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Grindr review 2023

Grindr review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 78%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-34
Profiles 1 300 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Best for instant hookups based on proximity
  • Plenty of users worldwide
  • You can use the app anonymously.
  • It has affordable pricing plans.
  • Several contact tools are available.
  • You can send texts, audio, and images to a hookup.
  • You can use the 'favorite function' to bookmark profiles.
  • The app has a modern, simple, and easy-to-navigate design.
  • Quick registration process
  • Users can customize the app to fit their preferences.
  • There is no way to customize matchmaking; you can only find partners based on your geo-location.
  • Using the live chat feature requires a paid membership.
  • You cannot chat with people outside your city.
  • The app might not meet millennial needs when contemplating impressiveness.
  • This app might not be viable for people looking for true romance; you are likely to find casual hookups.

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The Grindr app is one of the leading gay dating sites, primarily because, thanks to it, many other gay matchmaking sites flooded the hookup space. No one mentions gay dating apps without talking about Grindr. What does it have for its clients and undecided prospective users? We audited this app and came up with conclusive details; read on to decide if it will cater to your needs!

The first thing is to download the app and proceed to sign up and create a profile – either by email or Facebook. Signing through Facebook is instant because your information will be copied. However, email registration might require members to submit details about their age, username, location, and password. Unlike most dating sites, there is no verification of profiles during registration.

You should know about some of Grindr’s profiles because most of them are in-depth and feature a section that talks about a user’s HIV status and when they last tested. This is quite informative, especially for people who are looking for casual sex and one-night stands with their hookups.

After registration, you can proceed to use the intuitive app. The design is quite modern and user-friendly, even though it doesn’t have the wow factor. All the icons are neatly displayed, and you can navigate on the go. Remember, you can use the app at no cost, but the experience won’t be exciting – consider choosing a subscription and be part of the Xtra Lite package.

The next and most obvious step is to find hookups. So, how does the system match its members? Grindr app uses the geo-location feature to pair its users – you will submit your location details when registering. Unfortunately, Grindr doesn’t have a search tool for members to look for partners using customized keywords. However, you might find the ‘explore’ function helpful as it allows you to connect with users from other countries.

How are the profiles? You can only upload one photo at any given time. Filling all the fields is not mandatory, but completing a profile rules you out as a fake or scam. You can edit and modify your profile’s details at any time. Each profile has a location, and you can tell how far apart you are from that user. So, how does a complete profile look like?

  • Basic info – your name, bio, and description
  • Stats – this section covers several aspects like your age, body type, height, weight, relationship status, ethnicity, position (preferred sex position), and My Tribes (Bear, Discreet, Daddy, Clean Cut, Jock, Jeek, Otter, Leather, Trans, Rigged, Poz, and Twink). Note that the My Tribes section requires information about your sexual preference. Remember to fill out the section indicated ‘I’m Looking for’ because it helps attract people with similar interests.
  • Identity – customize your gender pronouns (man, non-binary, woman, and custom non-binary).
  • Sexual health: This section has details about HIV status, when you last tested, reminders, and sexual health FAQ.
  • Social links: Grindr allows members to link to other social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

What of making contact? Grindr users have two ways of making contact; messages and taps. Messaging is free for all users using the app’s chatting system. You will know if a hookup reads your message and favorite some. The other communication feature, taps, is quite interesting – you can use it to express three meanings; Hot, Looking, and Friendly. You can tap one of the three icons (hot, looking, and friendly) to express your thought. For instance, tapping the icon marked hot means that you think that the other person is hot!

Grindr summary


The Grindr hookup site dates back to 2009 when the app was introduced into the dating space with the sole purpose of hooking up queer men. Its launch saw the rise of other gay hookup sites. Since its inception, the app has been helpful to at least 30 million global members.

Gay men looking for similar hookups might find the app appealing. The app has excellent daily user activity of an average of three million. Since the app is popular, you can do a lot more on Grindr, but it really depends on your interests. But who would find this site viable?

  • Gay men who don’t mind meeting new people in other countries – consider it a social network to spark friendships.
  • Trans men looking for casual and one-night-stands
  • Gay men looking for resources about their sexual health
  • Any man looking for an unbiased approach toward different sexual orientations

The audience of Grindr


The Grindr app is synonymous with queer men who are looking for casual and lasting dates within their location. This means that you can only use it if you prefer meeting like-minded male hookups in your location. Most of the subscribers are residents of the United Kingdom, the USA, and Australia – you won’t miss hookups globally. The majority of the subscribers are aged from 24 to 35. You should know that the Grindr app has been home for over 30 million gays.

Grindr features


Do you want an incredible dating experience? If yes, you should upgrade to Grindr’s Xtra lite package; it gives access to the following:

  • Gaymojis: These are LGBTQ-themed stickers and icons that allow users to express themselves funnily. The app has a stock of over 500 gaymojis compared to any other social network. This function helps you to describe your dates, fun moments, travel, and express your thoughts and feelings. Consider this function a replica of modern emojis.
  • Explore: Grindr operates on pairing users through the geo-location feature. However, you might run out of profiles within your location and wish to find hookups outside your region. You should utilize the explore function to find hookups who are out of your region. Members can compare this feature to traditional search tools available on competitor dating apps.
  • Unsend: It’s frustrating to hit the send button when a recipient you did intend to (or otherwise an inappropriate message). Luckily, you can undo the action by clicking the unsend icon.
  • Tap: Tapping the flame-like icon is a way of expressing interest and initiating conversation. Consider using it if you want to get someone’s attention. This function has two more icons; the ‘hi’ icon that loosely interprets as simply wanting to hook up, and the ‘devil icon’ simply means that you don’t mind a one-night stand.
  • Favorite: Did you notice a catch profile and might want to revisit it? Click the ‘favorite’ icon’ – it bookmarks profiles for you to check later.
  • Expiring photos: Members can send photos to their hookups. However, the catch is that the photo will be visible for a maximum of 10 seconds. This function is perfect for mystery.
  • Discreet App Icon (DAI): The discreet feature helps you customize the Grindr app by adjusting the preferences. It is useful in remaining anonymous. Consider this function as a safety feature that helps you browse without revealing your identity.
  • Chat translate: Are you planning to travel and are unsure of how to communicate with possible hookups? Grindr has a chat translate feature that decodes the information and translates foreign language on the go!



Though Grindr is free of charge, you will need some in-app purchases to use the site perfectly. The monthly plans start from as low as $9.98. You will pay $20.97 for three months, $29.95 for six months, and $58.98 for twelve months.

Advantages of a Paid Account


So, what is your money worth? Should you invest in Grindr? We recommend paying some dollars to unlock the following:

  • Browse without pop-up adds
  • View more matches
  • Select 3 tribes
  • Block countless profiles
  • Send and reply messages
  • View subscribers online activity
  • Use the gaymoji stickers
  • Use photo filters
  • Send and save private messages
  • Upload and send the latest photos instantly

Possibility of a Free Account


Downloading the Grindr app is free. But what can you do without paying some dollars? Free members can:

  • Sign up and create a profile
  • View profiles
  • Create group chats
  • Select 1 tribe



Your safety concern is valid and, in most cases, informs your decision about choosing a dating platform. The Grindr team has put in place stringent measures to guarantee user safety by specifically introducing the DAI feature. Unfortunately, there is no strict verification (only photos are verified, and some people don’t upload profiles). The lack of strict verification creates a loophole for scams and fakes to use the app. However, there is an option to block and report fake profiles for banning.

Since the Grindr app uses the geo-location feature in matchmaking, there have been scandals of people who predate on unsuspecting subscribers. The app has plans to combat such trends by introducing a social-media-like feature that detects fake profiles.

Scam chances

The trend of finding scams on dating sites is a common concern on dating sites. Does Grindr have scams? Well, not necessarily scams, but you will find some bogus profiles resulting from a lack of verification. That said, trust your instincts when you suspect someone; consider reporting or blocking the person.

Contact Information


You expect to turn to a support team whenever you have concerns and navigation problems. Little can be said about this app’s support team. According to the Grindr review, a lot has to be done in addressing clients. Mostly, users have to go through the FAQ sections when figuring out how to use some functions. There are also helpful resources covering sexual health. The app’s contact information is:

Company: Grindr LLC

Address: 750 N. San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood, California 90069, USA

Phone: +1 415 8120244

Support email: [email protected]


It’s quite common for new members to have queries about their preferred dating site before signing up. So, what do people want to know before trying the Grindr website?

Is Grindr Scam?

So most prospective subscribers want to find out if Grindr is genuine! The answer is yes, mainly because it is the leading gay dating app! The platform has housed more than 27 million users globally. There have been real dates and short-term arrangements resulting from this app. Perhaps the only thing that can make you doubtful is that some members shy off from uploading profile pictures. However, this shouldn’t discourage you because it only acts as an anonymity function where the users don’t wish to reveal their identity. Nonetheless, don’t lower your guard about encountering fake users and scammers.

How much does it cost to use Grindr?

The app doesn’t cost a dime to download, but you will need to save up some dollars to use the app exclusively. You will pay $10.00 for one month, $20.98 for three months, $28.20 for six months, and $60.00 for one year.

Is Grindr Accessible via mobile app?

Yes, you can access this gay hookup site by downloading the app from the Google Play Store and App Store. The app has a straightforward and simplistic design but comes with some in-app paid functions. In addition, it has a modern layout that makes it user-friendly; you can check for the app’s functions at the bottom page.

What are the Grindr website’s members like?

The Grindr website accommodates queer men and those interested in gay dating. The app experiences the highest daily activity from approximately three million daily members. Over 27 million global users have found Grindr resourceful in finding love. Most of the members are from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Most users are in the age bracket of 24 to 35 years and prefer remaining anonymous by not uploading their photos.

Is it Easy to sign up on Grindr?

Creating an account on the Grindr app is simple. First, you must download the app on App Store or Google Play Store. Install the app and proceed to registration by clicking the ‘sign up’ icon. You can choose to submit basic details if you really want to connect faster, but creating comprehensive profiles will require more minutes. You can choose to sign up by linking to Facebook or by email. Registering via Facebook is pretty simple and less time-consuming; all your information will be copied to your Grindr profile. If you sign up via email, you only need to create a password, choose a username, and enter the date of birth. Note that you need photo verification to authenticate your profile.


There are many gay hookup sites, but some might not offer what they promise. Grindr stands out as the leading queer men dating site. You will love it if you are looking for instant one-night stand dates. What’s more, using the app is not costly; pricing plans start from as low as $9.99. We hope reading the Grindr review helps in decision-making.

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