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Lavalife review 2024

Lavalife review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 21-30
Profiles 850 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 9.3
Popularity 9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The customer support is available 24/7 without any hindrance;
  • A tutorial is accessible for new members, which guides them on how to get started with the Lavalife app;
  • Multiple blogs are available on the website, which aids one with tips for a successful dating experience;
  • Lavalife site allows a 7-day free trial for every new member who signs up to help them get used to the features and understand the look and feel of the website. In addition, it helps an individual to decide whether they want a paid subscription account or not.
  • The subscriptions come with a promise of new and advanced features at an affordable cost. But, it has been observed that these subscriptions are often non-refundable;
  • There have been instances when customer services have disappointed the users whenever faced with a difficulty. Thus, one cannot entirely rely on the customer service representatives with the platform.

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The Lavalife site is a highly renowned dating site based in Canada. It reportedly has more than 1.4 million members registered on the site. One can find members from many countries like the US, China, Australia, UK, Lebanon, Austria, Morocco, and many other places. Various communities of different sexual orientations and preferences are present on the website, so one can surely find a preferable partner on the website in no time. The site warmly welcomes homosexual or heterosexual couples with equal convenience. The dating site also provides a Lavalife app, making it more attractive to potential users.

This Lavalife review is aimed to provide an overview of its features and services to help consumers understand if this is the right place for them to find their partners or not.

Lavalife Summary


First Media Group owns Lavalife. This organization was created in 1987. Bruce Croxon co-founded Lavalife with his partners David Chamandy, Nick Paine, and Ed Lum almost two decades ago. In 2001, the Lavalife site was primarily launched across the countries of Canada and the US. Lavalife has its headquarters and call center in Toronto, Canada. Lavalife caters to single men and women with different sorts of relationship preferences. Whether an individual prefers to indulge in casual or serious relationships or is interested in same-sex relationships, Lavalife has got it covered. It is renowned for providing online dating facilities to everyone irrespective of their gender and choices. This app allows one to meet with their significant other without hurdle or mediator in the path. Thus, this company has catered satisfactorily to potent singles since 2001 and allows single men and women to find their perfect match while practicing stress-free dating.

The Audience of Lavalife


Lavalife is a networking site where the majority of the users are single teenagers seeking a suitable match. Each day, almost 700,000 messages are exchanged on Lavalife, according to the most recent data.

Compared to women, there are more male members on Lavalife. Men account for over 60% of the website’s users, making it a little more difficult for them to locate a suitable match.

Despite the fact that members of the Lavalife site are evenly dispersed throughout all age groups, there is a slight incline towards the count of the youngsters. The majority of users are between the ages of 20 and 30. The majority of Lavalife’s members are Canadians. Apart from that, the website’s audience is mostly from the United States, Morocco, the United Kingdom, Australia, Lebanon, Algeria, Spain, Russia, Brazil, France, Tunisia, Ghana, Switzerland, Austria, etc.

The United States alone has almost 327,000 users. Over 50,000 users are said to be active on the site weekly. Compared to members of the LGBTQ community, Lavalife has more heterosexual singles.

Lavalife site Features


Lavalife has a range of features that gives it a competitive edge over its peer dating sites. There are certain features that other dating websites are yet to feature. Some of its best features can be listed as:

  • Availability of multiple profiles. Lavalife allows individuals to create multiple profiles. They can also be customized according to the preference of that individual. It is a major feature that no other website has, so individuals with different sexual preferences, like bisexuals, can create two separate profiles to state their different preferences. The matches provided to the profiles are curated specifically according to the preferences.
  • Access to confidential and selected photos. Lavalife site has a special feature that allows one to create galleries of private photos that can be shared. The benefit of this feature is that the one who shares the photos has full control over who can view these particular photos.
  • You can preliminary study the profiles. If one suddenly shows interest in any of the recommended profiles while casually viewing them, then Lavalife allows a sneak peek of the same. This feature allows a basic study of the particular profile without letting the user know about it. For instance, it would show information about zodiacs or personality traits.
  • Access to a conference or forum. A page available on the Lavalife site is created for discussion on any topic of interest. This feature of conferencing with other users increases the possibilities of interaction. This feature is available for all the users of Lavalife, both premium and free users. The discussion page is categorized into different sections. Users are free to join any forum that already exists or even create a new one.



There are a lot of paid membership options available for Lavalife users. It completely depends on the preference of the individual which membership plan they want to use. There are three options available to the users to choose from:

1 month 19.99USD
3 months 49.99USD
6 months 89.99USD

Advantages of Paid Account


There are some additional perks that the users of a paid account can enjoy. Some of those perks are:

  • Paid members get the advantage of initiating any conversation without any hindrance with any user. It maximizes the range of members that are available on the platform to interact with you.
  • Paid membership comes with an additional facility that allows one to create multiple profiles across the platform in different sections.
  • Paid members get notifications about other users when they view their profiles.
  • One of the best advantages of possessing a paid account is sending and receiving unlimited messages.

Possibilities of a Free Account


The free version of the Lavalife app comes with various useful features, too:

  • One can use the basic search filters to browse and view profiles.
  • One can also add various filters of their preferences to find the right partner of their choice.
  • If you want to show interest, you can send smiles. You can receive smiles, too.
  • One can like others’ profiles, as many as they like.
  • If a paid member initiates a conversation, a free account member can reply.
  • Join as many forums and discussions as a member may want.

If someone wants to understand the features of the Lavalife site, one can register with a free account first and enjoy the platform to decide further. For this reason, the 7-day free trial can be availed.



The site provides an extra layer of security to the registered members on the platform. Thus, only authentic users can access the Lavalife website freely. Furthermore, the profiles are finalized only after a detailed verification. Thus, fraudsters are barely seen on this site.

Lavalife walks the extra mile with its quality services to ensure that the terms work in favor of the user’s safety. The Lavalife site also ensures individual privacy with its terms and conditions.

Lavalife grants its users the ability to report fake users to the support. It leads to the accounts getting banned if found fake. Additionally, other features available on the site allow the users to elevate the security measures on their accounts. For instance, a feature named Call Me allows you to place an anonymous call that cannot be traced back. Furthermore, it lets you hear the other user’s voice to reassure their identity.

Every user must authenticate their identity and register using a passcode while logging in. It aids in the protection of their account from fraud. Because the Lavalife site emphasis on user security, new users can only register after completing an email verification process. Only after receiving confirmation from the site and providing a confirmed email address can a user access the site and its features. Users’ accounts are blocked if they do not verify their emails within 24 hours.

Scam Charges

Due to the verification process, one rarely crosses paths with a scammer or fake profile. But if one does, they can report it to the customer support team, and the account is banned subsequently. Also, you can block a certain user if they find them suspicious.

Contact Information


There is a desiccated option available on the Lavalife site that guides a member in the process of contacting them in case of an emergency.

Address: Lavalife Ltd., 530 Kipling Ave, Etobicoke, Ontario M8Z 5E3, Canada.

They can also be contacted at the toll-free number (866) 372-8906.

Other contact numbers available for customer services are (877) 893-0777 & (866) 546-5282.

Email: [email protected] or directly approach their website at www.lavalife.com.


Is Lavalife a genuine site?

Lavalife site is known to win the hearts of millions over the years. It is because it has refined its ways of establishing perfect matches. In addition, its matchmaking services cater to the needs of every user. So there is no doubt that it is, in fact, a legitimate dating site.

Is Lavalife an expensive site?

If compared to its competitor apps, the expenses on Lavalife are considered average. As enlisted prior, the three options available for a premium membership on Lavalife are not that expensive. An individual’s spending is 19.99 USD for a one-month membership minimum, which is much cheaper comparably. The premium features are worth the cost because you can engage with others and form better matches. Also, with a free account, one has to wait till a premium member approaches them to initiate conversation.

Is there any mobile app for Lavalife?

Lavalife comes with an app that is accessible on mobiles, too. The mobile version of the Lavalife app ensures a simplified and clear interface. The features available are nearly identical to those on the website. However, the app is known to be more user-friendly and systematized. It comes with an additional feature that allows the user to swipe through the profiles. The app provides recommendations for potential singles. It is accessible by both Android and iOS users. It also allows one to break the boundaries of their location and go international with their dating.

What is the audience structure of the Lavalife site?

In contrast to females, there are more males on Lavalife. Males account for around 60% of all Lavalife users, according to the reported proportion. Members tend to be on the younger side of the age spectrum. However, the majority of the people on the website are between the ages of 20 and 30. The great majority of members are from Canada. However, the Lavalife site also has numerous foreign members.

Is it simple to register on Lavalife?

In comparison to similar dating websites, Lavalife’s registration process is quite long and time-consuming. There are several stages for the completion of the registration process on Lavalife. First, while registering, you have to provide personal information that includes your sexual preferences. Other details that need to be filled up include personality traits, pastimes, and preferences for a partner. Then you need to set up a passcode that includes a maximum of eight characters. It will act as a security code that will protect the account. Next, you have to pass the verification through email within 24 hours and sign in using any username of your choice.

Final thoughts!

Lavalife has been specifically created to meet the desires of single men and women globally. With its established features and huge popularity among millions of users, it is not just an average dating site. This Lavalife review features all the benefits, drawbacks, and cool new features of the Lavalife site, which helps it stand out in the crowd.

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