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Meet An Inmate Review 2023

Meet An Inmate Review 2023
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Active Audience 64%
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Pros and Cons

  • The online service is completely free for the inmates.
  • The website happens to be customer-oriented.
  • The fee is used to support various social programs.
  • It is not necessary to get registered to look for pen pals.
  • The website is one of the top platforms for lonely inmates in the United States.
  • People are allowed to contact as many prisoners as they want because there is no limit.
  • There is a functional customer care support system.
  • There is a significant number of fake pictures.
  • Inmates are not allowed to get gifts.
  • User profiles are not checked by moderators.
  • You do not have many options when it comes to communication.

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Meet An Inmate site happens to be a pioneer online dating service that caters to prisoners and singles outside bars. This platform aims to help incarcerated individuals stay connected with the real world by communicating with singles from different parts of the United States. The platform has existed for 21 years so far, and they know it well in inner circles. The unique thing about it is that website is that people can send handwritten letters to each other, while video chats and emails are not allowed. Some say that the online service resembles an offline social network for those behind bars. The bigger part of users does not look for love, but they are eager to make new friends. Meet An Inmate is more like a socializing website than a dating service. However, it is still possible to find love here.

If you decide that you would like to try the platform, then you should learn as much as possible about it. Therefore, this Meet An Inmate review should be useful.

Meet An Inmate Summary


The first thing people want to know is whether the registration process is easy. The great news is that it is rather straightforward. Moreover, the signup process is free, and you can send messages without any premium plan as well. For this purpose, you need to become a pen pal for the inmate. Thanks to this exciting activity, prisoners can find solace easily.

To start communicating with an inmate, you need to visit the Meet An Inmate site and click on the profile. If you are willing to find a female friend, you should open the lady inmates option. You can find it in the menu section. Then, you can look through the featured list.

When you click on any of the names, you will be forwarded to another page where you can see the information about this user. It should be a mailing address and a short bio. The process does not differ much if you want to contact a male friend on the Meet An Inmate site.

As mentioned before, the registration process is not difficult, but it differs for pen pals and inmates. When it comes to inmates, they need to go to the List an inmate section on the dating platform. That is where they can find a detailed guide. When you are ready, you need to select gender and continue the registration process. New members must complete an application, which can be done by themselves or a trusted person. The Meet An Inmate site requires providing the following details:

  • First and last name;
  • Email address;
  • Correction facility;
  • Inmate number;
  • Two photos;
  • The full address of the correction facility;
  • Date of birth;
  • Race;
  • Education;
  • Religion;
  • Earliest and maximum release dates;
  • Description of who you would like to communicate with;
  • Activities in prison;
  • Occupation before prison;
  • A short description of yourself.

Pen pals do not need to fill in this kind of application because they can just start using the Meet An Inmate site and start interacting with others.

You might be a bit overwhelmed when writing a letter to the inmates. The thing is that you will have to describe yourself, your interests, and your lifestyle. You should also provide your photo. This way, the other member of the community will be able to connect with you easily. Being a pen pal, it is your responsibility to answer the letters regularly.

The good news is that all the information that you can see in the inmates` profiles is real because they must contact the authorities to create such accounts.

When it comes to messaging, you should be ready that to contact a female or male inmate you will have to send handwritten letters. This way, these people will manage depression and other sorts of discomfort. It is important to the Meet An Inmate site members because they lead a lonely life behind bars.

At the same time, the online service still allows users to send messages to other online on the platform itself. It is a website that can act as an email address for the inmates. Therefore, you can send messages online if you are not willing to send physical letters. On the dating service, you can also find additional information, like an Instagram account.

The Audience of Meet An Inmate


Some people believe that nobody will send letters to strangers behind bars, so this platform is weird. Meanwhile, this online service is great proof that numerous singles see nothing wrong in writing to prisoners. The truth is that the bigger part of inmates is funny and smart individuals who love sports, music, and art. It implies that they have the same interests and hobbies as other people. The Meet An Inmate site is only available to prisoners who are in the United States, as all the communication goes through the US Post Service. However, other members of the community can be non-US residents.

The online service allows its members to set up age filters to choose partners according to this criterion. Therefore, you can get acquainted with people of different ages there because both young and senior individuals are using it. The only rule here is that you must be at least 18 years old to become a part of the community.

According to the Meet An Inmate review, the inmates do not care when it comes to gender and sexual orientation because the online service is not about sex. The platform explicitly finds a pen pal for them so that these prisoners can communicate with new people. Thus, there is no need to worry about gender while looking for friends. Even if either of you is bisexual, it should not affect your friendship. At the same time, many inmates have managed to find long-term relationships thanks to the Meet An Inmate site.

Meet An Inmate Site Features


The online service does not offer a lot of functions and features because members do not communicate on it. Therefore, special features are not required. At the same time, search filters are necessary to pick someone you would like to communicate with.

Here are filters that you can adjust to find someone to interact with:

  • Gender. The Meet An Inmate site allows searching for female and male profiles or both;
  • Age. Prisoners can use the online service if they are over 18. There are very few inmates who fall under the 18-21 age category, so you can select any age starting from 22 to 42. People who are older than 42 also make up a smaller group;
  • Featured male and female. Inmates who bought a certain membership plan will be displayed first. It implies that these individuals made more efforts to get a pen pal; consequently, they want to get a friend to talk to outside the facility;
  • New inmates. This group of people is also divided into the female and male sections and shows the profiles of the Meet An Inmate members who have just joined the community.

In addition to that, it is possible to filter users who have not been contacted by others yet. It might be a wonderful idea to contact these inmates to make them happier.



Users of the Meet An Inmate site are allowed to utilize the platform free of charge, but there are some expenses on mail services. Therefore, prisoners need to pay for being advertised. The good news is that the price is affordable.

It is possible to get a one-year standard ad for 35 dollars. You can also purchase a two-year subscription for 50 dollars. Another option is a featured ad for two years, and its price is 90 dollars.

You should also consider that the Meet An Inmate site does not provide a lot of payment options. In fact, you can use PayPal only. The inmates` relatives or friends can perform the payment, and it is allowed by the online service’s terms and conditions.

Advantages of Paid Account


By buying the premium subscription, you are allowed to choose a member and start interacting via handwritten letters or emails. At the same time, membership exists for the prisoners since their profiles need to be up on the Meet An Inmate site to be found quickly. Thanks to the bonus function “Featured,” the member is highlighted; consequently, more people can view the profile. Thus, the chances of finding a pen pal are higher.

Possibility of Free Account


It is possible to access the online service and look through profiles without purchasing a premium plan. All the pictures and descriptions are visible as well. The Meet An Inmate site offers a free search tool that is extremely useful. If you select the “Search” option, you are going to see a bar where you may type any kind of details. It might be any keyword from an ordinary profile description. For instance, it may be blue eyes, introvert dating, etc. You should also remember that being a pen pal, you can access all the features for free.



Safety is a big question when it comes to communication with inmates. You must always be cautious. The great news, though, is that the Meet An Inmate site does not accept applications from convicted sex offenders anymore. It is also not allowed to communicate with individuals under 18. However, it is possible to say that a platform is safe until pen pals stop following common sense.

You can not use the online service if you are under 18, while there is a verification process on the website. It implies that you are allowed to find the correction facility and check a prisoner’s profile based on their application.

You should always keep in mind that the Meet An Inmate site does not have any responsibilities for damages, content, liabilities, and costs that can be entitled to by utilizing the online service. You can see the disclaimer that informs about it on the main page of the platform.

Scam Charges

Since the Meet An Inmate site happens to be an offline matchmaker on the online dating market, prisoners do not have to go through the verification process. It is also not necessary to get verified via social networks, as they do not have access to computers. At the same time, some prisons make it possible for inmates to use computers for an hour every week. There is a lack of moderating options, which means that many prisoners download stolen or non-real pictures. The same is true when it comes to the information that they disclose in their profiles, while the Meet An Inmate site does not moderate them. Consequently, it can be hard for you to understand which user is fake, especially when there are so many fake accounts.

Contact Information


Company: Meet an Inmate

Address: Arlen Bischke Box 845 Winchester, Oregon 97495

Phone: 480-624-2505

Customer support: [email protected]


Below, you can find answers to the most common questions on the Meet An Inmate site. They should make things clear.

Is Meet An Inmate a Legitimate Website?

Yes, the Meet An Inmate site is a legitimate online service that aims to help people behind bars to make new friends.

Is Meet An Inmate a Free Service?

If you are a non-inmate, you can access all the features and functions free of charge. Prisoners need to pay a small fee, which highlights their profiles. It also includes the post-service fees.

Does Meet An Inmate Offer a Mobile Application?

The Meet An Inmate site is unique because its goal is to bring two individuals together, which can be friendship or even long-distance relationships. At the same time, it is not a dating platform that can find potential partners easily using algorithms. The website acts as a medium to provide you with the most important information about prisoners. Even though the online service has been on the market for a long period of time, there is no Meet An Inmate app. The reason is that it is not necessary. Still, you can navigate the website on your mobile device.

Who Can One Meet on the Meet An Inmate Platform?

Using this online service, you can find inmates. They are all different in terms of age, interests, hobbies, sexual orientation, and more. You can pick any of them and build a friendship.

Is the Meet An Inmate Registration Complicated?

The registration process is different for inmates and non-inmates. If you are an inmate, you will have to provide a lot of personal information and upload two photos. The details should also include the address of the facility so that people can send letters to you. Being a non-inmate on the Meet An Inmate site, you do not even have to sign up because you can start viewing profiles immediately.

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