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Loveaholics Review 2024

Loveaholics Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 94%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-31
Profiles 680 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.4
Popularity 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Loveaholics is an intuitive, straightforward online dating platform for casual dating and playful relationships.
  • A hurdle-free and easy registration process saves a lot of time, and one can instantly start using it. For first-time users, it requires an email-id followed by a verification code that you'll receive on your email. Registered users also can verify their profiles this way.
  • Data safety is another stronghold of Loveaholics site. The administration of the site is highly efficient and makes sure that your data is secured completely. No third party has any sort of access to your personal information or data.
  • Several features such as searching and browsing profiles or chatting are free for women. No paid subscription is required at all.
  • The website also provides you with pre-written message suggestions features and good management of your notifications so that you don’t miss out on any texts from your partner.
  • The best part is the specific algorithm behind the website that reads all your interests and finds out the best possible matches for you. What can be more useful than spending quality time with the most compatible partner, right?
  • Not only straight people can register here. Transgenders, gays, and lesbians can join the site.
  • The website maintains a section for blogging purposes where the different articles are applicable even for divorced or a little aged people, suggesting its acceptance to every nuance the society holds.
  • There is a Loveaholics app available for both iOS and Android smartphone users.
  • After registration, it requires a paid subscription for male users to send messages or read the messages they have received.After registration, it requires a paid subscription for male users to send messages or read the messages they have received.
  • The skewed gender ratio is another downside of the platform. Also, there are more men than women, which is one of the disadvantages that reduces the chance of finding your compatible female partner.
  • The website is straightforward, but the search options and navigation are not well-developed.
  • Loveaholics site also doesn't provide you with audio/video options to interact, and free users cannot view full-sized profile pictures of other users.
  • No Facebook or other social media integration is available for those who want to join using them.

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This Loveaholics review provides you with everything you desire to make a well-informed decision and enjoy your intriguing time there. You are not the only one. In fact, there are thousands of others who just want as thrilling romantic experience as you might wish to. Then why delay? Or are you worried about which site to trust?

Loveaholics site is highly compatible for young people who cannot afford to get outside and those who look for something exciting in a relationship.

The best part about Loveaholics is that even if you are a picky person, it would be beneficial as several offers and features for its audience worldwide. What could be more thrilling than getting connected to the world and finding a partner to have a friendly chat or spend some quality time? It also provides you with features that aid you in socializing depending on your very own personal choice.

However, dating sites usually come up with fake accounts. But, with the Loveaholics site, it won’t be a problem to deal with them when you know how to point these fake accounts. It is one of the reasons this site has outgrown its competitors and made users’ experience worthwhile.

Moreover, if you are a woman, there is one good piece of news for you. On Loveaholics, men have to pay. But women can register for free and avail all the features or download the application for both Android and iOS devices. Isn’t it amazing?

Loveaholics Summary


Now, to add more to its authentication, which is a requirement towards building trust on dating websites, here are some facts you would love to check out.

One of the well-known companies in the industry, Together Networks Holding Limited, owns the Loveaholics site. It is a 20-years old dating site founded in 2001, but this company’s technical features and expertise are still hard to match.

The parent company of Loveaholics, Together Networks, registered in the British Virgin Islands, caters to services throughout the world and doesn’t discriminate on ethnicity, nationality, and location.

The Audience of Loveaholics

The majority of the user base of the Loveaholics site comprises people interested in brief encounters rather than long-term committed relationships. For that reason, Loveaholics cater to guys and girls who are looking for fun and casual hookups. Nevertheless, do not give up on the site if you are looking for a committed relationship. Even better, if you are a female, you are open to a plethora of options to choose your partner based on your taste and compatibility as there are more men users out there.

The age demographics have a dynamic variation starting from 25 to 34 seem predominant over the Loveaholics site. It also has users from 18 to 24 and middle-aged users up to 40 years and above.

Most importantly, they are not confined to particular religions, races, castes, or ethnicities. It is a very welcoming platform that provides you with options based on your preferences and helps you find partners from your own country. Europe and the US are the two countries that dominate the website’s demographics. So, if you are looking for a casual dating experience with a cool partner, then the Loveaholics site might be an excellent choice for you.

Loveaholics Site Features


Loveaholics app makes sure its audience experiences an engaging, enticing, and pleasing online dating time. It comes up with all the features that an online dating site can offer, and some of its worth-mentioning features are listed here:

  • Flirtcast: While taking a tour through the site, you may encounter more than one profile you would like to interact with. But what if you are not in a position to send individual messages and don’t want to make a pass on them? Flirtcast could be then most beneficial for you as it allows you to send a preset message to multiple users of similar thinking time and at the same time.
  • Like Gallery: What if you are a person who doesn’t like to spend much time checking out profiles? No worries, the Loveaholics app has a fantastic feature where you can send a heart to profiles you liked, and if someone likes back your profile, you’ll become a match and can have an excellent chatting time.
  • Safe Mode: One of the most significant issues with online dating is safety, and Loveaholics assures the best safety features that engage more users through its ‘Safe Mode’ option. It has two types. The Basic Mode protects the users from suspicious contacts reaching their profile. The other one is Full Mode which lets only verified users have a conversation with you.
  • Interactive features: It provides a number of features to get in touch with someone on the Loveaholics site. One such feature is “Winks.” You might be thinking, how exactly does this work? One of the most straightforward interactive features is that you send a simple ‘Hi’ to someone. And if the person winks back, you can roll the conversation. It could be viewed as a sign of mutual interest as it saves you from making up unnecessary funny and witty opening lines that may not be compatible with another person’s taste.
  • Bookmarks: If you are picky and check out many profiles, you might face a common problem remembering the username of a few of those profiles you liked. Loveaholics app allows you to ‘Bookmark’ those profiles where you can come back anytime you want.

Apart from the above, you have block and report options to curb suspicious profiles.



Loveaholics has some fantastic offers to its premium membership users, which helps them experience fun dating and hookups. That is why instead of wasting time with standard features, many users go straight for premium memberships. Premium Loveaholics site membership costs are:

  • 41.40 USD for one month of premium membership;
  • 69.30 USD for six months of premium membership;
  • 111.60 USD for twelve months of premium membership.

It is worth mentioning that your membership gets auto-renewed. Furthermore, you can cancel the membership anytime from your account setting option ‘Deactivate subscription.’ The good thing is after the cancellation of the subscription, there is no money return option, but you can still avail of premium options till the time your package expires.

Advantages of Paid Account


Users with premium memberships on Loveaholics site can access some fantastic benefits:

  • You can have access to the complete information of the profiles you liked and their likes/dislikes;
  • It has advanced search options with various filters;
  • View high-resolution profile picture;
  • Advanced interactive features such as sharing pictures or videos while chatting;
  • Unlimited chat options;
  • Enhanced customer care support at any time and moment of the day.

The above are just a few of the premium options that are offered by the Loveaholics site. You can check out much more just by sparing some more amounts and have a heavenly dating experience. Doesn’t that look like the perfect icing on the cake?

Possibility of Free Account

Free users can avail features including Like Gallery, Favorite Lists, and Winks. Some basic search options, along with a glance at the profiles, are also provided. But, the real fun of the dating site is undoubtedly missing in the free membership. For this reason, you might just love to go for even a month of the premium subscription to check out the best features of the Loveaholics site.



Loveaholics provides a robust security system, including SSL protection and antimalware. But as with most other dating websites, Loveaholics also has fake user profiles. So, one should always be careful no matter how secure a website is, as it is accessible to almost everyone.

Nevertheless, Loveaholics site offers its users a money-back guarantee who are unsatisfied with the experience.

Scam Charges

Online dating sites can often have fraudulent and fake profiles asking for money, favors, and other similar things. Some of the instances have also been reported in the case of Loveaholics.

But the owner, customer services, and safety maintenance team at Loveaholics site put their best to keep those fake encounters away and make it a genuine site for like-minded people to meet.

Contact Information


Encountering bugs while surfing through the website is a common problem. But, it has a good support system. You can always write to Loveaholics at the address PO Box 146, Trident Chambers, Road Town Tortola, British Virgin Islands. You can also drop a mail at [email protected] or give a call at 1-800-489-6091. The paid memberships have a VIP support system that provides preferences with premium members than free registered members.


Is Loveaholics an authentic dating platform?

Loveaholics site is a genuine online dating website that connects like-minded people across the world, takes care of safety, and supports users for a memorable and enjoyable dating experience.

How much does the Loveaholics membership cost?

Loveaholics offers a really affordable pricing system. Premium users using it for a year can just sign up for a one-month plan at as low as 9.30 USD. You can also withdraw the membership at any time before renewing your membership.

Is there a Loveaholics app for smartphone users?

Yes. Loveaholics app with the latest version 1.3 is available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. A simple sign-up will take a few minutes.

What do the demographics of the Loveaholics site look like?

The website demographics look like this:

  • Poland – 26.69%
  • United States – 17.06%
  • Japan – 12.92%
  • Spain – 11.14%
  • Italy – 8.20%
  • Remaining percentage – 247 countries.

It is indicative of predominant users from the US and Europe over the site.

Is it convenient to register on the Loveaholics site?

The registration process is a really quick task that will require you just one email id where they will send the verification code, and you are registered!

Loveaholics is one of the trusted online dating sites. As the Loveaholics reviews say, it connects similar-minded, brave people across the world to connect and have a lovely dating time or hooking up. Its highly advanced features give you a seamless experience. The only drawback probably would be its expensive premium membership plans.

But you can always reach out to their prompt and professional customer care services to avail of discounts or a trial period. Not just for fun relationships, some users ended up having serious, committed relationships. Who can say maybe your life will change, too? So, log on to the Loveaholics site and witness the difference for yourself!

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