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Clover Dating Review 2024

Clover Dating Review 2024
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Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 23-35
Profiles 570 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Smooth design;
  • The Clover Dating app allows you to plan dates;
  • Great communities for social interactions available inside the app;
  • Enables you to view and communicate live streams.
  • Only paying users can access the video chat feature;
  • Sometimes the app gives a feel of a self-promotion platform more than an app devoted to dating;
  • There is no Clover Dating site.

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Clover Dating app is a versatile dating application that “has the straightforwardness of Kindling with the study of Match.com.” It was dispatched in 2014 by President and organizer Isaac Raichyk.

It offers various tools and an intuitive interface that promises to help you find the match in a few clicks. Members can avoid others from reaching them via setting filters. In addition, you can limit people based on standards like their age, sexual orientation, or area. This Clover Dating review focuses on the app’s main features and interface.

Clover states to have three million clients from various countries. There is no specific limit to where its audience comes from. Regardless of whether you are searching for a drawn-out relationship or a hookup, look at our Clover Dating review to check whether it is the application for you.

Clover Dating at a Glance


Clover Dating app has been around since 2014, which is a great achievement in the packed market of web-based dating. It’s figured out how to remain applicable and discover new clients because of its amazing setup and exciting highlights. The service applies the “smartest possible solution” approach: joining people in a way that is as natural as possible.

What’s the significance here? Clover’s plan is natural and simple to use, with account creation that you can finish in minutes. In contrast to Kindling – which has been happy with its swiping dynamic for a long time – Clover has inherited many aspects from Match. They believe in genuine relationships with fast swiping but not a hot or not game as such. The Clover Dating app developers focus on making the life of modern singles easier while not underestimating their dating preferences.

In the first place, clients can express their “Goals” on their profile to tell others what values they stand for. Secondly, the Clover Dating app has standard “Blenders,” which essentially talk rooms planned around a typical subject, assisting you with discovering potential matches with comparable interests. Lastly, for the individuals who dislike breaking the ice, there are “20 Inquiries” that help loosen things up and ideally make the discussion smoother from the beginning.

Clover Dating Members: Audience Analysis


Both youngsters and grown-ups use the Clover Dating app, and 90% are from the US. The app’s members are both into serious connections or fleeting relationships. Their activity is high, and you are likely to receive real matches immediately after registration. Male and female individuals are practically equivalent.

Audits say that Clover is among the most popular dating services on the modern market. Having more than 10 million members truly states this fact. The clients of this site have various interests and goals. Some are searching for their accomplices throughout everyday life, while others simply have a good time and zero-responsibility dates.

You can see how active the users are. There are few fakes, and the community administrators ban them immediately. Even as a free member, you can reach out to people and test them. Similarly, you will receive many responses as soon as you fill out your profile.

The age distribution is large in the 25-34 segment, but you can meet plenty of singles aged 35 and more on the Clover Dating app. More than 90 countries can access Clover, but the service stays the most popular in the USA.

Clover Dating Site: Main Features of the Interface

You should confirm your profile if you want to access the match search. After you get a match with another member, you are free to communicate. Other tools for reaching out are paid and open just for the premium subscribers. As a free user, you also can see the list of people who favorite you in your profile. However, to receive more matches and appear higher in the search results, you should boost your Clover Dating app profile using the paid add-ons.

To see the recommended matches in your space, you need to approve/check your record. You can do this through an SMS code or application store account. Even though many people skip this step, it allows others to see your authenticity. In addition, this confirmation helps the service eliminate spammers and phony profiles.

Like other apps, for instance, Tinder or Kindly, you can message a person only after getting matched to them. You should both like each other for the match to appear. Then, slide into each other DM’s for free. If you want to access the premium Clover Dating app functionality, you can purchase a subscription. Then, you will be able to message anybody, paying little mind to their status or your mutual likes.

There are alternate methods of reaching out to another Clover Dating app member: adding them as a top pick (they’ll be told), playing 20 inquiries with them, or straight up mentioning them for a date. You can likewise change the settings when you look for different individuals on the site.

The Clover Dating app interface allows you to see various user photographs free of charge. You do not swipe profiles but “Play 20 Inquiries”, “Invite a Date,” or “Choose a User Your Favorite.” In addition, you can join the chatrooms (called Blenders) and see blenders somebody has joined.

Consistent with their “we dislike other dating applications” subject, Clover profiles are not swiped left or right, yet tapped on. As you tap on somebody, you’ll see a member’s area, sex, goal, stature, nationality, occupation, and the sky is the limit from there. According to our Clover Dating review, there are three choices underneath the user photo: the first being that you can play 20 inquiries, which implies you can analyze each other’s answers. If they haven’t played it yet, you can “ask” them to.

You can demand a date just by proposing a time and location and get informed if the other member affirms. Ultimately, you can prescribe a Clover Dating app profile to a companion list, and it will be sent an instant message. This step means you add them to favorites and would like to be friends.

The Clover Dating app design is fresh and clean. The white background with various shades of color accents is pleasant to the eyes. You can see the photo clearly as it opens in full-screen. The app boasts of being “not like other dating apps” but still shares some things in common with them. It also stands apart because it gives its touch and feels to dating. The Clover Dating app improves the highlights you are used to and makes them easier to understand.

The full web version isn’t accessible for PC use. You can only enjoy Clover in the form of an app available for Android or iOS.

Subscription Costs and Details


The Celebrity subscription to the Clover Dating app costs:

  • One month for $30;
  • Three months for $60;
  • Six months for $90.

Credit prices are:

  • 10 credits for $20;
  • 5 credits for $13;
  • 1 credit for $3.

You can pay via mobile phone inside the app provider store. Changing your name is a paid Clover Dating app feature and costs $1. The costs for celebrity memberships are amazingly high, even against dating applications in a similar field. The extra highlights you get are average premium highlights regularly offered by other, less expensive applications. The boosting of profiles is excluded from the bundle.

Suppose you pay through your application store account. In that case, the Clover Dating app utilizes a convention called Secure Attachments Layer (SSL/TLS) for your protection to ensure that any data is sent from the application to the organization in an encrypted form.

Features You Access With a Paid Account


Charge-based administrations:

  • More search channels;
  • Sending messages to anybody;
  • The app calculation of your chances based on your preferences and profile data;
  • Free “Lifts” in the search results.

Features You Access With a Free Account


Free administrations include:

  • Registration;
  • View profile data and photographs;
  • Make and join Blenders;
  • Play “20 Inquiries”;
  • Communicate with another client if you get matched;
  • Send date demands in the On Request Dating highlight.

Notable highlights that are worth attention also include some free ones. For instance, “On Request Dating.” This element is the one that makes the Clover Dating app stand out from other dating applications. For the more well-known applications, the widest audience comprises individuals who have no goal of meeting up. The Clover Dating app plans to end these issues, and generally, they’ve succeeded. With this tool, you can browse among people who have invited you for a date or who are open to any suggestions. Set the search filter to show people who are not against going out and invite those you prefer. You need an affirmation, and you have planned a date. You are no more avoiding the essence of dating.

Blenders are another exceptional feature of the Clover Dating app. Blenders are talk rooms or occasions that have a typical subject. They are dedicated to a certain type of music, lifestyle, disputes, aesthetics, or memes. All of the current blenders are accessible on a different tab, and you can join them free of charge. When you’re in a Blender, you can welcome different clients in.

Since a large portion of the mainstream blenders can place around 50,000 members, they won’t be acceptable methods of finding different clients. One option is to discover blenders with fewer individuals or make your own and welcome others. There are no restrictions to themes, so you can be just about as explicit or innovative as you need. For example, you can utilize a Blender to design an occasion with different Clover Dating app members or simply talk with a huge gathering of individuals.

Twenty Inquiries. The normal tease game has been rejuvenated in the advanced domain by the Clover Dating app. In the first place, you are given two cards marked with differentiating characteristics (e.g., unsurprising versus unconstrained, knowledge versus great looks, traveler versus a book warm, and so on), and you need to choose which one describes you.

Others can see your 20 answers, and you can see every other person’s too. Playing this is discretionary. However, it is a pleasant method to show your character to other members and to get a brief look at others’ characters even without conversing with them. Furthermore, twenty inquiries are anything but a one-time game. You can continue to replay and get an alternate arrangement of inquiries each time.

Safety Measures and Support


The Clover Dating app treats protection and security appropriately, encouraging not to auction the individual data members gather from your profile and online propensities. Furthermore, they require SMS checks before you can begin to browse the app, which drastically decreases the number of phony profiles or scammers.

You can prevent different individuals from reaching you dependent on their age, sex, or area, which is a useful tool for clear goals. If you are looking for genuine serious relationships, you do not want to get distracted by fakes and bots. If you run across any of such profiles — turn to the Clover Dating app support. The team members work fast to eliminate cases of discrimination or spam inside the community.

There has been no major scam accusation related to the Clover Dating app. The service seems to do a great job eliminating fake accounts before they reach out to regular people.

Contact Information

Company: Clover Inc.

Address: 1725 Avenue Rd. PO Box 70059 Toronto, Ontario M5M 0A0

E-Mail: [email protected]

Final Questions and Answers

This Clover Dating review sections present final details about the service you should know.

What Can Be Said About the Clover Dating Legitimacy?

The Clover Dating app is genuine and worth your attention. Many users leave testimonial stories about the app on social media. It seems to be truly effective. Thus, our Clover Dating review concludes that this app is not a scam.

It is accessible in both the Apple Store and Google Play, with more than 3 million individuals currently registered.

What Are the Prices for the Clover Dating Services?

The celebrity membership starts from $30 per month, but there is a significant discount for members who purchase a multi-month subscription. For example, six months of the premium Clover Dating app use cost $90.

Is the Mobile App From Clover Dating Available?

Clover is available as an app only. There is no PC version of the app, according to our Clover Dating review.

What Is the Audience Demographics of Clover Dating?

Most users come from the USA. However, the Clover Dating app is available in 90 countries.

How Easy Is Signing-Up to Clover Dating?

Making a record happens in under 2 minutes. First, you can register via email or Facebook account and then confirm your profile via an SMS code. During the first step, you need to express your intentions on the Clover Dating app and describe yourself. Then, the app asks you just for a single photograph required — it can be taken on the spot, transferred from your telephone, via Facebook, or Instagram. Making the Clover Dating app account is free.

Generally, you need to give your name, age, sex, nationality, occupation, and school data. You have the alternative to reveal your current area as well. None of these fields are mandatory. The Clover Dating app expresses that giving more data works on the level and quality of your matches.

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