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DaddyHunt Review

DaddyHunt Review
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Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 21-45
Profiles 2 500 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The app has a huge online user base with various types of people. There’s someone for everyone here with a wide spectrum of users. The app is good for casual meets but also great for serious and mature relationships. Anyone looking to seal the deal can also find their perfect match here.
  • The registration and signup are free and hassle-free. One has to access the website and fill in the required details for availing of a membership.
  • There’s an option to view private photos, as well as upload them. A user can view up to 16 such images on the DaddyHunt app.
  • The app is available on both iOS and Android devices with zero ads, promotions, and pop-ups. In addition, the app is interactive and intuitive. The User Interface (UI) complies with the user’s needs without much effort, and they can send photos and video via the messaging option.
  • There are tons of free features on the app and cool additions like private mode, fingerprint security, and unmatch option.
  • The app is trustworthy and safe for users of all ages. There are thousands of users online, creating an adaptable experience. The DaddyHunt site is one of the largest platforms for daddy lovers and is completely non-judgmental.
  • Users of the app are friendly and approachable, and one can learn more about them using the blog feature and linked social media accounts.
  • To help search for the ideal partner, there are multiple relevant search filters for one to use. The deeper search algorithms will do the job.
  • The secure app has a travel mode and results based on your location for interactions close by. The app also has remarkable client service and constant bot checks for exposing fake profiles.
  • The paid membership has more enticing features and helps to get the most out of the website. However, the usability is limited for paying standard members.
  • The pricing for membership can be expensive for many, yet it has the best features. On the other hand, users find the missing features in the basic version insufficient.
  • The DaddyHunt app, as of now, is not suitable for younger users and casual dating or hookups.
  • The app is only compatible with mobile devices.
  • Except for the messaging option, there are not many communication options or rooms for interaction.
  • There are a few bugs and errors in the running of the app.
  • The website has many bots, catfishers, and con artists even with close monitoring.

Love is love. The past few years have been big for members of the LGBTQ+ community as they’ve had more representation, and even skeptics are coming around to accept them. Truly magical. As much as online dating apps like Tinder have grown to conquer the market, exclusive sites for gay, bi, and curious men like DaddyHunt have also had their fair share of talks.

The DaddyHunt app brings a brand new twist to the online dating scene with over 15 years of experience and aims to foster a community of respect and admiration. The community values authenticity and originality over anything else. The website gathers men to chat, search for a partner, share their thoughts and find like-minded people for casual encounters and long-lasting relationships depending on how one wants it to be.

DaddyHunt Review

DaddyHunt Review

The DaddyHunt site aims to connect men while challenging outdated concepts. It enunciates age, experience, and knowledge in a relationship in today’s world. The app is considered one of the most popular platforms for men over 40, with more than 200,000 active users. The flourishing community helps you find people with the same desires and aspirations as you from all over the world.

Inspired by the TV show, DH Services created the website, which has become an extremely sought-after social networking and dating application for many. The dark-themed web page is intuitive and user-friendly. According to their preferences, for casual hookups to lifelong commitments, one can find all kinds of men in different fields here.

The Audience of DaddyHunt

The Audience of DaddyHunt

A DaddyHunt review suggests that the app is primarily focused on mature men. However, from athletes, executives, and geeks, to nerds, bald men, and muscle men, the app has a wide variety of users from all over the world for finding just the right match. All app users look for a deeper understanding, better companionship, lasting love, and gaining knowledge.

Every user is strictly over 18 years of age, and most users are primarily over 40 years of age. It helps elucidate the liberty one has with their true age. The DaddyHunt app has over 4 million men with a community of men who want to be who they indeed are. With men belonging to many different ages, races, body types, and nationalities, the app has a wide range of users belonging to many communities.

The promising gay dating app homes men that value mutual respect and don’t tolerate shady behavior. It’s perfect for gay, bi, and curious men and people looking for older mature guys like silver daddies, bears, etc.

Even though most of the DaddyHunt app accounts are based in the USA and UK, it’s globally accessible for friendly and secure communication globally.

DaddyHunt Site Features

DaddyHunt Site Features

The website and app have some tricks up their sleeve to ensure that one gets their perfect match. Here are some of the special features that make the app user-friendly, productive, and different from other dating apps in the market:

  • Location-based matches: The app uses their browser location to find men within close vicinity for easier connection and communication without using the area through one’s mobile device.
  • Travel mode: The DaddyHunt site is equipped with a travel mode meant for finding people from different places. When traveling or planning to do so, they can make connections or arrange to meet people in advance using the feature to enhance the trip experience.
  • Awarding Badges: There are special badges bestowed to users based on their trustworthiness and approachable nature. The badges are also awarded to community members that help develop it, have a constant and active membership, participate in online forums, and have attractive blogs and profiles.
  • Public blogs: There are daily updates for users to read and participate in. Various discussion topics, mature and philosophical, are great places for the audience to indulge in.
  • Explicit viewership: A user can upload photos and videos to their gallery, including explicit, sexual content. One needs permission from the users to access that section of the profile for some private entertainment.
  • Fingerprint Lock: For privacy and security concerns, the DaddyHunt app on one’s smartphone can be guarded with the fingerprint security feature.
  • Private Mode: Users have a private browsing mode to offer ultimate user discretion. With activation, users can keep their profile confidential while liking the ones of men they’re interested in. Then, only the users they’ve liked can view their photos, blog, and profile in general.
  • Power Like and Unmatch: Sometimes, the long process can delay mutual acceptance and then strike a conversation. In such cases, a profile that’s power liked gets an instant notification for quick decisions. Sometimes if a user finds a profile inappropriate or not interesting enough, they have the freedom to unmatch themselves.
  • Custom features: There are four DaddyHunt sites for personalized notes, requests, and messages.
  1. Request: One can gain popularity on the view and find matches quicker with the selected list of featured profiles on the menu. They’ll need to fit the required specification to do so.
  2. Shout: Like a wink or a flirty gesture, clicking the megaphone icon under a profile sends a sign to the person to indicate one’s interest. Of course, they’ll need to verify their contact information to do so.
  3. Favorites: This unique and exclusive feature helps one save their most suited and attractive profiles for contact later or further consideration.
  4. Notes: Exclusive to the premium users, the notes help users jot down the specifications of a person or something they want to remember before considering.
  • Hide details: One can hide their age and location to look for a more open selection on the app.
  • Accessibility: The DaddyHunt app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices for 76MB storage space. It enunciates better speed, flow, and convenience. The website is a simple, user-friendly design with various tabs on the taskbar for a more accessible toggle.



The app and website are available with basic features for users. Yet, one will need a premium subscription with full functionality to get the best out of it. The membership is reasonably priced and is cheaper for an extensive plan. For all the features and offers that come with the paid version, the amount paid is not that big of a deal.

The 7-day trial for the premium membership is priced at 7 USD. The one-month membership at 15 USD, three months plan at 36 USD, and a six-month plan at 45 USD only makes them progressively cheaper and worth it.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of  Paid Account

Some of the most enticing features of the paid subscription include:

Modification of search: Users gain access to many filters and sorting options to tailor their results according to their preferences. It can be done for the body type, using keywords, and based on location.

Saving likes: One can save their favorite profiles and make notes for each person in their list. It can later be edited and looked into.

Private gallery: Users can hide their photos and give access to a select few. They can also get reports about profiles that like their photos and profile.

Ad-free browsing: App users can also chat it and scroll through profiles without ads or pop-ups with the paid membership. They also get unlimited browsing more men on their profile grade and visitor Analytics.

People that paid for premium membership also have enhanced work such as uploading up to 25 photos, having a bigger inbox, the possibility of blocking unlimited profiles, regular notifications, specific search results, and anonymous browsing.

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

The users might be void of advanced features with a free membership but not deprived of any basic features necessary for smooth functioning. Anyone with a free account can browse, view, and text without any restrictions, post ten public and ten private images and view their matches. Every free account also has one power-like option. There’s no restriction for users to browse through, find partners, and add interesting profiles to the favorites list.



The DaddyHunt app uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology for a private and secure cyber network and denies chat interceptions. In addition, all chats are encrypted in the layers for an impenetrable safety wall. So even though the website has access to your location, they don’t share it or any other private information with third-party services.

Their excellent customer service also ensures to resolve any breach in safety concerns. For example, for solicitors and spammers, accounts are banned on the platform for a lifetime. In addition, there’s an entire section dedicated to safety on the website and suggests that all financial and credential details are safely saved.

The DaddyHunt site is nowhere close to a scam and aims to provide a safe dating experience for its users. There’s no nudity allowed on the open forums and decisions but can be practiced in private chats with mutual consent. With the strict policies and regulations, even abusive language, inappropriate behavior, and creepy actions can be reported for removal from the network.

The company complies with the court request for judicial inquiries and reveals data useful for the proceeding. It is applicable for abusers or wrongdoers and well.

Scam Charges

The app has been susceptible to fake accounts and spam profiles from time to time, but the DaddyHunt review team constantly pumps out information regarding scammers. Any scam can be blocked and reported directly from their profile to the team. Due to the detailed nature of the profiles on the app, there’s a much lower chance of scams, and any such inappropriate account can be banned through the report feature.

Contact Information

It is quite simple to get in touch with the team at DaddyHunt. One can visit their website or click the link down below to fill in the details and type in their reason for messaging. https://www.daddyhuntapp.com/contact-1

If there are any troubles in the app or problems with accounts – be it spams, scams, solicitors, abusers, or blackmailers – any user can mail the company at [email protected].


The following faqs will resolve all the queries without any hassle.

Is the DaddyHunt Site Credible and Safe to Use?

The app is not a scam and is an extensively popular option for many gay men looking for lifelong commitments. They are trustable and have stacked up many positive reviews.

What’s the Pricing of the DaddyHunt Memberships?

DaddyHunt has a free version for anyone and everyone to use. To avail of special and advanced features, there’s a paid membership of about 7 USD for a week’s premium account trial. The account costs 15 USD, 36 USD, and 45 USD for 1, 3, and 6 months respectively, which is worth the price.

Is There a Mobile App Available for the DaddyHunt Site?

DaddyHunt has user-friendly, free iOS and Android apps for better accessibility, enhanced performance, and advanced features.

Among which Age Group Is the App Famous?

The DaddyHunt app is all-inclusive and is available worldwide for all groups, communities, and ethnicities. Strictly restricted to men, the app allows anyone above 18 to create a profile and network in the app. Yet, the app is popular among gay, bi, and curious men above 35.

How Can One Sign up for the DaddyHunt App?

Signing up is a simple and free procedure on the app that takes about 15 minutes. To create a profile, one needs to visit the page, fill in the general information and preferences, after which they have to choose a username and password for their account. Other basic information like age and location need to be specified but can be hidden later.

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