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GetItOn Review

GetItOn Review
About Site
Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 54%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 640 300
Reply Rate 70%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • GetItOn.com is an immaculate and classy website that is entirely free of adult content and makes users feel safe.
  • The site's solid reputation and user-friendly interface are sure to be attractive to the women on the page.
  • You can easily find someone who has the same sexual interests as you do.
  • The search options, along with other filters, are pretty detailed.
  • The matching criteria are quite robust, and the compatibility feature is often focused on.
  • The platform is no-nonsense, and the newbies are sure to get a blast of good experience on this website.
  • The choice and preferences of sexuality are wide on this platform.
  • The services are pretty good for the free members as well.
  • Customer service works 24/7
  • The fun features are quite great for the paid members.
  • GetItOn.com has not offered any dedicated mobile application for the use of the more enthusiastic people.
  • The member screening option is absent for this website.
  • The member's onsite communication is often considered as an advertisement tool by the company. Privacy is severely compromised in this case.
  • A maintenance fee is asked from the user if they are absent from the page for a longer time.

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GetItOn.com will be amongst the different web pages you use to access fun and casual dating services. It is pretty reputed in terms of being a dating platform. The site has a robust affinity for the features of casual dating and easy hookups. The site will not be one of the typical and cliche sites in a small corner of the internet. It has several features which can prove to be very interesting for the users. You are going to be within the thick of the matter when you are a member of GetItOn.com. This service will ensure that you communicate with a different and varied vase of other singles and groups. You will be able to host events, and there will be several people who will meet your choice of lifestyle. The filter criteria on GetItOn.com have proven to be very helpful in finding out the preferences of people similar to you. You are likely to find someone who has the same taste as you do. It is going to be awesome!

It has been found on many review boards that the users are likely to spend more than ten minutes daily and visit about eight different platforms on the same page. It is often considered one of the best dating services for adults. The site is often considered to be within the top ten selection of 117 platforms. The website’s ease of navigation and intuitive nature has made it a part of the top forty best dating platforms when all 723 platforms are considered. The extensive acceptance of the website is shown by 535,000 users every month and even a higher number of users who are already a part of the website. This has created a niche of audiences who have found the site perfect for casual dating and other such short-termed relationships.

GetItOn Summary

GetItOn Summary

Before getting into the details of GetItOn.com, you should know that this is not one of the websites that can be used for finding partners for the long term. The site is a fun and casual hookup site to find people who might meet your taste preferences. Most people communicate and contact several people who were not known to them in the past even though they have been in the same location. The audiences are quite open-minded, and no one will judge you if you have any special kinks to your nature. The users have often found people who have the same interests as the others, and many users are simply floating around.

GetItOn.com came into existence in the year 2009. There are about 31 million users this page can be about. The parent website for this site is Various, Inc., which is also known for developing other hookup sites such as Passion.com. This website is very commonly known in the United States of America and is also one of the top online hookup sites worldwide. It comes to use when the user is looking for casual meetups. The website had initially started to include the dating features of straight people.

As the times progressed, the site stopped its sniffing attitude and became more open to including people from the LGBTQ community. The features of this website are pretty good. There are webcam features, which can be used once you have gained the trust of the other users. The ratio of men to women is 70:30. The number of female users is quite low in comparison to other hookup sites. However, the balance is accountable for both paid and unpaid membership. The male users of this site are not usually premium users. When using a paid subscription to get on this site, you can hope to gain the complete acceptance of female users.

The site has also made sure that the members are not wasting their time on it. The platform is quite attractive and raunchy. The site accepts that most people are here for casual sexual relationships. That is why instead of matching people with their personalities and interests, the site is more focused on the sexual compatibility of the person. It is where it is not like other dating platforms in the field.

The comprehensive filter of the site will make sure that you have a powerful connection with another person based on the ideal sexual chemistry. The profiles will appear on your account only based on your sexual interests. Other than this, it is also straightforward to match the profiles strategically. It is quite exciting and adventurous as you will always find one or another user who will be excited to meet you personally in the real world.

The Audience of GetItOn

The Audience of GetItOn

Various users are a part of the GetItOn.com website because of its easy use. You can easily make sure that there are very few distractions on the website. The male accounts are usually unpaid ones on this platform. Once you have a paid and premium version as a male on this website, you can be sure that you will also have great popularity among women. Premium accounts will always give some credibility to your website.

Age Distribution

It has been found that the average age of a female on this platform is 30.8 years. It is quite similar to the average male age of 32.2 years. The age distribution of the site includes the following data. Within the age group of 18 to 15 years, the percentage of males is 10%, and females are 7%. The age group of 26 to 35 years will have the male rate as 12% and the female percentage as 9%. Within the age group 36 to 45 years, the male ratio will be 18%, and the female is 7%. Within the age group 46 to 55 years, the male percentage is 20%, and the female is 5%. Finally, there are 10% males and 2% females over the age of 56 years.


As far as the ethnic group of the site is considered, you can hope to meet a diverse number of people. The site is filled with several categories, which have men and women from different walks of life. Once you select a specific class during your account registration, you are bound to encounter the type of people you wish to interact with.

GetItOn Site Features

GetItOn Site Features

Several features of GetItOn.com can be considered to be the best in every single way. Let’s get an idea about these features quickly.

  • Live Streaming Chats: Live streaming features can help the users to get access to the other person. This feature is often used by models who are looking for prospective clients. The free live streaming chats are free for everyone to see, but the private streaming options can be used by premium users only.
  • Blogs: The service has made it very easy for the users to post their experiences and put them on the public forum with the help of blogs and comments. These blogs are open for discussion for any user who is on this platform.
  • Points: The site has the feature to offer points for the users who wish to get Gold membership in the future. The points can be earned through reference or even through some of the tasks on the website.
  • Tips: You can easily use this platform to appreciate live streaming events. The points and suggestions collected with this participation can be beneficial for the newbies joining the site.
  • Upgrade in membership: The site will allow you to buy a monthly gold plan for another user who has come on board.
  • Invitation: The users who are already within the scope of this website can use this feature to invite or refer someone on this platform. Once the person you have referred has joined the website, you are bound to win points for yourself.


1 month plan $18.99
3 months plan $29.97
12 months plan $71.88

The standard membership on this platform is not quite good. The users cannot use many of the features which are available on the premium membership. The membership has the following pricing as follows. You can avail of the free trial option for seven days without any payment. The monthly payment is $18.99. You can pay for three months and have the fourth-month service at $9.99/month. You can also pay for 12 months and get the benefit of 18 months at $5.99/month.

Credit cards, debit cards and PayPal options can be used for payment.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

The features which are related to the standard membership are pretty limited.

  • The premium users, on the other hand, can view the interests of different profiles.
  • The sending and receiving texts and the flirt feature can also be used on the premium membership.
  • You can write a testimonial on your dear friend’s profile
  • Doing unlimited webcams is available for premium members.
  • As a premium member, your profile is boosted.
  • Above all, you get priority support whenever you are stuck browsing

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

Since the standard users have very few features on this platform, you have to upgrade to the premium plan to gain significant benefits. However, here is what is available for free on GetitOn.

  • Account and profile creation is completely free.
  • You can add the members you like to the “HotList.”
  • Browsing of profiles with the use of filters is available for free users.
  • You can be an active member of different forums of your interest
  • As a free member, you get to watch the live chats and publish your blogs too.

There is no harm in creating an account and experiment till the time you are convinced.



GetItOn.com is one of the websites which is sure to use your private messages as a mode of advertisement for their own needs. This is a severe compromise of safety, but the terms and conditions of the website have this within their content. You agree with this policy once you register to the page while abiding by the different rules and regulations.

It is better to have an anonymous identity on this website when the chats might be made public. You can also set up different private groups to communicate with the person with shared interests.

Scam Charges

Like every other website, there are some scammers and fraud accounts on this platform as well. You can hope to get the right action taken against the scammers by informing your issues to the website’s moderators. They are quite efficient. The customer services are always functional if you want to remove some or another user from your profile.

Contact Information

Website: https://getiton.com/

Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave. Suite, CA. Zip Code : 95008 (Campbell City)

Contact No : 888-575-8383

Alternatively, there is a detailed help page, where-in you can find the answers to your queries.



Here is the compiled list of the most frequently asked questions by the existing and prospective users.

Is GetItOn Legitimate For Usage?

It is not relatively easy to answer this question without any biases in the mind. The site which has proved to be helpful for someone might turn out to be harmful to another. GetItOn is careful about the needs of the customers as well. That is why their customer service is open 24/7. It is a legitimate website that can be used very quickly by users. The other profiles are usually authentic. In case a scammer is found, they will be removed from the site immediately.

What Is Pricing for Premium Features on GetItOn?

No, all features are not available free of cost. It is better to upgrade your account to the premium value to ensure that you are availing of the best elements of GetItOn.com.

It costs $18.99 each month for a premium member. You may pay for three months and get the fourth month’s service at a discounted rate of $9.99 per month. Additionally, you may pay in advance for 12 months and get the advantage of 18 months at a rate of $5.99/month.

Does GetItOn Also Have a Mobile Application?

Despite its immense popularity, GetItOn.com does not have any presence in the form of mobile applications. The site is existent only in the desktop browser form. You can never hope to use the site in the form of a mobile application.

What Is the Demography of Users on GetItOn?

Member structure for GetItOn includes the presence of a more significant number of men in comparison to women. The site initially began with a motive to serve the straight community but now is inclusive of the LGBTQ community. The ages of the participants vary, but all of them are over the legal age as well. Usually, you will find users between the 45-54 years age group. For every 30 men, there are 70 women on this website. Hence the ratio is quite compatible for open dates. You have to be available to the flexible options given by the site. Most of the members will match up with your preferences if you are flexible enough to their choices.

How You Can Register on GetItOn?

It is not quite challenging to get registered on the website. The site will not ask for any private information about your hobbies and likes. You will need to specify your exact sexual preferences here. This way, you will be getting your perfect match on GetItOn.com.

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