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Lumen App Review 2024

Lumen App Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 75%
Popular Age 40-65
Profiles 235 100
Reply Rate 70%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Large no. of active users
  • Only for 50 or over the audience. Those under that age are not allowed
  • Equal male and female ratio, 48:52 or visa-versa
  • Traditional website for ease of older users
  • Easy Facebook signup procedure
  • Free chat and messaging
  • Photo verification is mandatory
  • The app is available for both IOS and Android
  • The website and app look outdated
  • Messaging is restricted to 6 in a day for free users
  • Sometimes a website may be explicit
  • Too long signup process with phone number
  • Expensive membership
  • Limited features for paid members

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Today, we will talk about Lumen App and know “how it is the best for you if your age is above 50.” We will go through how it works, whether legit or not, pros and cons, and in the end, we will clear doubts regarding the app.

Hundreds of dating apps and websites are active today on PlayStore, Google, and many search engines, satisfying many single and alone users, but finding the most relevant and suitable app is still a struggling process. And if you are above 50, then finding your match is like winning gold in the Olympics. In the USA, dating app users are more than 44.2 million, and brands think they are young audiences.

But they forget, the 50s are also there in the queue, who want someone for dating. Here we are especially suggesting the Lumen App to the people who are 50 and over. This app is mainly for mature users who want to do fun and exciting things with their date. Lumen has many exciting filters and features specifically for older users, which we will go through in-depth later in this article.

Lumen App Summary


Lumen claims itself the first dating app that provides service to users who are 50 and above. The primary purpose of the Lumen is to give the best match for those who are feeling alone and want someone for fun and enjoyment. Bumble is the sister concern company Lumen, which has all the values of safety and respect of the Lumen App, with age filters and features made to enhance your experience.

Other than that, Lumen gives the freedom to 50 or above users and shares are a message of happiness that aged people are not boring and dumb. They try to create a separate dating market for an older audience and offer features usually for younger users.

But, much like any other platform, there are both the good and the bad sides of Lumen. So let’s see what these are:

The Audience of Lumen App


Lumen researched and found that every dating company focuses on a younger audience and creating platforms like apps and websites for them only, but what about older audiences? The Lumen App helps the audience of 50 or older to get their perfect match. Under the 50s are not allowed to enter the app and website.

Also, Lumen added specific features like age filter, location-based date finding, and many more to be clear for their audience.

Signing up for the app process is also easy, but only for those who link their Facebook because it will take all your basic details from your Facebook account. Sign up with a phone number might be a bit longer, but it is mandatory. Lumen knows the older audience wants an easy process; that’s why they add the Facebook link option.

Adding profile picture verifications show that the motive of the app is to protect older users from fraud or scams and provide them the best experience of dating. You can’t sign up and find a date with profile photo verification. It made the Lumen App more genuine and audience orientated.

The Lumen has the largest audience database in this segment, with 1.3 million users worldwide. And the ratio of females to males is nearly equal, 48:52 and visa-versa. So, it will be easy for you to find your best match in just one click.

Lumen Site Features

  • The app and website are designed for older people; less than 50 users are not allowed. As you know, most of the older users are not tech-friendly. So, keeping this thing in mind, the user interface is built traditionally to ease the member’s usage.
  • Lumen keeps all things sorted and easy to use. The signup process in the Lumen app is pretty easy. You can sign up through your Facebook account or with your phone number. I suggest you go with a Facebook account because it will link your Lumen account with Facebook and get all details from there, so you don’t need to fill in details. But if you go with the phone number, you have to fill in all the details.
  • Lumen offers free chat and messaging features. The app is clean, joyful, and easy to use with a traditional and basic interface.
  • Lumen strives to limit as many fake accounts as possible, and for that it has a photo verification process. Thus, you cannot use the Lumen App without photo verification.
  • Lumen mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users. The app is free to download and fully optimized according to your phone’s OS. Reviews of the app indicating, it is easy to use and has good servers.
  • But sometimes, the website and app look outdated. We know the website is designed keeping in mind older audiences, but it seems a bit too basic.
  • Lumen App or site free version users are restricted to send only six connection requests in a day. Members can only connect with six new friends in a day.
  • Most of the usable and exciting features like extending unread message duration by 24 hours and many more are only for paid users. Paid members are not allowed to message friends two times more than the free user.
  • Customer support is the backbone of any service provider. Lumen understands this and makes customer satisfaction their priority. Thus, the Lumen has outstanding customer support with fabulous features, and they are improving their redressal mechanism day by day.
  • If you have any questions, you can check the FAQ section of the Lumen website or mobile app. You need to go on the customer support page and get short answers to many types of questions. These questions are basic and commonly asked by users. FAQ also contains questions regarding the verification process, premium membership features, etc.
  • But if you have any specific doubts or complaints, you can access direct contact with the Lumen agent. It would be best if you went to the “contact us” section on the website or Lumen App, and there you can send an email of your complaint or go for the online contact form. Lumen support will get back to you within 24 hours via chat or phone call with a solution.
  • Lumen always welcomes feedback. You can drop a message with tips or ideas in the suggestion section. But you cannot get an instant reply to this.



The membership fee of Lumen is diverse. You can take its membership on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly basis. Prices of Lumen App subscription are:

One week membership 11.99 USD
One month membership 35.99 USD
Quarterly membership 24.00 USD
Half-yearly membership 99.99 USD

Advantages of Paid Account


There are few benefits of taking paid membership of Lumen. It will give you more freedom and features to find your perfect match in just one click. Some of these advantages of Premium are:

  • With a paid account, you can see your admirers. It will allow you to see a profile of a person who has an interest in you and wants to connect with you. It will help you find your better match.
  • Membership gives access to you to filter out matches according to your preferences. This Lumen App feature will protect you from unnecessary connection requests and also minimize the risk of fraud and spam.
  • Paid members have the feature of the extended deadline. It means you can increase the deadline of a message by more than 24 hours.
  • Paid account holders will be allowed to send ten message requests in one day. Free members are restricted to four messages/day.
  • In the paid version, you can filter out your match according to height, smoking and drinking habit, religion, children, and ethnicity, which helps you be specific while searching.
  • Nudity is not allowed in the paid version. Lumen will take care of clean usage and your safety.

Possibility of Free Account


Lumen is the platform that gives more freedom to free account holders; you will have access to almost all features in the free version of the Lumen App. Here are some possibilities of a free account that will increase your experience and find you the best match:

  • The registration and signup process are completely free.
  • Nudity is also restricted in the free version. Lumen wants to provide a clean and safe experience to everyone.
  • You can only message six people in a day with a free version. If you want to extend the limit up to ten, you can for a paid version.
  • You are allowed to message in any group via the Lumen dating social feature. You can chat with people of the same feeling and mind and go with them on a date.



Lumen is concerned about user safety and privacy. Lumen App has multi-step verification. Lumen claims that you and your data are highly protected and secure in your servers. They have strict policies regarding fake accounts and bots.

Nudity is restricted on the platform. If you share nudes and like stuff, your account will be banned. The lumen verification procedure is next to impossible to make it fool.

Profile photo verification is mandatory for all. Lumen frame’s some guidelines you need to follow while creating an account.

  • Your photo should be clear, and your face must be in the center.
  • The photo should not be too dark and bright. Lumen believes the dark or bright picture will mislead the user.
  • The picture must be a sharp and crisp, not blurry one.
  • Your photo should not be too old.
  • You must have to upload more than one photo for verification.

Lumen App conducts regular checkups of your account. They will check whether you are active, not sharing any vulgar content, following guidelines, and many points they will mark. And if you are found suspicious in any check-point, you can be banned for a while or your profile might even be deleted. The survey ensures that the community is safe and uses its platform gently. As we mentioned, Lumen doesn’t want to give any pressure or risky environment to their members, so that’s why they do it regularly.

Scam Charges

Lumen is very strict with its policies and guidelines. If anyone is doing things against the policies, their account can be banned for a while or removed. For instance, if you were found to share nudity-like content, then the Lumen will take appropriate measures.

The Lumen App also allowed you to report an account if you found anything against the policies. And, also if you were not clear about the photo verification test, you will not be allowed to enter the platform. Other platforms charge fine if you were found crossing the boundaries but directly ban the account, or can we delete it.

Contact Information


Lumen has a quick registration and redressal mechanism. Lumen claims that you will get a solution within 24 hours of complaint registration.

So if you have any issues, you need to go to the “contact us” section of the Lumen app or website.


Have any more questions? Then let’s take a look at the most common ones and the answers to them!

Is Lumen App Legit?

Yes, the Lumen is legit to use. Lumen is a social media platform, helps people to make new friends and connections. It is a place where friends will discuss and share pictures, news, and information. Moreover, it has been operational since 2001 and never had any legal issues. So it’s safe to say that the Lumen app is legit and reliable.

How much does the Lumen App cost?

If you want to access the premium features of the Lumen, you can go for a paid plan. Membership charges start from USD 11.99 weekly. You can take its membership on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly basis.

Are Lumen App Services Also Available in Mobile App?

Yes, the lumen mobile app is available for iOS and Android. Lumen App is fully functional, optimized, and user-friendly. You will get all the free and premium features in the mobile app.

What Is the Demographic Profile of Lumen App Users?

Lumen dating services are only for 50 or older users. Under the 50s, people are not allowed to enter the platform. It is specifically designed for an older audience to get their perfect match in just one click. The gender ratio here is also very good, with 48% of women and 52% of men.

Has Lumen App Easy Sign Up Process?

Yes. You will get two options for signup. The first option is to sign up with Facebook, and the second one is to sign up with a phone number. Sign up with Facebook is comparatively easier than a phone number. Lumen App accesses all your details from your Facebook account and makes you sign up quickly. But if you go with a phone number, you have to add all details manually, and it will take time.

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