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Meddle Review 2024

Meddle Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 83%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 470 000
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Meddle is one of the rare free dating platforms.
  • Very high profile quality
  • One of the safest dating platforms to exist
  • Compulsory mobile verification for individual authentication on Meddle
  • A unique concept of Meddlers in the dating scenario.
  • It addresses the problem of swiping envy by letting committed people do the swiping for the singles.
  • Matchmaking friends get an official platform for more satisfaction and establishment.
  • Meddlers can have single individual accounts as well.
  • Very high success rate.
  • Perfect for serious relationships.
  • Intuitive mobile application for Android and iOS devices.
  • The chances of finding people for casual relationships are very low.
  • Too much effort for casual and hookups, and that's why Meddle is not suitable for short-term relationships.
  • No algorithm suggestions; Meddlers are the only ones who can do the matchmaking.
  • Not good for people who cannot or do not trust anyone with their lives.
  • Slow growth of the dating platform.
  • Global presence is still a little weak due to the lack of publicity.
  • Several complaints about the glitches on the Meddle app.
  • No Meddle site as an alternative for desktop users.
  • Poor customer support.

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Meddle is a unique dating platform. When we say unique, we mean it because the entire system of how it works is completely different from its competitors. You may be looking for a partner, but your family gets to Meddle in the process, hence the name. Have we got you intrigued? The dating platform allows you to select people who you trust to play the matchmaker and find good dates for you. It is believed to work better than any coded algorithm. The people who love you and know you better than anyone else step in to find a perfect date for you; however, the final say remains yours. While Meddle can be a great choice for relationships, the effort is not worth hookups. If it had already got you thinking, who can your Meddlers be? Why don’t you start getting them on board? But before that, we recommend you to read the Meddle review to be sure of what you are getting into, its pros and cons, pricing, safety, and everything else.

Meddle Summary


Meddle is a dating site that is relatively new in the industry. It was launched in 2015 and is still in the growth phase. You may find many more dating platforms with better numbers to show but won’t find anything like Meddle. Did you know, even though Meddle was inspired by Tinder to some extent, Tinder now is introducing features inspired by Meddle? Yes, the concept is truly unique, but because it involves people as your representatives, the platform is taking time to grow.

Furthermore, the platform can do a lot better in terms of functionality as well. But since it is very young, you could forgive its lagging which the developers are constantly working to improve the unique experience it has to offer. Or rather, it would be the matchmaking friends dying to be your wingman or woman who could do some social work for you happily to forgive easily. The dating app is certainly a lot more fun because of its entire process. It successfully turns your dating life into a group activity, and you know, since nobody stopped you from returning the favor and diving into Meddle.

The Audience Of Meddle


Meddle is a dating platform for serious relationships. Now, the serious zone, which includes settling down and marriage, is preferred by people in their late twenties and early thirties. So naturally, the most dominating age group on the Meddle dating platform is between 25 and 34yrs. However, the younger ones are no less excited to try new things than they generally are, so the 18+ group closely follows. However, the age groups above 35 are scanty and are still getting used to the idea may be because, why else do you think?

Location-wise, the USA definitely tops the ranking. Even though other countries are slowly climbing the wall, the numbers are pretty small yet, and the increase is taking time. It could be because of the Meddle events being organized in the US alone. Next up, is sexuality which Meddle is quite open and accepting about; however, the numbers favor straight singles. And finally, the gender distribution scale weighs more towards women. But, you shouldn’t judge or anticipate your experience based on these numbers because these also include people playing Medlers. Also, since the experience changes with your location, it is best to have first-hand experience with the Meddle site or app to know what the audience is like in your area.

Meddle Site Features


It would be wrong to expect a dating platform without any exclusive features to look forward to on a dating platform. And Meddle, which stands in uniqueness, has to have a few unseen features even if some are inspired. So here is a list of Meddle features on the dating app you may be excited about:

Mobile Verification

Mobile verification is not a process that many dating sites follow but Meddle does. However, since it is a recent trend, more and more dating platforms are adapting to it for better safety. Also, it is a compulsory verification step during the registration process, so there is no way anyone can make several accounts.

Single And Meddling

Meddle is a dating platform for two kinds of people: the singles wanting to date and the Meddlers playing matchmakers. While these two are separate roles, one can play both. The Single and Meddling option lets them easily switch between handling their own matches and playing a matchmaker.

Profile Detailing – optional

The Meddle site and app have a very modern design with a look that says quick. However, it has a side that perfectly fits people used to traditional dating sites with long biodatas describing the users. Meddle, while on the one hand, lets you set a brief profile, also offers an optional long version of the profile. You can set it if you want to based on your choices. Since people on Meddle are mostly looking for serious relationships, detailed profiles rather become quite attractive.

Personal Chatting

Despite the Meddlers on the Meddle site, your privacy is not compromised. Even though they are the ones to make the choices and do the swiping, it is you who does the talking and hence decides whether to go out or not. Furthermore, although the chatbox only opens between two people if they are a match, it remains private between the two people supposed to be dating on Meddle.

Swiping Envy

Even though it’s not a feature on Meddle, it is worth mentioning here. Married or committed people have been facing a new emotional and mental issue named swiping envy. It is jealousy for not being able to be a part of the swiping trend. The trend has caused several committed people to feel bad, but that changes with the Meddle.



Despite being overly influenced by Tinder, it does not follow its freemium design. At least not yet! Meddle is, in fact, free to use with no limitations at all. However, there is no reason to believe it will stay so always. Because we don’t know if you know it or not, Tinder followed the same route, so it’s best to utilize everything until you get things for free. Also, even though Meddle is free, it is free from advertisements which is genuinely a rare sight. So, while it is offering free services, get registered and start swiping.

Advantages of Paid Account


It’s so rare to find this field empty because how often do you find a dating platform with no premium memberships to offer! That was a rhetorical question, by the way, so please don’t bother. However, what you need to bother with is the fact that Meddle is still in its early days. The company is yet to be funded and slowly paving its way to success. Although before the pandemic started, the Meddle events were helping with its publicity, which definitely has stopped now. However, Meddle has been able to come into the public eye through sheer word of mouth. Otherwise, how else do you explain the one million members and growing on the Meddle site! But that is only an indication that eventually, with growth, the dating application won’t remain completely free. It would either start limiting features or introduce advertisements to pay for the support and development fees. However, since Meddle is free now, let us enjoy Meddling and dating for free.

Possibility of Free Account


Endless! We never knew we would be using the word ever in this field, but thanks to Meddle, we could, and that’s what matters. As surprising as it sounds, every feature you see on Meddle is available for free. From registration of single people and Meddlers, profile creation, swiping, getting matched, chatting, and setting up a date, life on Meddle is free of cost.



The Meddle site and app are relatively safer than any of its competitors. The unique strategy makes it difficult for bots and fake people to get through. While mobile number verification ensures authentication, the involvement of Meddlers makes it difficult for fakesters to communicate easily with people. Also, the flagging feature helps users on Meddle to protect their experience from getting ruined by misbehaving or suspicious characters.

However, a dating platform can never be completely safe because you can never trust the intention of strangers. It is the very reason why dating experts repeatedly recommend people involving themselves in online dating be careful with their data. Not just data but also themselves, especially for the first few dates.

Scam Charges

The Meddle site is definitely scam-free for now. Of course, there could be several reasons, from limited popularity, involvement of Meddlers to mobile verification. But the important thing is you don’t have to worry mostly; however, keeping your guards up on a social site is always smart. Additionally, besides no outside scammers, the developers too don’t scam the members on site. Since the platform is free for everyone, Meddle has no reason to scam people with false hopes.

Contact Information


Website- www.Meddle.co

Company- Meddle Inc.

Location- USA


Is Meddle A Legit Dating Platform?

Meddle is a registered dating site for the global audience looking for a partner and has someone to rely on as cupid. Besides being a platform for finding love, Meddle is a great platform for meddling friends and family members to showcase their talent and get involved in a group activity.

What Is The Membership Cost Of Meddle?

Meddle is a completely free dating platform that allows you to do everything possible on the app without asking you to spend a single penny for it.

Does Meddle Has A Mobile App?

Meddle is only available in the app version. It is available on both the App Store for iPhone users and Google Play Store for Android users. Downloading the Meddle is free as well. However, there is no website version available for Meddle users.

How Does The Audience Base On Meddle Look Like?

The audience on the Meddle apps is young in their mid to late twenties, mostly those who are ready to settle down. You can also find people in their late teens, early twenties, and thirties. However, the variation in location, sexuality is not seen much, despite the acceptance.

How Easy It IsTo Register On Meddle?

The registration hardly takes 10 minutes to complete, and that too if you decide to complete the profile section on Meddle entirely. Otherwise, you can complete the small form fill-up, phone number verification, photo upload, and basic profile set up within five minutes even. The difference in time is due to the optional profile section on Meddle that allows you to complete it anytime you wish.

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