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Ferzu Review 2024

Ferzu Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 450 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The service has a modern interface that is effortless to learn and use.
  • It also offers a wide range of communication tools like instant messaging and live chats.
  • The site users are active and have a common interest.
  • The service also has a dedicated mobile app.
  • Ferzu also has many unique features that make the online experience immersive.
  • Free account users have to cope with numerous adverts.
  • It limits the number of downloads, comments on photos, and views.

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Ferzu is a social networking site for animal enthusiasts. When you log into the Ferzu site, you will find a diverse group of users with a special love for animals called furries. These individuals have a tremendous interest in anthropomorphized animals.

In the past, society has not been kind to these furries, leaving them feeling stigmatized. As a result, Grokio LLC launched an online space in 2016 where furries can meet like-minded individuals. Therefore, if you are a furry having trouble finding like-minded people, consider joining the Ferzu network.

Ferzu Brief Introduction


The Ferzu site is a new dating site that also doubles up as a social networking site. It is a haven for furries to gather and share their love for anthropomorphized animals without fear of being judged. It doesn’t matter the fictional creatures you love; you will find a like-minded person here.

You can access the service from the Ferzu app and the Ferzu website. It is a three-in-one platform offering users dating services, a social networking platform, and a forum. Therefore, when you join the service, you will get several benefits in one place.

In this Ferzu review, you will learn a lot concerning the service to help you make an informed choice. For example, you will learn about the members on the site and the features it has that make your online experience unmatched.

You will also discover whether you can have enough fun with a free account or need a premium account for a more immersive experience. This review also examines the security features on the site to find out whether you are safe using the site. In this regard, you will also find out whether the platform has scammers and how the site deals with them.

So, if you read this review blow-by-blow, you can be sure that you will have all the information you require knowing about this service. In the end, you will be in a position to make an informed decision.

Ferzu Member Demographics


Data from the Ferzu site operator indicate that the membership on the site is around 65000. A good percentage of these users are usually online, as the site registers approximately 500 logins at any given time. It is also critical to consider that the members are mostly interested in serious relationships.

The site is specially designed for adults who have a unique interest in animals that behave like humans. The site’s objective was to create a safe environment for fur fans or furries. The brand name Ferzu is a condensed form of two words, “fur” and “zoo.” If you pronounce it right, you will realize that.

The site was developed to serve the furry community without regard to their profession, ethnicity, race, sexual preferences, or gender. Here are some key characters about the people you will meet on the site.

Sexual Orientation

Ferzu userbase is made up of users with various sexual preferences. Therefore, you will find bisexuals, gays, lesbians, and queers on the platform. Therefore, whatever your sexual preferences, you can be sure that you will meet a like-minded person.

Race and Ethnicity

Ferzu site admits members from different ethnicities and races. The majority of the members are from the United States, but there are also members from various countries worldwide. So, you will enjoy a special kind of diversity on the site.

Religious Orientation

Ferzu does discriminate against users based on their religious beliefs. Moreover, it does not take it lightly when you use offensive language against other people’s religions. Therefore, please make it a habit to respect other people’s religions when you join the service.

Ferzu Site Unique Features


The Ferzu site design is very straightforward. New members will enjoy the white and green color pattern, which wouldn’t distract them from matching. The developers went for a minimalistic approach to the site layout. Therefore, you can easily find what you are looking for.

Account Registration

Creating an account is a walk in the park, and it takes less than 15 minutes. You only need to fill in a few details, such as who you are and what you are looking for. The site also requires you to provide a working email address and a nickname.

It will help use a descriptive word for your username to give other users a general idea of the type of person you are. The site also asks for your age and location.

Profile Qualities

Like on any other dating platform, filling in your user profile is essential. The details you share on the site make it easy for you to find more accurate matches. User profiles on the site are quite detailed.

To fill your profile, you will answer a few questions about your personality. The process is fairly long, but it is worth it. The answers you provide will make it effortless for the site to match you. As a result, it will be worth your while to take some time to fill your user profile.

The commitment you show in answering your profile questions will show other members how serious you are. In addition, a detailed profile will endear you to more furries, while a profile with blank pages would hinder your chances of finding your match.

Search Options and Filters

The site offers effective search options and filters that make it easy for you to meet people with specific features. Some of the features you can use to guide your search include:

  • Age
  • Physique
  • Email address
  • Date of Birth
  • Residence

Communication Features

There are several modern communication features you can use on Ferzu. The most loved communication features on the site are instant messaging and chat services. Suppose you are busy and are unable to respond to messages immediately; you will receive push notifications. You will find all your unread messages in your inbox. The messages will stay there until you delete them.

My Type

This is a filter that enables Ferzu members to determine the type of users that will appear on their quicklists. For instance, the filter considers features such as who’s online now, who lives nearby, who’s uploaded new pictures, and who has looked through your member profile. In addition, the site allows you to turn it on/off whenever you feel like it.

My News Feeds

This feature keeps you updated with what other users are posting on their walls. Ferzu also allows you to customize your newsfeed. You can use criteria such as fursona, physical features, and relationship status.

Ferzu App

Ferzu has a dedicated mobile app for iPhone users. The app’s interface is friendly to use on the go. You can access all the features on the desktop site from the mobile app. However, many users are reluctant to download and install the app on their mobile devices. Nevertheless, it offers users an unmatched experience.

Membership Plans


New users can access the PC and mobile platforms for free. However, you might not enjoy the best of what the site offers with a free account. Therefore, you will have to upgrade to a paid account to access more. Nevertheless, the free membership gives you a chance to find out what the site offers before you decide to pay for a premium account.

Here are the plans to choose from:

Duration Cost
1 month 5 USD
3 months 20 USD
6 months 40 USD

Premium Account Perks


As mentioned earlier, upgrading to a premium account unlocks certain special features. Here are the functionalities you will unlock:

  • View more photos – when you upgrade, you can view an unlimited number of pictures. You can view other users’ profile photos, recently uploaded pictures, and access other images on the website.
  • Send Unlimited Messages – with the Ferzu+ account, you can send an unlimited number of outgoing messages.
  • Access to advanced search functionality – the site offers unlimited access to search results. It also allows you to customize your search results.
  • Ad-free browsing – when you upgrade to a Ferzu+ account, you will not be disturbed by advertisements popping up.

Free Account Features

Ferzu site allows free users to have restricted access to their site. Some of the functionalities you can access with a free account include:

  • Creating and upgrading profiles.
  • Viewing the news feeds.
  • Comment on other users’ photos and comments.
  • Sending and receiving private messages.
  • View a limited number of other users’ photos.

User Security


Ferzu site has a closed community. That makes it easier for users to trust each other as they belong to the same community. Moreover, the site has put in place several measures to ensure the users are safe. Here are some notable security features:

  • Ferzu does not allow unverified users to access photos, profiles, and user messages.
  • Visitors cannot access detailed user profiles. You must create and verify your user account first.
  • Additionally, the site also allows users to block users exhibiting suspect behavior.
  • The site also has moderators examining user behavior. If they come across someone who is breaking the code of conduct, they suspend them immediately.
  • Ferzu Privacy Policy also reveals that the site uses advanced encryption methods to protect the member’s confidential data.
  • The site also has a section that offers users tips on how to stay safe while browsing on the platform.

On the other hand, despite the efforts taken by the site, users also have a responsibility to ensure their security. Here are essential tips you should remember:

  • Never share your confidential details on the site. For instance, don’t share your financial data or personal phone number.
  • You should also avoid clicking any links shared by other users on the site. Hackers usually use this trick to lure you out of the safety of the dating site to scam you.
  • Take your time to get to know someone before you start trusting them. For example, learn how to do your own background checks. You can start by checking them on social media to find out more about them. A Google photo search will also help you know if the user is who they say they are.
  • When you come across someone you are interested in, check their profiles. If they seem too perfect, please be careful. A normal human being has some flaws. So if someone seems perfect on their profile, that could be a scammer.
  • If you decide to meet someone, don’t meet them in your private residence. It will be best to meet them in a public place. Also, please don’t allow them to come to pick you from your home.

What About Scammers?

The Ferzu site has a code of conduct and performs several security checks to flush out scammers. First, the site ensures that you use a valid email address to create an account. However, some scammers are smarter than this.

As a result, the site has employed moderators who monitor activity on the site. If they find a profile exhibiting scammer tendencies, they suspend the account immediately. The moderators also rely on the vigilance of members. When you meet someone breaking the site’s rules, the site expects you to either report or block that person.

Contact Details


The Ferzu site has a “Contact” section where you can find answers to various issues. Apart from that, you can also use the following channels to communicate with the site operators:

Company Name: Grokio Limited Liability Company

Address: 447 Broadway, 2nd Floor #110, New York, NY 10013

Phone: (773) 800-1031

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Ferzu Blog

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ferzu a Genuine Dating Platform?

Yes. Ferzu is a genuine dating site. In fact, members get more than just a dating site; they can access a social network of furries and a forum. Moreover, the users on the site are real people interested in meeting like-minded individuals. User reviews on the internet also confirm that the site’s services are genuine and effective.

Is It Costly to Use the Site Services?

Ferzu works like other dating sites. The site allows new users to use the site features for free, albeit with restricted access. In addition, Ferzu’s premium accounts are reasonably priced compared to other dating sites.

Does Ferzu Have a Mobile App?

Yes. iOS users can find a Ferzu app if they prefer dating on the go. They can access all the features available on the site from the app. On the other hand, if you don’t want to have a dating app on your phone, you can go for the mobile-optimized site.

Who Can You Meet on Ferzu?

As the name suggests, Ferzu is a dating platform for furries. Therefore, the first character of all the members on the site is their love for anthropomorphized animals. Besides that, you will also find users from different ethnic and racial backgrounds. Another common character is that most of the users on the site are interested in long-term relationships.

Is It Easy to Create a User Account?

Yes. Creating an account on Ferzu is like a cakewalk. You only have to provide some details about yourself, and you will be good to go. You only need a catchy username, a valid email address. Therefore, if you are ready to meet other furries worldwide, please create your Ferzu site account today and start having fun.

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