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Hater Review 2024

Hater Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 83%
Popular Age 26-36
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Unique matching criteria
  • A free dating platform
  • Free Hater app download on iOS and Android devices
  • Quick registration with social logins
  • Huge userbase
  • Amazing app interface
  • Active and responsive support system
  • High-quality profiles
  • No scam and fake profiles
  • Advertisement free interface
  • There is a limit to adding photos
  • One instant match in twelve hours
  • No website
  • Hater app is currently unavailable for download
  • Search filter results are not good

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Hater, ever since its launch, has caught the attention of the young masses. While the unique name was enough to pique interest, there were other reasons too. It came into the market right after Tinder, following its footsteps, yet turned the entire idea around. Result? Hater became the number one competitor of the popular dating platform. It could be one of the trending dating sites, but as mentioned, it is not alone in the race. Its uniqueness, features, and overall on-site experience are what decides if the attention it gets is deserving or not. So here is the Hater review that covers everything you need to know about a dating platform before joining it.

Hater Summary


Hater is a site that connects people with high chemistry. And unlike traditional dating sites where you are asked to complete a lengthy profile for a compatibility test, Hater uses a unique approach. It connects people based on their common hates. And no, we are not talking about dislikes but the topics or things that anger you. The maker of Hater, Brendan Alper, came up with the idea after watching a comedy skit and reading several studies. He found that people truly connect better over their common hatreds than their likes. While it was doing pretty well on its own after its launch in 2016, its popularity saw new heights after it got featured on the web series Shark Tank.

It made headlines when Marc Cuban, the famous American business entrepreneur, and investor offered $200,000 to the makers. It was enough to attract a community of 750,000 people globally. While the publicity may have worked to garner the attention initially, the unique concept worked to retain the name. The mutual hates, swiping right on hateful subjects before swiping on people and seeing their hates, worked well. It proved to be better conversation starters and created a chemistry that was unexpected and very, very fresh in the online dating environment. However, that is not all; other things work well and not for Hater. The next section of Pros and Cons pits light on them.

The Audience Of Hater


Despite the name of the app and idea, the people on the dating platform are quite fun. The member base on Hater consists of adults aged below 34 years mainly. Undoubtedly, the young people couldn’t stop themselves from jumping into trying a new idea. Being a modern app with no niche to concentrate on, Hater accepts registration from everyone irrespective of their gender, origin, race, and sexuality. However, the numbers favor some over others; for example, the registrations from the US are way more than any other country. Same with men on the platform; however, the dating platform is location-based like other modern platforms. It means even though you will surely have a great time on Hater if you are in the US, your experience maybe even better in another location. Also, since we are talking about people, it wouldn’t be wrong to talk about the general intention of members on the site. The very idea of the dating site is fun and experimenting; despite it showing great results, most people use Hater with casual dating and connections in mind.

Hater Site Features


Hater, as we mentioned before, is inspired by Tinder and yet unique in its own way. Thus to expect a few similar features won’t be wrong. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be looking for unique features. Because how else would a dating platform like Hater create a new experience for the users? Given below are few features that you must be prepared to get on the site:


You know, the swiping game. Introduced by Tinder and copied by many, swiping is no more a feature that needs explaining. Hater uses the same swiping process to ask people to input their opinions about a topic or a person. However, the difference is that swiping right on Hater means agreeing to hate.

Submit Topic

The probable hate topics already exist on the Hater platform, which you need to make your opinions on; however, you can add more. Although the submission isn’t easy. You may suggest a topic to the Hater team; they will go through it and see if it complies with their policy. Their policy cannot hurt the feelings of minorities in any way, so they check the topic manually before adding them to the hate topic list on Hater.

Hate Topics

One of the unique features of the Hater website is the hate topics. Unlike other dating platforms which directly push you to start swiping on people, Hater first takes you to the Hate topics. The topic can be anything from hating Trump’s hair to Vegan food. Your opinion on the hate topics helps the Hater algorithm find suggestions for you and match you with someone who shares mutual hate for something.

People Matches

After swiping through the hate topics, you can come to the explore section to find real people. Since the very idea of the dating platform is different, don’t be shocked to see pictures not out of Instagram. People joining Hater come with different expectations, and hence impressing with over-edited pictures is not one of them. Communication and opinion play a rather more attractive factor on Hater.



Hater, despite being a very popular dating platform, doesn’t run at a cost. There are no paid membership plans existing on the platform for users to purchase. The best thing is that besides being absolutely free for users across the world, Hater does not bother users with advertisement popups. It means that the online app experience remains undisturbed irrespectively. Doesn’t it sound like a dream dating platform? Especially for the young people, no-look-based dating, real communications, no problem with starting a communication which happens to be a problem with introverts, and free. However, how can things be so dreamy without a but? The but with Hater is its sudden absence from all the app stores without any intimation from the makers. Although the web page still exists, giving hope to those looking forward to joining the Hater app.

Advantages Of Paid Account


Since there are no paid memberships, there are no paid benefits to worry about on Hater. Therefore, everything you see and the dating platform has to offer comes for free. No wonder why the dating platform is so popular amongst students.

Possibility Of Free Account


Oh, you don’t have to think of the possibilities of a free Hater account anymore. Since the entire platform is free, you get access to all features on Hater seamlessly. All you need to do is complete registration and get started with the unique process of dating online on Hater. However, instead of calling out everything, let us call out the features that you get for free on Hater:

  • Registration- Social Login, Mobile Number
  • Profile Setup
  • Photo Uploads
  • Discover topics
  • Submit new topics
  • Discover people
  • Chat with people
  • Set updates and meet



The Hater dating app follows several safety protocols to guard the user data from cyber-attacks and threats. Despite not having transaction pages, the dating platform keeps updated encryption certifications for users’ safety. Additionally, the Hater support team’s active response ensures that the members face no problems on the site. However, the dating experts recommend that users on any online dating site use their brains before trusting strangers with sensitive information, such as contact numbers, addresses, or photographs.

Scam Charges

Hater boasts of an excellent profile quality. It has managed to do so by not allowing simple manual registration. Instead, the dating platform makes it compulsory to use a Facebook login or phone number to sign up. Even though not foolproof, the step stops bots and scammers from entering the platform. Hence despite being free, Hater manages to keep itself protected from the evil eyes of money launderers. And since it is free, unlike many popular premium dating platforms, it doesn’t have a reason to scam the members for buying a membership plan.

Contact Information


Website- www.Haterdater.com

Company- Hater Inc.

Location- United States

Email- [email protected]

Social- Active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Is Hater A Legit Dating Platform?

With a registered office in New York, the Hater app is a legit dating platform on the internet. Its mention in ABC’s Shark Tank, which piqued the popularity of the dating platform, is another proof that the site is anything but a scam.

How Much Does It Cost To Be On Hater?

Hater is a free dating app that takes no money for anything. From download to using features unlimited, there is no limitation on the usage and definitely no price tag. Unique and shocking, but true, especially with its given popularity.

Is There A Hater App For Mobile Users?

Hater does not have a website version. It was singularly developed as a native mobile application for Android and iOS devices. While the apps were available for free download on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, respectively, the Hater apps no longer exist. They were taken off the stores, and currently, there is no way to download and use them. Also, the team of Hater did not release a statement before taking the step; however, the web page still exists. Despite there being uncertainty, one can only hope to get them back in the news or reality soon.

How Is The Audience Of The Hater App Look?

The Hater app audience is young and fun, looking to make new friends and connections without many expectations. It means Hater is not the place for ones looking for serious relationships. But since the setting piqued the interest of the modern audience, opinionated young users in the age group of 18 to 34 dominate the platform. And while the site matches people with mutual hate, the audience, which mainly belongs to the US, is acceptable, friendly, and flexible in personality. It is the reason why you get to witness an impressive variation in the member base.

Is Registration On The Hater App Easy?

The registration on the Hater app takes less than five minutes to complete and even less if you decide to use the social login button. While the social login takes all the essential information needed for creating your Hater account, the alternative option requires you to enter a few details on your own. However, it doesn’t take much time since you only have to enter your basic details like location, gender, preference, besides password after verifying your phone number on Hater.

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