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JSwipe Review 2024

JSwipe Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 74%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 23-40
Profiles 850 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Niche audience;
  • Members are looking for marriage, long-term relationships, and settlements;
  • Global search;
  • Religion-based features;
  • JSwipe can be used with a free account;
  • Quick registration;
  • Sending messages is free;
  • You can attach photos to your messages;
  • Connect instantly with someone you like with one free super swipe each day.
  • Limitations with the free JSwipe version;
  • More male members than female;
  • Match has an expiry date;
  • You can add only four pictures.

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JSwipe is one of the many sites of love revolving on the internet. Sounds poetic? That’s because it is one of the niche dating platforms existing online, which are known for being the center of love and relationships, unlike the modern and generic ones. If you are wondering what is wrong with the new dating platforms, there is nothing actually. They are fun and come with unique features which attract the youngsters but are used for casual relationships. Seldom do we see people getting involved in long-term relationships because it happens by chance. The reason is the confused intentions of people on dating platforms. However, that is not the case with JSwipe. It is a dating platform for Jews to find a partner for marriage from their community. However, since it’s not the only dating site in the niche, it’s better to enter the site after reading the JSwipe review to know what to expect from the platform.

JSwipe Summary


JSwipe claims to be the fastest-growing Jewish dating platform. It was launched in 2014 by Spark Networks, a prominent name in the dating industry. Over the years, it has managed to gain much attention from the community across the world. The reason is not just the platform where the single Jews can connect to see if they are compatible, but the features that make the process much more comforting. The JSwipe profile plays an important role in making the experience great because it asks several questions that describe the person’s personality and beliefs. The dating platform understands that asking the same set of questions to every person they like can be boring and insulting to the person asked. Therefore, the JSwipe profile avoids the scenario of directly jumping into communication. Besides acting as conversation starters, it allows people to filter results based on their most important criteria through the advanced search bar.

The Audience of JSwipe


The JSwipe website shows a lot of activity around the week. While it has a global presence, the majority of the members show activity from the US. However, countries like France, Egypt, Poland, Germany, Australia, etc., are not behind. Although the variation is not seen just in the location, it is also the age groups that show tremendous variation. You will find members of all ages, despite the dominating group being the 25-34 years. And while the JSwipe site is a niche dating platform for the Jews, the population is not entirely Jewish. There are other people as well, even if the percentage is less. Another imbalance is noted in the gender distribution section, which clearly shows men in much larger numbers than women. Lastly, there is absolutely no presence of any other sexualities besides straight singles.

JSwipe Site Features


JSwipe is a dating platform that has created a hybrid between traditional and modern. While it caters to traditional practices and requirements, the design of the dating platform is modern. When the combination itself sounds so good, the features created for a unique experience have to be great. Check them out below:

  • SuperNote

A SuperNote on the JSwipe site allows sending a message to someone without waiting for them to get matched. It means you can send anyone a message just by using this feature. However, the SuperNote is a premium feature on the JSwipe site.

  • Traditional Insights

JSwipe profiles, even though less detailed comparatively, offer a unique way to describe your religious practices in the bio section.

  • Passport

The JSwipe passport is a feature that removes your location barrier. Similar to Tinder, the JSwipe app only allows you to find users near you. However, with the use of the JSwipe passport, you can change your location and remove the limitation.

  • Photo Optimization

Photo optimization is a unique feature. The JSwipe site with the feature allows you to find out the photo that would get you the maximum right swipes.

  • Read Receipts

JSwipe read receipts let you see if your message has been read by the person you have texted. It is a good way to avoid wasting time and hope on inactive profiles.

  • Super Swipe

The JSwipe super swipe instantly connects you with the person you super swipe on. Thus, you can bypass the waiting time and the uncertainty of the person liking your profile.

  • Explore View

The particular section allows you to sit back and explore through profiles and send likes on JSwipe. There is swiping feature available in this section.

  • Likers

Although a premium feature, the JSwipe dating platform allows you to see the list of people who liked your profile. Also, you get the choice to connect with them through messages.

  • Most Eligible

The most eligible feature on JSwipe shows you trending profiles from the dating platform. These profiles are the ones that get maximum right swipes and likes on the site.



JSwipe runs on a freemium strategy which allows users to date online on the platform for free. However, the site also offers a unique set of added benefits to improve the experience on the site. Since purchasing the JSwipe membership is entirely optional, the pricing model is called freemium. Scroll down to find the JSwipe membership plans and pricing that you can purchase using your credit cards.

Validity Price
One Month 24.99 USD
Three Months 44.99 USD
Six Months 59.99 USD

Advantages of Paid Account


Since you already know the pricing of the JSwipe membership plans, the obvious next step becomes comparing the paid features with the price. Thus, judging the worthiness becomes an important decision-making factor for purchasing a subscription-based membership on a dating platform. So, here is a lot of all the fee-based features you get access to once you purchase a plan on the JSwipe app.

  • Explore View. Browse through the suggested profiles on JSwipe to find someone you like and would want to engage in a conversation.
  • Most Eligible. The section lists the profiles that record the maximum likes on the JSwipe app. These profiles are the most wanted people on the app and have the highest chances of getting a like from you, too. Basically, they are the most likable persons.
  • Liked Me. The liked me section shows the names of all the people who liked your profile in the explore view. You could use the names to connect with them fast or message them directly.
  • Photo Optimization. Photo optimization is a unique feature on the dating site. Amongst all the photos you upload, the feature chooses the best photo based on the requirements that fetch the maximum engagement on the site.
  • Passport. JSwipe is a location-based dating application that helps you connect with nearby users. However, since the application is popular, there are several locations that may have a bunch of beautiful women or handsome men. But because of the location restrictions, you can’t reach them. The Passport feature lets you change your location to the desired one for 24 hours. While it gives you variety, you may also use it before traveling to set up a date in advance.
  • 5 Super Swipes & 1 Super Note. The premium subscription on JSwipe gives you five super swipes per month. Sending someone a super swipe shows the other person instantly that you are super interested in them and have sent a super swipe. If the person likes you back and chooses to match with you, you save a lot of time. Alternatively, the super note is a direct message that you can send anyone you like without matching with them. If they reply to you back, it’s a match.
  • Message Read Receipts. It is difficult to understand who is not interested and not available. But the read recipients on the JSwipe app solves the problem. Since it lets you see if your message has been read by the recipient, you know and can decide whether to give your time to the person. It saves your time and expectations.

Possibility of Free Account

In a freemium platform like JSwipe, looking into the free features is an important step. The list tells you if the site truly can be used with a standard account or not. So here is the list of all the free features available on the JSwipe app:

  • App Download. The JSwipe app is available for free download for both Android and iOS devices. You can either visit the JSwipe site to get the download link for your device or visit your official app store to download it. For example, Google Play Store is for Android users, and App Store is for iOS.
  • Registration. Since the JSwipe app does not allow guest users, registration or sign-up is compulsory. It is a short process that requires you to complete a small questionnaire.
  • Profile Setup. While the registration creates a user account in the JSwipe app, the profile setup customizes it and adds identity for the public on the dating platform.
  • Photo Uploads. You can add high-quality photos to your JSwipe profile to attract users online.
  • Photo Browsing. Besides uploading, you can also check out the pics uploaded by other users on their profiles.
  • Unlimited Swipes. The Explore View section is also available for free which means you get access to all the suggestions from JSwipe. You can swipe left and right on them for free and start dating on the site.
  • 1 Super Swipe Each Day. The one super swipe lets you tell one person that you really like them. Like mentioned before, the person will be instantly informed about your interest and you may connect with the person immediately.
  • Profile Browsing. Browsing profiles from the suggestion list is also available for free on the JSwipe app.
  • Send messages to matches. Unlike several dating platforms, messaging is free on the JSwipe app. However, you need to first match with the person you want to talk to, meaning if it’s a mutual like, you get access to their message box.



The JSwipe site takes appropriate measures to keep the user data safe. However, when it comes to online dating, no one can be sure. So while the dating platform has an active support system to help members with any bad experience, the dating policy warns users to be careful with information. The dating site provides a report and block button.

Scam Charges

JSwipe has a simple interface that does not ask for user ID verification. It leads to a few fake profiles, but the number of authentic people is more. It is generally easy to separate scammy fake profiles from the real ones by seeing the uploaded photographs and the profile description. Also, the fact that people can’t text each other if it’s not a match helps.

Contact Information


Website: www.JSwipeapp.com

Company: Spark Networks

Location: New York, US

Email: [email protected]

Social: Active on Facebook and Twitter


Is JSwipe Legit?

Developed by the prestigious Spark Networks, the JSwipe is a popular dating platform for Jews. Since it is registered with the company known for its various other successfully running dating sites, JSwipe can be called legit.

How Much Does The JSwipe Membership Cost?

JSwipe is a dating site that can be used even without a membership plan. The free features on the platform let users find people online and date by allowing communication for free. However, it also offers some paid benefits to make the experience on the JSwipe app more pleasurable. So while it is optional, you can choose to purchase the JSwipe membership plan that could cost you between 24.99 and 60 USD.

Does JSwipe Has A Mobile App?

The JSwipe dating platform is only available in the app version. Hence the JSwipe app can be easily downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store for free. However, the JSwipe dating platform doesn’t have an active website to go to in case of an app crash.

What About The JSwipe Audience?

The JSwipe registered audience is young traditional Jews looking for partners to settle down in life. However, if we do not mention the numbers, the audience demographic shows diversity in location and age as well.

Is Signing Up On JSwipe Easy?

The JSwipe registration is as easy as it can be. Unfortunately, it uses a compulsory Facebook login which means there is no alternative to sign up with JSwipe. However, it also indicates that the signing up process takes less than a minute since it easily imports the details needed to create a JSwipe account from your Facebook.

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