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iMeetzu Review 2023

iMeetzu Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 66%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 950 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • All the services and functions on the platform are free to all users
  • Suitable for both chatting and looking for relationships
  • The account can be registered just in a few minutes
  • It can be accessed from anywhere and at any time
  • The website's design is nothing special and out-of-date
  • The iMeetzu site does not provide many features to search for a partner
  • The privacy protection is questionable
  • The chances to come through the inappropriate content are high

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Because of the pandemic, online dating platforms such as the iMeetzu site that offer webs cam chatting are experiencing a renaissance. Many people find an outlet for their feelings during isolation in online communication. The conversation with strangers can also result in an exciting social experience. The website was launched more than a decade ago and still attracts members. Participation is free, and there is no obligatory registration on iMeetzu. You can choose among various chat types depending on your need or mood. For example, if you want to have a video talk, you just need to press the start button. But if you are not in the mood for video chatting, you can communicate with one person or join a group chat. It’s as simple as that!

iMeetzu Summary


The website offers a wonderful possibility to meet a random user from any part of the words. However, a couple of disadvantages identified on the site can make you think about choosing this website for communication. According to this iMeetzu review, it is not really clear who launched the website and how reliable the customer support team is. Moreover, if you want to use all the features the platform offers better stick to the desktop version. For example, the video chat service might not work as well on the mobile app. Besides, the iMeetzu app is available only for Android devices.

The Audience of iMeetzu

The website can be a great opportunity to keep social activity during the pandemic when the need for contact felt as never before. Users come from different places and different backgrounds. Basically, there is little information about users on the iMeetzu site since the communication is anonymous, and there is no need to share your personal details. Moreover, unlike some other similar websites, users can not filter members and control who they talk to. Nevertheless, there are separate chat rooms for gay and females. Usually, about 500 people hang out on the website simultaneously, regardless of the daytime.

The iMeetzu Site Features


iMeetzu was created for online communication. As with many of the similar roulette websites, people were expected to engage in online text chats. Later the platform added more features, including video conversation. The main services provided currently on the website are text chatting, video chatting, and group chatting.

The text chat lets users be connected with the random partner. All you need to do is choose the text chat page on the top of the home page and start chatting. You will see the gender and age of your random partner. The iMeetzu site also made it possible to send pictures on the chat. This function is not often found on similar websites, especially provided for free. The system works as follows: once you have entered the website, you need to upload pictures to use them in chat. You can use images in as many chats as you want. When you leave iMeetzu, all the uploaded images will be deleted. This feature is a great alternative to the previous methods of sharing pictures that might be familiar to the regular of such websites. Previously, you needed to upload the picture on some other sites and then share a link. This small functionality allows the chatting to flow easily and be more entertaining. Members can also edit chat preferences and choose between male and female partners. You can keep in touch with the partner if you register on the website.

Video chats are also available on iMeetzu to all users who are at least 18 years old. To start a video conversation, you just need to press the green button. After starting the chat, you will be connected to a random user. There are two windows on the page showing your partner’s video and a preview of your camera. At the bottom of the page, there is also a line for sending a text that becomes active after the video chat activation.

The iMeetzu site acknowledges its users that the webchats are not moderated. You should behave appropriately, avoid abusive or harassing behavior. Any user who acts inappropriately on the platform will be banned.

Group chats work based on the same principle as text chats. However, there you have a variety of features to make your chatting experience more exciting. In particular, users can exchange gifts, emoticons, live stream videos, and so on.

The website also has separate chats based on gender and sexual preferences. For example, there are gay chat and girl chat that make a conversation on iMeetzu more safe and secure.



The iMeetzu site offers its services absolutely free of charge. So you do not need to be bothered by the fact that, at some point, the features offered on the platform might not be enough for meeting people. Everyone is on an equal footing on this dating platform.

Advantages of Paid Account

There is no premium subscription on the website, and all features are available to users without additional costs. Users can enjoy three different types of communication, namely text, webcam, and group webcam. Besides texting, the iMeetzu site users can share pictures directly in the chat without uploading the image on the other side and sharing the link.

Possibility of Free Account

All members can use all the features offered on the iMeetzu site for free and even do not need to be bothered with registration. Thus, there are different types of chats, such as text chats and video conversations. Members can also choose to communicate with absolutely random people or narrow it down to people of a particular gender or sexual orientation. For that, there are gay chats and girl’s chat rooms. In chat rooms, all users can send emoticons and share pictures.

Nevertheless, creating a profile on the iMeetzu site is also possible, which gives certain advantages. The registered account allows you to become friends with people and continue conversations on the website. Moreover, contact becomes possible not only through live chatting but through commentaries and messages. These features make it possible to find people to start online dating and relationships. Some other features that are available for registered users are the ability to send gifts and fill out profiles with some information.



The safety on online dating platforms such as iMeetzu, where there is a possibility to meet absolutely random strangers, is very important. All members should keep in mind that live cam conversations are not supervised by the website’s moderators and use common sense regarding their own safety.

First of all, users agree that they are at least 18 years old by using iMeetzu video chat. There is also a possibility that the live conversation will be recorded, so do not do or say anything that you might regret. The recorded video might be made public and that used against you.

Leave the chat as soon as you feel not comfortable chatting with the person. For example, if someone is bullying you or talking aggressively in the video chat, report the person immediately to the iMeetzu customer support. Also, say no to anything you do not want to do. The same precautions should be taken after receiving strange or scary pictures or videos. Ban or report the person immediately. You can send your reports or complaints to [email protected].

You should never share your private information on iMeetzu, such as phone number, your home or work address, with strangers. When video chatting, make sure that it is not possible to identify where you live or work. Share your personal stuff only when people prove to be safe. Also, be careful of what kind of information you provide, not expose too much personal information about yourself.

Scam Charges

Unfortunately, on the website where there is no obligatory registration or profile validation, you can meet all sorts of people. That is why members should take safety measures while using the iMeetzu platform. Occurrences of scams and fraudulent behavior are not rare on the website.

When starting chatting with a new member, you should be careful since scammers can get very cunning. Many of them know how to make messages look real and arouse sympathy. The first sign of a scam is the unwillingness to use the platform where you met. Scammers are usually aware that the iMeetzu chats are monitored for fraudulent activity and might ask you to switch to email or messenger. The person also might be unenthusiastic to speak online in general and ask to meet in person.

One more tactic is committing to the relationship too soon. If you ask yourself: “is it too good to be true” maybe it is not. Scammers might attempt to gain your trust by saying that they are in love without even meeting in real life with you. Finally, is the story consistent, or is it not adding up at all?

In order to avoid being scammed at iMeetzu and prevent others from being the victim of the scam, you should immediately report the user to the customer support team. If you think that the person is dangerous and you know some details, you can also report the police via Action Fraud.

Contact Information


There is not much information available regarding the company that operates the iMeetzu site and where the headquarters are. All the communication can be made through the email: [email protected].


Is the iMeetzu site legitimate?

The good thing about the website is that registration is not required on the website, so you don’t need to be worried about providing your personal details. However, the iMeetzu site does not share the customer’s emails and other data they receive with third parties. Nevertheless, all the information and content the platform receives from its users, including uploaded pictures, might be used according to the terms of use. Furthermore, the material is moderated and randomly checked to prevent violation of the website rules and fraudulent behavior on the website.

Prices and paid services on the iMeetzu site?

Unlike some other websites in this online dating category, the iMeetzu site offers all its services free of charge. The downside of this is the low quality of the website design, basic features limited to chatting and sending pictures. This can also result in the absence of customer support and scam prevention. Thus, all members keep in mind taking precautions measures when communicating on the website.

Is there iMeetzu app available?

The owners of the Android mobile devices will be glad to know that the platform offers an Android application. The website developers ensure that the iMeetzu app is designed to be used easily and without intermissions. The website is working to fix all bugs as soon as they are reported. Nevertheless, according to users’ reviews, the functions are not working as smoothly in the app as on the website. For example, text chat works without interruptions, but video chat might work better through the desktop version.

Who is usually chatting on the iMeetzu site?

The website is a perfect space for those members who do not want their identities to be revealed. The signing-in is not required, and literally, anyone who has access to the internet can appear on the other side of the screen. And this can be a positive and negative thing depending on your experience. It is also possible to hide your true identity and pose as someone else on the iMeetzu site. Again, this is neither good nor bad per se; it just depends on what you are counting on. According to some users’ reports, many users, both men, and women, come to the website looking for some dirty stuff. The same can be with the video conversations. You even might be asked to show your private parts as soon as you join the conversation. Recently, many online dating sites such as iMeetzu became a serious concern of parents, as some sexual predators might take advantage of platforms like this.

Is registration required on the iMeetzu platform?

As discussed in this iMeetzu review, everyone can have a conversation without registration. As soon as you enter the website, you can choose what type of communication you want to participate in, press the start button and start communicating. You will be instantly connected to a random partner. However, if you register an account on the website, you will be able to become friends with people and will be able to meet them again.

The website requires only some basic information, and the account can be created in a moment. On the iMeetzu home page, find the registration button on top of the screen. Fill out the required information: your username, gender, date of birth, email address, password. After that, confirm the Terms of use and that you are 18 years old and proceed to the next window. After completing the registration process, you are welcome to keep your conversation at iMeetzu.

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