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Green Singles Review 2023

Green Singles Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 850 000
Reply Rate 97%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A large, friendly, and active community
  • Free messaging options for all.
  • Stunning and eco-friendly design
  • The site is compatible with mobile browser
  • Green Singles has a great reputation.
  • There is no Green Singles app available.

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As the name suggests, the Green Singles site is for individuals who love nature. The site hosts singles from across the globe who share the same ideologies towards safekeeping the planet Earth. The website’s key objective is to offer users a friendly social atmosphere, where they can communicate with like-minded people, make friends, and plan a beautiful long-term relationship with them.

You might be exploring the Internet to find a suitable dating portal for yourself, where both your feelings and ideologies are equally respected. Then, the green Singles site is the ultimate destination for you!

Green Singles made its debut in the year 1985. Back then, it was a newsletter, and it became utterly operational in 1996. It is one of the oldest and most recognized social networking platforms for looking for ideal partners for marriage or serious relationships. The site caters to a vast and unconventional section of society. The site is the home of vegans, spiritual followers, broad-minded individuals, and conscious people. The site is commonly called vegan dating.

Green Singles is highly appealing to individuals who believe in social justice, human & animal rights, environmental conservation, and politics. Green Singles also promotes spiritual and Green dating for lonely vegans and individuals having standard spiritual thought processes. The dating forum is an amalgamation of many open-minded people with a modernized and innovative point of view. Age, religion, caste, creed, gender, nationality, ethnicity, and other parameters are invalid. Whatever be your demand from a relationship, the Green Singles site respects that feeling. To learn more about the unique features of this fantastic forum, keep reading the Green Singles review.

Green Singles Summary


Green Singles is not just a dating or networking site; it is a movement to save the Earth. The site offers five percent of the total profit to different non-profit organizations under their GreenShare program to carry out their planning. The non-profit organizations connected with the Green Singles are highly committed to animal rights and protecting Earth’s ecosystem. Here is a synopsis of the basic features of the website. So before you dive deep into the website, you get to know about them all:

Registration Process

Signing up with Green Singles is as straightforward as with any other mainstream dating site. It takes less than 15 minutes to complete the signing-in process. All you need to do is check out the dating community’s official website and then head forward to the sign-in page. First, you need to fill in all the required information in the respective fields and then submit your details for the account validation. Once your account is validated, you need to fill in your name, email address, and password. Once all the steps are done, you can sign in using the username or email id and password to kick start your journey of discovering love.


Green Singles site comes with a soothing design. The green color theme of the website with leaves and trees in the backdrop vividly depicts the website’s goal. The website’s homepage has a registration window containing all the details fields that an individual requires to fill before becoming a website member. The background of the screen has several couple images depicting the various sexual orientations of society. An excellent theme to promote harmony and gender equality! If you scroll down, you will come across selected users’ profiles, and below that, you will come across testimonials that will make you believe in love more.


Unfortunately, no Green Singles app is available for the beloved mobile users, but the latest update has made the website compatible with a mobile browser. Users can conveniently access the services of the website from their mobile browser. The site’s structure is well-balanced, and that enhances the design when viewed from the mobile browser.

All the functions of the portal are always available. So now you can access your dating world with a simple click of your finger anytime and from anywhere. The mobile browser is an ideal choice for members who travel or mostly stay away from home.

Search Options & Filters

The searching option at the Green Singles site has two primary options: quick and advanced. The quick search option has limited filters to apply. For example, age, location, and gender are the only filters available for the members. However, advanced search options allow members to add many detailed search filters that can help them discover the ideal partner for the rest of their lives.

Audience Of Green Singles


There are over 1,115,000 profiles on the Green Singles site. It has a golden journey of more than 35 years, and the forum is more than an ordinary dating site. It is a community with members from different fields but with the same objective to promote, preserve, and keep our mother, Earth. As per the site’s statistics, environmentalists, spiritualists, vegan consumers, social activists, and many other environment enthusiasts are looking for an ideal soulmate more than a partner. The site has people from every corner of the world, and that is why it is considered the most prominent community network with several success stories.

As per the website’s demographics, most users are in their late 30s or early 40s looking for someone with whom they can plan a beautiful future keeping their ideologies and efforts making changes. 30-40 is undoubtedly the popular age group of the Green Singles site. However, you will also discover millennials and old-aged men or women dealing with life issues to find solace.

The women on this portal outnumber the men. Their site consists of 57% women and 53% men from 18-49, and around 47% of them are above 50 years old. Green Singles is impressive to maintain such a wide range of age groups in one destination for so many years.

Green Singles Features


When we took a closer look at the various features available for the users at Green Single, we discovered few unique features of the site. You might have experienced the fun of several dating sites, but the Green Singles site is something special.

Matchmaker Preferences

The “Matchmaker Preferences” feature of Green Singles is a practical feature to help aspiring singles discover the perfect partner for them. You can select the most preferred criterion you are looking for in your mate. Then, the automated system of the portal will suggest the best profiles that closely suit your provided criterion. Moreover, the added advantage of the feature is that you can view the preferences of other members.

Match Questions

An exclusive feature of the Green Singles site is the “Match Questions.” The site has a comprehensive list of categories of questions that every user can answer and should answer to make it easier for other members to discover you. The standard categories are sexuality, lifestyle, eco-consciousness, dating, ethnicity, and many more types. You might find the feature quite similar to Facebook’s “do you know” feature. The members opting for the question should answer honestly and select acceptable answers for their potential match. Then, the questions get posted in the profile of the member.


For the members of Green Singles, test-based messaging is the only way to communicate. However, the portal is planning to incorporate the video call option soon. The primary profile users can only send messages using the pre-defined texts. They can reply to all the messages sent to them from a premium account. On the other hand, the premium account members can send up to 50 messages a day. Therefore, the first step to changing your love life at Green Singles starts with a simple text.


Green Singles site offers only two types of accounts for the various members; free and paid versions. When individuals sign up with the portal, they use the free account to access the portal, and they have limited features to access. However, users can gain unlimited access to the site by purchasing the premium account that costs $10.00 to $19.00, depending on the type of package an individual selects. Here are the benefits of each type of account.

Advantages Of Paid Account


The benefits of having a paid account are certainly more than a free account. The additional perks are:

  • Users can use the instant message feature to initiate conversation.
  • Users can upload two videos.
  • Uploading of 20 more pictures becomes available.
  • Premium users can send up to 50 typed messages with an attached image in a day.

Possibilities of Free Account

Free account users can create an account on the portal, and here are the other additional possibilities:

  • Users can search for single men and women.
  • Users can read and respond to the messages.
  • Users can answer the match questions.
  • Users can show interest in other users.
  • They can view the necessary information.
  • Users can conveniently reply to the Instant Messages as well as receive them.
  • Users can receive matches based on their preferences.



Today online surfing means putting your privacy at stake. But with the Green Singles site, it is never an issue. As mentioned earlier, it is not just a dating portal; it is a community of like-minded people, where the support team always considers your comfort at first. Green Single takes complete care of its user’s privacy. The privacy policy of the website clearly defines how does the company uses the user’s data. The portal also allows users to complain about other profiles if they encounter any suspicious or offensive behavior. The efficient support team encourages members to inform them about fake and fraudulent profiles.

Scam Charges


Green Singles support team encourages the members to report suspicious and fake accounts. If any account encounters many reports or remains inactive for several months, the support team has the right to ban the account and the email id from the portal. It is essential to eliminate the disturbing elements from a community to make it a safe and healthy place for everyone. Another unusual step taken by the community is not allowing members to use their Facebook account to sign in to the portal. Moreover, the credit card details are not saved on the site. Therefore, users can safely use their cards for payment.

Contact Information


Green Singles site has many email addresses available for specific issues.

Technical Support Questions: [email protected]

Billing Questions: [email protected]

Support: [email protected]


Here is a list of the Frequently Asked Question about the Green Singles site. It can help you discover the answers to all your queries, and if you have any new query, you can write them to the portal.

Is Green Singles A Legit Dating Website For All?

Green Singles offer top-notch security to all the users of the portal. It has a brand reputation of more than 35 years, and it is known for its safety and security measures. It encourages the members to report and take action by writing to the administration against fake accounts. The site does not allow Facebook as a sign-in option, which is indeed a great move to avoid fake accounts from joining the portal.

What Is the Cost Of Green Singles?

Every user on the Green Singles site uses a free or basic account to explore the portal’s features. However, access to the features is limited. To gain complete freedom of the portal, users can purchase the premium package that costs around $10.00 to $19.00, depending on the selected type of account. Green Singles also actively accepts support from members. For example, they invest 5% of the total profit in developing non-profitable trusts, those who work on eco-conscious niches.

Does Green Singles Offer Users With An Application?

Unfortunately, there is no Green Singles app available for mobile lovers. However, as per the latest news, Green Singles is compatible with all web browsers. The mobile application and web version of the site have many similarities. Moreover, it is observed that the mobile browser version of the site is more appealing than the desktop version. The primary reason is that the website is designed to suit the smaller screen. Users who have already registered with the website can use the same account to explore its services.

What Does The Demographics Say About Green Singles?

As the name suggests, Green Singles is not like your conventional dating sites. Instead, the portal has members from different unconventional fields of life like social activists, spiritualists, environmentalists, vegan consumers, and animal rights activists. The site has an average age of 18-49 years. Over a million portal members are from different parts of the world looking for a serious relationship or a future partner.

How Conveniently A User Can Sign-up With Green Singles?

The signing up process with Green Singles is similar to any other dating website. However, the portal does not allow signing up using a Facebook account. First, the users need to fill in all the required fields like sexual orientation, gender, age, country, and zip code. Once the members have filled in all the details, they need to validate the account by completing the email verification. Once the verification is done, the members can sign into their account using the username or email id and password. Therefore, the overall duration of the registration process is less; only it depends on the user that when they will verify the email address.

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