform features are different from the other popular dating sites you see online. Check them out below:

  • Discussion Forum. The ChristianCafe forums are platforms for members to share their opinions on a particular topic. It is a busy platform since members on the site feel more comfortable participating in forums than talking in personal chats. It is also easier to find people of favorable opinions from forums than by browsing profiles.
  • Prayer Posts. Following the theme on the ChristianCafe site, the prayer post is a section where members can post prayers to share with the online Christian community. Of course, you can read all the previously posted prayers as well.
  • Read Receipts. The ChristianCafe review considers this feature to be very important for users on dating platforms. It is because most people live with the dilemma of whether their messages have been read and overlooked or not read at all. Read receipts confirm whether the messages they have sent to is an active profile or an inactive one.
  • Profile Viewers. Most people on online dating sites like ChristianCafe feel depressed initially because of the lack of response they get. Getting to see profile viewers helps boost confidence and gives you the option to reach out to them as well.
  • Blog. The ChristianCafe blogs are user-generated blogs which means they are written and published by the members. However, some are posted by the moderators of the ChristianCafe site as well. The blogs are general tips on online dating such as tips for your first date, etc.
  • Membership Gifting. It is a unique feature on the ChristianCafe site that allows you to purchase the premium membership for someone you like on the dating platform. It is a great idea since it makes the other person happy, and your money doesn’t go to waste as it does on sites that offer meaningless virtual gifts.
  • Dating 101 Page. The ChristianCafe moderators run the dating 101 page to help new users make the best use of the site and be satisfied. The page is full of advice, suggestions, and tips on online dating to help users make the most of dating platforms to make friends and find love.
  • Testimonials. It is a section that shows that the ChristianCafe site is not a waste of money. The page is full of success stories of couples who met on the dating platform and found love in each other. The testimonial page itself acts as a ChristianCafe review.

ChristianCafe Review- Paid Membership Pricing


The ChristianCafe membership plans are not considered economical. However, since the quality of the audience is great, the price may seem worth the experience. You can purchase any of the plans using one of the several safe payment methods available on the ChristianCafe site and app. Unfortunately, even though you can easily cancel your membership from the profile settings, you will not get any refund.

ChristianCafe Premium Membership Plans
Duration Cost Per Month Total Price
One Month 39.97 USD 39.97 USD
Three Months 19.99 USD 59.97 USD
Six Months 15 USD 89.97 USD
Twelve Months 9.16 USD 109.97 USDD

Fee-Based Features On the ChristianCafe Site


After purchasing one of the paid memberships mentioned above in the table, you get to enjoy the following list of exclusive features on the ChristianCafe site:

  • Wink. Wink is the version of the like that we see on several social media platforms. It is a good way to attract attention and appreciate someone without having to start a conversation directly. It’s a good feature for shy people to show their interest in someone else.
  • Emails. Emails are the mode of communication on the ChristianCafe site. You will have to go back to the old-school ways to connect and communicate with new people for a relationship.
  • Read Receipts. With read receipts, you can see if your emails have been received and read. It is a feature that can save you from wasting your time on inactive profiles.
  • Exchange Contact Information. You can use the feature to share your contact information with the people you like and get theirs as well. Of course, you can do the same via emails as well, but there is no guarantee you’ll get information about the person in the exchange. Also, if the other person has not registered their contact information on the ChristianCafe site, the makers will notify it before the exchange. So, you will get what you need for sure with this feature.

Free Features Available On the ChristianCafe Site


Besides the paid benefits, there are a few features that the ChristianCafe site offers its users for free. The free features are a good way to investigate the quality of the site and its users. Here are these features that you can use for free:

  • Search Filters. The ChristianCafe site has a search bar with several filters to aid users in finding great partners for themselves. And you can use them all for free.
  • Forums. The forums are like group chats with many people joining and conversing on topics, voicing their opinions. It is a great way to find a like-minded person for free.
  • Prayer. You can do the prayer posts for free on the ChristianCafe site. Besides making and sending prayers to the community, you can also read as many as you like on this religious dating platform.
  • Favorites. The feature allows users to add suggestions to their favorite list. In addition, it is a great way to save profiles with a free account.

Safety On the ChristianCafe Site


The safety on the ChristianCafe site is fine. The website and the app are protected with encryption, allowing secured transactions and communication on the dating platform. Furthermore, the compulsory email verification system ensures safety from bots and scams. However, the ChristianCafe review highlights that the limited verification is inadequate in protecting the platform from fake users since there are plenty. But it’s not a problem, since you can use tips on how to avoid fakes. With these tips, your risks to meet a fake are more than low. Some users say, that with these simple rules they had their experience without meeting any scams. First, don’t share your personal information which is not mentioned in your profile with the users you don’t trust. Second, if the profile has no picture and almost no information, you shouldn’t contact this user at all. Third, if someone asks you questions that make you feel uncomfortable, stop the communication. These questions may be about your home address or how much money you have. Also, don’t send money to users, who try to ask you about it. Since you don’t know these people, the reasons why they need money are not clear, and no matter how thrilling the story they tell you is.

ChristianCafe Review: Scam

Surprisingly, the users on the internet giving ChristianCafe reviews are absolutely not satisfied with the dating platform. Many of them are tagging the site as a big scam with very bad user quality. However, the chances are that your experience will vary with your location. If you are at a place where ChristianCafe is popular, especially in the US, the chances of complaining are less than elsewhere. While the experience on the site may not be guaranteed, the dating experts recommend users be careful before sharing their personal information with strangers. Also, the free trial plays an important role in testing the site, especially in this scenario. Additionally, since money laundering is common on popular dating platforms, there is no reason to believe in the sob stories. Just follow the tips above and enjoy your dating experience.

Contact Information


Website: www.ChristianCafe.com

Company: RealCafes

Location: Canada

Email: [email protected]


Is the ChristianCafe legit and safe to use?

The ChristianCafe site is a premier dating platform in the niche. The site has managed to exist for years and successfully pair couples. While it is a legit platform developed by RealCafes, the audience base seems sketchy from location to location. However, it still houses some of the best features suitable for the religious community and is believed to be one of the best dating platforms for Christian marriage.

How much does it cost to become a member of the ChristianCafe site?

The ChristianCafe is a premium dating platform that you cannot use for free. While the membership plans range from 39.97 to 110 USD, new users can get a first-hand experience of the dating site with the free trial.

Is there a ChristianCafe app that you can download?

The ChristianCafe site has an app version for mobile users. Although the ChristianCafe app is only available on iOS devices. However, Android users can use the site on their phone browser for an equally seamless experience since the ChristianCafe site is well optimized for mobile users.

How is the member base on the ChristianCafe?

The member base on the ChristianCafe site is diverse despite the niche concerning race and profession. While the gender distribution shows balance and the religion shows 100% Christianity, the age groups vary. Even though the youth below 35 years dominate the dating platform mainly, the other age groups follow suit. Also, being a global platform attracts users worldwide, but the user base from the US shows dominance on the site.

Is the registration process on the ChristianCafe site easy?

The registration process is very easy on the ChristianCafe site. It takes less than two minutes to complete, including the compulsory email verification. Although the website or the app automatically takes you to the profile setup next, you can easily skip the process. However, for best results, you must have a complete ChristianCafe profile.

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