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Feeld Review 2024

Feeld Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 21-45
Profiles 698 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • This app provides a good platform to explore people’s diverse sexualities and fantasies. People of all sexualities can fulfill their desires.
  • It has a clean interface. The software is easy to use, and there are no complications. It is convenient for all kinds of users and even beginners.
  • This app is reliable and safe. It ensures convenient billing and secure monetary transactions.
  • The Customer Services team is very cooperative and ensures cooperation with anyone scammed or has faced any other difficulties while using the app.
  • The Majestic Membership’s paid subscription provides additional benefits such as who likes you, private photos, incognito mode, and filter by choice.
  • The app has a huge user base, thus giving a variety of choices to its users.
  • Users have to go through a strict verification process before creating their accounts. This is done to ensure safety from scammers.
  • The app facilitates couple registration.
  • No nudity can be displayed on this app.
  • The user profile quality on this app is high, which means profile photos, which play a major role in the case of dating apps, are of high quality, and the information on the profile is easier to read and understand.
  • The Feeld app has a much smaller user base than Tinder and AFF. This site is comparatively new compared to the other dating sites. Hence, the user base is smaller.
  • Bugs in the app may sometimes log out a user and miss the notifications.
  • Facebook sync is a must on Feeld, which can cause inconvenience to people who don’t use Facebook.
  • There is no desktop version of the app.
  • Sometimes, real photos are absent on a few profiles, making it difficult to know and identify them.
  • Feeld is mostly a male-dominated app. The number of women is less than that of men. This is quite a disadvantage for lesbians, bi-sexual females, or even men who believe in multiple dating.

Online dating has become quite popular today, especially among Gen Z. With changing times, the age-old concept of offline dating and meeting people is also changing. The focus has been shifted towards online dating, the primary reason being the multiple choices available on online dating apps and websites. People love to know and explore new people and choose their dating partners according to their compatibility. Another advantage of online dating is that it comes without any commitment; it is mostly for people interested in casual hookups.

The sole purpose of this article is to give the Feeld review. The Feeld app is the first among others that provides dating options for single as well as married or individuals who are already in a relationship. It is a place for open-minded people interested in casual sex, multiple partners, and hookups. This site has various features, and people can contact, meet and date their partners in person. They can also find partners who live near them, making their love life smoother and easier.

People of all sexualities and from all over the world can open their accounts here. Feeld is undoubtedly the most convenient dating app for members of the LGBTQ community. As said earlier, this app is for open-minded people, so people of diverse sexualities can date the partners of their choice with no judgment whatsoever. People who have their profiles on this app have to give all the required details. They can match their profiles with people whom they are interested in. Feeld app facilitates all kinds of communication between the partners; they can chat, call, meet and explore their dating life together.

This app is also the best place for people interested in polyamory, kink, swinging, and having diverse sexual preferences such as more than one partner at once. Apart from casual dating, this site facilitates casual hookups and casual sex. It is thus a convenient one for people who want to explore their sex lives. They can find one or more partners according to their preferences and fulfill their desires without a serious commitment.

Feeld Summary

Feeld Summary

If you are interested in exploring things sexually, the Feeld app is the best place to get started. The quality of photos and profiles is usually high on this app. Profiles need to be clear and distinct to attract potential matches. If two people are in a relationship, they can link their profiles for others to see. Interested people may still approach them if they wish to, attraction and consent playing the major roles. Since this app is a haven for open-minded people, people who are already in a relationship can also look out for other dating partners, hook up partners, or even have casual sex with any partner of their choice. This app allows people who want that magic and thrill to explore the world of dating and meet new people, thus finding their satisfaction in the course. The Feeld app is a paradise for the members of the LGBTQ community. Due to the annoyingly nosy and judgmental society, they often find it difficult to choose their partners freely. Online dating apps such as Feeld are a more convenient way for them to find their partners and enjoy their dating lives; it gives their users the option of both paid as well as unpaid accounts. The users can choose what kind of profile they want to create. Not only the paid but also the unpaid versions have some features and characteristics of their own.

The Audience of Feeld

The Audience of Feeld

The Feeld app has over 500,000 active logins per week. It has 2,000,000 members from the United States of America. Most of the app members are from the USA, and it is mainly a male-dominated app. 70% of the users are male, while the rest of the 30% consists of women. 60% of the users are relatively higher couples than any other dating app. The app provides 20+ gender options for its users. People of all age groups use this app, out of which the age group of 18-34 is more dominating. In the age groups 35-44, the users are comparatively lesser in number. Age groups 45-55+ have mainly male users and no females at all. However, in the case of all the age groups, the percentage of female users is always lesser than that of male users. After the age of 44, there are nearly no female users.

Feeld Site Features

Feeld Site Features
  1. The Feeld app offers a variety of sexuality and gender identity options.
  2. Couples who are in a relationship can link their profiles to each other.
  3. It allows couples and singles to find like-minded people interested in casual dates and hookups.
  4. It also provides group chat features. People who have similar choices and share the same mindset can form groups and chat.



There are options for both paid and non-paid accounts. You can use the free version if you wish to. However, if you want to use the paid version, that is, upgrade to the Majestic membership, you get two options –$11.99 monthly or $23.99 for three months, $8.00 per month.

Advantages of a Paid Account

Advantages of a Paid Account

You can upgrade your account to the Majestic membership and enjoy the following features:

  • You can use the incognito mode to make yourself invisible to other users;
  • Get the option of private photos that are visible only to the connections;
  • Find out who has picked you on the app and filter their choices;
  • Get a complimentary ping per day;
  • Get access to the dawn theme;
  • Filter by desired options. You can see people with similar desires as yours and choose your partner;
  • You can also see people who have been active on Feeld in the last seven days. The feature is called filter by recently online;
  • You can see the last seen of people on the app.

Possibility of a Free Account

Possibility of a Free Account

The free version of the Feeld app does not provide the features of incognito mode, private photos, etc., unlike the paid version of the app. You can create your account on the app for free and grab an experience. You can use the app for chatting and dating and upgrade to the Majestic Membership only if you are convinced. But once you upgrade your account, the additional features mentioned above will surely enhance your experience with the app.



The Feeld app is relatively safe and secure. The app has a strict verification process for its users, and the Customer Services team is quite efficient in dealing with spammers. The spammers, if identified, are banned from this platform and the creation of any further accounts in the future. When you create an account on this app, all your personal information is kept safe, and nothing is disclosed. The information displayed on the profile is necessary for you to connect with people depending on your choice. You can write only what you wish to and depending on the people you want to connect to. If you are already dating someone, other users on the app won’t come to know about the fact until and unless you link your profiles. However, if you participate in a group chat, your messages will be available to the group’s other members. If you share your personal information, contact, or meet in person with anybody of your choice, it is up to you.

Scam Charges

Feeld reports suspicious interactions and takes action against offenders to keep the community safe. In addition, it protects its users from getting scammed.

  1. Creating an account on Feeld requires a strict verification process. Facebook sync is a must to create an account on this app. You check and verify the information entered to prevent spammers who use the same information under different names from scamming the users.
  2. You should not continue your conversation with people you have met on this app on other social media platforms where the Customer Services team of Feeld cannot intervene. You should also avoid sharing information about other social media accounts you own. If a scammer finds out about your account on other social media platforms, he may try to do the same with you.
  3. If you want to send photos to someone. In that case, you can send pictures that disappear within 5, 10, or 15 seconds which does not eradicate the risk but makes taking screenshots of these photos difficult, thus ensuring some safety.
  4. If you feel that you were scammed, you can report it through the Discover function. If you have already developed a connection with the scammer, you should stop talking, block and report the scammer. You may also report the scam to the police station, and the customer experience team will fully cooperate with the authorities.

Contact Information

If you have any complaint or an inquiry about the Feeld app, be it the content or any scam you might have faced while using the app. You must contact the customer services team at [email protected]. The team will look into the matter and resolve it as soon as possible.


Is Feeld Legit?

Yes, Feeld is legit. It is one of the first platforms that provide a space for people of all genders and sexualities to find suitable partners. Though the user base is smaller than other online dating platforms, the website is authentic, and most profiles are real. Like all other apps, scammers are here, but the Customer Services team takes all necessary measures to prevent scammers and handles them efficiently.

How Much does Feeld Cost?

Feeld is a completely free-to-use platform. The users can match, swipe, and do unlimited chatting. However, a paid option is available that offers some additional features. It is called the Majestic membership. It costs either $11.99 monthly or $23.99 for three months, which means $8.00 per month.

Does Feeld Have a Mobile App?

Yes, Feeld has a mobile app available for both Android and iOS. The mobile app has a superb interface, and all the features are there. Using the app is easier because you can get timely notifications no matter where you are. You will also get better device compatibility and design with the app version of Feels. So if you haven’t downloaded the app already, make sure that you do!

What’s the Feeld Website’s Demographics Like?

                                                                             It is found that 50% of the users of this platform are heterosexual, and 60% of the users are couples. Feeld offers the following gender identities: male, female, trans, agender, androgynous,  bigender, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, polysexual, bi-curious, and so on. It allows members to choose from 20+ gender options. Feeld may be colloquially known as the threesome app. It is a space for people of diverse sexualities and gender to find their partners, and through a newly found app, people from over 70 countries have joined the core in recent times, and the messaging rates have increased by 120% in March and April.

Is It Easy to Sign up on to Feeld?

                                                                                                      Yes, it is quite easy to sign up on this platform, though there is a slightly complicated process in retrieving the password of an account owing to the high security that the app provides. The interested person must download the mobile app and enter the username, email address, and password. After which they have to give the following details:
  • date of birth
  • country
  • phone number
  • gender
  • prospective gender (the other information is required based on it).

Also, Facebook verification is a must for the users of Feeld.

It is not possible to log in to the account without a password. You can recover the login credentials by using the “Recover password and username” link if you forget it. The email linked to the account will be needed for authentication. After the account is created, you can swipe, message, and enjoy the following thrill!

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