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FriendFinder-X Review 2024

FriendFinder-X Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 21-45
Profiles 1 400 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Active userbase
  • Responsive users
  • The registration process is very short
  • List of trending members available at all times
  • Customizable FriendFinder-X profile designs
  • Inclusive to LGBTQ+ community
  • More female users than men
  • Free live shows
  • Detailed profiles
  • Advanced search filters
  • Exciting features
  • Webcam sessions for virtual satisfaction
  • The site is absolutely not safe to open in a public place
  • Lots of explicit content may not be good for sensitive people
  • No native mobile application is available for download
  • The free FriendFinder-X version is useless
  • The FriendFinder-X Gold membership is expensive.
  • The membership plan does not include all paid features.

FriendFinder-X site is one of the oldest dating platforms existing online today. Even though old seems boring and outdated for today’s age, it has its set of benefits to offer. Experience of more years in the dating industry means a larger active user base, more credibility, and more user reviews. And that is what you get with the FriendFinder-X site; it’s 90 million members from across the world, which gives the site a lot of credibility. However, the user reviews confirm the site to be a more fitting platform for hookups and casual dating than serious long-term relationships. With a series of features that makes online dating fun and unique, the premium dating site makes it impossible to use the platform even for simple date setups for free. While you can purchase one of the pricey membership plans seamlessly, the risk of wasting money and data would always run if you don’t check for the FriendFinder-X review first.

FriendFinder-X Summary


The FriendFinder-X site is a popular dating platform owned by the FriendFinder Networks. Despite being in the industry for a decade, it has managed to stay updated and meet the requirements of the modern youth. As a result, it is one of the few sites on the internet even today to be equally accessible and liked by straight singles and the LGBTQ+ community. With millions of active profiles on the FriendFinder-X, the dating platform successfully creates a hot and explicit networking site for sexually yearning people.

The dating site is designed keeping in mind the requirements of people looking for no-strings-attached relationships. It means if casual sex and hookups interest you besides live shows and sex education to make bed activities exciting, FriendFinder-X is meant for you. However, since it is an old platform, you may miss a few modern features that you are used to seeing and unique traditional things that increase the temperature in your bedroom. Consider looking at the pros and cons section next in the FriendFinder-X review to know what to expect from the dating site.

The Audience Of FriendFinder-X

The FriendFinder-X site is an extremely popular adult dating site, and the numbers speak for themselves. However, it doesn’t say the popularity of the platform amongst kinky experimenting couples besides single women. Yes, it is actually unique to see more in numbers than men on the site. It could also be because of the professional models involved in hosting free live shows on the FriendFinder-X site. Considering how the free version of FriendFinder-X is more than enough for virtual satisfaction, quite a percentage of members pay for the Gold membership. Furthermore, in terms of sexuality and age groups, FriendFinder-X only impresses with the diversity in numbers. However, the location shows a little lesser diversity since the USA seems to be the main country showing the massive concentration of members.

FriendFinder-X Site Features


FriendFinder-X is an explicit dating platform with lots of features. The website offers to be one of those platforms that are enough for your sexual satisfaction. The features make the FriendFinder-X more than just a dating platform. Look at the list below to know why:

Hot Or Not

The Hot or Not feature is similar to the swiping trend followed on popular dating platforms currently. For example, FriendFinder-X shows you photos of users with a thumbs up and a cross icon. If you like someone, you hit the thumbs up; if not, then cross them out.


The FriendFinder-X site allows verified users and models to broadcast live shows. These shows are explicit and have erotic content. So even if you are unable to find a match or a partner for a hookup, you can easily get a release by the live broadcast.


FriendFinder-X has a blog feature for users to post their experience or any sexual activity they would like to share with the audience. You can either write a blog or comment on others’ to engage in communication.

Groups & Forums

The FriendFinder-X site has several active groups and forums that you can participate in on the platform. They are easy to join and help you find several active people at once. The groups also help introverts communicate on topics they like. In addition, many people find partners through groups.


FriendFinder-X magazine is where you find amazing and helpful articles about different kinks, sex, relationships, dating advice, and more. The magazine is extremely well-received by the readers on the dating platform. Also, anyone on the site can submit an article for the FriendFinder-X magazine.


FriendFinder-X allows you to get creative with Blings. It is a feature that lets you create animated icons for fun. Then, you can upload the blings to sell them or just to send to other members.

FriendFinder-X Sex Academy

Gold members on FriendFinder-X can host sex courses about specific sexual activities and other tips. Completing sex courses can be a fun activity to do with a partner. Also, the advantage of becoming a sex god or goddess is there.

FriendFinder-X Contests

There are several contests hosted by FriendFinder-X. While anyone on the site can be a participant, the winners are chosen by a voting system. If you are wondering about the prize, they are generally FriendFinder-X Membership giveaways.

Erotic Stories

For the readers and writers on the site, the FriendFinder-X allows them to share their real-life erotic experiences in this section in written form.

Adult Movies

If reading is not your favorite activity, you have unlimited access to adult films on FriendFinder-X for satisfaction.



Since we discussed a long list of unique features available on the FriendFinder-X that is a premium dating platform, it is obvious they come at a price. However, after seeing the features, one important question that keeps popping up in mind is how much? Check out the table below to know all the available membership plans and their pricing. Also, the payment on the FriendFinder-X site is processed through a secured mode using e-wallets, credit cards, etc.

FriendFinder-X Review Membership Plans & Pricing

Duration/Tokens/Credits Price
Gold Membership
One Month 40 USD
Three Months 81 USD
Twelve Months 240 USD
Standard Contacts
One Month 20 USD
Three Months 36 USD
100 Credits 12 USD
185 Credits 20 USD
500 Credits 50 USD
1000 Credits 99 USD
200 Credits 3 USD
500 Credits 6 USD
1000 Credits 10 USD

Advantages Of Paid Account


Since you already know how much you need to pay, let us take a quick look at the features that you need to pay for at the FriendFinder-X site.

  • Sending flirts
  • Sending requests
  • Communication through messages
  • Comment
  • Watch videos
  • View high-quality photos
  • Get access to the FriendFinder-X sex academy
  • Exclusive customer support on priority for paying customers

Possibility Of Free Account

Although the FriendFinder-X site is a premium dating platform that runs on subscription-based membership, there are a few things you can do for free. Here is a list:

  • Signup
  • Create profile
  • Write and read blogs
  • Comment on blogs
  • Join groups and chat with people
  • View and vote on contest entries
  • Like photos and videos uploaded on the FriendFinder-X site
  • Watch live shows



Safety should be your number one concern when you are on an online dating platform, and the lack of verification should be a red flag. However, restrictions and walls are purposefully taken down on hookup sites like FriendFinder-X to make the users comfortable and enable quickness. But it creates all the more reason to be careful because safety becomes questionable. Even though the FriendFinder-X site maintains protection layers to save the users from being attacked by cybercriminals. However, nothing can give you enough protection from the live show broadcasts. Therefore, the FriendFinder-X warns users of its policy and allows users to handle the features responsibly.

Scam Charges

The FriendFinder-X site doesn’t have a running scam on its platform. However, fake profiles are not completely absent; you may come across some of them from time to time. Also, being careful with sensitive information is something you should learn and remember even before entering a dating site. If you can do that, the FriendFinder-X site proves an excellent place for some hormone relaxation.

Contact Information


Website- www.FriendFinder-X.com

Company- Various, Inc.

Location- US

Email- Contact us page on the website

Social- Facebook, Twitter


Is FriendFinder-X A Legit Platform?

The FriendFinder-X site is a legit dating site developed and owned by a prestigious dating media company named Various Inc.

How Much Does The FriendFinder-X Cost?

The FriendFinder-X has several plans, tokens, and credits systems. Depending on the feature you want to get access to, you can decide on your purchase. Your purchase amount can range from as low as 3 USD for 200 credits and as high as 240 USD for an annual Gold subscription.

Is There A FriendFinder-X App That You Can Download On Your Mobile?

One of the disadvantages of the FriendFinder-X site is that it doesn’t have a native mobile application. Hence, you cannot download anything. But the website is optimized for smaller devices like a mobile phone to let you stream videos and browse the platform easily on your phone. Also, the mobile browser version of the FriendFinder-X site has no fewer features than the original.

What’s The FriendFinder-X Website’s Demographics Like?

The FriendFinder-X site shows diversity. Even though the female users are more than male, there are many registered as couples. People with different sexualities are seen and accepted on the site. However, the age group and location are two factors that you don’t see many variations in, with US citizens below 34 yrs showing larger numbers on the site.

Is It Easy To Sign Up On FriendFinder-X?

You can complete registration on the FriendFinder-X quickly with social logins. The site doesn’t have many requirements even while opting for manual registration on the FriendFinder-X. Entering location, gender, sexuality, email, and password creates a FriendFinder-X account for you in less than two minutes.

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