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Dating.com review 2024

Dating.com review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Wide user base: Dating.com app has more than 10 million members from 32 countries in Asia, America, Europe, etc., a dominant presence in so many countries ensures a diverse user base. A diverse user base will increase your chances of matching with someone interested or suitable to your dating goals. One can also change their location on the app and find matches from all over the world.
  • Signing up: Another advantage of dating.com is the multiple options for signing up. Users can safely sign up on the app using their social media accounts or email addresses and their google accounts. Irrespective of the method chosen, the process of signing up remains the same, and users have to answer the same set of questions regarding age, gender, and romantic preferences.
  • User-friendly: The app is simple to use and very user-friendly. There is a simple search feature that single people use to look for matches. No special technological know-how is required to use the app adeptly.
  • Mobile app: Android users can download the Dating.com app from Google Play Store and gain access to all its special features on a smartphone.
  • Customer support: Customer support through chat and email is available 24/7.
  • Paid services: Dating.com site has too many paid features, so much so that the app feels redundant if membership is not purchased. Virtually all of the features like chatting, viewing profile pictures, viewing messages, and you can only access video calls with money. The credit system, which allows users to access paid services without a membership, is also quite expensive but flexible.
  • Fake profiles: Some fake profiles exist on all dating apps; however, this app has quite a few fake profiles that may con people in unique ways.
  • Outdated interface: While the interface is user-friendly, it is largely outdated. The color scheme and other semantics feel outdated and old; they cannot catch the attention of Gen Z and some millennials.

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The Dating.com site is an online dating place specifically designed for individuals looking for long-term, deep, romantic, and meaningful connections. The distinctive feature of the Dating.com app is that it is only meant for individuals looking for a foreseeable future relationship, unlike other fling-oriented dating apps.

Launched in 1993, Dating.com aims to help people find their romantic soulmates or long-term partners in the digital space. It is an international platform with a major presence in Europe, America, Asia, and Latin America.

Since its inception, the Dating.com site has grown to a presence in over 32 countries. This remarkable app has earned itself a reputation for being a highly reliable platform to find an attractive and lovable partner. Moreover, the app has plenty of distinctive features called presents, which are used to send presents to the doorstep of your partner, very old-school and romantic!

Plus, if it’s overseas connections and dating you seek to explore, then you should join the Dating.com site right away! Why? Because they provide a digital platform for users worldwide to meet, interact and chat with new people and maybe, just maybe, find their true love. Keep scrolling down through this Dating.com review and find out if the platform is suitable for you.

Dating.com Summary


With a stunning history of over 17 years to boast, the Dating.com app and website have helped several singles worldwide find their better halves. But how does the platform manage to pull this off? The answer to this is by staying true to the virtuous essence of classic dating norms and employing a zero-tolerance policy against nudity, sexual abuse, and any such activity that may spoil the platform’s reputation.

Moreover, the exceptional capabilities of the platform to bring two compatible singles together, irrespective of their location, is something that many online dating websites claim to provide but fail when it comes to delivering.

When it comes to usability and functionality, the Dating.com app and the website are equipped with all the essential features that make your online dating experience on the website worthwhile.

Further, it is needless to mention here that users on a dating site are usually required to subscribe to a premium membership plan to access interactive and entertaining features. The flaw here is that if you are not a consistent user, spending a hefty amount of money on a dating site can hamper your finances.

The Dating.com app makes a remarkable exception when it comes to premium membership. Instead of forcing users to buy an unnecessarily expensive membership plan, they have incorporated a credit-based system. You can use these credits to use premium features. And unlike a premium membership plan, the credits on the Dating.com site are not subjected to expiry and remain valid till exhaustion. So you can buy the credits depending on your degree of usage of the platform.

Moreover, you can use search options to find matches independently. Click on search, put in filters like age, location, hobbies, interests, etc., and click on find a match to get streamlined results. This Dating.com review will walk you through the platform’s features, functions, qualities, and every other important aspect.

The Audience of Dating.com


Dating.com app is an international dating app which means that users from all over the globe are present on this platform. The site has a 60% male population user base and a 40% female user base. The platform is explicitly meant for adults of 18+ age, and adult users of all ages can be found. There are some fake accounts as well. While the app is mainly meant for old-school romantic relationships, people with a wide spectrum of dating goals can be found on the app.

Among the 10 million users from different age groups, the dominant age group is 21-35 years. Also, the users on the Dating.com site come from various ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds. Profiles contain formation like nicknames, age, location, gender, preference in gender, physical attributes like eye color, hair color, height, etc.

Unique profiles also have information like temperament, zodiac signs, and even personality traits.

Dating.com site Features


Dating.com has a range of features, and some of them are unique. However, you cannot access most without a paid membership or credit points.

  • Let’s mingle- find new uses you haven’t been in contact with yet
  • The simple search option to look for a match
  • Filters like age, country, city, preference to streamline searches
  • Matching is done based on interests and hobbies, so put them in carefully
  • Live chat
  • Like a profile
  • Winks
  • Video calls
  • Email and pop up chat

About Me section consists of a range of vital personal information that helps in deciding whether one may pursue someone or not

The “Presents” feature on the Dating.com site is a special feature that allows you to send real gifts to your partner’s doorstep.

Except for viewing someone’s profile, all of the other features, including chats and video calls, are payment restricted, and a paid membership or credit points are required to access them.



All services on the Dating.com app are available through a credit system. In order to access a service, some amount of credit has to be given. For example, reading or sending emails costs ten credits, whereas video calling costs one credit for a minute.

Different packages of varying amounts of credits are available and can be purchased using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Twenty credits cost $2.99.

This deal is not bad, and the unique credit system ensures that you wisely spend your money. The higher the subscription lower is the price for credits.

Advantages of Paid Account


Most dating apps work well with a paid account, but the features and services on the Dating.com app are, virtually, credit restricted.

To view someone’s profile, like a profile, send a wink, read a message, send a message, and you can only do even video calls after using requisite credits.

More ways to interact: A paid account opens up the avenue of multiple ways to interact with people like-

  • Video calls
  • Chatting
  • Emails
  • Let’s mingle
  • Better search options
  • Send photos

Presents: A unique feature of dating.com is “Presents,” using which you can court someone the old-school way and send gifts to them at their doorstep.

Unlimited customer service: Unlimited customer service, which is available 24/7, is a benefit of a paid account.

Unlimited streams: Gain access to unlimited streams with a paid account.

Views: You can view other profiles and also find out who viewed your profile.

Twenty credits are available for $2.99, and sending a chat costs about ten credits. The cost of video calls vary but is generally one credit per minute; this is not too expensive and is worth it for serious individuals looking for long-term romantic relationships.

The Dating.com site eases the stigma of the users of whether or not to buy premium membership by incorporating a credit system. If you find it enjoyable and worth your time, then you can invest in buying credits.

Possibility of Free Account


All accounts on this dating website are made for free. You can sign up using a social media account, email address, or Google account and make a profile for free. Users can also browse profiles without paying any cost; however, they must withstand the nagging advertisements. However, most Dating.com app and site services, including viewing someone’s profile picture, chatting, liking a profile, sending a wink, are payment restricted. Thus, you cannot properly utilize this app without a paid account or credits.

Using a credit system is a cost-effective method of accessing paid services on this dating site. Credit can be purchased using debit cards and credit cards.



In terms of safety, the Dating.com site performs well. You can sign up using google, email, or Facebook. When an email or Google account is used, you can hide the said username from people.

While some fake accounts exist, dating.com has a safety policy for users and encourages them to report an account that tries to con them.

Basic encryption levels are used to safeguard chats and photos. You can contact customer service by going to the help center. There is a list of FAQs on their website that you can refer to in order to ask questions or find path guidance.

If FAQs do not solve your issue, you can contact customer support through online chat and find answers to your queries or help in case of a problem.

Scam Charges

Most profiles on the site are genuine, and few scams occur. However, if you face any problem, you can contact customer support. As for the scam charges, there’s none registered against the Dating.com site or app.

Contact Information


Access to your email address or Google account has to be provided while signing up on the Dating.com site. In case you use Facebook to make an account, dating.com would ask for access to your friend list.

Not a lot of contact information is asked on Dating.com; however, personal information such as name, age, gender, sexual preference, location, hobbies, interest, and current pursuits are asked in abundance.


Is Dating.com an authentic dating platform?

Dating.com is a legit dating website with millions of users from over 32 countries ranging from ages 18 to 80. The app is meant for finding serious long-term relationships, friends, and flings.

User reviews online verify the legitimacy and the matchmaking service scheme Dating.com provides. If you are browsing for international dating sites, this should definitely be on your list.

Are Dating.com membership plans costly?

The Dating.com app can be properly used only when money is spent. All of its features, except of the few limited, need either a paid membership or credits to function.

For example, while you can search for profiles for free, viewing complete profiles or the profile pictures can only be done using credits. Similarly, sending a message or reading a received message is payment restricted.

Twenty credits cost $2.99 for the first three months. On registering, 15 credits are given as a welcome bonus. After three months, 20 credits cost a minimum of 15.99.

Chat costs one credit per minute.

Mobile application message sending also costs one credit per message

Offline message cost is the same

Email is ten credits

Let’s mingle feature costs five credits a use

Video calls range from 5 to 1000 credits

To send gifts through the feature of the present costs 5 to 1000 credits.

150 credits cost $49.99, 600 credits cost $149.99 and 1,500 credits cost $299.99. You will notice that the higher is the number of credits, the lesser is the cost of each individual credit.

Is there a Dating.com app?

Yes, the Dating.com site has a mobile app. However, it is only available for download on the android play store.

What is the audience quality on the Dating.com site?

Dating.com is an international dating app and has users from 32 countries. People from different continents and ethnicities are on the site. There are more male users than female users and more young people than old ones.

Does Dating.com has an easy registration interface?

Yes, it is easy and simple to sign up for dating.com. Choose your preferred mode of signing up, fill in a few details and match away.


Unlike the traditional view of dating, the makers of dating.com consider dating to be not algorithms and numbers but a simplistic chance to meet new individuals. As per Dating.com reviews by plenty of users, the platform can give you what you are looking for in a like-minded partner. Keeping aside a few exceptions like some fake user profiles and a slightly expensive credit system, Dating.com is a genuinely reliable online dating platform for singles worldwide. Join the Dating.com app today. Who knows if your dream date is waiting for you a few clicks down?

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