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KIK Review 2024

KIK Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 51%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 18-29
Profiles 700 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The app does not ask for your mobile phone number.
  • You can access the app on any mobile device (even those that do not require a SIM card, such as your tablet).
  • You can access the KIK site on your desktop computer.
  • You can see when other members type something for you.
  • There are many temporary photos.
  • The app is 100% free of charge.
  • The app is lightweight and takes not more than 9.5 MB.
  • You can edit your profile and customize the user interface.
  • You have to have a feature to send voice messages.
  • There is no option to communicate via audio/video calls.
  • There are certain limitations to the size of photos/videos you share on the platform.
  • There is no verification process.
  • You may face some technical issues by synchronizing the app with different mobile devices.
  • When you install the KIK app on your tablet, you can’t access private messages from the smartphone phone.
  • The app does not provide the “Share Location” for better search/match results.

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Nowadays, the number of dating and chatting apps is enormous. We have prepared for you the KIK review, which is a well-known free mobile app. The majority of registered members use the KIK apps to exchange messages with friends. When we started reviewing the app, we were pleasantly surprised to see a modern and high-quality web design together with a clean user interface. The app has much in common with WhatsApp. The KIK app works on all mobile platforms. The positive point is that the app will not take up a lot of space on your smartphone or tablet. By installing this tiny app, you will still have enough space for downloading music, photos, or other fun applications. When you start using the KIK app, you will face no difficulties personalizing it to make your online environment as pleasant as possible. When you go to the “Settings” section, you have the option to choose the interface you prefer by modifying colors and themes. It is time to join the KIK community and experience all the pros and cons of this social platform. Invite your best friends and interact with each other on the go.

Important Information for Parents


Before we continue with our KIK review, we want to grab parents’ attention. The app targets teenagers, so you should know exactly what KIK is. It is a modern and super popular alternative to traditional social networking applications for tablets and smartphones. It’s many things in common with the Facebook Messenger app or WhatsApp. There are many features, such as video sharing, sketching, bot search, and friend code scanning. The developer allows teenagers of 13 years old to join the platform. Every parent should explain to their teenagers all the possible dangers of contacting strangers via this platform. The good thing is that the KIK app does not have any ads or online purchases. We do not like the fact that the “Kik Code” function motivates teenagers to use the application to connect to numerous commercial brands. Pay attention that a web search can redirect your child to third-party websites, which can contain sensitive content. Do not think that a teen will read and understand the KIK privacy policy or what types of data they collect and share with outside resources. If your child uses the KIK app, it is your responsibility to read this information and prevent any risks.

KIK Summary Review


The KIK app appeared in 2009. A group of young students from Canada decided to stop using traditional dating sites and chat rooms that they could access only with desktop computers. Instead, they set the main focus on mobile devices. The young people were inspired by WeChat, a well-known Chinese instant messenger. KIK had the ambition to be titled as an online chatting platform. KIK’s developers applied all their skills and knowledge to start using web apps inside the messenger. The KIK app succeeded in attracting 70.5 USD investment for promoting the app and developing the user database, which now includes 200 million people of all age categories worldwide.

The KIK app’s biggest advantage is that there are no limits in numbers or characters to send messages. We’ve discovered that there are no hidden fees or expensive auto-renewed subscription plans. All registered users are free to share as much photo/video/text content as they want. The only disturbing point we have to mention in our KIK review is the potential danger for teenagers when they start making new connections with strangers. The efficient search feature can make it easy to find like-minded KIK people and communicate about common interests, for example, video games, music, movies, or art. You have the option to start your own group discussion and invite your friends to join interesting discussions. Unfortunately, the KIK app has no age verification. The platform should implement some serious safeguards for teenagers who use the platform. It can be risky for our children to talk to random individuals in public groups. If you look at the “Kik Code” feature, you can see random profiles to swipe. The “discover more web pages” feature is even more dangerous because it redirects the members to partner sites. Our KIK review directs the attention of parents to a potentially risky choice for their teenage children.

The Audience of KIK App


The KIK app is famous for its teenage user database. However, we are not fond of the idea that children can be so dependent on social networks. In addition, many adults complain that their children risk becoming victims of predatory or criminal elements. Unfortunately, we have found information that there were several crimes against teens linked to the KIK platform. Kik took all these concerns into consideration and provided detailed guidelines for teen’s parents.

The Exclusive KIK Site Features

The KIK app is a user-friendly service that offers a wide range of features. It looks like a traditional SMS text messenger. However, there are many appealing perks within the platform. It functions as a typical messaging app by sending notifications when you receive or write private messages. It’s allowed to personalize your profile with different color schemes and themes. You get access to the live typing function, which indicates whenever your online friend is typing your message. In addition, you can see the delivery status of your sent message. The best part of the KIK app is its integration with social media. You can use the application to invite family members, friends, and Facebook/Twitter contacts. The best feature of the app is the ability to participate in public discussions based on your interests. The developer does not stop to update the service, including new advanced features. By the way, you can add a bot to your chat and enjoy playing fun games and quizzes.

Pricing Policy for Services


The KIK app is available on various platforms, so it is possible to find it on Google Play and App Store and download it for free. A new user does not have to pay to install them on any mobile device. The app’s configuration is free too. Users are free to send private messages and share photo/video content with other members of the KIK community.

Top Advantages of Paid Account


The KIK app is mainly used for free messaging. You install it on your mobile device and use the app according to your mobile operator tariff. If you do not want to use your mobile traffic, you can connect to the nearest Wi-Fi network. The KIK app offers the only premium feature. It allows you to buy fun stickers in the official online store available on the KIK site. The price for a single sticker is around 2 USD. We contacted many genuine users, and almost none of them has ever purchased those stickers. Besides, there is a vast collection of free stickers available.

The Main Possibilities of Free Account


KIK is a 100% free mobile application. The app provides high-quality instant messaging features. It can be a wise alternative to a traditional SMS from your smartphone, which is not free all the time. In order to send a private message to other members, KIK will use a mobile tariff or Wi-Fi connection.

The Level of Safety


KIK safety is average. Every registered member receives a genuine QR code; you can access the safety code from the “Settings” page. Thanks to this code, you have the opportunity to search and invite new contacts to the platform. In order to invite a member from the QR code, you need to press the “Settings” icon (see the top right side of the screen) and then tap your own code. The KIK app will ask your permission to access your mobile camera to be able to scan a code. Every time when a new user scans your shared QR code, a chat room will open up, and you can send private messages immediately.

Scam Charges

While writing the KIK review, we came to the conclusion that the platform is not for everybody. The target audience is teenagers. It is the main reason KIK cooperated with parents and consumers to protect the safety of the younger audience. So we can see that the primary intentions of the platform are not that bad. However, we strongly encourage all parents to monitor any kind of online activity their children do. You must protect your kids from predators and hackers.

If you let your teenager use the services of the KIK app, you should have a serious conversation explaining to them the main dangers and how to use online resources safely. When your child is online, he or she can get access to adult or violent content, which can cause a big trauma for the entire life. Start your conversation to teach your child how to stay safe online. Explain that such chatting platforms are fun, but they must know how to use them smartly.

Official Contact Information


When you install the KIK app and activate the service, the Help Team immediately gets added to your contact list. It is an exclusive assistance program where you can send your questions. The response comes pretty fast. If you’re in a risky situation, you can send the customer support the “I need help” message, and you will get redirected to the help page immediately. In addition, you can send a message to the official customer support email: help.KIK.com. The consultant will send you the answer at any time of the day or night. We do not recommend you share your nickname or password with anyone, including KIK Customer Support. Keep in mind that when you send any kind of photo/video content through the platform, you can’t cancel or delete it. That is why you should be careful before sharing incident messages or sensitive photos.

Read the FAQ Section

Before you start using the KIK app, you must know the general rules. You can save your time by reading the following common questions and the admin’s answers. This information is helpful for new KIK users.

Is the KIK App 100% Legit?

The KIK app shares many recommendations and explains the essential safety measures. It will help if you read all the tips to protect yourself and your children. Unfortunately, a parent has no right to view the KIK correspondence of their children remotely. You should speak with your teenager and ask his permission for the password. Note that you need to check charts using the same mobile device. The site does not provide any remote features. Let’s hope that the KIK app will find a technical way to enforce the age verification process. For now, the admin can’t check whether a new member is a kid or adult user because everybody can provide a false birth date.

How Much Do You Need to Pay?

The KIK messaging app is free.

Can You Install the KIK App?

The KIK messenger attracts users of Windows Phones, Apple, Android, Symbian, etc. We have checked the official KIK site to get confirmation that the service can be accessed on a mobile device or PC. The app has got the same set of features as the website. As the service caters to young members, the importance of the app version is obvious.

How Does the KIK Site Demographics Look Like?

KIK caters to the younger generation. They like the service because it is free and easy to use on their mobile devices. Most of the members are teenagers who are looking for new friends. They show a high activity level on public forums and within private conversations.

Is It Simple to Register on KIK?

When you start the registration process on the KIK platform, the site asks for your first/last name. Then, you can upload your profile photo or add an emoji. The service sends you useful prompts on how to search the main phone contacts. It is the way to boost the number of your contacts. Note that you can communicate with your contacts only in case they have a KIK profile. You can use a group search tool that helps you to look for people with common interests and hobbies. Every new user can join public forum discussions or create their own ones. Once you join the community, you can start interacting with online members, send them photos, videos, or GIFs. The KIK app provides you with an efficient search function to find compatible users.

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