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Flirt Review 2024

Flirt Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 92%
Quality Matches 97%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 920 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Low-cost trial membership;
  • Updated moderation to protect the dating platforms of scammers;
  • The satisfaction guarantee program can get your money back if you don’t get real partners from the Flirt site;
  • Profile verification is possible;
  • You can change settings to avoid getting messages from scammers by choosing verified profiles only;
  • Optimized website design that works well on most mobile and tablet devices, besides the desktops;
  • More pocket-friendly than the competitors in the industry;
  • Better for casual dating and hookups;
  • Icebreakers help with starting conversations.
  • No Flirt app for mobile download;
  • There is nothing much to do without a premium membership on the Flirt site;
  • Once your account on the Flirt site is complete, making changes can be difficult;
  • Canceling the subscription plan has to go through customer support;
  • You may cross a few profiles hiding their identity by using celebrity profile photos;
  • The chatrooms on the Flirt site have hardly 20-25 members, of which very few are women and hardly seen active;
  • Not a good choice if you are looking for a serious commitment.

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Owned by Together Networks, the Flirt site has been in existence since 1997. Despite being in the industry for so long, it has maintained its popularity intact besides showing growth in the user base. How? The current trend of casual relationships and hookups has paved the way for the Flirt site. With the fear of commitment and time restrictions becoming a common problem, younger generations find casual dating and hookups more satiating than serious relationships. It is the very reason why dating platforms like the Flirt app are coming into the limelight and enjoying an increasing user base. However, since popular online dating sites attract scammers and cheaters, also known as money launderers, reading the Flirt review becomes necessary. Besides confirming its authenticity, the review also reveals all the knick-knacks of the site. It thereby helps you to decide whether to join it or not. Additionally, a Flirt review prepares you for the cost of the dating platform showing you the available subscription plans with their prices. So follow the article to take a dig into the world of Flirt site and learn if you can win a night of casual dates!

The Flirt Site Summary


The Flirt site, till a few years back, used to be completely free for women. However, it had to be modified recently because of the increasing number of fake accounts and scammers exploiting the privilege. Currently, the dating site offers discounts and trial packs at very low costs to maintain the Flirt site’s quality and give free limited usage. While this enhances the user experience, the satisfaction guarantee program adds to it. Besides making the Flirt site economical, the makers also try to make conversations easy with unique features, including ice breakers. The women also get the additional privilege of responding to messages for free.

Furthermore, they can initiate five conversations without paying for any premium subscription plans on the Flirt site. Even though it may seem that the dating platform favors women over men, it has only resulted in an advantage for men having a larger women user base. So, if you are a straight man, you are in for some real treat. Because everyone knows how finding great options to choose from and facing lesser competition is rare on online dating platforms.

Demographics of the Audience Base On the Flirt Site


The Flirt review shows that the dating platform boasts about 70 million registered users from 45 countries. Furthermore, the availability of the Flirt app in 20 languages aids in making the experience of the global users convenient. However, despite the popularity, the gender isn’t balanced and shows 60% women dominating the Flirt site. Even though the platform shows diversity in every respect, most of the users belong to the US. The maximum number of activities is also seen from the country. However, the exact number of users age-wise is controversial. While the statistics show that the 18 to 24 years group is the most popular after 26 to 35 years, the real Flirt review says otherwise. When you look at the pictures of some of the men’s profiles, they seem to look a lot older than the age mentioned on their profiles. It could be a way to attract women, but it only indicates how users on dating platforms can be liars, and there is certainly no reason to trust strangers blindly. Furthermore, the Flirt app is open to all sexualities but doesn’t show many options on the site. The statistics show that despite the allowance, the LGBTQ+ community is limited in numbers making the Flirt app a better site for the straights.

Flirt Review: Special Features of the Dating Platform


The Flirt site is a unique dating platform with nice features if you plan to join the site. While there are quite a few that helps in the dating process, here is a list of a few that makes the Flirt app special:

  • Flirt Cast

The flirt cast is the site’s version of the broadcast. If you are on WhatsApp, then you know the function already. If not, then for your clarification, it is a feature that lets you send a single message to selected or all contacts with a single click. The feature on the Flirt site minimizes effort and saves a lot of time in the process. However, the site only allows users to use the Flirtcast only once every twelve hours to control spamming. Also, it is a paid feature, so don’t crib if you can’t find the option to Flirt cast with a free account on the Flirt app.

  • Request Info

A common phenomenon on dating platforms is incomplete profiles. Since completing profiles take a lot more time than the registration, users tend to skip it and get to the flirting game directly. However, they often forget that the approaching users may confuse their profile with fake users, bots, or scams. The Flirt site has developed a commendable feature to encourage users to complete their profiles and increase the overall quality of profiles on the platform with the Request Info button. Users browsing through your profile can tap on the button if they want to see a more detailed profile. It proves to be a great motivation for completing the profile setup with as many details as possible.

  • Video Uploads

The Flirt site also has a creative side that allows you to add intro videos on the platform. The Flirt allows you to add up to three videos not more than thirty seconds long to express yourself interestingly by giving a glimpse of your character. The feature, besides allowing you to impress people, makes the platform entertaining.

  • Like Gallery

The like gallery is the Tinder version of the Flirt site. It shows you member profiles in a roulette-type display. You can hit the heart button if you like any of the members shown to you or hit the cross button to skip the profile. The screen on the like gallery is divided into two sections wherein the below part shows the profiles you like, the ones that like you, and finally your matches. Since swiping is the trend, most members engage in the gallery section to find good matches for themselves instead of using the traditional search bar.

  • Favorites

Since the Flirt site does not allow adding users as friends or connections, the favorite list comes in handy. It helps you to keep all the people you like on one list to start a conversation later. It is natural to forget profiles on a dating site, but adding them to your list of favorites helps you find all the people in one place.

Flirt Review: Pricing of The Premium Subscription Plans


The Flirt review points out that the dating platform offers standard rates for its premium subscription plans compared to its competitors in the industry. However, besides the premium subscription program, it also offers schemes to let the new users try the site before spending too much of their hard-earned money. While one example involves the allowance of initiating the first five chats for free, another important one would be the trial plan. It is available at the minimum cost of 0.99 USD per day for three days. It means you will have to spend less than three dollars to get complete access to the Flirt site for three days. Besides, you also get to respond to messages for free with a standard account. Below are the three subscription plans you can purchase to get complete access to the dating site besides the trial pack.

Premium Subscription Plans
Validity Cost Total Price
One month 28.80 USD 28.80 USD
Three months 16.20 USD 48.60 USD
Six months 12.27 USD 73.62 USD

Also, one should remember that the prices of the subscription plans on the Flirt site may change with location and seasonal discounts.

Privileges of A Flirt Site with A Paid Subscription Plan


You upgrade to a paid account on a dating platform to get complete access to their features, and that is what you get on the Flirt site as well. If you are still confused, here is a list of features you get access to:

  • Send unlimited messages;
  • Initiate as many new chats as you like;
  • Request for a profile verification;
  • Request more information of profiles that you like but is incomplete;
  • Upload profile videos;
  • Send one message to multiple accounts with the Flirt cast;
  • Join chat rooms;
  • Change message settings to receive messages only from verified profiles on the Flirt site.

Features Available with A Free Flirt Site Account


Unlike various dating platforms existing online today, the Flirt site gives users with a standard free account a lot more access. Here is a list of things you get to enjoy without paying for a premium subscription plan on the Flirt site:

  • Registration;
  • Profile setup;
  • Photo uploads;
  • Browse profiles;
  • Use the search filters;
  • Experience the like gallery;
  • Respond to messages;
  • Initiate five chats.

The Flirt Site- Safety


The Flirt review gives a high score to the dating platform when it comes to safety. It is because of the several steps the makers have taken in the recent past to check safety. Besides the general email verification, each profile goes through a manual verification after the compulsory photo upload. The manual moderation and the advanced algorithm quickly filter out fake profiles and remove them from the site. The Flirt app also has an updated SSL certification to assure high online security on the site.

Worries About Scams & Bots On the Flirt App

While the manual moderation works extremely well, there may still be a few profiles with celeb photos. In such cases, you can report and block users to which the Flirt site takes action in less than 48 hours. Unfortunately, even though the platform promises a lot to the users, you still see several users making complaints and writing a negative Flirt review on various platforms from time to time.

Contact Information


Website: Flirt.com

Company: Together Networks Holdings Limited

Location: British Virgin Islands

Email: [email protected]

Social: Available on Facebook and Twitter


Is The Flirt Site A Safe And Legit Dating Platform?

The Flirt review on several sites confirms the safety of the dating platform. Our first-hand experience on the site also showed good results, which means our team members did manage to go on a few amazing dates. Also, the dating site developer is a prominent name in the industry that is trusted by millions. The large user base on the Flirt app is proof of that.

How Much Does It Cost To Purchase A Subscription Plan On The Flirt Site?

The Flirt review mentions three subscription plans available to users, except a trial plan for new users. If we keep aside the trial plan which costs less than $1 per day for three days, the Flirt site may cost:

  • 1 month – 28.80 USD
  • 3 months – 48.60 USD
  • 6 months – 73.62 USD

The rate per month depends on the size of the plan you purchase, which reduces with the increase in the number of months you choose.

Is There A Flirt App To Download On Mobile?

There is no Flirt app for mobile users. However, anyone can use it on their mobile phones. It means that even though the dating platform does not have a downloadable mobile application, the Flirt site is optimized for browsing on any device. So users can easily use the platform comfortably as a Flirt app alternative.

How Is The Audience Base On The Flirt App?

In a word, it is varied. However, the younger generation from the United States plays a dominating part on the Flirt site.

How Is The Registration Process On The Flirt Site?

The Flirt site takes less than two minutes to complete the signup process. However, do not mistake it with the profile setup, which takes much longer depending on the level of creativity you are willing to put into it.

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